Support Flux Factory and Join in the “Flux-A-Thon”


Flux Factory is one of NYC’s oldest and most affordable collectively-run art spaces. On Saturday, May 7th, we’re holding the 1st Annual Flux-a-Thon putting our own jubilant, collaborative twist on a traditional walk-a-thon to raise money for another year of our residency program. Teams of artists and marchers will wander through the streets of Long Island City with their best mobile art projects, floats, performances, and roving spectacles.

We’ll head from Flux Factory to Smiling Hogshead Ranch, an all-volunteer urban farm located on an abandoned rail spur in Long Island City, where our guest judges Hrag Vartanian (Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder, Hyperallergic), Paddy Johnson (Founder & Editorial Director, Art F City), Harriet Taub (Director, Materials for the Arts), Kevin Balktick (co-founder, FIGMENT) and Connie Wang (Fashion Features Director, Refinery 29) will award prizes for best costume, best use of recycled materials, most funds raised, best performance, and more! The day will conclude with a Garden Dance party and BBQ featuring the Center for the Holographic Arts behind the grill, scrumptious dishes donated by Beija Flor, Dutch Kills Centraal, and Tom Cat Bakery and music by none other than DJ Vinyl Richie and DJ Seaarch.All funds raised in the “Flux-a-thon” will go directly into Flux’s operating costs.

May 7th Flux-a-thon Schedule

11am -4 pm : Open Costume Making Session @ Flux Factory (materials provided)
4 pm : Flux-a-thon Begins @ Flux Factory
5 pm : Flux-a-thon Finish Line & Awards Ceremony @ Smiling Hogshead Ranch
6-9 pm : Eating, Dancing and Celebrating @ Smiling Hogshead Ranch

Each year, our roster of cultural producers run ambitious and challenging programs, that are always free and open to the public. In addition to providing low-cost facilities and support that premise creativity, we pay every artist who participates in a Flux program, providing over $30,000 in 2015 to support the creation of new works.

In 2016, Flux Factory has narrowly avoided displacement from Long Island City. We are thrilled to have signed a 5 year lease extension, and to continue to serve our neighborhood and the greater NYC arts community long-term. However, starting April 1st, our rent went up 8.5%, and we’re working to raise the funds necessary to keep our doors open, our woodshop sawing, and our studios humming with emerging and off-the-wall cultural producers.

How to Participate:

1) Walk with us! Pick a team to join, or email to get paired up!

2) Party with us! Join us at Smiling Hogshead Ranch for food, drinks and dancing. Entry is $20.

3) Donate! If you can’t attend the Flux-a-thon, donate to the team you want to win!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.02.07 PM

RSVP on Facebook 

Huge thanks to our sponsors:

Flux-a-thon Sponsor Square




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Once Upon a Line

One Day Pop-Up Reception:

Sunday, February 28th,  4-8 pm (with music by DJ Vinyl Richie)


Wieteke Heldens is pleased to invite you to Once Upon a Line, her third solo-show. She will share her paintings and drawings made during her current residency at Flux Factory. Together, the paintings form a never-ending story or an endless poem with their titles and content. ‘Once upon a time’ refers to the title of the first work made during the residency. The second work is made by the first and so forth. But the first is never the first and the last is never the last. Everything has history and everything has consequences.

Wieteke Heldens was born in Ottersum, The Netherlands in 1982. Heldens works in the medium of painting. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2007. She had her first solo show at Flux Factory in 2011 and exhibited in the The Hague Gemeente museum, Royal Palace in Amsterdam and internationally in Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark and the US. In 2013 Heldens won the Royal prize for Painting in the Netherlands. Heldens is currently represented by gallery Borzo in Amsterdam and is an active member of Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in The Hague. She lives and works in New York and in The Hague.  

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Fung Wah Biennial

March 5th – March 31st, 2016




Flux Factory

39-31 29th Street

Long Island City, NY 11101


March 22nd – March 31st, 2016

Gallery Hours 3-7pm each day


by appointment: // +1-828-226-6083


March 25th, 2016





March 5th – BOSTON


March 19th – BALTIMORE


These artists and / or their works listed below will be present on these specific buses:


The Biennial Project, Marco Castro, Eric Doeringer, Fan Letters (Alex Nathanson + Dylan Neely), Sunita Prasad, Joshua Caleb Wiebley, Ariel Abrahams + Rony Efrat, Magali Duzant, Keith Hartwig + Daniel Newman, Heather Kapplow, Seth Timothy Larson + Abigail Entsminger, Manuel Molina Martagon, Kristoffer Ørum, Ruth Patir, Pines / Palms (Emily Ensminger + Sophie Trauberman), Jonah Levy,  Roopa Vasudevan, Tereza Szwanda, Documentarian: Bryan Chang

Boston Partners: Atlantic Works Gallery (Hosted by Anna Salmeron), Make Shift Space


Michael Barraco, Chloë Bass, Adam Milner, Marjan Verstappen + Jessica Valentin, Meg Wiessner, Joshua Caleb Wiebley, Ariel Abrahams + Rony Efrat, Magali Duzant, Keith Hartwig + Daniel Newman, Seth Timothy Larson + Abigail Entsminger, Manuel Molina Martagon, Kristoffer Ørum Ruth Patir, Pines / Palms (Emily Ensminger + Sophie Trauberman), Jonah Levy,  Roopa Vasudevan, Tereza Szwanda, Documentarian: Alex Nathanson

Philadelphia Partners: Asian Arts Initiative (Hosted by Nancy Chen) , R.F. Kampfer Revolutionary Literature Archive (Hosted by Bradley Duncan), Space 1026 (Hosted by Jacqueline Quinn) ,Vox Populi (Hosted by Bree Pickering)


Dillon De Give, Ursula Nistrup, Kristoffer Ørum, Ariel Abrahams + Rony Efrat, Fan Letters (Alex Nathanson + Dylan Neely), Magali Duzant, Keith Hartwig + Daniel Newman, Seth Timothy Larson + Abigail Entsminger, Manuel Molina Martagon, Ruth Patir, Pines / Palms (Emily Ensminger + Sophie Trauberman), Kristoffer Ørum, Jonah Levy,  Roopa Vasudevan, Tereza Szwanda, Documentarian: Alex Nathanson

Baltimore Partners: Current Space Gallery (hosted by Michael Benevento + Andrew Liang)

Lead Organizer + Co-Curator:







In March 2016, Flux will commission 25 US-based and international artists / artist groups to create site-specific works for three Chinatown bus routes in the North-Eastern United States for the inaugural Fung Wah Biennial. During trips to Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore artists will share performances, projections, sound-works, web-based projects, and other social interventions that amplify experiences or tease out the nuanced politics of transit.

On each Saturday in March, a bus will depart from NYC to venture to a new city and back. Artists were invited to create works in response to the history and infrastructure of these particular bus lines, as well as the physical and emotional experience of travel. Some works look at transit through the lens of leisure, or challenge its banality and isolation, while others contend with migration as an act of necessity or survival. The works will be presented on the bus while en route to and from their respective destinations, as well as on the ground in each city. The audience will comprise of mostly knowing Fung Wah Biennial exhibition participants, however it may also include those who are simply traveling on each selected bus (i.e. innocent bystanders).

The impetus for this exhibition is three-fold: The impending migration of most emerging art spaces in New York City due to increasing cost of living; The experience of travel whether for leisure or out of necessity; The incredible, inexpensive network of buses between Chinatowns in the Northeastern U.S. and beyond, and especially honoring the closure of the original company in 2015, Fung Wah Bus line.


Select Projects:

  • In Roopa Vasudevan’s “eMOTION Mapping” passengers’ varied emotional states, typically internalized, become collected and visualized on a web-based map designed by the artist.
  • A trip to the bathroom may ask one to consider the meaning of permanent residency status, while washing away labels associated with it embossed on Tereza Swanda’s hand cast soaps.
  • Weary travelers are treated to customized comforts found in seat-pocket travel kits tailored especially for each bus journey by Pines // Palms (Emily Entsminger and Sophie Trauberman), while Marjan Verstappen’s “Fung Wah Onboard Service” allows passengers to taste the topography rolling by outside the windows through her specially created snack menu.
  • Reminding us of the legacy of artists inspired by travelling between cities in the northeast, Eric Doeringer will revisit artist Douglas Huebler’s cartographic exploration of two cities by recreating his 1968 artwork “Boston – New York Exchange Shape” during the Fung Wah Biennial’s Boston leg.
  • In the “The Legend of Buspar” Abigail Entsminger and Seth Timothy Larson will translate an epic, multi-act saga of forced urban migration and transformation into a miniature theatrical production staged in two seats at the rear of the bus.

Full list of participating artists:

Michael Barraco, Chloë Bass, The Biennial Project, Marco Castro, Eric Doeringer, Dillon De Give, Magali Duzant, Ariel Abrahams + Rony Efrat, Seth Larson and Abigail Entsminger, Jonah Levy, Fan Letters, Manuel Molina Martagon, Adam Milner, Heather KapplowKeith Hartwig + Daniel Newman, Ursula Nistrup, Kristoffer Ørum, Ruth Patir, Sunita Prasad, Tereza Swanda, Emily Ensminger + Sophie Trauberman,  Roopa Vasudevan, Marjan Verstappen + Jessica Valentin, Joshua Caleb Weibley, and Meg Wiessner.

