Janus Høm

Janus Høm (b. 1985), studied at The Royal Danish Art Academy, Akademie für Bildende Künste Wien, and Universität der Künste Berlin. Recent exhibitions include “Ich Habe die Fehle Kode Eingeklopft”, Manifesta,  “Going Public”, TOVES, “Janus Høm”, 1857, Palazzo Peckham, 55. Venice Biennale (2013), “Endless Scroll Deregulated Generation” at IMO, Copenhagen (2012), “Modeling Agency” at 68m2, Copenhagen (2011). Janus Høm has run the galleries Pleasant (2012) and Perfect Present (2013).



A Precipice, Abandon, A Dotted Line

An installation by Christina Freeman
Performance by Michelle Freeman Anderson (times TBA)

Opening October 1, 2016 1-6pm
Closing October 2, 2016 1-6pm

Performance by Michelle Freeman Anderson and Joshua Moton on the hour from 2-5pm (@2, 3, & 4pm)

“A Precipice, Abandon, A Dotted Line” presents a labyrinthine video installation, inviting the viewer to experience darkness as a space for embracing the uncertain. Playing with the language of surrealism and concepts of the Baroque, the nonlinear structure asks for both physical and mental wandering.

Christina Freeman is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work takes on various forms including photography, video, artists’ books, multimedia installation, collaborative performance, and curatorial projects. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Hunter College, City University of New York in 2012 and her BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Haverford College in 2005. Christina is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Haverford College and teaches in the Department of Art & Art History at Hunter College. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Flux Factory.

Please RSVP on Facebook!

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CryptoParty at Flux Factory

October 19th, 6pm – 9pm
In the gallery, 39-31 29th street, LIC 11101


Flux Factory will be hosting the first CryptoParty in Queens this month, featuring a series of informative discussions on privacy, surveillance and some hands-on training with digital privacy and encryption technology. Stop by between 6PM and 9PM and enjoy snacks and skills from a variety of online security practitioners and researchers. If you’ve never been a CryptoParty before, please check out the CryptoParty Guiding Principles.

Please RSVP on Facebook

Photo by Filip Wolak.

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Flux Thursday : The Turn of the Q & The Red Spread

theturnoftheq2_eblast theturnoftheq2

The Turn of the Q & The Red Spread
October 13, 2016

Potluck Dinner promptly at 8pm
Artist Presentations begin at 9:15pm— Please Bring Red Foods for Entrance —


Flux Factory is located just north of Queensboro Plaza in Long Island City, Queens. From the roof deck of Flux Factory a person is able to see the turn of the Q train as it passes from Queensboro Plaza Station to 39 Avenue Station. The title for this month’s Flux Thursday is  a  reference to the actual proximity of Flux Factory to a physical turn in the Q train as well as referential to the 1898 classic, ghostly novella by Henry James, “The Turn of the Screw.”

Please join us at Flux Factory for our October Flux Thursday Pot Luck dinner!

The Red Spread refers to a 13 course all red tasting menu that will be a part of the evening.

Please bring red foods to share as the 13 courses will be very small and very limited– first come, first served.

Join us at your own peril and RSVP on Facebook

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Flux Thursday: Column Shifting

November 10, 2016
Potluck Dinner at 7pm
Presentations begin at 8:30pm

FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share

Please join us at Flux Factory for our November Flux Thursday Potluck dinner!

The evening is focused on the issues relating to Flux’s upcoming project Column Shifting, which explores the relationship between financial stability and cultural equity in small art spaces in NYC.

We’re excited to feature the perspectives and expertise of the following presenters:

Steven Englander Visual Arts Programmer at ABC No Rio, a collectively-run center for art, activism, and oppositional culture, will present on ABC No Rio in Exile.

Lynn Lobell, Grants and Resources Director at Queens Council on the Arts, a nonprofit organization that fosters and develops the arts in Queens County, and supports individual artists & arts organizations in presenting their cultural diversity for the benefit of the community.

Gil Lopez an urban farmer, eco-educator, landscape designer/installer and direct action crafter with Smiling Hogshead Ranch, will present on Ranch on Rails & the Cutoff Coalition.

Hatuey Ramos-Fermín, Director of Programs and Community Engagement at The Laundromat Project, an people-powered organization that achieves its mission by bringing socially relevant and socially engaged arts programming to laundromats and other everyday community spaces.

Eva Ursprung, co-founder and president of Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz, a self-organized platform of ~40 artists, working together in a former Coca Cola Factor in Graz, Austria.


The deadline to apply to Column Shifting is November 10th.

Column Shifting is a research and public programming initiative at Flux Factory that will provide funded housing for 2 selected participants exploring the relationship between financial stability and cultural equity in small art spaces in NYC.

Grassroots non-commercial art spaces like Flux Factory strive to play a key role in creating opportunity for all types of artistic experimentation regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or gender identity. At the same time, these small venues often struggle to survive both financially and legally. A disproportionate amount of administrative time can be spent on keeping the organization afloat, rather than fulfilling their mission statement and artistic practices. The demographics of which spaces survive and which spaces don’t closely fall along class and race lines.

Learn more about the open call here:


Eva Ursprung is supported by the Department of Culture, Europe and Foreign Relations of the Regional Goverment of Styria.

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Shaping Time . Space


Dance Performance Series

September 23rd
Doors open at 6:30pm
Performances start at 7pm

RSVP on Facebook






Pres-sitting by Javier Aparicio and Fumihiro Kikuchi

Temporal by Jung In Jung, Fumihiro Kikuchi and Valerie Green

Impermanent Landscape by Valerie Green/Dance Entr
opy and Martyn Axe with the site-specific installation 
Ex Territory by Keren Anavy

Jung In Jung is a current Flux artist who has been working with contemporary dancers to create interactive audiovisual dance work. For this one night event she presents her new collaboration with the visual artist / musician Javier Aparicio, and dancer Fumihiro Kikuchi. The dance company, Dance Entropy, will also present Impermanent Landscape, a new collaborative piece between Artistic Director Valerie Green, composer Martyn Axe, and visual artist Keren Anavy.

Pres-sitting + Temporal

These two pieces are further development of Jung and Aparicio’s previous interactive dance workshop presented at Universidad Carlos III Madrid in Spain called UnoChair, where they created sound environments using a chair as an hyperinstrument, vivifying and transforming situations taken from historical paintings such as Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent Van Gogh or The Poet Max Herrmann-Neisse by George Grosz.

In daily life we think about past and future, although we know that we only live in a present, current time. Embodied by Kikuchi, with music by Aparicio, Pres-sitting articulates the conflict between understanding life as an eternal present, while unavoidably weighing the past and future, using a chair as a symbol of an everyday object at the same time that taking distance reviewing visual art overtones.

In Temporal Jung interprets the chair as a place to dream, turning it into a surreal object. Extending the use and metaphor of the chair through technology, Gametrak (hacked game controllers) are connected to the seat and frame. When moved by Green and Kikuchi, the chair triggers a soundscape composed by Jung.

Impermanent Landscape

Valerie Green and Dance Entropy presents Impermanent Landscape, a 40-minute performance in the round inspired by the ideas of cubism, perspective, perception, and impermanence. Breaking the 4th wall and moving choreography outside of the traditional stage and audience formats, Impermanent Landscape features the geometry and architecture of overlapping bodies, creating its own landscape surrounded by the sigh-specific installation Ex Territory by Keren Anavy. Musician Martyn Axe creates a soundscape using sensors triggered by a live video feed.

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Flux Thursday : Artificial Retirement

Flux Thursday: Artificial Retirement Artist Talks

fluxthursdaySeptember 8th
Artist Talks begin at 6pm
Dinner begins at 8:30pm

Please bring food and drink to share! Please join us on September 8th for our monthly community potluck and art salon: an informal time to catch up with old friends, eat something delicious prepared by our artist-chefs, and learn more about projects by Fluxers old and new.
September’s event features a series of talks from the Artificial Retirement participating artists.

Featured presenters:
Rebecca Lieberman
Sarah Dahlinger
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
Sam Lavigne
Tal Danino
Anne Murray and Virginia Mallon
Kat SullivanSergio Mora-Diaz, and Caitlin Sikora.
Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson
Zoey Hart

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Blind Ambition with Virginia Mallon and Anne Murray

Workshop as part of Artificial Retirement
September 4th, 2-3pm
Please RSVP here

Anne Murray CloudComposed of a roundtable discussion with contemporary and emerging artists: Virginia Mallon, Anne Murray, Seren Morey, Katarina Rasic, Sylvia Arthur and Joshua Dylan Rubin on the crucial needs of artists that arise from adversity along with the intentional cultivation of a blind eye. Artist Virginia Mallon will facilitate the conversation.



Blind Ambition entails a conversation about what drives work, ambition, and how failure can be transformed into thematic and emotional success. Each artist answers a set of questions based on the theme of Imperfection and Failure, and then poses questions to each other on the significance of their work and how they have handled adverse reactions to process and theme.

