An evening of performances, meditations, and tea service

Sunday March 30, doors at 6:30pm, show begins at 7pm. A suggested four dollar donation. RSVP suggested.


Satellite Installation by Taylor Sakarett

Songs by Dear Suzy (Zuzia Juszkiewicz)

Environment and Performance by Michael DiPietro & Lena Hawkins

And a performance of “Three Sisters Music” in its entirety by Ben Seretan:

Sudden, velvety darkness on an empty beach. The wind sweeps around your ankles and in the hair on your arms while color returns to the world. The colors and the clouds – they’re talking to you. No, wait – they’re singing. In the key of Bb. You’re reminded of the touch of a lover kissing your neck as ravens take the to sky and the ocean crashes against the mountains.

So begins the psychotropic tone zone hallucination that is “Three Sisters Music,” a 90+ minute continuous song cycle for stereo electric guitar, electronics, and voice. Written at the base of a mountain range on a small island on the coast of Alaska, the piece ungulates, drones, and wobbles through songs of swimming, heartbreak, friendship, waterfalls, and horses. Never before officially, fully performed for a public audience! There will be no intermission.

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Flux Thursday: March 13, 2014


March 13th, 8pm+
FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share.

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon, organized this month by Flux Artist-in-Residence, Ayden L.M. Grout. Dinner starts at 8pm in the kitchen, and then around 9:30pm we’ll head to the gallery for artist presentations and performances that explore themes of psychogeography and contemporary creative interpretations and uses of landscape.

N.D. Austin and Ida Bendetto of Wanderlust will present their wunderkammers. Elizabeth Eisenstein will be share her recent photographic work which explores how Google Street View accommodates the passive approach landscape photography takes to the documentation of beauty. Flux Artist in Residence Zuzia Juskiewicz will read excerpts from her novel, which ruminates on the numinous qualities of the city. Urban cultural geographer and astrologer Dr. Bess Matassa will help you discover your N.Y.C. neighborhood of fate, and provide an introduction to the space production method. Richard Aufrichtig will play four new compositions from his latest musical project Ocean Music.

Photo Credit: Ocean Music (work in progress), William Moody

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Flux Thursday: February 13, 2014

February Flux Thursday 2014
February 13th, 8pm+
FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share.

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon, which is organized this month by Flux Artists-in-Residence, Chris Stiegler, Serge Stephan, Zuzia Juszkiewicz, Ben Seretan, and Jimmy Riordan. It will be an night of curated experiences including poetry, movement and experimental food pairings. The event starts at 8pm.

He made some reservations for dinner but I don’t know where we are going. He said that I have to come to the date with an open mind ready for anything. Oh and to bring my appetite. He used the phrases transcendental and unlikely eating arrangement. Whatever that means, it sounds interesting. And oh, he said levitation. I hope there will be a magician.

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To Flux, with love…

I am totally different today—on my last day as Flux Factory’s Executive Director—from 4 years ago, when I started as a volunteer. Back in 2010, I came prepared with a ton of book smarts about nonprofit management from a top tier university, and a slew of curatorial experiments, that immediately meant nothing when I got to Flux. I was saddled with assumptions about organizational hierarchies, institutionalization, audience engagement, and collaboration. And, I had basically zero real-life experience in raising money to help make the nearly impossible happen every day here.


Now, it’s time to hand over the reigns after guiding three exhibition seasons full of moments of insane cuteness (Kitty City), radical reclamation (Sea Worthy), institutional critique (Public Trust), and cultural accountability (Flux Death Match); overseeing the construction of what we affectionately refer to as the “NEA bathroom,” in order to receive our first federal funding in Flux’s history; expanding our residency program to accept cultural producers of all kinds, including emerging American curators, community organizers, and political refugees; organizing the best art party in town for three years straight; and helping Flux respond to hyperlocal issues (The Future of Your Neighborhood: Who Decides?), as well as participate in global discussions (Congress of Collectives).

As my last public Flux responsibility, I gave a speech during our Not-So-Silent Auction that was based on 20 things the Flux community loves about Flux, which I’m posting here because it better explains the full spectrum of wonderfulness that makes up 20 years of Flux Factory than I ever could (in no particular order):