Documentarians: Bryan Chang, Alex Nathanson, Jason Eppink

In each city Fung Wah Biennial will partner with local art and cultural spaces for lectures and tours to get to know better our neighboring city centers and their creative output. Our current partners include: Current Space (Baltimore), Space 1026 (Philadelphia), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), Atlantic Works Gallery (Boston), and more to be announced. The last week of the month will culminate in an exhibition held in the Flux Factory gallery, 6pm Friday March 25th, 2016 showing both documentation and replication of works from the month’s travels.

Will Owen, organizer and co-curator of Fung Wah Biennial states, “The Fung Wah Biennial was an idea now taken a little too far. We’re essentially creating a series of gallery exhibitions on chinatown buses– while traveling between cities in the Northeast with artist interventions, snacks, and all the joys and frustrations of a regular gallery opening, but traveling at 70 miles per hour.”


Additional Public Events:


  • Fung Wah Biennial Gallery Exhibit at Flux Factory

           March 22nd – March 31st, 2016

  • Fung Wah Biennial Gallery Exhibit Opening Reception

          Friday March 25th, 6-11 pm

  • Flux Thursday: Fung Wah Biennial edition

           March 10th, 8:30 pm


For more information please contact:



Organizer + Co-Curator:

Will Owen:








March 5th – BOSTON


March 19th – BALTIMORE


Press :


The Architects Newspaper

Untapped Cities







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January 22-26, 2015

Opening Reception:
January 23rd, 7 pm

Gallery visits by appointment (email

friendship image ariel abrahams

Who makes me laugh out loud? Who holds my hair back when I vomit? Who takes care of me when I am sick? Tell me of the mysteries of friendship. Of a strength that goes beyond the physical. It brings such a quality of joy that on the merit of its strength it must exist long after we die. That we speak every day for 3 months and then stop for 3 years; a friendship lightly peppered with emoji text messages. Yet we are not broken. That there are some who bring me down, and yet they are my friends. That there are some who make my heart sing, and yet we are not friends. Why? And that through and through it is understood, ubiquitously and through the ages, that friendship is golden, and at that, it is the most solid of goldens.

FRIENDSHIP features work by friends of Ariel Abrahams, as well as work by their friends. FRIENDSHIP will also host two sleepovers, one at the start of the show (January 22nd) and one at the closing (January 26th). These sleepovers will feature performances, games, television watching, cooking, and sleeping. Please email ( for details on how to attend.

Featuring works from:

Rafael Abrahams
Richard Aufrichtig
Alex Beth
Camilla Carper
Molly Cox
Katie DeSalvo
Divya Farias
Kendell Harbin
Bonella Holloway
Rebecca Israel
Catherine Kossack
Jessica Polaniecki
Rebecca Pristoop
Maya Quattropani
Ye Taik
Christina Thomopoulos

Curated by Ariel Abrahams.

Ariel Abrahams was born in New York in 1988 and graduated from New York University in 2010. His work has been performed in venues and universities worldwide including the Embros Theater in Athens, Greece, Front Space in Kansas City, Princeton University, Night Kitchen in Philadelphia and numerous venues in New York City. He writes poetry and opera in email, inky pen drawings, .zip files, audio, sleepovers, long walks, shabbat dinners, and records under the name lonohomo. He is fascinated by religion, group dynamics, and imagination. Ariel is currently a resident at Flux Factory in Queens, New York, and is the Director of Public Engagement for the theater group Odyssey Works.

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Propaganda News Machine: Constructing Multiple Realities in the Media

On View February 17th-25th

Open Hours: 12-6 pm Tuesday – Sunday

Opening Reception:

Wednesday, February 17th, 7-9 pm with a curatorial tour through the exhibition

Public Discussion:

Thursday, February 25th, 7-9 pm


Curated by The Creative Association of Curators TOK with: Mark BoswellStephen DuncombeEli DvorkinYevgeniy Fiks and Emily Newman.

With the growth of mass communication channels, media wars have become a strong and powerful machine of creating, conducting and escalating conflicts between countries, nations and communities. In the current political agenda, when global relations between main players on the world’s political arena are again being reconsidered, the power of media in forming and broadcasting ideologically charged discourse becomes especially obvious and disturbing. Since television the Internet have become easily accessible and embraced by the masses, they have influenced our world views and fed us with selectively constructed news in order to shape our thinking and prevent us from critical analysis of the information we are being delivered.

TOK’s new exhibition ‘Propaganda News Machine’ will explore the notion of propaganda, the news construction and designs of multiple realities in the media today. The show attempts to present, analyze and unveil some of the strategies that governments use in order to create specific images/views of political and social events and influence audience’s opinions when it comes to broadcasting cases in the global political arena.

TOK curators Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits analyze the media discourse related to the conflict between Russia and the U.S. during the Cold War, as well as the new wave of opposition between the U.S. and Russia today. TOK questions if artistic practice can create an alternative media discourse free of propaganda and whether curators and artists can be independent cultural diplomats. Can art influence politics and oppose global political games?

Invited artists and researchers will analyze strategies and mechanisms of the media and mass culture realm in the era of mass television development of the Cold War era and determine whether some are still used today. Through printed series of postcards and stamps Emily Newman looks at the figure of the spy in American mass culture during the time of the Cold War and in contemporary films and TV series. In his series of posters with quotes of American politicians Yevgeniy Fiks investigates espionage concepts in the US mass culture and relations between communism and homosexuality used in the United States’ propaganda in the 50’s-60’s. Fiks draws a historical parallel to  the antigay law in Russia and how it is presented today in the U.S. media. Media researcher and activist Stephen Duncombe provides theoretical insight on the notion of ‘propaganda’ throughout history, as well as quotes of famous speakers and politicians. American filmmaker Mark Boswell will create a new work combined of short Soviet didactic films screened in movie theaters as propaganda.

‘Propaganda News Machine’ is a result of the research that TOK curators have conducted over their 3 month residency at Flux Factory. The exhibition includes documentation of the public events that TOK organized at Flux Factory prior to the exhibition in December 2015 and January 2016 to challenge a critical discourse and accumulate knowledge around the theme of propaganda and media realities it creates. The installation will comprise some archival materials found by exhibition curators in New York City Public Library and some readymade items (books, TV sets, etc.) that will be connected with art works by the invited artists.


‘Propaganda News Machine’ is supported by Trust for Mutual Understanding and Flux Factory.


Please RSVP for an individual tour with exhibition curators:


TOK on Facebook

RSVP on Facebook

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January Flux Thursday

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:15 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!

MNQY1851-03 (1)


‘Re-‘ curator Naiyi Wang and participating artist/ Flux resident Yi Zhou will dive into the inspiration behind the show (in Flux’s gallery January 9-14).  The exhibition was partly inspired by a conversation with Yi at Flux, a space for artists that is filled with “re” purposed objects. Flux residents Seth Larson and Abby Entsminger will host a special performance in the gallery.


Weiyi Li

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Sundays in January 2016, 5-7 pm

1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31


SexEd_AydenLeRoux (1)

Facilitated by Ayden LeRoux, SexEd is a month-long series of workshops to be held at Flux Factory that will give participants an opportunity to talk about sexuality safely, practice and become more comfortable with open communication, and to discuss theory about sexuality. Each workshop will last approximately 2 hours and be held on Sunday evenings from 5-7 pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and the class will be free (with a suggested $5 donation). It is strongly encouraged but not required that people attend all four workshops in order to create a cohesive atmosphere.


Week 1: Communicating Desire

  1. Learning how to create safe spaces for discussion (asking for and outlining certain communication practices)
  2. Authentic expressions of desire, talking without fear (or acknowledging fear when it is there)
  3. Alternative sexual practices
  4. Invitations and fantasy


Week 2: Shaping Relationships

  1. Getting out of default formations
  2. Boundaries and consent
  3. Jargon: Open relationships, polyamory, partnered nonmonogamy, solo non-monagamy and other shapes of relationship (jargon)
  4. Sexlessness: Asexuality and celibacy
  5. The notion of virginity


Week 3: Sex and Community

  1. Privacy vs. Openness
  2. Who do you sleep with? Deciding what feels appropriate for you and for the group you live with (at work, at home, at school)
  3. How do you talk about sex and with whom?
  4. Male dominance being demonized
  5. Gender equality in partnerships and living spaces
  6. Intimacy and Affection


Week 4: Intersections of Art and Sex (with guest speaker Katy McCarthy, from Flirtmoji)

  1. Why is it important to be discussing sex in an art space?
  2. Depicting sex inclusively
  3. Art as a way to communicate about sex
  4. Art as a place of sexual expression



  1. to practice open communication (with friends, lovers, partners)
  2. to practice expressing ourselves sexually, positively (physically and verbally)
  3. to practice receiving others sexual expressions and desires (whether or not one reciprocates)
  4. to talk about sexuality and community, and the language of such



  1. This is a safe and confidential space. We encourage you to extend the discussions we have here outside this space with those here and those that aren’t here, but please if you repeat what we talk about here, do so with anonymity.
  2. This is an open space that is here to receive you as you are. We won’t judge you and we ask that you don’t judge others.
  3. This is a sex positive space. We are all for pleasure, health and safety. Please ask for what you need, state what you want, and feel empowered to voice if something makes you uncomfortable.


RSVP on Facebook


Debt+ Open Call

Debt Positive

Coming June 2016

Debt Positive logo web

Artists, creative practitioners, researchers, and educators are invited to submit proposals for objects, experiences, workshops, performances, or actions that repurpose debt in its broadest interpretation. Debt might be the fundamental basis of human relations, but today it is also tricky business. Individuals shun it, but organizations seek to go into debt in order to grow. Debt seems to drive the economy yet appears abstracted to absurdity. Most people in the US share debt, yet debt is borne out privately. How do we put our finger on the debt, which is everywhere powerful and nowhere seen?