These questions, answered on a virtual platform, are then discussed in a themed workshop offered in New York and virtually with other contemporary artists facing similar challenges.

The conversation will include dialogue:
On Rejection….
How do you as an artist define your work in terms of success and failure, and what methods have you used to deal with rejection?

On Staying the Course….
How does your series relate to the Artificial Retirement theme? How has your own “blind” eye helped keep you on course when facing adversity?

On the Artistic Experience….
As an artist, what are some of the challenges you face on a day-to- day basis?

On Capitalizing on Errors, Malfunctions, Imperfections and Destruction….
Has the use or misuse of traditional forms and mediums added value to your artwork and how has this malfunction driven the poetic aspects of the project with unintended beauty added as the result of errors?

If you have any questions related to the workshop, please contact artificialretirement@fluxfactory.org.

Blind Ambition is a part of Flux Factory’s major exhibition, Artificial Retirement, co-curated by Jung In Jung and JoelleFleurantin.

Please RSVP here

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Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos

Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos is an interdisciplinary space creature that was raised in Queens by Greeks. She finds meaning in animal totems and spirit beings and is often guided/derailed by magical thinking, shaky faith, and a deck of playing cards. She draws inspiration from people, food, the weather, thrift stores/estate sales/junk shops/the trash in front of your house, all which steer her to imagine projects that are performative, immersive, conceptual, and/or social. Eleni currently spends her time between New York City and Detroit working on collaborative and solo projects that range in shape and size.

2016-03-12 22.40.23

Photograph by Gerasimos Katechis

Wook Seo

Wook Seo is a craft based artist working in New York and Seoul. His art, generally sculptural objects, deconstructs general perceptions of familiar objects. By re-constructing meanings, his works undermine typical archetypes—not only in social, but also in personal, imaginations. In doing so, he acts as both a contemporary sculptor and a trickster.


IN HONOR OF IMPERFECTION: Cultivating mindfulness through creative practice


Workshop as part of Artificial Retirement
August 28th,  2-6pm
RSVP required
(Ticket price includes workshop materials.)

“A good way to stop all the doing is to shift into the ‘being’ mode for a moment. Think of yourself as an eternal witness, as timeless. Just watch this moment, without trying to change it at all. What is happening? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear?…Nothing happens next. This is it.”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wherever You Go, There You Are

In this workshop, we will learn how to live and grow artistically through granting mindful attention to the cacophonous web of imperfections that weave through our bodies, cities, and lives.

In Japanese Zen Buddhism, the term wabi sabi represents the practice of finding beauty in life’s inherent imperfections. Guided by this philosophy, the workshop will present an array of creative tools for integrating mindfulness and meditation into one’s artistic practice, and greater scope of life.

The workshop organizer, Zoey Hart, explores the aesthetics of organic imperfection through printmaking artifact collection and multimedia collage processes. Inspired by the unfolding adventures of her own chronic autoimmunity, Hart seeks to merge internal and external realities through the depiction and distortion of biological and environmental landscapes.

Workshop activities will include (but are not limited to):

meditative drawing / artifact alteration / site-based sound collage / color studies / scribbling / documenting / examining / breaking / mending / stretching / questioning / seeing / feeling a bit / creating

Using artifacts and photographs documenting familiar spatial imperfections of urban life (cracks in buildings, crumbling sidewalk, worn out street signs, etc.), participants will begin to use new tools and methods of creative mindfulness to reframe the notion of perfection, and how to accept ourselves and the spaces we inhabit.

If you have any questions related to the workshop, please contact to zoahart@gmail.com.

In Honor of Imperfection is a part of Flux Factory’s major exhibition, Artificial Retirment, co-curated by Jung In Jung and Joelle Fleurantin.

Please RSVP in order to confirm your participation. Ticket price includes materials

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Artists’ Books Workshop

IMG_6217Artists’ Books Workshop with Christina Freeman 

Sunday, August 21, 1-5pm

Christina Freeman will introduce a short history of the artists’ book and present contemporary examples. Following a demonstration of two pamphlet stitch methods, participants will have an opportunity to create their own book works. Bringing your own materials is encouraged, but not required.

Suggested Materials for Pamphlet Stitch: Straight Edge, bone folder, x-acto Knife, scissors, awl, no. 1 needle, 20 or 30 gauge thread, bee’s wax, clothes pins, lightweight paper for signature (8×12 inch strips), heavy weight paper for folding accordion cover (8×30 inches).



Locations to purchase materials:

62 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10003

330 Morgan Ave , Brooklyn, NY 11211

Artist & Craftsman
38-9 34th St, Long Island City, NY

Christina Freeman is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work takes on various forms including photography, video, animation, drawing, sculpture, and collaborative performance. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Hunter College, City University of New York and has been invited to perform her participatory works as an artist-in-residence for Flux Factory in Long Island City, SOMA in Mexico City, Heliopolis in Brooklyn, Galería Perdida in Michoacán, Mexico and the TEM market in Volos, Greece. In 2015 she was awarded the CUNY PSC Grant to study at the Center for Book Arts in New York City. Christina is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Haverford College and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art at Hunter College.

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Artificial Retirement

artificial retirement

August 19 – September 11, 2016
Gallery Hours: Thursday through Sunday 1pm—6pm or by appointment
Contact: artificialretirement@fluxfactory.org

Artificial Retirement specifically addresses the question, What is failure in this technologically aided era? The show presents artworks and performances by artists working with ideas of ‘Failure, Imperfection, and Destruction.’ We live in a time in which electronic devices successfully execute our orders offering more convenient and improved lifestyles. It is almost impossible to detach from this digitally-driven world. Is this because we feel safer, healthier, and happier than ever before? Or is it simply that we have become so dependent on these devices that we no longer question their efficacy?

What differentiates humans from machines is that we act autonomously. In the digital world though, autonomous acts can be found within errors, when the machines are malfunctioning, not working as they are expected, as they are needed. The participating artists respond to these failures through art and research, poetically and philosophically.

Artificial Retirement is one of Flux Factory’s 2016 major exhibitions and is curated by Jung In Jung and Joelle Fleurantin.

Participating Artists: Alessio Chierico, Sarah Dahlinger, Tal Danino, Fan Letters (Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely), Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo, Zoey Hart, Sam Lavigne, Rebecca Lieberman, Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson, Anne Murray and Virginia Mallon, Openfield, Niki Passath, Byron Rich and Heather Brand, Kat Sullivan, Sergio Mora-Diaz, and Caitlin Sikora.

Exhibiting Works:
Unpainted Undrawn—Alessio Chierico
Tunnel Vision—Sarah Dahlinger
Microuniverse—Tal Danino
Neglect—Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo
In Honor of Imperfection—Zoey Hart
Slow Hot Computer—Sam Lavigne
Mnemograph—Rebecca Lieberman
Weather Center for the Apocalypse—Amelia Marzec
Torn—Kat Sullivan, Sergio Mora-Diaz and Caitlin Sikora

Particulate Matter—Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson
The Entertaining Aspects of Destruction—Niki Passath
Torn—Kat Sullivan, Sergio Mora-Diaz and Caitlin Sikora
First Time Caller, Long Time Listener and Can We Complete This—Fan Letters
G.A.R.R.y.—Byron Rich and Heather Brand

In Honor of Imperfection—Zoey Hart
Blind Ambition—Anne Murray and Virginia Mallon

August 19, 6-9pm: Opening Reception begins at 6pm, performances start at 7pm. Performances by Byron Rich and Heather Brand, Niki Passath, and Fan Letters.

August 28, 2-5pm: ‘In Honor of Imperfection’ workshop with Zoey Hart.

September 4, 2pm-3pm: ‘Blind Ambition’ workshop with Anne Murray and Virginia Mallon.

September 8, 6pm: Flux Thursday with presentations by Artificial Retirement participating artists.

September 11, 6pm: Closing Performances by Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson, Openfield, Kat Sullivan, Sergio Mora-Diaz and Caitlin Sikora.


Press Release

RSVP for the opening reception on Facebook





August 11, 6-10PM
Dinner at 6:30PM
activities start at 7:45

The event is free, but do bring some food or drink to share!
Please join us on Thursday August 11th for our monthly community potluck and art salon: an informal time to catch up with old friends, eat something delicious prepared by our artist-chefs, and learn more about projects by Fluxers old and new.


This month, Flux Thursday is part of the group show 3459, which is the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera. The exhibition connects artists in both London and New York City via livestream, two cities 3459 miles apart.

Flux Thursday : 3459 presents works by Niki Passath, Joelle Fleurantin andClaudia Edwards.

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3459 Schedule

Scroll down for a detailed descriptions of events

RSVP on Facebook



Best Value Lemonade Stand
Christina Freeman
NY 7 – 9pm
New York City

Subverting the long tradition of the “Lemonade Stand” and its connection to youth entrepreneurship and promotion of capitalist values, the artist proposes a lemonade stand where they trade lemonade for interviews about value.