20. the almost perverse just-do-it aesthetic and aura that embraces all things flux.
19. twinkle fingers at dinner meetings.
18. the communal love of bubbles, picnics, glitter and root vegetables.
17. bringing students to flux because they can’t believe that there are adults who actually live like this.
16.  artistic liberation amidst all the neurotically perfected lines of our digified culture.
15. the bathroom hook-and-eye installation that induces “did I lock the door” paranoia.
14. we have a lot of stuff, and once you’ve been here a while you either figure out what it’s for, or turn it into something else.
13. access to MFTA.
12. there’s always a drawer (or garlic press, or relationship, or bottle of jalepeno infused vodka) that you haven’t found yet.
11. knowing that there will always be someone hanging out in the kitchen.
10. we’ve created our own culture, complete with a language, set of gestures, and cuisine, to the point where we need a wiki to figure it out.
9. conversations through studio windows.
8. the opportunity to be a donkey for a frenchman at fluxmas.
7. coming home to already-prepared food in the communal fridge.
6. teaching little kids how to use power tools.
5. anywhere you go in the world you’ll probably meet someone who has a wild flux story.
4. the fact that if everyone agrees it means that no one understands.
3. flooding our gallery with kittens, some of whom pooped in the silkscreen shop or got lost in the rafters.
2. the orphans, the carbunkly hobo who’s pegleg turns into a fluxmas tree, and the double donkey.
1. knowing that there’s always at least one person in the room who can jimmy-rig whatever you need out of scrap wood, twine, and googly eyes.

DIYBA (5 of 11)

Flux Factory, you are a very special place in a city that is supersaturated with awesome things, and I’m looking forward to being involved from afar. Even though I’m leaving NYC, I know the chances are high that I’ll bump into somebody who has a wild Flux story, in my new life in Cleveland.

Thank you to everyone for everything during my time here!

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Queens Action Council


In Northwest Queens, Flux Factory’s Community Organizer-in-Residence, Dylana Dillon, is a founding member of the Queens Action Council (QuAC), a group of community residents and advocates, working together for a more just and equitable local food system.

A well-attended and energized October Flux Thursday kicked off the first in a series of community building food events. This past Saturday, QuAC hosted a Winter Harvest Dinner at Jacob Riis Community Center in Ravenswood. Big thanks to City Harvest, Hour Children Food Pantry, Socrates Sculpture Park, City Growers, and all the wonderful people who braved the snow storm to try new recipes, play with worms, get crafty, and talk food with us!

QuAC meetings will reconvene in 2014! Contact to get involved!

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2014 Not-So-Silent Auction RAFFLE PRIZES!

We’ve put together three mega-raffle prizes to offer during the upcoming Not-So-Silent Auction, with cool schwag from our friends. You can purchase raffle tickets at the Flux Me Like Whoa and Flux Me Like a Hurricane tiers, or for $10 each at the event.

ARTSY FARTSY: Memberships to the most awesome places in NYC. Keep them and pack your social calendar full of exclusive events or give them away for endless gratitude. Raffle prize includes a yearlong Creative Time membership and a grab bag of Creative Time books ($400), Le Poisson Rouge Classic Fish membership ($300), Museum of the Moving Image Dual Annual Membership ($125), Sculpture Center Second Dimension membership ($200), and The Noguchi Museum Family membership ($150).

MATERIAL GIRL: Real stuff that you can actually touch, or a gift certificate to buy real stuff, including an ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 gift certificate ($150), twelve tickets to shows at Laughing Devil Comedy Club ($240), Socrates Sculpture Park’s 20th anniversary catalogue signed by Mark di Suvero (priceless), and Holocenter annual membership + exhibition catalogue ($75).

GRANOLA GANG: Fun things to satisfy the organic granola-loving hippies in the crowd, including a selection of t-shirts and two tickets to The 2014 Taste of LIC from The Chocolate Factory Theater ($150), Amy’s Bread gift certificate ($25), a Brooklyn Yarn gift certificate for sewing and knitting classes, and a fancy new Flux tote bag ($15).

Thanks to our wonderfully generous raffle sponsors for helping to make this the best Not-So-Silent Auction EVER!

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Open Call: 2014 Exhibition Season

gallery action small

Flux Factory announces an open call for our 2014 exhibition season!

Flux expands the creative experience beyond the typical gallery setting, using our exhibition space and the public realm as sites for critical intervention. This approach has helped Flux build a reputation for being inventive, risk-taking, and playful, while supporting the creation of new collaborative work and serving as an access point for audiences to experience the multidisciplinary creative process.

Please visit our 2013 group exhibitions for reference: Wonder Cabinet, Kitty City, Untitled (As of Yet), and Log!c ?stem.

To apply for any of the exhibitions listed below, email with the exhibition title in the subject line and attach a single PDF containing your project proposal, support sketches or images (max 5 images or 5 minutes of video), examples of similar work (max 5 images or 5 minutes of video), your resumé or biography, and website URL if you have one. See individual exhibition descriptions for deadlines, notifications, and additional requests for relevant info. If you wish to apply for more than one exhibition, please send a separate email for each and make your application specific to the exhibition.