Debt Positive beckons artists and alchemists to re-envision debt, sublimate it, or provide entrance points and possibilities for eliminating wasteful implementations of debt. The national debt, student debt, climate debt, nutritional (or microbial) debt, and even the everyday debts arising out of daily lived experience are all fair game for transformation and repurposing.

Debt Positive is one of Flux Factory’s 2016 major exhibitions and will be co-curated by Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich.


Submission deadline: Tuesday March 1st, 11:59 pm

Notification of acceptance: Tuesday March 15th

Debt Positive exhibition and workshops: June 3rd – 24th


Submission Guidelines

Please email submissions in pdf format to and include the following:

For Artworks:

  • Description of proposed work (max 500 words)

  • Artist Statement or bio (max 200 words)

  • CV

  • Work samples: up to 10 examples of past works (images submitted as a single PDF or videos as links)

  • Image list including brief descriptions of the work (max 50 words)

For Workshops:

  • Description of workshop (max 500 words) please include ideal length and number of workshop sessions

  • List of workshop materials (if any)

  • Statement or bio (max 200 words)

  • CV

*note: if applying as a group you may upload multiple bio’s and cv’s as a single PDF

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TOK Kitchen Talk #2

Wednesday, January 13th

7 pm 

Political Conflicts: Media Strategies and Construction of Multiple Realities

America vs Russia


‘House of Cards'(Netflix), 3 episode, film still, 2015 President Petrov greets members of Pussy Riot together with U.S. president Frank Underwood and his wife at the White House

Join us for TOK‘s second roundtable discussion in Flux Factory’s kitchen. It will be a semi-formal talk amongst speakers and attendees on TOK’s research of the role and strategies of media within global political conflicts, starting from the era of the Cold War till nowadays.

The conversation will revolve around the processes of news construction and design in the media today. Also, how audiences’ opinions are being formed and shaped by ideologically charged media information and what strategies governments use in order to create a certain image/view of a political or social event for viewers. Are there alternative sources of information? What are ways to stimulate a critical approach amongst viewers to mainstream media sources when we are presented with very convincing (but misleading) information? The talk will gather journalists, filmmakers and scriptwriters interested in the Cold War era, covering the political processes of today.

Speakers will also discuss their own artistic practices and professions. Inspired by the ‘House of Cards’ Netflix TV series, TOK will analyze its portrayal of the character President Petrov (based on President Vladimir Putin).

Featured speakers include:

Stephen Duncombe is Professor of Media and Culture at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study and the Department of Media, Culture and Communications at the Steinhardt School of New York University. He is currently co-founder and co-director of the Center for Artistic Activism, a research and training institute that helps activists to think more like artists and artists to think more like activists.
Mark Boswell, an artist and filmmaker whose been interested in the USSR/Russia and USA relations through his practice. His films USSA: Secret Manual of the Soviet Politburger (2001), Agent Orange (2002) and upcoming Nova Conspiracy are based on stereotypes, collective memories and archival materials on Russia and the US in times of the Cold War which he bridges with contemporary political situation.
Olga Kopenkina is a Belarus-born, New York-based independent curator and art critic. Her exhibitions and projects includeLenin Icebreaker Revisited, the NY Austrian Cultural Forum, 2015; Sound of Silence: Art during Dictatorship, EFA Project Space, NY, 2012; Reading Lenin with Corporations (2008-); Russia: Significant Other, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2006, Post-Diasporas: Voyages and Missions at the First Moscow Biennale, Moscow, 2005. Kopenkina contributed to such publications as Art Journal, Moscow Art Magazine, ArtMargins, Manifesta Journal, Modern Painters, Afterimage, and others. She is an adjunct professor at New York University, Steinhardt School for Arts and Art Professions, Department of Media, Culture and Communication.
David Klion is an opinion editor at Al Jazeera America who has studied and worked in Russia and writes about Russian politics and international affairs. He previously worked as an editor at World Politics Review. He holds a master’s degree in Soviet history from the University of Chicago.

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January 9th-14th, 2016
Open Hours: 12 – 6 pm (Mon – Sun)

Opening Reception:
Saturday January 9th, 6 pm

 cover photo-01

Artists have always employed the “re-“, as in “rearrange,” “reselect,” “restructure,” “represent,” “reproduce,” and “rectify.” The tradition of “re-” in the age of mechanical reproduction can be traced back to the beginning of the last century, when Dadaists used collages, photomontages and assemblages to express their views on modern life. In the 1960s, Marcel Duchamp repurposed ordinary objects and turned them into art with his series of readymades. From there, appropriation art emerged and starting in the early 1990s, an increasing number of artists developed their own style by reselecting, reproducing, and restructuring daily objects.

In 2005, German art critic and philosopher Brois Grioys wrote in his article “Multiple Authorship”, that the definition of art today lies somewhere in between the practices of “creation” and “selection”. Daily objects are selected by an artist, accord­ing to a process and criteria that is purely private, individual-minded, and subjective. Then, they restored, transferred to other media, and rearranged, installed, and presented in new context or narrative. The reality, according to “Multiple Authorship,” is that the identity of the artist is transformed from “producer” to “assembler.”

The Re- exhibition was partly inspired by a conversation with artist Yi Zhou at Flux Factory, a space for artists that is filled with “re” objects. For example, a screwdriver functions as a faucet handle in the kitchen, while a helmet, safety goggles and a mask combine to become a gala dinner light.

Another part of the foundation for the exhibition emerged from the rise of cross-disciplinary collaboration. The artists in Re- come from a wide variety of backgrounds (fine arts, contemporary art, photography, cinema, architecture, design, amateur practices, etc.), whose practices mix forms and genres without concern for artistic conventions. Artists participating in the exhibition clearly show interest in the concept of Re-, or their creations are in line with the purpose and creative methods of Re-. They work independently, but the final outcome will transform Flux Factory into a vibrant interactive space of installations.

Featured artists include:

Jing He (
Tian Jiang (
Weiyi Li (
Lishan Liu (
He Wei and HU Naishu (
Chao Wang
Jingyi Wang (
Jiannan Wu (
Liu Yan (
Funa Ye (
Jiang Ye (
Yi Zhou (
Zijie Zhu (

Re- is curated by Naiyi Wang.

Full Events Schedule:
Artists’ Panel: January 10th, 3-5 pm
Re-Presentations: January 14th, 3-5 pm

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Press :

Queens Chronicle

Voa Chinese




TOK Hosts a Conversation on Russian-American Media and Ideology

Wednesday, December 9th
7-9 pm


To commence a three month residency at Flux Factory, TOK curators Maria Veits and Anna Bitkina will host a roundtable discussion in Flux Factory’s kitchen.  All are invited to see presentations, and join in on an informal discussion.  This series of discussions will culminate in a February 2016 exhibition in Flux’s gallery.

The conversation will focus on the role of the media in forming and broadcasting ideologically charged discourses in the global political and informational context. During TOK’s research at Flux, they will take a close look at the strategies of constructing information that were designed in the era of mass television development and reflection of the Cold War in the media and will see whether some of them are still used today.

We’ll start the conversation with presentations from artist Emily Newman and Yengeniy Fiks, and will be joined by several who work on related subjects, including Eli Dvorkin and Meesha Chang.

U.S. artist Emily Newman recently lived in St. Petersburg to conduct several projects locally including the one about Soviet heroism and heroic events of Soviet history.  Emily’s show in connection to this project will open at Klaus gallery in NYC on Dec 11.

Yengeniy Fiks is a Russian artist currently based in NYC.  His work is inspired by the collapse of the Soviet bloc, which led him to the realization of the necessity to reexamine the Soviet experience in the context of the history of the Left, including that of the international Communist movement.  His work is a reaction to the collective amnesia within the post-Soviet space over the last decade, on the one hand, and the repression of the histories of the American Left in the US, on the other.

Eli Dvorkin is a staff editor for an international relations think tank and a co-director of the Silent Barn arts collective in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He worked as an editor at Kickstarter (NYC), Flavorpill (NYC), and the Hürriyet Daily News (Istanbul), cooked at Mile End (Brooklyn), and took the Sketchbook Project on two nationwide tours. He was born in Toronto and has lived in NYC since 2004.

Meesha Chang is finishing her role as the global galleries director managing the network of Erarta Global Galleries in New York, Zürich, Hong Kong and London from 2012-2015. Erarta is the largest project of its kind with museum headquarters in St Petersburg it also includes Design, a Fund and international art galleries showing only contemporary Russian artists. Meesha represented Erarta for Art Paris 2013 and also the Venice Biennale 2013.

Creative Association of Curators TOK is a curatorial duo founded by Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits in 2010 as a platform for conducting interdisciplinary projects in the fields of contemporary art and design and social sciences. Today TOK is an interactive intellectual platform for collaborations of curators, artists, researchers, designers, sociologists, anthropologists and other professionals in the sphere of art and culture from Russia and other countries. The main goal of TOK is to elaborate and realize projects that are based on the research of cultural processes in contemporary society. One of our main principles is the combination of theory and practice and a cross-disciplinary approach.

A special thank you to the Trust for Mutual Understanding for making these conversations, residencies and exhibitions possible!  Banner photograph taken from The Crocodile, a Soviet satirical publication.

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Help Flux Replace our Broken Front Window!


UPDATE 2/19/2016: We are happy to announce that we’ve currently raised $1100 to repair our broken window, although we are still seeking donations for upgrades.  An immense thank you to our supporters!  Meanwhile, the vandal has been arrested and we are happy to feel more safe and secure moving forward.