Christina Freeman is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work takes on various forms including photography, video, artists’ books, multimedia installation, collaborative performance, and curatorial projects. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Hunter College, City University of New York in 2012 and her BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Haverford College in 2005.


Cloud Conversations : Exposure
Anne Murray, Joshua Dylan Rubin & Sylvia Arthur 
NY 4:15 – 5:15pm
UK 9:15 – 10:15pm
New York City / London

Cloud Conversations is a project bringing together the voices, thoughts, and artistic manifestations of artists, writers, and performers from around the world and is curated by Anne Murray.

As a Cloud Conversation, Murray proposes a connected event between artist, Joshua Dylan Rubin and writer, Sylvia Arthur, entitled, Exposure.

In this provocative collaborative exchange, New York-based visual artist, Joshua Dylan Rubin, and London- based writer, Sylvia Arthur will explore what it means to be at the receiving end of concealed/revealed hate, while the curator, Anne Murray, will make commentary on the importance of artistic dialogue in the development of public awareness in relation to these themes and will moderate discussion. Exposure is an interrogation of the private and public selves, of what lies just beneath the surface and whatʼs hidden deep within from the perspectives of those who express their private thoughts in a public forum (Rubin) versus those who are impacted by those publicly expressed thoughts in a private way (Arthur).

Reading and Art / Installation

In this interactive exchange, Arthur will read, live from Tomʼs Etching Studio in London, three five minute pieces from her book in progress, African, & Other Curse Words and writing specially commissioned for this Cloud Conversation in direct response to Rubinʼs work.


Following the reading / installation exchange, the artists will engage in conversation about their work, their process, and the issues raised while the curator, Anne Murray, will moderate the discussion as well as comment on the curatorial relationships in these works and the importance of dialogue in the artistic process explaining how this has led to their current collaborative project, Cloud Conversations.

Anne Murray is an artist and curator with an MFA and MS in Art History from Pratt Institute and a BFA from Parsons School of Design in Paris. She has exhibited her work in London, Paris, Shanghai, Istanbul, Los Angeles, New York, Belgrade, and Budapest. She had the idea to create this collaboration after meeting many artists as an artist in residence in many different countries including: Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Macedonia.

Joshua Dylan Rubin‘s work, Exposed Human Attitudes, reveals the hidden human attitudes that are concealed in everyday interactions, but are revealed through graffiti in the relative privacy of construction site bathroom stalls.

Joshua Dylan Rubin is a painter living in Brooklyn, NY with an MFA from Pratt Institute and the recipient of the distinguished Giuliani Scholarship. He received a BFA from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts. His work is a witnessing of the contemporary history of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and general discrimination that has occurred in New York City since the time of the 9/11 bombings. His work has been exhibited from across the US to as far as Seoul, Korea and is in the CLGS Incorporated Collection as well as various private collections.

Sylvia Arthur is a writer living in London, whose work explores themes of identity, diaspora, and place. Writing at the intersection of race and gender, she has freelanced for The Guardian, the BBC, and the British Journalism Review and worked as a researcher / assistant producer for ITV, Channel 4, and Sky Television. In 2010, she relocated from London to Brussels where, during the course of her work, she met diverse Europeans with compelling stories to tell and began writing a book, Fragile Continent: Two Lost Years in Europe. She was a recipient of a Mediane Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness reporting fellowship and has been in residence at Jiwar Creation and Society in Barcelona, Spain and at the Santa Fe Art Institute in the USA. She holds an MA in Creative Nonfiction Writing.

Writing at the intersection of race and gender, Arthur’s narrative nonfiction explores the questions: “How do you move through the world when you inhabit multiple identities in societies that demand conformity to one? How do you emerge as a whole?”


Your Words Are Colour
Felix Gottdiener & Ben Hicock
NY 4 – 4:30pm
UK 9 – 9:30pm
New York City / London

Your Words Are Color concerns itself with the issues of speech, and the various subtexts which underlie our everyday interactions. By abstracting a personʼs normal speech patterns into LED light patterns, everyday communication can be conceived of as an conceptual generator, revealing additional aesthetic dimensions in even the most prosaic of conversations.

Felix Gottdiener is a designer, musician, and researcher based in New York City. His work investigates the human response to architecture and the environment, and how environments can be constructed to more optimally meet human needs. Part of this investigation is the blending of disciplinary areas, and charting the intersections between art, science, and technology.

Benjamin Hicock is an artist, programmer, and musician working in New York City. He has taught guitar for ten years and is currently an active musician. He works as a computer programmer and manager for Dabit Industries, for which he is a partner. In the past he has worked for I Heart Engineering, on STEAM education, and has programmed motor controllers with Kate Yorke in Williamsburg.


The interpreter
Noriko Okaku & Nissa Nishikawa
UK  9:45 – 11pm

The Interpreter is a live reading of the tarot performed by Noriko Okaku and Nissa Nishikawa. The two will be orientated by a set of tarot cards which were created by Okaku during a residency in Derby (2016). Each card draws on the artistʼs own insight of Derbyshire’s history and myths- spanning a myriad of symbolic imagery. Lawlessly written text by Nissa Nishikawa reveals clues to the psychophysical patterns within the spread of cards.

Born in Japan, Noriko Okaku works and lives in London. She produces work in animated video, drawing, sculpture and audio/visual live performance. Her work in various media often retains a collage art element. She borrows, adopts, copies and recycles existing images to explore the diverse avenues of perception. Her work explores the eclecticism and mystery/strangeness underlying everyday objects and actions.

Nissa Nishikawaʼs multidisciplinary practice encompasses experimental choreographies, which incorporates structures of story-telling, theatrical devices and sculptural setting. An ongoing research of dance origin, mysticism and craft is placed in relationship with performance while patterning and mythologising concepts of community and action in order to sensitise the site, audience and maker alike to the potentials of invisible/immaterial existing fields of consciousness. Nishikawa spent her formative years in Yamanashi, Japan with the organisation Dance Resources on Earth. She studied Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Stage Arts at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and holds an MA in Performance from Goldsmiths College.


Joelle Fleurantin
NY 7:45 – 8:15pm
New York City

Screen is a performance piece exploring the bounds of intimacy between the body and screen. A woman will be documented—filmed—inside her New York bedroom for a day. She will perform as though she is not being watched: she will wake up, clean, dress, work. The film will be streamed to a screen in London where it will be altered and obscured through image manipulation.

Joelle Fleurantin is an artist and researcher in a committed relationship with her computer. Our often functional, sometimes dysfunctional relationship provokes her to ask questions about how weʼve changed since weʼve know each other. We’ve watched each other age, change shape, alter operating systems. Weʼve both suffered massive failures and yet here we are, still together, more entwined than I thought was possible. Her work explores this intimacy between bodies and screens, bodies and embedded systems. Within her work, she uses software and hardware to investigate her presence within these digital spaces. She has presented her work at the NYC Media Lab Summit, Facets Conference, and Mozilla Festival. She holds a Masterʼs from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and studied art history and film at Yale University and Brooklyn College respectively.

THURSDAY 11TH *Flux Thursday

Niki Passath
NY 8:15 – 8:30pm
New York City

Dazwischen“ (between) is an autonomous, interactive installation which includes a drawing robot and a visual interpretation system of what happens on the two locations of the exhibition. The installation monitors via facial recognition the positions of visitors and artists in both venues by observing the streams and the real space here in New York and in London.

Niki Passath studied Violoncello and Architecture in Graz, Austria and made his diploma in Media Art and Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. The longterm involvement with classical music instruments lead to his interest in automatons, machines and robots. On the one hand he develops robots which draw their experiences as traces on different surfaces, on the other hand he is using the 3D-printing technology to transfer digital content back from the virtual to the reality. Niki Passath lives and works in Vienna

THURSDAY 11TH *Flux Thursday

Brother Prisoner
Claudia Edwards
NY 8:30 – 9pm
New York City

Brother Prisoner self-generates and then engages its participants in a shared re-birthday ritual. The artist enters with a cake, baked and iced, with many thin scrolls inserted like candles, and places it on a table, beside plates, forks, and a cutting instrument in the form of a mask. The artist then ties the mask onto their head, while an audience participant holds up a mirror for them. Once dressed with this mask, shoeless, wearing fishnets and a transparent dress, the artist begins cutting the cake with their head, until completion. The first slice is served up, but since the mask covers the artistʼs mouth, they do not speak, and instead non- verbally seek out a curious participant. The willing participant is tasked with unscrolling the paper and reading a short text chosen by the artist that was written by them or by somebody else. Next the artist fills each personʼs hands with a piece of the cake; they feed it to one another, and are thanked. This ritual is then re-created by new participants, until the cake is fully served. Brother Prisoner borrows words from other writers and from myself, borrows the mouths of strangers and of friends, in order to explore and embody the invisible experiences of ʻothernessʼ and ʻerotic spaceʼ between peoples.