Nightlight (June 2014)
Making use of an underutilized outdoor space in our Long Island City neighborhood, this coming June, Flux Factory invites artists to develop installations and light-based work, temporarily transforming and illuminating the selected area at night. Artists, builders, educators, urban theorists, covert geologists, and circuit benders will be asked to work collectively to realize this project, through a series of group meetings and brainstorms. The driving force behind Nightlight is to create a space that is playful, engaging, and exciting to discover, while actively serving those who use the area as a passageway after dark. As this is an outdoor installation, we are especially interested in work which makes use of solar power or other alternative forms of energy, and will hold up against the elements.

In your project proposal, please also tell us about your favorite secret spot in NYC. Applications are due February 17th and applicants will be notified by mid-March.

Homecoming (August 2014)
Hello Fluxers near & far!
Flux turns 20 years-young on August 1st. To celebrate this momentous occasion we invite all former and current Fluxers to send proposals for a show that is half exhibit/half class reunion, and all Fluxy-style. The entire building will be covered floor-to-ceiling with artworks, ephemera, relics, treasures, trash, and collectively-produced projects from all three Flux Factories.

Besides the exhibition, here are some other key aspects of Homecoming:

    • Film screening–let us know if you made a film at or about Flux. We’d like to have a film screening/sleepover marathon.
    • Banquet–we’ll throw an incredible feast with a comedy roast, to honor our penchant for organizing around food.
    • Archives–do you have an incredible piece of Flux history? We’ll enshrine it.
    • Opening ceremony–if you’d like to speak, perform, or Flux yourself another way on August 1st, let us know!
    • Committee–tell us if you’d like to be on the reunion committee by helping to plan and promote this extensive endeavor.

For those who would like to contribute but have never been a resident or exhibiting artist at Flux, we are also requesting proposals for related events and projects that are central to core Flux values, such as the history of alternative art spaces in NYC, collectivity, and anything else that contextualizes Flux as part of a larger and enduring movement.

Homecoming is an opportunity to learn more about how we have shaped each other through the choices we’ve made as a community and through our association with an organization we’ve collectively created over two decades. It is an ode to the thousands of people who have contributed to Flux’s 20 years of survival against all odds: artists, musicians, administrators, residents, drifters.

In your application materials, tell us why your proposal is significant to you or Flux. Most importantly–pass this on to other Fluxers you are in touch with. Applications are due April 1st.

Utopia School (October 2014)

We’re co-developing Utopia School, a new learning project with people who want to share information about both failed and successful Utopian projects and work towards new ones. For us, utopias are those spaces and initiatives that re-imagine the world in some crucial way.

Together we will engage and connect local experts in urgent conversations while building something tangible together. The goal of these connections is to help accumulate collective knowledge from one locale to another throughout the duration of this multi-city project, into a comprehensive database and open curricula on utopian thought and practice. This will include physical places and relationship dynamics involved, as well as systems of organizing, political context, common roadblocks, and the methods used to create and sustain these projects.

For our Fall 2014 Session in New York, Utopia School will create a literal schoolhouse in Flux Factory. The school will incorporate a series of theoretical and practical workshops, field trips, screenings, talks and games, and will house a group of dedicated participants, as well as the digital Utopia Library.

We are seeking collaborators who may take on one or more roles including Makers, Builders, Artists, Theorists, Writers, Documentarians, Researchers, Archivists, Learners, Remote Correspondents, Support Staff, and other roles we may have not yet envisioned.

Deadlines for submitting proposals to the school are April 15th, June 15th and July 15th. Submit Proposals Here. Proposals to participate in Utopia School are reviewed on a rolling basis accompanied by open review potlucks where we gather together to look at proposed classes, eat together and get organized and inspired.

More information at

Flux Factory’s 2014 Exhibitions program is supported in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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Flux Factory’s 2014 Benefit


Come get Fluxy with us during one of the best art parties of the year!

Date: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
Venue: 79 Walker Street, 6th Floor, NYC
Time: Cocktails & light fare begin at 7pm, award ceremony at 8:30pm, with silent bidding until 10pm

This spirited cocktail event will feature a silent auction of over 50 artworks by artists from Flux Factory’s extensive community that we’ve built together over 20 years.

Honor Harriet Taub of Materials for the Arts and Swoon with us–during the Scrappy Awards ceremony–for the enormous impact their work has had on Flux Factory and the greater cultural sphere. Get worked over by our roaming team of “knock-off artists,” who will be making customized copies of auction items on demand. Participate in live performances, a mega-raffle, installations, and interactive experiences to celebrate twenty years of supporting remarkable works of art that help us see the world in unexpected ways.