Flux Factory needs your help to replace our front window.  On Saturday February 13th, a vandal threw a wrench through the large glass pane for no clear reason.  Unfortunately, that coldest day of the winter left our artists-in-residence without proper protection from the elements, not to mention ill at ease.  While we’re investigating with the police and checking in with our insurance company, we can’t keep our facade boarded up for much longer.

When Flux gets knocked down, we get back up stronger!  Help us turn this setback into a step forward.  We’re seeking tax-deductible donations to replace (and hopefully improve) the large window that lets Flux Factory greet the world.

Please consider supporting Flux through the below Paypal button, or donate an amount of your choosing. If you’re unable to donate now, or want to get more deeply involved, consider participating in our Flux-a-Thon fundraiser on May 7, or volunteering to assist with our various building improvements (email for more).

If our supporters provide $800, Flux can replace our pane with sturdy safety glass.
If our supporters provide $4000, Flux can retrofit our old-fashioned windows with double-pane glass to keep us warm, and keep Con Ed bills lower.

Click here to lend a hand with $50
Click here to create a window of opportunity with $100
Click here to join a higher pane with $500

To be frank, ever since we signed our lease extension through 2021, we’ve been warily eyeing our drafty loft-style windows which could be updated to improve insulation and lower heat costs.  If we can raise the extra money in the next week, artists for the next 5 years will be served through lower cost and better accommodations.  We’re already well underway with all kinds of improvements and amenities to make the next 5 years great, a notable part of which is supported by the generous Hyde & Watson foundation.  Thank you for supporting of our mission to provide affordable, quality space for emerging artists in an NYC that’s as tough as it is inspiring.  Please do reach out to our director Nat at if you’ve got any feedback.


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Fung Wah Biennial Open Call


In March 2016, Flux Factory will serve as a work and rehearsal space to create, perform, and install works in 3 separate Chinatown bus trips to 3 cities in the North Eastern U.S.

During each weekend in March 2016, a bus will leave NYC to venture to a new city and back. Artists are invited to create works to be presented specifically on the bus while en route traveling to their respective destinations. The audience will become a mixture of those who have knowingly signed up for the Fung Wah Biennial and those who are simply traveling by bus (i.e. innocent bystanders).

In each city we will partner with local artist-run spaces for lectures and tours to get to know better our neighboring city centers and their creative output. Each trip will be co-organized by Matthias Borello, Will Owen, or Sally Szwed.

The last week of the month will culminate in an exhibition held in the Flux Factory gallery, showing both documentation and replication of works from the month’s travels.

The impetus for this exhibition is three-fold:

-The possible, impending migration of many art spaces in New York City due to increasing cost of living

-The increase of global migration and asylum-seeking due to shifting climate / armed conflicts / globalized economies

-The incredible network of buses between Chinatowns in the Northeastern U.S. and beyond and honoring the closure of the original company, Fung Wah.


Additional events will occur at the MET Museum of Art’s MediaLab (info forthcoming).

We are interested in performance, social practice, lecture, food, sound, new media, innovative technology, objects, and video art. All media and concepts are encouraged to apply, however we are especially interested in work that explores migration, transitions, empathy of strangers, and exploration based sciences.


  • Submit as one or multiple PDFs- whichever you prefer!
  • You may apply as an individual or a group
  • You MUST be available each weekend in March, 2016
  • Please email your submissions in PDF format to and include:
    • A description of your proposed project for Fung Wah Biennial, no more than 500 words
    • CV
    • Artist statement or bio (no more than 200 words)
    • Up to 10 examples of your work: images submitted as a single PDF or no more than 3 videos submitted as public links
    • Image List, including brief descriptions (max 50 words per work) submitted as a single PDF (preferably included in the 10 examples of work PDF)
    • What is your wildest transportation story? (No word limit, attached as part of PDF)

Open Call deadline extended to January 1st, 2016.

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December Flux Thursday

Thursday December 10th
Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!


This month we’ve invited artists who are featured in Flux Factory’s last major exhibition of 2015, Test Patterns. Claire Corey will discuss her digital compositions created by combining painting, photography and printing techniques. Noémie Jennifer will explain her approach to image-making and how it informs her current xerox printer installation, This is Not a Test. Cha Tori will describe the color-mixing process he uses in his interactive light installation and will share a short story he wrote to accompany the piece. PARTYSHARD will play field recordings interspersed with spoken word elements to elucidate the collective’s piece, Precariousness of Feeling Anything.

Dinner will be lovingly designed by Fluxer Sarah Greenbaum and MC’d by Test Patterns curators Maddie Hewitt and Roopa Vasudevan.

Please join us for the final Flux Thursday of 2015, and bring something edible to celebrate!

RSVP on Facebook

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Test Patterns

December 5th -18th, 2015

Closing Reception:
December 18th, 6-10 pm

Gallery Open Hours:
December 9th-11th & 16th-18th
12-5 pm


Test Patterns is a group exhibition that examines the ways in which we interact with technological standards.  Technological standards are visual, auditory, and mathematical references usually held by groups of people to define a physical measurement.  The works in Test Patterns offer an affectionate exploration of individual and collective agency claimed over technology, while exposing the limitations inherent in “universal” calibration techniques.

From color bars and tones to Pictures of Facial Affect (Ekman & Friesen 1976), the artists of Test Patterns have created their own patterns and standards–and have, in some cases, used pre-existing ones–as raw material to interpret, process, and generate entirely new artworks. This exhibit features work from seventeen artists who respond to technical standards using sculpture, drawing, video, sound art, performance, computation, and other media.

Participating artists include: Tom BurtonwoodClaire Corey,  Jason EppinkLouise Foo,  Genevieve HoffmanNoémie JenniferTyler KlinePatrick LeMieuxJesse MalmedDouglas McCulloh, Eric Mika; PARTYSHARD, Martha SkouKate SpeidelCha ToriA.P. Vague and Sarah Zimmer.

Curated by Maddie Hewitt and Roopa Vasudevan. Co-curated by Lee Tusman.


▴ Opening Reception ▴

December 5th, 6-10 pm

with performances by Kate Speidel 7-10 pm


▴ Closing Reception ▴

December 18th, 6-10 pm

with performances by Kate Speidel and A.P. Vague


RSVP on Facebook


Press :

The Creators Project

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November 20th-27th, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday November 20th,  6-9pm. Artist presentations at 7pm.


Pivot is an international, multi-venue group art exhibition exploring processes of consuming and subsuming through multimedia, sculpture, sound, and research lecture.

The show features work from artists based in Philadelphia, Copenhagen, Denmark, San Pedro, New York and Boston.

Featured artists include:

Nadia Botello (Philadelphia, PA) installs a large, interactive sound installation inspired by how sound passes through bodies of water.

Karl Sandegård (Copenhagen, Denmark) shows multiple sculptural works that relate to lung capacity and making tangible what is normally invisible.

Misha Rabinovich & Caitlin Foley (Boston, MA / San Pedro, CA.) will be presenting new work based on their research with OpenBiome, a microbiota development lab in Boston.

Curated by Will Owen

RSVP on Facebook

On November 6th a show with the same theme and name will open in Philadelphia at Little Berlin Gallery. The two shows will be mirror images of each other, but with slight variations, like concave and convex mirrors.

Additionally, November 21st at 11 am there will be a performance and lecture series on a chinatown bus running from New York to Philadelphia and back to New York the same evening at 6 pm. Beverage service, snacks and a light dinner is included. RSVP for this bus trip will be live October 15th, 2015 on

QuAC Fall Food Justice Potluck

Wednesday, November 4th

6:30pm @ Flux Factory


The Queens Action Council (QuAC) is hosting its 3rd annual Fall Food Justice Potluck at the Flux Factory. Along with an inspired communal meal, we will premiere three locally shot and produced short food justice films, featuring several members of our Queens community and produced by QuAC’s own, Jonathan Argudo (and his LIC based film company, Dangerworks). Local farmers, CSA and food pantry workers, documentarians, and food activist will be in dialogue over dinner, join us and bring your potluck A-game!

Please email Tatiana Orlov at to RSVP. If you can, please let us know what dish you can bring so we can plan the rest of dinner accordingly! We look forward to sharing dinner with you!

RSVP on Facebook

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A letter from Flux’s Director on 2016

Future site of the Windmill Community Garden, right across the street from Flux, where we’ll host public programs next year.

Flux is a slice of old-school NYC.  Like the 1960s’ “Flux Houses” in downtown Manhattan, our multidisciplinary family is prolific, socially engaged and scrappy.  Our nearly 50 artists-in-residence of 2015 produced just as many public events this year including group exhibitions, concerts, potlucks, panels, and the unclassifiable.  We commissioned dozens of new artworks (just Strobe Network itself included over 75 video artists), and we provided $30,000 for artistic work, in addition to providing the low-cost facilities and support that premise creativity.  Even before crunching all these numbers, we knew that Flux does more with less, and it’s all because we are a community that cares deeply about the singular civic role Flux performs.

Groups like Flux are an endangered species in today’s NYC, and the truth is that we’ve narrowly avoided displacement.  The day before Thanksgiving, Flux Factory signed a 5 year lease extension to remain in the Alfred Mainzer Greeting Card Factory.  We’re also very grateful to the Hyde & Watson Foundation for awarding us $9,000 to help patch up our building for coming years.  We love LIC and we’re thrilled to serve our neighborhood longterm.  This stability was hard-won and our real work toward permanent sustainability is just beginning.  We are setting a fundraising goal of $25,000 by 2017, and now is your first chance to join a revamped Friends of Flux program we’ll soon roll out in full force.  We aim to take Flux to a higher level, and we need your support to get there.