The five intersecting arcs that meet in Claudia Edwardʼs intentions are: embodied learning, active listening, participation, research-creation, and strategic utopia. She seeks to investigate the intersections between performance practices and advocacy journalism: the former limited by its obligation to metaphor, the latter limited by its obligation to immediacy. While social justice journalismʼs greater goal is engagement, linking information and resources wherever possible to increase visibility, the greater goal of performance is to create transformative experiences, thus accomplished through storytelling and explorations in embodiment. When art fuses with social justice, artworks become tools for engagement: truthful storytelling that is interactive and sensually engaging has a doubled power to both mark itself within current affairs, while embedding its politics into art history and art communities. Her practice follows divergent directions, seeking to emphasise and to capture the immediacy of social presence through time-based mediums and social intervention:audiences become participants, implicated through the process of embodiment. Guided by a politics of space making that prioritises individual choice,engagement and participation are cultivated rather than expected.


Qualified Adaptive Kickback(s)
Jayson Patterson
UK 9 – 9:45pm

Qualified Adaptive Kickbacks is a durational performance based around a 15-minute choreographic loop, that is edited, distorted, filtered, compressed and expanded in real time. It is a speculative fiction//choreography exploring relationships between text, space, and body when processed through time loops, warps, disconnections and edits. The presentation is an assemblage of materials from a range of ready-made and found sources .The text and choreography within the piece is extracted from science fiction movies set in New York, online movement tutorials, cryptic myths about London, Ju-jitsu practice tutorials and other odds and ends.

Jayson Patterson (b.1991) is choreographer and performer based in Warsaw and London, with a practice that is sympathetic to physical, digital, and emotional sites. In his process driven work, he investigates ideas of alternative masculinity, aggression, sexuality, reality television from the early 2000’s, and the importance of reclaiming failure. The linking theme between all of these is the exploration of new forms concerning the relationships between body, text, space and choreography. Jayson is a regular collaborator with Kem, an artist run project space in Warsaw for new choreographic and performance practices. He completed his Masters of Art In Public Space at RMIT University, Melbourne in 2013.


Carmen Bouyer & Romain Takeo Bouyer
NY 5:00 – 5:20 pm
UK 10 – 10:20 pm
New York City / London

Rivers is an audio installation, displaying live recordings of the rivers : Thames river in London, and Hudson Estuary (Hudson and East River) in New York. The river puts my heart to peace, it feels familiar, a never ending cycle, and yet the water never exactly flows the same way. A whirlpool, a drop, a wave will always produce a sound that never existed before. In fact the water, but also fire and wind, have an incredible sonic freedom. Unlike man made instruments, its sound waves wander freely by the spectrum of frequencies, unrestrained by the laws of harmony, elementary and complex, old and new, ancient and ever reborn. In the eye of music theory, the sound of the river is a perfect chaos.

Carmen Bouyer is a French artist and environmental designer whose work explores the possibilities of engaging in a fundamental and sensuous dialogue with the nurturing natural world which animates us and our surroundings in the urban landscape. She depicts and implements spontaneous urban food production, free gathering and environmental stewardship in open fields and urban farms in France, Turkey, Japan and America.

Romain Takeo Bouyer is a French musician, composer and data analyst, based in London, whose work focuses on sounds and melodies (as stories) that tie people and places. After creating music for music halls, he got recognize through a large scale musical project linking musicians around the world through shared music recordings in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and South America. He is currently working on a music album exploring water sounds, riverside musical landscape, and community gathering energy.


Sometimes Iʼm ARrt
Nikolas Kasinos
UK 10:35 – 11pm

Sometimes I’m ARrt is an exploration of the potentialities of gender and (online) identity through the continuous palimpsest of performance. Combining live performance and video the artist seeks to re-present fantasy and desire from a viscerally located ever re-writable subject point. Transformation and/or frustration are portrayed and experienced through characters manifesting spontaneously from the act of performance. Pushing an interior mode to become physically present, a raw embodiment of a visceral hunger, reaching a ʻcompletenessʼ in the moment of the one-off performance. The tension between audience and performing act shifts contexts of public and domestic, opening the work to collective authorship negotiated between performer and viewer. Exposing the self in a metamorphosis, through which we can understand the materiality of our expressive modes.

Nikolas Kasinos is a multidisciplinary artist. Born in Cyprus, he has received his undergraduate degree from London College of Communication, UAL in 2011. He is the co-founder at OUROBOROS, where he currently works as a filmmaker, the artist behind the online platform Sometimes Iʼm ARrt and one of the creators of RELAPSE. Having as a core performance, video art and installation his practice involves the exploration of identity, gender, transformation and mutation through the observation of human behaviour, traditions, popular culture and power dynamics within socio-political structures. He has exhibited and performed at several venues in Europe including Galeria Zé dos Bois (Lisbon), The Performance Shop (Limassol), Skogen (Gothenburg), Weld (Stockholm), Chelsea Theatre, Peltz Gallery, Royal College of Art, David Roberts Art Foundation, Cafe OTO, The Horse Hospital


Amy Fung-yi Lee
NY 2:45 – 3:45pm 
UK 7:45 – 8:45pm
New York City / London

In this activity, two groups write their own stories based on the same background information. Within each group, members take turns writing one line of the story at a time, without group discussion. Each group’s story is projected on the wall behind itself.

Amy Fung-yi Lee works in video, drawing, and time-based media. She uses landscape to study identity, storytelling, and history. Lee grew up in New Jersey, Beijing, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan, where her family is from. She completed her undergraduate studies at Stanford University in California, and her MFA in Combined Media at Hunter College of The City University of New York in 2012.


Actions of Announcement
Clovis Kunha
NY  4 – 4:45pm
UK 9 – 9:45pm
New York City / London

The work consists of reading the report of five invisible public actions. The reading wants to share with the audience the results of five calls for affection published in a newspaper by the artist. At the end of the reading, the artist will invite the viewers to offer him a song, advice or any other action. The artist will make audio recording of all things given. Each call was written in a text similar to this:

Broken heart man. For days, does not show affection to closest people. I am going to stay in front of the Osorio Squareʼs fountain, from 11am to 12am on October 13th, with my arms open waiting for those who during a hug can give me music, action or advice.

Clovis Cunha is a Brazilian artist currently based in London, Self-unveiling procedures and issues of identity are strongly appealing to him. Recently, He has been working with actions that explore different ways of confession. Occasionally, it coincides with the disclosure of his sexuality. In addition, his interest in confession goes along with participatory actions. Lately, he has been developing projects that connect actions of intimacy with artistic exposure, playing with the meaning of life and nonfiction. His works have been shown as photography, art books, actions in public spaces, videos, performance art and on stage. He has a master degree in performance and theatre studies; he graduated in visual arts.


Seen by Everyone
NY 5 – 5:15
UK 10:15 – 11pm
New York City / London

The performance is about symbiosis on an interpersonal level; how other people shape ourselves, and we in turn shape them, in a feedback loop. In the internet era of ultra-documentation where everything is broadcast, social communication becomes an arms race, a proliferation of tools to better express oneself, the medium eventually overpowering the message. This has brought to the fore a fundamental human desire to be, on some level, recognised by everyone – as an almost existential confirmation.

Ninetales is a fluid group exploring interdisciplinary practices, particularly the ways that certain words, sounds and imagery can open us up to new possibilities and transcend everyday limitations. Previous Ninetales work has included surreptitiously installing a guerrilla sculpture park into the upper floors of a department store in South London over a number of weeks last year and experiments into poly-vocal collective singing in public places and natural environments.


NY  3:30 – 5pm
UK 8:30 – 10pm
New York City / London

The artists in both locations are invited to share a meal and through the live streaming, create a space for informal discourse. The artists in New York will be having lunch as the artists in London will join them for dinner. A meal shared at the same time, 5 hours apart.


TranSensational Space
Donika Llakmani
NY 3:30 – 6pm
UK 8:30 – 11pm
New York City / London

Above the visible physicality of our surroundings lies a reality of the senses. What we do not see, we feel – yet how do we inhabit this sensual dimension of space? Donika Llakmani refers to this as the invisible architecture of atmosphere. It is an architecture of elements; temperature, humidity, light, sound, vibration, taste, smell, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. Thinking outside of conventional material boundaries her aim is to manipulate the dialogue between body, location and atmosphere. Her materials are light, temperature, humidity, and sound.

Our bodies are not made to remain static, we adapt to our surroundings and respond to them. Our bodies become vessels for experiential knowledge and we maintain a constant dialogue between whatʼs invisible to the naked eye yet very real to the skin. How can two cities speak with one another? Just as skin is permeable to the environment, cities and landscapes are permeable to the atmosphere. We communicate together at particle level.

Donika Llakmani graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London UK in June 2015. Having received her RIBA Part I and Part II at the AA she developed her ideas and interests into a field of holistic architecture and environmental consciousness. She advocates for constant dialogue between design, user experience, landscape and atmosphere where we can use technology and innovation to promote architecture; bringing back the sensational into space.