Entertainment will be provided by our emcee, The Fabulous LuLu LoLo; Fluxtime Photobooth by Jason Eppink, Sean McIntyre, and Reid Bingham; tarot readings by Leah Wolff; DJ set by Vernous; and bathroom valet by Jonah Levy, TJ Hospodar, and 0H10 M1ke.

Participating artists: The silent auction will include artworks by Fluxers and Friends-of-Flux Aya Kakeda, David Shapiro, Carla Gannis, Jean Barberis, Kerry Downey, Ryan Estep, and many others.

Aida Sehovic, Adrian Owen, Alex Nathanson, Alex Young, Alison Nguyen, Aliya Bonar, Ander Mikalson, Angela Washko, Aya Kakeda, Brian Dettmer, Carla Gannis, Chris Domenick, Daupo, David Shapiro, Dillon De Give, Douglas Paulson & Rancourt/Yatsuk, Duke Riley, Emi Nishiwaki, Fredericks & Mae, Ghana ThinkTank, Gigi Gatewood, Heather Kapplow, Heidi Nelson, James Wang & Jennifer Hsu, Jan Mun, Jason David Brown, Jason Eppink, Jean Barberis, Jeff Stark, Jude Tallichet, Kerry Downey, Leah Wolff, Lena Hawkins, Marius Watz, Meta Local Collaborative (Elizabeth Hamby & Hatuey Ramos-Fermin), Miatta Kawinzi, Michelle Levy, Moira Williams, Nathaniel Sullivan, Nick Normal, Paddy Johnson, Philip Emde, Phuc Le, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Risa Puno, Ryan Estep, Scott Hirst, Sean Fader, Sunita Prasad, Swoon, Taylor Sakarett, Ward Shelley, and Wieteke Heldens.


Purchase Tax-Deductible Tickets Today.

Flux Me Gently for $45: One general admission ticket (tax deductible in the amount of $25)
*ticket sales are now closed
Flux Me Like Whoa for $125: One general admission ticket + limited edition print produced in the Flux silk-screen studio by Artist-in-Residence Lena Hawkins + 1 raffle ticket (tax deductible in the amount of $75.00) *ticket sales are now closed
Flux Me Like a Hurricane for $250: Two general admission tickets + limited edition print produced in the Flux silk-screen studio by Artist-in-Residence Lena Hawkins + 5 raffle tickets + tweet of extreme appreciation from @flux_factory (tax deductible in the amount of $200) *tickets sales are now closed

Tickets can also be purchased by check, sent to:
Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

Not-So-Silent Committee Members:
Alicia Mary Wilson, Amanda Angel, Antonina Simetti, Briana Barocas, Carlo Lamagna, Claire Sexton, Corinna Kirsch, Craig Sinclair, Doreen Jakob, Dustin Luke Nelson, Elizabeth Larison, Hilary Bertisch, Hrag Vartanian & Veken Gueyikian, Jake Pratt, James Wagner, Jayne Drost, Jodie Dinapoli, Jonah Levy, Julia Kaganskiy, Kristin Kaplan, Laura Lupton, Morgan Meis, Natalia Nakazawa, Nick Griffin, Nora Gomez, Oriana Leckert, Paddy Johnson, Perry Chen, Risa Shoup, Sally Szwed, Sandra Lang, Scott Hirst, Steve Scofield, and Steven Santo.

If you have questions about purchasing tickets or would like to volunteer, please email

Flux Factory’s 2014 Not-So-Silent Auction & Gala is supported by our exclusive beer sponsor, Lagunitas Brewing Company; liquor sponsors, NY Distilling Company, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka; food sponsor COFFEED; and media sponsors, Brooklyn Rail and Hyperallergic.

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Flux Totes!


It’s become an annual thing…the Flux logo competition! This year’s winner, Douglas Paulson, designed “Flux Grillz” for printing on pepto-bismol pink tote bags. The totes were silk screened at Flux Factory, and each has a unique hand-sewn detail: an earring that dangles from the lobe of a gender neutral and dentally-challenged Fluxer.

Just in time for the holidays! Grab one for $15 + $4 shipping.



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We’re rich(ish)!

Flux Factory is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to receive program support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, over two years, in the amount of $60,000!

Now we’ll be able to better support artists who take risks and experiment with collaborative processes, during our major upcoming exhibitions and events next year, including The Exquisite Contraption, Nightlight, Homecoming, and Utopia School, just to name a few. If you’d like to participate in our 2014 programming, check out our open call.

This is our third multi-year grant secured from The Andy Warhol Foundation, the first of which was awarded for programs during December 2006 – December 2008, and the second for June 2010 – June 2012 programs.

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