Fully tax-deductible support on the levels of $250, $500 or $1000 will make you a pilot Friends of Flux member, with overflowing thankfulness, perks & opportunities such as curator tours, studio visits, friends-only gifts and more.  Or donate any fully tax-deductible amount you like.

We’re pleased to announce that come Spring, we’ll partner in creating the Windmill Community Garden right across the street.  We can’t wait to host workshops, performances and cook-outs in a green space we’ll share with the Dutch Kills Civic Association, Growing Up Green Charter School, Newcomers High School & more neighbors.

In March, we’ll host the Fung Wah Biennial, a group exhibition taking place on Chinatown buses roving around DIY spaces in nearby cities.  This is just the first of four annual projects in which Flux will commission a group of artists to create new works on a theme – as always, our collectivist selection process uses an open call that includes artists both local and international, both emerging and established.

Even before we board those Chinatown buses, we’ll host new exhibitions and events produced by artists-in-residents Yi Zhou, Ariel Abrahams, Anna Bitkina & Maria Veits, Abigail Entsminger & Seth Larson, Gil Lopez, Ayden GroutTommy Nguyen, and Wieteke Heldens.  Meanwhile, Test Patterns co-curator Maddie Hewitt is headed to Claremont, France as part of a new partnership with Artistes En Residence — we’re building on Flux’s recent trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, to become an organization that routinely sends our artists out to the world.  We do not sleep much, to say the least!  Just last week, our current Residents met to select 20 new artists to interview among those who applied for 2016 residencies – we’re immensely excited to meet a group of folks diverse in creative practice and international in background, while commonly sharing a commitment to collectivism.

Roopa Vasudevan just wrapped up a Flux residency, during which she curated 3 exhibitions and created numerous artworks. Looking forward to her next Flux stint in Fall 2016!

On a more personal note — when I began working at Flux mid-2014, I knew I’d entered a deeply meaningful life course.  My love for Flux is only getting stronger as I’ve sounded the magnitude of what we do and can grow to achieve.  Just one wonderful friend I’ve made this year is Roopa Vasudevan — in her 3 month residency, she co-curated Hands Up, Test Patterns and our Flux-Artist-In-Residence group show, created many new artworks and even organized our secret santa!  Roopa shared a note with me: “Flux has been such a valuable place to me in the last couple of years. I really believe that I have met some of the best people in the world there, and have been incredibly fulfilled and productive throughout the duration of both my residencies. Curating the FAIR show this past Fall was such a treat because it gave me the chance to work with flux artists who I have known and admired from (quite literally) the first day I arrived, and I was so proud of the amazing and unique work that this crazy and talented group put together. Flux Factory holds an incredibly special place in my heart, and I’m looking forward to being just as involved in the future.”

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November Flux Thursday

Thursday November 12th

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.

The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!

Drawings from “SuperTurd: The Shareable Biome” by Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich

Flux artists-in-residence Maddie Hewitt, Molly Haslund, Ariel Abrahams, and Sarah Greenbaum will perform works that are featured in the current Flux A.I.R. show (closing the following evening). In addition, F.A.I.R. curator Roopa Vasudevan will speak about the inspiration behind the theme of the show: the challenge to create new work in 21 hours or less.

We’ll also be taking a look at Flux resident Will Owen‘s new exhibition PIVOT, opening on November 20th. He’ll speak about the exhibition concept and the works that will be featured. And in addition to cooking with Will for dinner, Amanda Odmark will speak about her current cookbook project.


RSVP on Facebook

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October Flux Thursday

Thursday October 8th

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.

The event is free, but please do bring something edible to share!


It’s October and some Fluxers are back from Russia (with love)! Will Owen and Lena Hawkins will give a post-mortem on the Perpetual Piñata Parlour, the absurdist game and performance that Flux created in St. Petersburg, Russia for CEC ArtsLink’s Art Prospect festival. Carina Kaufman and Jason Eppink will provide insights into Hotel Wars, Flux Factory’s month-long Olympic-style art throw down about rezoning in LIC, including Wish You Were Here postcards from the opening ceremonies and a sneak peek at the competitive month to come. Join us (with love)!

RSVP on Facebook

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Flux A.I.R. Show Closing Dance Party & Benefit

Artists-in-Residence Show Closing & Dance Party
Friday, November 13th, 9pm
Exhibition open all afternoon


Flux-Dance-Party (1)

A.I.R. Show open for viewing 11/7 – 11/13

Flux Factory is turning 21! To celebrate, curator Roopa Vasudevan has challenged Flux artists-in-residence to produce new works within 21 hours.  Join us on Friday the 13th for a closing dance party to celebrate another year of Flux.

Thank you to Rockaway Brewing Co. & Deep Eddy Vodka for providing drinks!

Artists Include:
Ariel Abrahams
Donald Daedelus
Abby Entsminger
Jason Eppink
Sarah Greenbaum
Molly Haslund
Lena Hawkins
Wieteke Heldens
Bonella Holloway
Zuzia Juszkiewicz
Tina Kohlmann

Seth Larson
Ayden LeRoux

Tzu-Huan Lin
Gil Lopez
Alex Nathanson
Maddie Hewitt & Dylan Neely
Rob O’Connor
Will Owen
Caroline Partamian
Paul Kunihølm Pauper
Maya Quattropani
Caitlin Foley & Misha Rabinovich
Lavinia Raccanello
Fatima Rodriguez
Eleanor Scholz
Walker Tufts (et al)
Roopa Vasudevan
Leah Weinstein

RSVP on Facebook 

More info on the A.I.R. show and Fall Benefit Banquet here:


Sign up for our mailing list:

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Flux Factory Turns 21: the 2015 Flux Fall Benefit Banquet


Order Banquet Tickets Today

We’re celebrating by doing what we do best: inviting all our friends over for dinner & making more art than even we thought was feasible!

Join us on Saturday, November 7th for a banquet to benefit a Fluxy 2016. We’ll serve you a 5-course meal with open bar in the midst of a brand new group exhibition from this year’s Flux residents.

Year by year, Flux has become NYC’s most storied affordable collective art space, and we need your support to continue providing our 40 annual residents with space and support to share ideas and art. Life in NYC ain’t easy for artists! Flux has stood strong to protect creative freedom, low costs, and collaborative opportunities to retain innovative art in the city. Now’s your chance to stand strong for Flux.

The Meal will begin with a new invention from our neighbors at Dutch Kills Centraal, a curried farro with glazed baby carrots, sunchokes and medjool dates. Our Residency Director Carina Kaufman will prepare a sweet and sour grilled pumpkin with turnips, romaine hearts, roasted beets and pumpkin seed butter. More Flux Iron Chefs and local restaurants are also preparing their finest for the occasion!

Flux Artist In Residence Group Show: Roopa Vasudevan has curated new works from 28 of Flux’s recent residents for the occasion.  To celebrate our big 21, Roopa has challenged Fluxers to produce new works within 21 hours.  Our banquet will coincide with the opening of our A.I.R. show, with a special curator tour and champagne toast to kick things off. See our full list of participating artists & RSVP here.

7:00pm: VIP Curator Led Tour + VIP Champagne Toast

7:30pm: Doors open to Dinner Ticket Holders

8pm: First course is served

*note: sponsors of tickets can select specific individuals to sponsor, or have Flux select artists.  Contact to make arrangements.

Can’t make the benefit?  Sponsor an artist seat in your place through a tax-deductible donation of $50 at our Eventbrite page.  Or come celebrate the closing of the Artists-in-Residence show with a free dance party and cash bar on Friday, November 13th at 9pm.

at Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
RSVP on Facebook

A massive thank you to our sponsors, including: Rockaway Brewing Company, Deep Eddy’s Vodka, Whole Foods, Dutch Kills Centraal, Court Square Diner and Tomcat Bakery.

*A.I.R. Show open for viewing 11/7 – 11/13

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Flux Factory’s Perpetual Pinata Parlour


September 2016, 7 Flux artists will be collaborating on an immersive interactive game for the Art Prospect Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Participating artists included past and present Fluxers: Nat Roe, Jason Eppink, Lena Hawkins, Kathryn Sclavi, Alex Nathanson, Walker Tufts, and Will Owen.  A huge thank you to CEC Arts Link and the Trust for Mutual Understanding for supporting Flux’s participation.

Our group created the Perpetual Pinata Parlour, which we performed for 4 days throughout the festival.  This project combined traditional Russian and American games, which participants were invited to play.

We were in the press!!  See us on Russia’s Channel 1 news (Flux is ~1:50 into clip), and on Art F City.

Hotel Wars

October 4th- November 1st, 2015


In the past decade, dozens of independent and brand name hotels have sprung up alongside the Flux Factory building in Long Island City, and more than twenty hotels are set to break ground. The hotel boom, the result of a delayed 2008 rezoning that allowed for rapid new developments in Dutch Kills’ mixed-use industrial areas, has quickly changed our neighborhood into a shifting environment of passing visitors. How can LIC residents, small businesses, and developers constructively and collectively respond to the complex political and social realities of the hotel industry’s rapid growth in a way that takes all stakeholders’ needs seriously?

