Miho Shimizu and Øyvind Renberg


TITLE: Multiple Collection, 2008-2010

MEDIUM: Tableware, LP, single packaged in a one off textile sculpture


DETAILS:  Multiple Collection combines their most essential multiples and editions from the past three years, in a one off, imaginatively designed textile sculpture container.

Included: 2x “Rio” cup and saucer (prod 2010, edition 200), 1x “Rio” bowl (prod 2009, edition 200), 1x “Art of Cheese” LP (prod 2008, edition 1000), 1x “Ipanema Man” single (prod 2008, edition 1000).

Inspired from Brazilian samba and vintage Scandinavian design, the tableware and LP artwork joins the juicy jungles of the Amazon with the cool vibe of 1960s Norwegian kitchenware. The pieces have been displayed in exhibitions in various venues in Norway, Bialystok Poland, and Seoul Korea. The Rio tableware was nominated for the Visuelt Prize 2009 and is currently represented at the Virgin Bar in Seoul.

BIO: Born in Tokyo and Oslo in 1976, Miho Shimizu and Øyvind Renberg graduated from Goldsmiths College, London in 2000 and 2001. Their collaborative work is inspired from travels and a wide variety of cultures and the relationship between them. Works have developed in response to museum collections, the art institution and more loosely defined social scenes. Their projects employ photography, collage, tableaux and furniture, as well as interview publications, music releases, and design pieces.

Shimizu and Renberg’s work has been exhibited at inIVA (London), Sparwasser HQ (Berlin), Art Space Hue (Seoul), Art in General (New York), and Preus Museum, Oslo Kunstforening, Stenersen Museum and UKS (Norway) and Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland. Residencies include Ssamziespace (Seoul) and Peacock Visual Arts (Aberdeen, UK). Grants awarded by Arts Council Norway, OCA and EU-Japan Fest, and the Ambrosius Grant. Work has been published and reviewed by Black Dog Publishing, Preus Museum, Bard College, Wolganmisool and Frieze.