New Sanjo
NY 5 – 6pm
UK 10 – 11pm
New York City / London 

This is live audio-visual performance, called New Sanjo… Sanjo? literally meaning ʻscattered melodies,ʼ is a style of traditional Korean music, involving an instrumental solo accompanied by drumming on the janggu, an hourglass-shaped drum. The art of Sanjo is a real crystallization of traditional Korean melody and rhythm which may have been handed down by rote generation after generation. Sanjo is recreated digitally by Jaeho using sampling technic with visual interpretation to establish audio-visual language and combine different aspect of time(old and modern) but also culture(East and West).

Jaeho Hwang is a London-based artist, originally from South Korea. He has been creating comprehensive digital art pieces,experimental and commercial graphic moving image / animation and audio-visual art. He holds an M.A. in Graphic Moving Image from London College of Communication / UAL.


Iʼm not (t)here anymore
Lauren Hart
NY 4 – 6
UK 9 – 11pm
New York City / London

Iʼm not (t)here anymore is a new one-to-one performance that I was commissioned to create for Wrought Sheffield onetoone performance festival. It focuses on investigating whether technology can enable or prevent intimacy through the use of Skype video call. Themes of the show focus around the meaning of ʻhomeʼ and ʻidentityʼ and the implication of linking two places together, both virtually and emotionally through the use of technology and the Internet.

Lauren Hart was born in Sheffield, England in 1985. She graduated in 2007 from Central School of Speech and Drama in London where she trained as a performer. Since Graduating she has worked professionally in the independent theatre scene around Europe performing her own work and collaborating with directors, choreographers (Willi Dorner, Anu Almagro, Andrew Loretto, Neil Bettles and Sarah Duffy) and theatre companies (You me and Bum Bum Train, The Other Way Works and Nodding Dog). She moved to Berlin in 2015 and works as a freelance theatre maker and performer and is currently studying her PHD in Audience Performer encounters in one-to-one performance: exploring the intimacy-anonymity paradox with the university of Malta.

Emireth Herrera is a visual arts researcher and curator. She works as a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila in Coahuila, Mexico. In order to foster academic research she has organized expositions and international artistic events that involve sustainability and site-specific actions.

In 2014, she was the Executive Director of LivingArtRoom, the online platform dedicated to promoting artist portfolios. She participates with the international magazine, LARmagazine as Text at Large Collaborator, writing and interviewing contemporary artists.

She believes that collaboration is essential to generate community which makes us strong as individuals and empowers networks to defeat ideas and enlighten situations. She has been a member of various organizations such as El Nodo, which is located in an abandoned train station rounded by houses made by cardboard and steel.

RELAPSE Collective is an online community for artists working in various mediums created by artists Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Nikolas Kasinos and Dimitrios Michailidis. Beginning as an observation of ties between their practice, the artists initially came together to plan a group exhibition. The process led to the creation of RELAPSE. Placed within virtual space, RELAPSE is an explorer whoʼs findings are presented in an annual exhibition and accompanying publication. New artists are selected and added to the platform every four months through an open submission. Within this time, pop-up events are organised aiming to give artists from different disciplines and geographic locations, the opportunity to come together and create a space for discourse; an attempt to dissolve the limitations distance imposes upon collaborative opportunity.

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Tom’s Etching Studio
5th Floor
9 Queen’s Yard
E9 5EN
Opening August 10th8pm – 11pm
Flux Factory
39-31 29th St.
Long Island City, NY
Opening August 10th6pm – 9pm



‘3459’ is the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera. The exhibition aims to connect London and New York by using Tom’s Etching Studio and Flux Factory as the two portals to do so.

Artists and viewers will be connected through a 6 day live stream between the two spaces. With the time difference acting as a natural curator, we invite the public to witness the transition and coming together of the two gallery spaces as time permits.

The theme of the exhibition arose from its format, inviting artists to build from their own interpretation of this ‘marriage’. The two spaces will host installed works and a schedule of performances on a daily basis. The aim always, to connect individuals and question the boundaries physical space imposes.

Through a multilingual open call, 3459 will feature the following artists. See list of artists below schedule!


Aaron Kutnick

Amy Fung-yi Lee

Andreas Savva

Anne Murray / Joshua Dylan Rubin / Sylvia Arthur

Argy Sampoutzakis

Ben Hicock / Felix Gottdiener

Ben Grosser

Caitlin Foley / Misha Rabinovich

Carmen Bouyer / Romain Takeo Bouyer / Chloe Devanne Langlais

Christina Freeman

Claudia Edwards

Clovis Cunha

Daniel Krueger

Donika Llakmani

Elliot Zabaroff / Lucy Wilson

Gabriela Vainsencher

Hannah Clarkson


Joelle Fleurantin

Jayson Patterson / Jeff Kahn

Jolene Farren

Jonas Weber Herrera / Keren Anavy

Lauren Hart

Lee Nutbean

Maria Luisa Ruocco


Niki Passath

Nikolas Kasinos

Nine Tails

Nissa Nishikawa / Noriko Okaku

Olesya Shchukina

Oscar Lett

Vargas-Suarez Universal / Stephen Barber / Bob Malach / Andres Levin

Sereina Steinemann

Stefan Moscu 

Thomas Ganon

Vasiliki Antonopoulou


RSVP on Facebook

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Joshua Moton

Joshua Moton is a visual artist and cellist who through sound, textiles, and installations depth charges wells of Afro-Atlantic dynamism to conjure up works which provoke a sense of environmental and cultural shift.  His work meditates black freedom in the 21st century, and the renegotiation of the parasitic networks of power and privilege weft into the global, colonial world order.  He was born in San Antonio and was raised between there and Pollard, Alabama, but his true hometown is the library.  He graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Africana Studies (Fine Arts) which he used to open his heart and soul to jazz, philosophy, and other great arts of the black world.


Lane Speidel

Born into a loving family, Lane could find ways not to love them.

Sent into a group of friends, Lane could find a way to make them cruel.

Given educational resources, Lane could find reasons to hide from them.

Offered an opportunity to explain things, Lane could find a way to make fun of it.



Thinking Like a Machine

Exhibition and robotics workshop
with Austrian artist Niki Passath
opening reception July 20, 7pm – 9pm
robotic workshop July 20, 12pm – 7pm
exhibition July 20 – July 21, gallery hours noon – 8pm
FREE – Please RSVP

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution the human, especially the working human, has increasingly adapted to a coexistence with machines. The human has become a prosthesis for the non-organic body of the industrial factory. During early adaptation this occurred mainly on the material body, the hardware of humanity. Simple repetitive movements on the assembly line became the tasks of the workers to fulfill those duties the machine could not.

The promise was that humans of the future will not have to work, machines will lighten the load. However, the importance of ones identity being tied to her/his occupation became increasingly socially relevant.

With the invention of the computer, machines have moved away from hardware towards software; machines began to acquire a brain. In this new epoch, is it possible that human are still a prostheses of the machine? Now not only attached to the body but also an amendment to its thinking? It can seem that with the wish of creating machines that think like humans, we have also created humans that think like machines.

More and more a human defines itself by the work it does, no-matter how unnecessary or meaningless this activity is. It is often the case today that there is no need for working humans, as artificially intelligent systems can control and realize the whole cycle of industrial production. What do we do now that the human is redundant?
During the workshop participants will work with Austrian artist and Flux resident Niki Passath to create a robot from scratch. These robots will act together to become an amalgamated body, which will perform during the opening reception. The reception and exhibition will feature the robots made during the workshop.
LESEC-logo_web_rev1 - 480x128





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Introduction to Solar Power

Sunday July 17th, 1 pm – 5 pm

$30 workshop fee for materials

To reserve a spot please sign up HERE

solarUSB_wideClass Description

This class is designed to be a quick introduction to off grid solar power, covering basic electronic knowledge, hardware requirements, basic off grid solar circuit design, and how to determine your power needs. Students will learn to solder and use multimeters. The class is for artists, DIYer’s, makers, and anyone who isn’t a “professional” with a very basic understanding of electricity and a willingness to experiment. Everyone in the class will build a tiny solar powered USB charger, capable of powering anything that runs off of USB including MP3 players, bike lights, speakers, and cell phones. The class will conclude by examining the off­grid solar panel installed on Flux Factory’s roof. All materials will be provided. Students should bring a USB chargeable device and cable with them.