To playfully respond to these rapid changes and their implications, Flux Factory is posting three teams of highly collaborative artists, game designers, urban theorists, and performers at hotels within a one-block radius of our building for a month-long Olympic-style competition. Each week, teams will receive a prompt that provokes questions about how hotels serve an existing neighborhood, the effects of tourism, and the communities the industry creates and/or displaces. They’ll have seven days to engage with tourists, hotel employees, neighbors, and local business owners and craft their responses using a variety of media. At the end of each week, works will be unveiled at a series of elaborate awards ceremonies, where Long Island City community stakeholders will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. Collaborating hotels are: Home2 Suites Long Island City, Holiday Inn L.I. City – Manhattan View, and Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Queens / Queensboro Bridge.

Join the festivities and help Flux Factory crown the first Long Island City Hotel Wars Champions!

Full Schedule:

October 4th, 4 – 5 pm: Opening Ceremonies and Parade circling our block! Email to participate (seeking: performers and volunteers), or head over to Flux to watch!

October 11th, 4 – 5 pm: Awards Ceremony #1 at Flux Factory: The first works are unveiled and judged live.

October 18th, 4 – 5 pm: Awards Ceremony #2 at Flux Factory: The second works are unveiled and judged live.

November 1st, 4 – 6 pm: Closing Ceremony and Winner Crowned: The final works are unveiled and judged live, and the Hotel Wars winner is crowned.

Competitors: Abby Entsminger, Abi Inman, Aliya Bonar, Adrian Owen, Gil Lopez, Ida Benedetto, John Locke, Kevin Aranibar, Michelle Levy, Nathaniel Sullivan, Oriana Leckert, Seth Larson, Toni Pizza, Will Owen, and Yoni Brook.

Host Hotels: Home2 Suites Long Island City, Holiday Inn L.I. City – Manhattan View, and Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Queens / Queensboro Bridge.

Brain Trust: Carina Kaufman, Jason Eppink, Laura Lupton, and Prerana Reddy.

Organized by Carina Kaufman and Jason Eppink.

RSVP on Facebook



Hotel Wars is supported, in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


Challenge #1 : October 12, 2015

Tell the history of your hotel site, using interviews from residents, hotel employees, guests, and more, in any media you choose.

Judges: Fabiola Robles, Mike’s Pizza, Rebekah Gibson, Growing Up Green Charter School, and Jack Eichenbaum, Queens Borough Historian

Judging criteria: quality and quantity of interviews, depth of research, aesthetic treatment, and general fluxiness.

WINNER: TEAM Home2Suites!!!

Aliya Bonar, Nathaniel Sullivan, Will Owen

“Your Voice Here” Brochures for the hotel lobby.

Check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.09.38 PM


Press :



Abreaction 3: Muscle Memory in the Consumption of Food

Abreaction 3: Muscle Memory in the Consumption of Food
An exhibition curated by Caroline Partamian

September 24th-26th, 2015

Full Schedule:

  • Thursday, September 24th, 6-9 pm: Soft Opening
  • Friday, September 25th, 6-10 pm: Opening party & performances by Ariel Abrahams, ChristinaNoel & the Creature, Bonella Holloway, & Katy McCarthy
  • Saturday, September 26th, 2-7 pm: Closing reception and 5 pm Artist Talk with Andrew Murphy & Katy McCarthy (more details TBA)


Image by Joe DeNardo

Abreaction is the extraction of memory stored within a muscle, resurfaced through kinetics and physical movement, of which the individual was previously unaware. Muscle Memory in the Consumption of Food continues the Muscle Memory series conceptualized by Caroline Partamian, and invites artists to create a piece that forces the viewer to engage in the their deeply embedded traumatic, comforting, erotic, and grotesque food-related memories. Video, multimedia, and performance works explore the aesthetics of specific foods and the behavior of eating through the senses.

Artists: Ariel Abrahams, Vaba Bility , Michael Borowski, ChristinaNoel & the Creature, Eva Dean, Christian Hendricks, Bonella Holloway, Marguerite Kalhor, Sarah Manuwal, Jamie Mayne, Katy McCarthy, Andrew Murphy, and Netta Sadovsky.

About the curator:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Caroline Partamian is an independent curator, artist, and chef. Caroline’s exhibitions focus on the theme of kinetic memory and somatics in relation to dance, performance, and other more tangible mediums of art. She also plays guitar in the collaborative psych-punk project SCULLY.

Sponsored by Rippers and Trader Joe’s. 

RSVP on Facebook

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View From Above

View From Above
mixed-media, video installation, performance

September 19-20, 2015
Opening Reception: September 19th, 6-9 pm
Open Hours: Sunday September 20th 2-6 pm



The exhibition presents works dealing with the aerial perspectives of a landscape. One approach is to find new ways of transforming and rethinking the all-inclusive view from above created by a drone camera. A mixed-media installation appears as a ruptured landscape, which doesn’t offer any geographical data or orientation but turns into surreal and disorienting tableau. Similar interest of displacing the drone technology motivates video projections, showing a vision of a drone’s camera creating sublime spaces in the border between virtual and real. Other works consider the aerial perspective in regards to the physical reconstruction of waterways, and its impact on territory lines.

For this exhibition, the artist presents a multimedia installation which also functions as living stage for performances. Diffraction of light passes through a shallow water basin and layers of acrylic mirror to unearth an abstract moving photomontage cast as a reflection onto the wall. The light reflection reveals the process of environmental degradation, land reclamation, and shifting boundaries, thus metaphorically holding more weight than the physical material distorted by the artist. The result is a phantasmagoric experience, leaving those suspended in time with a “view from above” to contemplate how humans interact with the earth’s surface.

Participating artists include: E. Adam AttiaMaddie HewittLyoudmila MilanovaDylan Neely and Rob O’Conner.

RSVP on Facebook


Opening Reception: Saturday August 29th,  6-9pm
Artist Talk: Sunday August 30th,  3-4pm
Open Hours: Wednesday September 2nd, 11am-3pm 


_MG_4460 copy


The Real f/x Mirage Zone™ exists in peripheral landscapes, a desert inhabited by visions induced by invisible forces. The spectacular illusion, the mirage, leaks the virtual into actual, giving a shape to our desire. In Real f/x Mirage Zone™ commodities hover above the surface, caught in a pool of liquid in the landscape. Real f/x Mirage Zone™, will open to the public on August 29th as a diluted, synthetic entity in what-is virtual and actual. With the mission to reveal the abstract nature of global economics and its hidden environment, Real f/x Mirage Zone™ is in part an installation and in part a video screening that documents land-based actions of FATAMORGANA. The exhibition will consist of a two channel video installation alongside commodity proxies for the objects in the gallery sourced from the immediate environment.


FATAMORGANA is a research based platform developed as a collaborative effort, created out of a joint interest in landscape, time and new spatial logics. FATAMORGANA articulates hidden abstractions within our man-made and natural environments. Our goal is to continue expanding our practice, to put people in touch with peripheral, often slippery, landscapes. We will look into that immaterial void with optimism to uncover hidden patterns and give our findings shape.


The Yellow Snake Is Waiting

The Yellow Snake Is Waiting

Opening Reception Friday August 21st 6-9pm

On View August 21st- August 27th 12-6pm


What do I really want?

What do I really desire?

You know it, you feel it too.

The Serpents of Desire are waiting for you.

Walk along the water to find it.

Be careful of those animals and beasts, they can smell it.

They can sense your hunger and they are hungry too.

Go for it, the snake is waiting.

For his first solo exhibition in New York, Tzu-Huan presents The Yellow Snake Is Waiting, a video installation created during his Flux Factory residency period. The video features footage of a fictional story to find the ultimate solution of never-ending desire by fusing two well-known mythical stories from East to West. The narrative explores the fog of memories and makes transparent the mystery of desire.

Tzu-Huan Lin is a Taiwanese video and installation artist based in New York. He received an MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute in 2013. He creates work in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural functions by manipulation to create different functions and contexts.

RSVP on Facebook



Press :


Taipei Cultural Center



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August Flux Thursday

Thursday August 13th

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.

The event is free, but please do bring something to share!


For this Flux Thursday the focus is New York City water. We are offering cool reliefs from the summer heat with dinner and artist presentations.

Flux Factory is pleased to present artists and historians whose practice takes root in the exploration and occupation of urban waterways. They will elaborate on their research and passion towards the subject as well as explain how it informs their work. Ida C. Benedetto co-founder of Sextantworks will discuss her most recent transgressive placemaking project involving the New York City Harbor. Steve Duncan renowned urban explorer will share his expertise on the New York sewer and tunnel system, and information about his guided underground tours. Dylan Gauthier co-founder of the boatbuilding project Mare Liberum will speak about the artist collective, and his other collaborative free seas projects. Maddie Hewitt current resident of Flux Factory will present her research on the physical reconstruction of waterways, and the influence it has on territory lines in Marble Hill. Together the discussions emphasize the complexities and creative potential of New York City’s maritime landscape. The event is free, but please do bring something to share!


Ida C. Benedetto is a Brooklyn-based experience design and media strategist. She is the co-founder of Sextantworks (formerly Wanderlust Projects). Sextantworks practices experiential gift design and transgressive placemaking through generosity, location and intimacy. Sextantworks has been profiled in The New York Times, Fast Company, NPR, and The Daily Beast. Ida consulted on the experience design and gifting system for the Night Heron Speakeasy, which has been lauded in the Atlantic and the New Yorker. She is an adviser to Photography, Expanded, an initiative of the Magnum Foundation to inspire documentary photographers to extend their storytelling practice beyond the still image. Ida is on the steering committee of the School for Poetic Computation.

