Current & Upcoming Projects

within a tournament of value

An exhibition curated by Flux's Curator In Residence, Christopher Stiegler

Opening Reception: April 3, 6-9pm

Visitors to the space will engage with artworks and texts engaging with ideas of commodification and planned obsolescence, as well as the curator who will hold office hours in the space each of the 15 days.

Exquisite Contraption

A building-wide Rube Goldberg Machine.

“It’s Totally Working!” Party: Friday, April 18th, 8pm

See how the machine has evolved over the past two months, including all the photographs it’s taken so far. We’ll run the machine several times an hour and it’s totally going to work every time.

Sunrise Series, Vol. II

Four quiet concerts during four days of sunrise, happening in the Flux Factory Gallery.

April 25 – 27th; Doors open at 5:00am,
Shows begin between 5:30am and 6:00am (depending on light)

Menu For Mars Supper Club (M4MSC)

We are looking for 12 crew members to meet at a different restaurant each month. Our mission: pioneer a menu for Mars.

There is nothing to eat on Mars, unless you eat rock. To augment government and private space programs, The Menu for Mars Supper Club will research and taste-test a menu for dinner tables en route to, and on, the Red Planet.