Instructor Bio

Alex Nathanson is an artist, curator, organizer, and educator whose work spans video, sound, performance, and interaction design. He has been teaching classes on solar power since 2014. He collaborates regularly with composer Dylan Neely, performing under the name Fan Letters. His work has been featured at the Museum of the Moving Image, La MaMa, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Anthology Film Archives, PS122 Gallery, Dome of Visions (Denmark), and the Art Prospect Festival (Russia). Currently, he is a long­term artist in residence at Flux Factory, in Queens, NY. As an educator, he works with students as young as 6 to post­ graduates, teaching skills related to sound, light, mechanics, and electronics through creative

projects. www.alexnathanson.com

Please sign up at Eventbrite

Facebook event

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Flux Thursday : Interdependence Day BYOBBQ Potluck

July 14, 8-10pm

Dinner at 8pm, activities start at 8:30  / RSVP-ppplease


Curated by Christina Freeman, current artist-in-residence

Bring your own grillables for our vegetarian grill (veggie burgers, tofurky dogs, eggplants, corn on the cob). Bring a side dish to share (carnivorous dishes welcome just not on the grill). We love potato salad, coleslaw, watermelons, fruit salad, caprese salad, hummus and more. . .  and dancing shoes are suggested.

Our July Flux Thursday potluck will be a play on the American Independence Day BBQ.

This is a reverse July 4th party. We will be celebrating collaboration, cooperation, cross-pollination, relation & alliance building, and the recognition of the impossibility of autonomy. We will be talking about interdependence, not only in terms of societal systems & structures, but also the interdependent relationship of art & politics with the following queries:

How do art & politics feed one another?

Why do people have the urge to separate them? Is there any benefit to separating them?

How do you negotiate their relationship in your life & practice?

Featured guest collaborators:

Fpoafm: Nomadic Studios  Ceramics Collective                               

Chris Schlottmann discussing his forthcoming textbook on food ethics

The Mayday Collective Community Space, Bar & Cafe in Bushwick

Maya Jefferies Video/Performance artist

Maya Jeffereis invites participants to engage in a thought experiment about ethics, morality, identity politics, and nation-building. Fallout Shelter stages a US Navy “moral values” training exercise found by the artist at an abandoned naval station in Puerto Rico. The exercise outlines a post-apocalyptic survival scenario in which ten people, known only from basic information about age, race, gender, sexuality, intelligence, profession, and worldview, occupy a fallout shelter. Participants must decide which four are to be excluded from the group in order that the remaining six may live to rebuild society. In small groups, participants must argue in favor of and against each of the occupants until the group reaches a full consensus.
Maya Jeffereis is a New York based artist working in video, performance, and installation. Her work has been shown most recently at NARS Foundation, New Britain Museum of American Art, and New Art Dealers Alliance. She holds a MFA from Hunter College and a BFA and BA from the University of Washington.

RSVP on Facebook

Double Bill:

Past Flux  Artist-in-Residence Sarah Greenbaum will have an exhibition opening in the gallery downstairs from 6-8pm, with a performance at 7:30pm

Sarah Greenbaum and Bob Pounding are interested in waste around Newtown Creek. They will be doing a piece with sound, images, recordings, painting and other non-musical elements.

Sarah Greenbaum is a painter from East Hampton, NY. Her work ranges from traditional to abstract drawings, paintings and collage. Sarah explores waste and the effects that inorganic pollutants have on the landscape and environment.

Bob Pounding is a musician from Portland OR. He makes sounds and sometimes records them. He is interested in experimenting with different recording mediums, and using non-musical elements in musical compositions.

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Sweet Creek

Solo Show opening flyer


Sarah Greenbaum presents a three part series of paintings and drawings about waste and the effects of pollution in and around the Newtown Creek Waste Water Treatment center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Her work is a result of field work at the Newtown Creek site; through investigating this one location, Sarah explores how human activity has been the dominant influence on the environment.

At the opening reception, Sarah will introduce a new multimedia piece made with research collaborator Bob Pounding, a musician and artist from Portland OR.

Sarah Greenbaum is from East Hampton, NY. Her work ranges from traditional to abstract drawings, paintings and collage. Sarah explores waste and the effects that inorganic pollutants have on the landscape and the environment. Through abstract landscapes her work represents not only a result of research and facts but a personal interpretation and physical reaction of the changing natural environment.

Sarah Greenbaum (b. 1990 in New York) studied from 2008-2009 at Emerson College, she studied drawing and painting from 2010-2014 at the Russian Academy of Art and from 2014-2015 studied contemporary painting at Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. Sarah was a Flux Factory resident from October 2015-April 2016, she is now based in Greenpoint New York.

RSVP via Facebook

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Tingwei Li


Tingwei Li is a Chinese born artist based in Berlin, having recently worked in Beijing. She arranges information associated with objects of all kinds and engages in inter-disciplinary based research. Her current works are collaged installations created as sensors for transmitting the perception of unspoken and indescribable feelings. Visual elements, sounds, videos and ready-made objects unite the identity of self with intangible phenomenon, reflecting the emotional dissonance in the information era. Working through ideas of the body, specifically our pursuit of a “healthier” mental and physical condition, she is currently researching the way communities address contemporary health issues.
Tingwei studied at Hunter College, UdK Berlin and is currently pursuing a Meisterschueler title at the Berlin University of Arts. She has shown in Galerie Gerken Berlin, Villa Renata Basel, EGG Gallery Beijing, chi K 11, Shanghai, Intelligentsia Gallery Beijing, Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin, Flowers Gallery NYC among others.”

The Tulsa Swinton Variety Hour

Saturday, July 9th, 7 pm

Sunday, July 10th, 4 pm  (matinee)

70 Minute duration


Flux Factory is pleased to present The Tulsa Swinton Variety Hour, a play created in collaboration with The Aesthetic of Waste and several Flux artists. The installation transforms Flux’s white box gallery into a colorful, unpredictable, and disposable theater-labyrinth. As the show progresses, an armada of miniature trains will gently guide audience members through a series of 20 backdrops. The show is designed by Abigail Entsminger and directed by Seth Timothy Larson, both current artists in residence at Flux Factory.

This July, cool off with a dip in the Franzia fountain and a scoop of chrysanthemum and tobacco ice cream in the Pepsi-Kinsey Television Studios. World-renowned actress and producer Tulsa Swinton invites you to the final taping of her long-running, highly-influential television program. To celebrate the end, Tulsa will be conducting the interviews that she’s always wanted, but that have either been censored or suppressed by the Walton Family of Networks. Special appearances will be made by business mogul Teresa Franzia, and America’s favorite President James-Michael Carnegie-Kennedy, among other cultural luminaries.

Tulsa will grapple with her memories, her looming death, and the legacy of her sister, Tilda Swinton, who is widely believed to have disappeared at sea as a teen. Having had her personal tragedies and triumphs broadcast from an early age, Tulsa will use her last spotlight to preserve her vision of the past. To highlight the immediacy of her broadcast, an elite squad of Production Assistants will carry out the carefully calculated destruction of every backdrop, prop, and show artifact once it has outlived it’s purpose. This will truly be Tulsa’s final hour.

The Aesthetic of Waste is a performance collective which has created original theater and installations for the Overtime Theater, AtticRep, Luminaria Arts Festival and the Houston Fringe Festival. Abigail Entsminger and Seth Timothy Larson have recently shown works in the Fung Wah Biennial and Title:Point Theater’s SalON!.

Join Flux Factory and the Aesthetic of Waste for a night of theater that promises exquisite artistry, collapsible sets, the Fountain of Youth, several automobile-actors, and a final night with America’s Sweetest Heart and People Magazine’s Premiere Sexual Progressive of 2012: Tulsa Swinton! Music, intrigue and fist fights! Featuring performances and designs by Chelsea Taylor, Judson Rose, Jason Eppink, Lena Hawkins, Michael DiPietro, Caitlin Gjerdrum, Cate Davis, Redding Baker, Sam Weiner, and more.


RSVP on Facebook

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One night show of works by Chloé Devanne Langlais

Exhibition by Chloé Devanne Langlais

Wednesday, June 29th at 7pm


French artist Chloé Devanne Langlais, who has been working with Flux as an intern over the past two months, will present her most recent works for one day in our gallery. This show is influenced by the Flux Factory community and her current experience in NYC.
Chloé will present two groups of work, one exploring human kind’s naive questions about black holes and the notion of space and time. Chloé’s work poetically explores non-linear time and expansive space.

Her second series is composed of paintings and songs, created through a spontaneous, unfiltered process.

Please Join us to discuss her work and thank her for her time at Flux!

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Joelle Fleurantin

Joelle Fleurantin is an artist and researcher in a committed relationship with her computer. Her work explores this often functional, sometimes dysfunctional union. At Flux, she will continue her current project, Patchworked Venus, a body created to examine how computing has given birth to a new form of sexual intimacy.  She has presented her work at the NYC Media Lab Summit, Facets Conference, and Mozilla Festival. Joelle received a Master’s from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and studied art history and film at Yale University and Brooklyn College respectively.


Maya Suess

Maya Suess is the Managing Director of Flux Factory. She is a visual artist, educator and arts administrator. When not managing calendars, making lists and probing the depths of art and community with Fluxers she is making mischievous artistic entities of her own. Having worked in many areas of the arts including curation and programming, education, management, development and as an individual artist, she is well suited for wearing the many hats required in her position at Flux.