Steve Duncan is an Urban Explorer based in New York City. He has extensively explored the New York City Sewer System and other tunnels in the New York City area such as the New York City Subway System and Amtrak tunnels that run through the city. Steve has also explored sewers and underground infrastructure around the world. He has explored sewers and tunnels beneath Paris, London, Rome, Naples, Stockholm, Berlin, Moscow, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, and Los Angeles. He also hosted a television show on The Discovery Channel in 2005. The show aired for five episodes and has since occasionally been aired in syndication.

Dylan Gauthier is a Brooklyn-based artist (writer, curator, educator, boatbuilder, media activist). His works take the form of videos, photographs, soundtracks, publications, environmental research and performances, and are concerned with temporary situations, shared experiences, public space and access to information. He is co-founder of the boatbuilding and printmaking project Mare Liberum (, a frequent collaborator with the Gowanus Studio Space, and with the collective Red76, and has shown in museums and galleries including MASS MoCA, the Walker Art Center, Stacion Kosovo, EFA Project Space, Parsons/the New School, Columbus College of Art and Design and the Neuberger Museum at SUNY Purchase. Dylan holds an MFA from the Integrated Media Arts program with a focus on creative nonfiction at Hunter College.

Maddie Hewitt is a visual artist and curator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her work responds to the impositions of domestic social norms and crowd control. Using a wide range of media, Hewitt alters familiar physical objects and co-opts their original meaning. Most recently she has begun organically researching the history of New York City waterways drawing connections between pre-colonial landscapes to what the city is like today. Hewitt holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art with a focus in sculpture. Since 2013 she has been a curator at Little Berlin organizing exhibitions, film screenings, performances, weekend-long festivals, artist critiques, and other public events. She is currently an artist in residence at Flux Factory.

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Good Humor

August 8th-9th

Opening Reception August 8th 3-­11pm



Flux is pleased to present Good Humor,​ an interactive art installation experimenting with the physical and psychological aspects of ice cream. Featuring the work of Springboard Collective, this participatory show invites audience members to cultivate new relationships with our favorite frozen treat.

Come for the art, stay for the ice cream….or is it the other way around? Create your own plaster ice cream sculpture to last the ages. Scoop, squeeze, and serve plaster mixed with dye, paint, glitter, marbles and other ‘toppings’ at the sculpture station. Add your vision to the installation, or take it home to display your sculptural prowess (for future generations, of course). Take a ‘turn’ cranking the old-fashioned ice cream machine as we serve up new flavors on the hour. Classic and experimental approaches to flavoring need taste buds! Engage in the collaborative process, learn new techniques, and add your expertise to the social environment.

As you cool off with the fruits of our labor, explore the audio and visual landscape in our soft serve gallery. Media and object based installations foster a creative escape that celebrates the exuberant energy of summertime. Stay late for improvisational performances and inclusive dance party with a live DJ. Hope to see you there!

Formed in Athens, OH, Springboard Collective produces collaborative, site­-specific, interactive and immersive sculptural environments. With experimental and imaginative approaches to everyday materials, their installations focus on transforming physical and psychological aspects of fun in socially-engaged events. Artists include: Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger, Barry O’Keefe, Micah Snyder, and Steph Wadman.


Opening Reception: Saturday, August 8th

3pm Ice cream on the hour

5pm Build your own ice cream sculpture

9pm Live DJ set (TBA)

Show will also be open for viewing Sunday August 9th from 3-­9pm


Past Springboard Collective works

Contact: Danny Crump, Artist in Residence, Flux Factory


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If There’s No Room for Me I’ll Make One

August 7th-9th

10 am-1 pm


What does belonging means? Where does a sense of belonging come from? Can we find ways to feel part of a place that is unknown, supposedly neutral, maybe even unfamiliar? Why would that help and how can we do it?

Stemming from an idea of belonging based on one’s personal relationship with the physical space (rather than on the given concepts of nation or culture) the workshop will invite participants, through some practical exercises and some narrative assignments to find their own place in the anonymity of the urban environment, guiding them to create a sense of familiarity and look at their surrounding from a perspective of desires and needs. The final impressions and experiences will then be translated into final projects that use the artistic language to either share one’s perspective or to possibly activate a real change. The workshop unfolds through three different concepts on the body in space:

body as volume

body as memory

body as presence

The workshop will happen mostly outside, using Flux Factory as a base camp. While the workshop doesn’t require any particular skills, participants should be ready to sweat and get dirty! Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended, as well as a passion for wandering and walking.

You must RSVP to attend. Email 

Workshops run by Valentina Medda

More info on Facebook

*working sessions could run longer than the allotted 3 hours



Press :

New York Architecture Diary


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July 9th-12th

Opening Reception: July 9th, 6-9pm 

Open Hours: July 10th-12th, 12-6pm

July 12th: Poetry Reading and Closing Reception 4pm


CEMENT ALL brings together eight young artists working in sculpture and video whose works demonstrate a set of approaches querying the status of objects and their (and by association our) impacts on the larger ecosphere. Each artist in the exhibition takes a unique approach to securing and destabilizing objects, materials, and meanings in works that at times solicit our shame, poke fun at our hubris, or withdraw from us, aloof and implacable. The title names a tendency to reify in order to re-animate—a dialectic that exists in the world capturing our efforts to think and put into action any positive effort to quell nature’s turn against the human (a formulation that itself exhibits a reifying-ironizing tendency towards ‘nature’ and ‘the human’). Cement All is also the trademarked name of a popular cement product that inadvertently points towards the (modernist?) dream of architects, home owners, and pragmatic philosophers alike, to construct a concrete world, a stable life, with clear boundaries and fixed identities. It is a fitting title to parallel the ethos and history named by the Flux Factory.

The exhibition program includes an evening of readings at Flux Factory organized by the poet Christine Kelly, which runs in parallel with the exhibition.

Artworks by:

Allison Baker, Raina Belleau, Brandon Bultman, Gail Dodge, Julia Gartrell, Lucia Monge, Chris Papa, Megan Tamas.

Curated by Anthony Graves.

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July 24th – July 28th

Opening Reception July 24th 6-10pm

By Tina Kohlmann

BAZT is a group showing of object-based pieces and works on paper within a constructed environment for community events. The individual works explore humor and mystery. The entirety of the constructed environment engenders how both humor and mystery can be a source of power and strength–using humor for self-protection or mystery as blockade.

The title Bazt is a reference to bombast, bastion, bastard, Bast–the goddess of protection and perfume in Egyptian mythology, and someone with a stereotypical accent from the San Fernando Valley saying the word “Best.”


Artworks by:

Shoplifter (Iceland)

Lena Hawkins (US)

Clara Bessijelle Johannsson (Sweden)

Tina Kohlmann (Germany)

Kevin McNamee-Tweed (US)

Curated by Will Owen (US)


Performances by:

Big Bend (Live)

Greg Fox (DJ Set)

Aaron Roche (DJ Set)




July 24th

6 -11 pm Opening Reception

9 pm Performance by Big Bend

9:30 pm DJ Sets by Participating Artists

July 25th

7 pm Potluck Dinner + Film Screenings

10 pm DJ Sets by Greg Fox, Aaron Roche, SEAARCH, and others TBD

July 26th

4 pm Ice Cream Social +  Artist Talks + Round Table Discussion on the role of Craft within Contemporary, Object-based and Digital Art.

July 27th

12 pm – 4 pm Gallery Hours + Refreshments

July 28th 

12 pm – 4 pm Gallery Hours + Closing Reception


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Test Patterns Open Call



December 2015

Test patterns are geometric charts used to calibrate video display and print quality. In television they are often accompanied by reference tones, which are audio files for testing signal transmission. Technical standards are visual, auditory, or mathematical references usually held by a regulatory, medical, environmental, military or corporate body to define a physical measurement. While test patterns and default settings are intended purely as technical tests, they are also criteria by which we judge “normal” vs. “abnormal”; “working” vs. “broken”; “acceptable” vs. “unacceptable”. From the Turing tests and timing crystals to Utah Teapots and tuning forks, test patterns not only measure but construct ideological forms of standardization and normalization for both human and machine alike.

Test Patterns is an exhibition at Flux Factory that takes the totality of possible test patterns as source material in the creation of new artworks that respond and subvert the process of standardization. Test Patterns will present a variety of official test patterns, reference tones and physical standards along with artworks created by artists responding to these devices and metrics. Some artists may consider test patterns in a formal and aesthetic context. Others may use test patterns in order to critique and re-imagine how race, gender, sexuality, ability, and class are produced through technologies of measurement and abstraction by creating their own standards as alternatives.

In this exhibition, artists may create their own new patterns or standards, or may choose to use supplied standards and patterns as raw material to interpret, process, and generate entirely new artworks. These works can be in many forms including sculpture, drawing, video, sound art, performance, computation, and other media.

Please send your proposal to Applications are due September 15th.

In your proposal, please include the following:

  • A description of your proposed project for Test Patterns, no more than 500 words
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Optional artist statement or bio, no more than 200 words
  • Up to 10 examples of your work: images submitted as a single PDF or no more than 3 videos submitted as public link
  • An answer to: What broadly conceived test pattern, reference tone or technical standard is your submission inspired by? How are you responding to or subverting it? No more than 100 words

If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood…

Thursday July 2nd, 7pm

If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood…

film screening at Flux Factory

32 minutes with a brief Q&A after the film with artist Keg de Souza

Pak Kuncung still sm

New York City is no stranger to ghostbusting or gentrification and If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood… features both of these on the other side of the globe – a real life Ghostbuster from Yogyakarta, Indonesia who resides in a squatter settlement that is currently being developed. If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood… explores the gentrification of this settlement, built on top of a graveyard alongside Yogyakarta’s main river, Kali Code. In 2013 the local mayor announced he wanted to develop this area and local residents who have been squatting there since the 70s, have already started being pushed out. Due to the history of this place, tombstones are still visible in the walls of the kampung (neighbourhood) and ghost activity is abundant. Throughout Java ghost-moving (or busting) is an ancient and an important role in a community and for years people in the area have relied heavily on the local ghost mover to move the ghosts out of their houses, but these paranormal evictions are now becoming an uncanny parallel for their own evictions in the living world.

