Matthew Sleeth

Trophies install

TITLE: Trophies [Various Scales], 2010

Individual works: 1:12 Scale [Human Pyramid]; 1:15 Scale [Lynndie England]; 1:14 Scale [Hooded Man]

MEDIUM: Selective laser sintering, polyamide nylon, dye, plywood

DIMENSIONS: Installation: 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 19.7″ on plywood crate

1:12 Scale [Human Pyramid]: Width = 7.9″, Depth = 4.9″, Height = 3.4″

1:15 Scale [Lynndie England]: Width = 7.9″, Depth = 4.9″, Height = 4.7″

1:14 Scale [Hooded Man]: Width = 3.8″, Depth = 2.4″, Height = 6.8″

BUY IT NOW PRICE: $8500 all three

DETAILS: Matthew has always been interested in what photography could be.  Trophies [Various Scales], 2010 takes a photographic ‘moment’ that is firmly embedded in our cultural memory and translates this to a 3D CAD drawing (as opposed to an indexical 2D photographic image) which is then printed using 3D rapid prototyping technology to create a sculptural reference to the original photographic image.

The process of creating an image and then returning it to 3 dimensions, rather than compressing it into 2 dimensions, somehow seems to make the work less real and more mythic. By removing the material object from the narratives and visual languages we are familiar with eg history painting, photography, TV news, it allows the ideas to be communicated outside of established structures.

*New work, never shown before.

BIO: Matthew Sleeth (b. 1972) is an Australian artist who lives and works between New York and Melbourne. His practice is conceptually driven across a range of media, including photography, video, sculpture and public installation. His work is widely collected and has been exhibited throughout Australia and internationally including; New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Cologne, Berlin, Venice and exhibited as part of a number of international events including the Berlin Photography Festival, Odense Photo Biennale (Denmark), the Venice Architecture Biennale, Art Chicago and the Melbourne International Arts Festival. In March 2008 an exhibition opened at the Aperture Gallery in New York to coincide with the publication of a monograph Ten Series/106 Photographs and in March 2009 his exhibition opened at Claire Oliver Gallery.