She was a longtime member and past Program Director of the Gowanus Studio Space and the 2015 Summer Program Manager for the Fire Island Artist Residency. She has worked as a professor and teaching artist for over a decade, and her work has been shown in Galleries, Cinemas and theatres in the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK and Japan. She produces videos and performances, and makes large scale drawings using colored pencils.

Growing up on a small island off the west coast of Canada she now calls the borough of Queens, NY home. She holds a BFA in Media Arts from Emily Carr Institute, and an MFA in contemporary performance from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.



Christina Freeman

Christina Freeman is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work takes on various forms including photography, video, artists’ books, multimedia installation, collaborative performance, and curatorial projects. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Hunter College, City University of New York in 2012 and her BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Haverford College in 2005. She has been invited to perform her participatory works as an artist-in-residence for SOMA in Mexico City, Heliopolis in Brooklyn, Galería Perdida in Michoacán, Mexico and the TEM market in Volos, Greece. She is a recipient of the Tuttle Fund, the Graf Travel Grant, the Pickett Fund Award and two Center for Peace and Global Citizenship grants. Her 2012 solo exhibition at the Red House in Sofia, Bulgaria was featured on Bulgarian national radio and television. In 2015 she was awarded the CUNY PSC Grant to study at the Center for Book Arts in New York. Christina is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Haverford College and teaches in the Department of Art & Art History at Hunter College.


Emireth Herrera

Emireth Herrera is a visual arts researcher and curator. She works as a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila in Coahuila, Mexico. In order to foster academic research she has organized expositions and international artistic events that involve sustainability and site-specific actions.

As a curator in residence at Residency Unlimited, New York City, Herrera analyzed the artistic scene in the city, had studio visits, interviews and wrote about contemporary artists as a means of generating future projects.

In 2014, she was the Executive Director of LivingArtRoom, the online platform dedicated to promoting artist portfolios. She participates with the international magazine, LARmagazine as Text at Large Collaborator, writing and interviewing contemporary artists.

She sees the artistic process as a scenography that is conveyed behind the scenes, where registers and interviews are the tools to deepen into symbols and significances.

She believes that collaboration is essential to generate community which makes us strong as individuals and empowers networks to defeat ideas and enlighten situations. She have been a member of various organizations such as El Nodo, which is located in an abandoned train station rounded by houses made by cardboard and steel.

Now, Emireth Herrera is in residency at Flux Factory in Queens, New York for the summer 2016, where she will be analyzing the creative process in community and curating the collective show “3459” with Relapse through the open call Relapse/Flux.























Photograph by Alejandro Alvarado





Emireth’s residency is sponsored by Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila


Flux-a-Thon in the Village Voice

Flux-a-Thon lead organizers, Carina Kaufman, Oriana Leckert and Caroline Partamian.

Flux-a-Thon lead organizers Carina Kaufman, Oriana Leckert and Caroline Partamian. Photo by Skyler Reid via The Village Voice.

Thanks to everybody who helped Flux Factory raise over $7500 – you can still donate to push us over $10,000!  Smiling Hogshead Ranch has already invited us back, so you’ll see us next spring.  Til then, check out 60 photos in the Village Voice as well as evidence Lady Gaga accidentally showed up and donated, and think up what you’d like to bring to the parade next year.





Flux-a-thon Sponsor Square




























































































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Debt Positive

June 3-24, 2016

June 3, 6-10pm: Opening Reception
Cayla Mae Presents: Free*Sandwiches from 6-9pm

June 9, 7:30pm: Flux Thursday with presentations by Cassie Thornton and Thomas Gokey

June 14, 6:30pm: Junk Bonds workshop with Paolo Cirio

June 24, 7pm: Closing Performances including Remembering Capitalism by Nathaniel Sullivan, Introducing the Demi by Tori Abernathy, and $1000 Mandala by Sarah Beck.

Gallery Hours: Thursday–Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment, June 4-24

There will be ongoing performances during open gallery hours including $1000 Mandala by Sarah Beck and Not everything that counts, can be counted by Moira Williams, Niki Athanasiadou, Michael Asbill, Lichen Lovers.

Debt Positive logo web

For three weeks in June, Debt Positive invites you to bring interest to bear on indebtedness that is shared openly and not exclusively. Debt might be the fundamental basis of human relations, but today it is also tricky business. Individuals shun it, but organizations welcome it as a means to grow. Debt seems to drive the economy yet appears abstracted to absurdity. Most people in the U.S. share debt, yet debt is borne out privately. How do we put our finger on the debt, which is everywhere powerful and nowhere seen? Through an evolving exhibition, performances, and workshops Debt Positive beckons people to re-envision debt, sublimate it, and consider possibilities for eliminating its wasteful implementations.

Many of the artists in Debt Positive were kids at the dawn of Reagan’s “Morning in America”, which saw the transformation of the United States from the world’s biggest creditor to its biggest debtor—a status maintained by the U.S. today. As the relationship between debtors and creditors grows more abstract, the chance for miscommunication increases. Debt plays out on many frequencies to produce an affective field of precarity for which this exhibition aims to make space. Cassie Thornton’s site-specific paintings for financial institutions, the solidarity building workshops of Rolling Jubilee member Thomas Gokey, and the postcapitalist performances of Nathaniel Sullivan milk the incommensurability of debt’s empirical and emotional dimensions. The participatory system of Cayla Lockwood’s Free* Sandwiches celebrates debt-accumulating structures of compounded irrationality. Lisa Hirmer’s Tablets of Working Bees beckons viewers to contribute to a collective account of debt and labor using a material that is inherently mutable. The artworks and workshops of this international group of artists leverage a transmedia approach well suited to chopping at the necks of debt’s many heads – from the financial to the microbial. Because debt is a moving target, the works in Debt Positive live in a state of flux and tempt viewer investment.

Participating Artists Include: Tori Abernathy,  Sarah Beck, Paolo Cirio, Eliott Eds, Jehanne-Marie Gavarini, Thomas Gokey, Lisa Hirmer, Cayla Lockwood, PEEP – Paul Esposito and Evan Paschke, Sarah Petersen, Brittany M. Powell, Nathaniel Sullivan, Cassie Thornton, Ellen Wetmore, Moira Williams with with Niki Athanasiadou, Michael Asbill, and Lichen Lovers.

Debt Positive is one of Flux Factory’s 2016 major exhibitions and is curated by Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich.


Caitlin Foley: caitlinfoley0@gmail.com
Misha Rabinovich: mishawagon@gmail.com

RSVP on Facebook

“Credit is a means of privatization and debt a means of socialisation…debt is social and credit is asocial. Debt is mutual. Credit runs only one way. But debt runs in every direction, scatters, escapes, seeks refuge. The debtor seeks refuge among other debtors, acquires debt from them, offers debt to them. The place of refuge is the place to which you can only owe more and more because there is no creditor, no payment possible.”

— the Undercommons: Stefano Harney & Fred Moten

Debt Positive is supported, in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


NY1 News

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Frame Ajar

a solo show by Elisabeth Wieser

May 13th-15th, 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 13th, 7 pm

On View:
May 14th-15th, 3-6 pm

Frame Ajar image

Elisabeth Wieser presents Frame Ajar- a collection of her recent work of collage, sculpture and installation. Flux’s exhibition space will be transformed into a conversation of architectural composition and loose form, analyzing the liminal space in between the familiar and the unknown. As an engagement with the surrounding site-specific language, architectural elements are converted into abstract lines and sculptural forms, interlacing the composition of the two- and the three-dimensional work in the space.

Elisabeth Wieser is a German artist who creates sculptures and site-specific, architectural interventions, complemented by film, drawings and collage. She is interested in stage-like structures, illusionary materials, ‘non-spaces’ and inadvertent sculptural vestige. Her work often alludes to displaced or claustrophobic habitats and explores ambiguous spatial situations as well as dreamlike, sometimes Brutalist architecture. Using a human scale in her three-dimensional work she examines the human inter-relations between the body and its surroundings. Her collages unfold spaces that are hard to classify within known terms – a play of structural lines, equivocality, light, shadow and cinematographic suspense.

Elisabeth Wieser (b.1986 in Munich, Germany) studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich and at Goldsmith College in London and is the recipient of the Bavarian State Sponsorship Award for Fine Art 2014 and of the DAAD New York Scholarship 2016. Recent solo shows include “Realm” 2014 Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Munich; “Zonic” 2014 Kjubh Kunstverein, Cologne; “Trespass” 2013 Charim Events, Vienna; as well as most recently “Den” at Popps Packing Emporium, Detroit, 2015.


RSVP on Facebook

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Vote for the Windmill Community Garden’s chance to win a $20,000 grant!

Please vote for the Windmill Community Garden! Our budding community garden has been chosen as one of 3 finalists in NYC to receive a $20,000 grant from the National Recreation and Park Association to improve local parks.

Voting ends April 30th and you can vote everyday!



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Flux-A-Thon Afterparty! Join Us for a Garden Party & BBQ at Smiling Hogshead Ranch!