This project was first presented in Ratmakan kampung in October 2014 as an inflatable ghost house, Rumah Hantu, with an embroidered interior that was created from drawings by the local kids of their ghost stories and the film If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood…

If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood… is an Asialink Arts Residency Project supported by Arts NSW and supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia- Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Keg de Souza is an Australian artist working with mediums such as inflatable architecture, food, mapping and dialogical projects to explore the politics of space.  This investigation of social and spatial environments is influenced by her formal training in architecture and experiences of radical spaces through squatting and organizing. Some of the things she creates are; tiny handmade glow-in-the-dark zines to giant inflatables, in between videos, picnics, walking tours, building boats and brewing beer. Recent exhibitions include; the 5th Auckland Triennial, 15th Jakarta Biennale and Vertical Villages at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney (all 2013), Temporality in Architecture, Food and Communities, Delfina Foundation, London and Temporary Spaces, Edible Places, Atlas Arts, Isle of Skye, Scotland (2014) and If There’s Something Strange in Your Neighbourhood… Alaska Projects, Sydney and Temporary Spaces, Edible Places: Vancouver, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (all 2015). She is currently an Australia Council for the Arts Creative Australia Fellow.

Preview here.

RSVP on Facebook 

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June Flux Thursday

Thursday June 11th
Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something to share!


We are opening up our summer programming with June Flux Thursday, our monthly art salon!  Flux Factory’s first exhibition of the summer, STROBE Network is a temporary broadcast network that will air via a digital streaming platform, 24/7 for nine days, featuring video art, performance, animation, talk shows, and archival materials that make use of broadcast as an artistic medium.

For this month’s Flux Thursday, we have invited artists who are participating on STROBE Network to present. Daphne Gardner will talk about her documentary video series Her Room that examines the intimate world of bedrooms, personal history and female identity. Karl Scholz & plant good seeds will seduce you to fill your mouths, wills, hearts, desires, true beings, selves, reflections to turn to stones and begin again. Heather Kapplow will forecast her emotional weather series Weather Schmeather. Artists Elizabeth Lamb, David Ian Griess, Butch Merigoni from Human Trash Dump,  a 24-hour durational collaborative performance piece, will talk about their work.Steve Sewell will be presenting an excerpt from his performance/lecture “How to Purposefully Forget Things.” Dinner will be lovingly designed by Fluxers Alisha Monypenny and Valentina Medda.

Please Join us for a Potluck TV Dinner viewing of ACRE TV, bring food and drinks to share.

RSVP on Facebook here.


Friday May 29th, 7pm-midnight

everyhere logistics

Come *smash* for a cause May 29th, 7pm-midnight. Requested donation of $10.

Attention: you Demons of Destruction and Angels of Annihilation! You Bashing, Smashing, Pulverizing Power Units of De-creation! Yes you! (oh, it’s in there, you’ll see…) Come indulge in mindful destruction by smashing stuff to pieces in the Smash Truck! To help fund the Everyhere Logistics box truck art convoy, we’re holding an auction of various destructifying experiences, using the power of destruction to aid in our creations. Photographers and go-pros on-site to catch your destructive nature in full force!

SMASH STAGE PERFORMANCE at 10pm with live musical accompaniment! Not to be missed. As performed by our own derelict smashing professionals.

Don’t wanna smash, bit still wanna thrash? Damage yourself dancing to the whim of PartyFoul5000! After party to be announced.

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO TRAVELING ART PROJECT BABY Everyhere Logistics, a cross-country Lost Horizon Night Market stopping in seven major cities! Check out the website and please donate to our Kickstarter campaign. We’ve got some unbelievable rewards!

More info and Facebook RSVP here.

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New Art by NEWCOMERS Reception

May 27th, 4-6 PM
Reception at Flux Factory for the students, their families, and the local community

Newcomers New

The students from Anne Kornfeld’s Media Arts classes at Newcomers High School participated in a digital collage workshop by Flux Factory artist-in-residence Lee Tusman. In this six-week residency at Newcomers, students learned how to create a photo essay and a self-portrait through an array of contemporary new media formats.

Using the online platform, New Hive, students constructed images applying new media techniques such as imbuing of the “selfie” into a complex composition and the use of animated GIFs. Students researched and created digital media as a means of inquiry and self-expression to produce their immigration stories.

A reception will be held at Flux Factory on May 27th from 4-6pm, for the students, their families, and the local community.

With generous support from: NYSCA, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts, and The Department for Cultural Affairs. In-Kind Donation Support from: Beija-Flor, Dutch Kills Centraal, Minuteman Press, and Coffeed.

RSVP on Facebook here.




June 13th-­21st, 2015


STROBE Network is a temporary broadcast network that will air via a digital streaming platform, featuring artworks that make use of broadcast as an artistic medium. The content has been programmed through an open call and the Flux Factory community at large, including work from 75+ artists. STROBE Network will create and distribute an alternate reality version of mass culture that is free, conscious, experimental, and uncensored.

Streaming 24/7 for ten days, STROBE Network will feature video art, performance, animation, talk shows, and music, as well as archival materials from Performa, VML, and ESP TV. STROBE Network will stream from June 12th-21st via In addition to streaming via our website, we will welcome a studio audience for live tapings on select evenings at our sound stage in the Flux Factory gallery in Long Island City. Off-site spaces will host viewing parties and Strobe TV Toilet Viewing Station at Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY.

STROBE Network is part of Flux Factory’s 2015 programing. Flux Factory is a non-profit art organization that supports and promotes emerging artists through exhibitions, commissions, residencies, and collaborative opportunities. Flux Factory is guided by its passion to nurture the creative process, and knows that this process does not happen in a vacuum but rather through a network of peers and through resource-sharing. Flux Factory functions as an incubation and laboratory space for the creation of artworks that are in dialogue with the physical, social, and cultural spheres of New York City (though collaborations may start in NY and stretch far beyond).


Participating Artists

Aas Artgroup, ACRE TV, Robert Ashley, Stephanie Avery, Gili Avissar, Hiram Becker & The Cannery Collective, Tommy Becker, Benna aka Benna Gaean Maris, Billy Robinson and Blue Jazz TV, Aliya Bonar, Joanna Bonder, Julian Bozeman, Emily Bucholz and Lee Tusman, Jeremy Couillard, John Crowe, Daupo, the David Foster Wallace Reading Group (DFWRG),  Andrew Demirjian and Dahlia Elsayed, Marie Demple and Becca Kauffman, Michael DiPietro and Lena Hawkins, Justin Donica, Veronica Dougherty, Eric Barry Drasin, Dreamers Welcome, Jason Eppink, ESP TV, The Experimental Half Hour, Fan Letters: Alex Nathanson and Dylan Neely, Eliza Fernand, Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich, Miles Forrester, Daphne Gardner, Douglas Gast, Steven Glavey, Michael Guardiola, Allison Halter, Rui Hu, HUMAN TRASH DUMP, Tatiana Istomina, JANTAR, Zuzanna Juszkiewicz, Millie Kapp, Heather Kapplow, Jason Kashruts, Jemila MacEwan, Christine Laquet, Christine Lucy Latimer, Ayden LeRoux, Phuc Lee, Life of a Craphead, Tzu Huan Lin, Christopher Lineberry, Talia Link, Link Link Club, Gabriel Lyons Loeb, Shehrezad Maher, Steve Maher, Wesley Marcarelli, Amelia Marzec, Alexander Mignolo, Heather Murphy, MVY, Joas Nebe, Dustin Luke Nelson and Morricone Youth, Aaron Oldenburg, Will Owen, Duke Papi, Ella Phillips, Meg Powers, Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin, Rob Racine, Mark Regester and nonnon, Steve Roggenbuck, Amanda Ryan, Taylor Sakarett, Mauricio Sanhueza, Julia Santoli, Karl Scholz & plant good seeeds, Alexandra Schwartzberg and Cole Tracy, Ben Seretan, Stephen Sewell, Josephine Skinner, Soda Jerk, Serge Stephan, Kristoff Steinruck, The Sunview Luncheonette, Dan Toth, Troll Food, Jason Tschantre, Roopa Vasudevan, VML, Viva Body Roll, Georgia Wall, Angela Washko, Wetlands, Barry Whittaker, Casey Wooden, WUZPOPPNNY, Ann Liv Young.

Featuring content from the Performa archives by Ronnie Bass, Omer Fast, Liz Magic Laser, and more!

For press and general inquiries, please contact

RSVP on Facebook  & view a complete list of events here.




strobe thing

strobe thing 2

strobe thing 3

strobe key




✂ Chopped and Slopped Breakfast ♨

Chopped and Slopped Breakfast

Sunday May 17th, Noon-3pm

Wake up with the sounds of Yung Tuss, Fade Sunshine, DJ Bearings, and WFMU’s Nat Roe playin’ all chopped and slopped, throwed and slowed, screwed n chewed live Noon to 3 inside the Flux Factory kitchen and roof deck. Spinnin down dancehall and dub, Sade, drip hop, shangaan electro, smoove disco dan, and sure, Elton John slow jams.

Eatin: French Toast with Sizzurp and lots of toppings

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