11-4 pm : Open Costume Making Session @ Flux Factory (materials provided)
4 pm : Flux-a-thon Begins @ Flux Factory
5 pm : Awards Ceremony @ Smiling Hogshead Ranch
6-9 pm : eating, dancing and celebrating @ Smiling Hogshead Ranch

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.20.49 PM

Smiling Hogshead Ranch is an all-volunteer urban farm located on an abandoned rail spur in Long Island City, Queens, New York. They’ll be hosting the afterparty for the Flux-a-thon, a spectacularly jubilant, semi-absurd twist on a traditional walk-a-thon, complete with costumes and floats, all to raise money for another year of Flux Factory’s unique and collaborative residency program.

Come to Smiling Hogshead Ranch at 5 pm on May 7th and cheer the Flux-a-thon to the finish line! Join our guest judges Hrag Vartanian (Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder, Hyperallergic), Paddy Johnson (Founder & Editorial Director, Art F City), Harriet Taub (Director, Materials for the Arts), Kevin Balktick (co-founder, FIGMENT) and Connie Wang (Fashion Features Director, Refinery 29) in awarding teams prizes for best costume, best use of recycled materials, most funds raised, and more!

Then from 6-9 pm, Hogshead will transform into a BBQ and Dance Party, featuring the Center for the Holographic Arts behind the grill, scrumptious dishes donated by Beija Flor, Dutch Kills Centraal, and Tom Cat Bakery, and music by none other than DJ Vinyl Richie and DJ Seaarch.

Celebrate spring, support Flux Factory, and keep the arts thriving in LIC!

***Instead of selling tickets to the event, we’re asking partygoers to DONATE TO THEIR FAVORITE FLUX-A-THON TEAM for entry! We’ll also be selling day-of tickets at the entrance to Smiling Hogshead***

*By donating $20, you get entry to the BBQ & dance party*

*By supporting Flux Factory with a $50 donation, you get entry, plus a free drink!*

*By supporting Flux Factory with a $150 donation, you get entry, plus a meal, plus 3 free drinks!*

*All donations go directly into Flux Factory’s operating costs, helping keep our doors open, our woodshop sawing, and our residents producing over 75 FREE and ALL AGES exhibitions and educational events a year!*

More info on the Flux-A-Thon

RSVP on Facebook 

GIF by Jason Eppink

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March Flux Thursday

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Dinner at 7:30 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!

Dinner is produced by Fung Wah Biennial Artist Heather Kapplow. She will be serving food which will be delicious and also dissects global migration through ingredient sources.
Hosted by Fung Wah Biennial Co-Curators Matthias Borello, Sally Szwed, and Will OwenSunita Prasad presents on her performative public interactions on the Fung Wah Biennial Bus to Boston. Bryan Chang, documentarian for Fung Wah Biennial, will be presenting his work as a documentary film maker and speaking about his film collective Meerkat Media. Meg Wiessner will give a presentation on the history of fabric patterns used on bus seats and other public transportation. Fan Letters (Alex Nathanson + Dylan Neely) present their research and performance documentation from their performance from the Boston leg of the Fung Wah Biennial. Ariel Abrahams and Rony Efrat give a brief presentation about their unique transnational collaboration and their work for the Fung Wah Biennial.



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Applications open for Flux’s Managing Director

After 3 years of working at Flux Factory, our wonderful Residency Director Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez is moving on to new and exciting adventures.  Though we’re saddened to lose such an important community leader, we’re looking forward to expanding the role into a full time job — for the first time ever, Flux will have two full time employees.  We’re pleased to announce an opening for Managing Director.

Artists-in-Residence and staffers collaborate frequently at Flux

Flux Factory Managing Director Job Description

Hours: Full Time, 40 hrs / week
Salary: Approximately $31k / ann
To apply: email jobs@fluxfactory.org with “Managing Director Applicant” in the subject and with CV and cover letter attached.  All applications are due by March 31.

Flux Factory is one of NYC’s longest standing collective art spaces, founded in Williamsburg in 1993 and residing since 2002 in Long Island City, Queens. We support a welcoming community of international cultural producers, including (but not limited to) artists, community organizers, urban agriculturalists, educators, curators, builders, game designers and musicians.  Since introducing our formal residency program in 2009, more than 200 Fluxers have produced prolific, eccentric and diverse programs within a socially engaging and collaborative environment. Today, Flux manages a community-oriented artist-in-residence program of 16 private studios, shared workspaces and a public events gallery.

Flux is seeking a Managing Director to report to the Executive Director of Flux Factory in managing the organization. The Managing Director will have primary responsibility for facilitating the core Flux Factory programs including Residency, Exhibitions and Education. The Managing Director will also be a key team member in meeting our development goals alongside our Board of Directors, Executive and Development staffers.

Flux is a unique organization that requires an inspired Managing Director with strategic thinking skills, curatorial savvy, inbox wizardry, and the ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics with cultural producers from varying socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. The MD should feel comfortable working as a professional manager in an informal internal environment that depends on the cooperation of staff and an entire community of artists. The MD should learn how to inspire collaboration that results in unique programming despite limited resources. The ideal candidate demonstrates strong engagement with socially engaged art practices and contemporary art trends, as well as the capacity to manage multiple projects, priorities, and deadlines.  It’s a challenging job in a supportive environment, a wonderful opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills, with many opportunities to leave one’s mark.

Flux’s coworking office

Some broad responsibilities include the following:

The MD will be the chief facilitator of our international residency program that hosts approximately 35 residents each year, both through open-calls and organizational partnerships. MD will lead call-outs, scheduling, onboarding, rent collection, developing opportunities for residents, attending resident meetings, and more.

The MD will support curators of four major Flux Factory group exhibitions each year. While curators are chiefly responsible for production, MD will oversee project budget and administration, ensure milestones are met, guide overall strategy, publicity, and lend assistance as needed. MD will provide similar support for resident-produced programs, educational programs and gallery rentals. Overall, Flux produces approximately 50 public programs per year and while each program has its own curator, the MD’s role will be to ensure all the organizational tools are in place for success.

Flux produces two major fundraising events per year, including silent art auctions, banquets, and walk-a-thons. The MD will play a large role in the production of these events through soliciting participants, seeking sponsors, growing committees, planning production, and more. Additionally, the MD will participate in developing and managing programs for increasing Flux Factory’s earned income.

The MD will generally contribute to the Flux Factory team, representing Flux Factory to stakeholders, partners, supporters, press and the public; collaborate to develop strategy; and supervise volunteers. As a member of the Flux Factory artist collective, the Managing Director will have the same opportunity as other Flux Factory participants to take part in Flux Factory activities on a volunteer basis.

Flux Factory is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, creed, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

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Jason Eppink

Jason Eppink engages in public space magic, open source scheming, moving image mischief, photon reappropriation, and linguistic subterfuge.

His doings have been seen worldwide because they’re all on the internet. Also they’ve been seen worldwide in galleries, but no one really goes to those.


When he’s not doing that, Eppink creates interactive experiences, curates events and exhibitions, and throws raging art parties as the Assistant Curator of Digital Media at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.

Apply to be a Fluxer!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.03.12 PM

Please check back in January 2017

Flux Factory is a 21 year old non-­profit arts organization, artist collective and international residency program committed to building a sustainable community for diverse cultural producers, including visual artists, builders, curators, community organizers, chefs, activists, musicians, writers…

We’re looking for cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for
3 / 6 / 9 / 12 month residencies.

Flux Factory cultivates a spirit of openness and generosity through a unique collaborative and participatory approach to realizing its residency and public programs. Fluxers benefit from an immersive and prolific environment that encourages experimentation and peer to peer resource sharing. Residents work together to shape and realize Flux’s expansive programming, proposing and leading exhibitions and educational events. Flux Factory nurtures individual practices by offering professional development opportunities, including one-on-one studio visits, group field trips, and monthly salons.

Our labyrinthine building includes 14 studios, a gallery, silkscreen studio, woodshop, coworking office, communal kitchen, library, and rooftop garden. Check the Residency page for more information and photos.

There is a monthly cost involved in participating in the Flux Factory Residency program, depending on the studio that you are assigned. Each resident is responsible for their own funding, though Flux Factory can help with this process.

Please check back in January 2017

Please send any questions to residency@fluxfactory.org.



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February Flux Thursday

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!


Join us for Flux Factory’s longest standing tradition: Flux Thursday! Artist lectures around a pot luck dinner.

Flux Presents:

Fluxer Ariel Abrahams presents February’s Flux Thursday inspired by his exhibition FRIENDSHIP. FRIENDSHIP manifested as two all-night sleepover events in the Flux gallery on January 22nd and 26th. Drawings, sculptures, performances and videos were explored over the course of each night.

The work presented will be in the spirit of FRIENDSHIP: either on topic, or by special friends of Abrahams. Following the presentations, we will have a short Q and A on friends and art-making.

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