Flux Thursday: November 14th, 2013

November 14th, 8pm+
FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon. Dinner starts at 8pm in the kitchen, and then around 9:30pm we’ll head to the gallery for artist presentations and performances.

Friend-of-Flux Sunita Prasad will present Presumptuous Gestures, an ongoing project initiated in 2012. This series of performances in public space, captured as video tableaux with a hidden camera, makes vivid the social codes of co-existence in urban space by breaking those codes with simple acts of physical touch. Visiting collective Reactor will discuss the current exhibition, Log!c ?stem, in relation to the group’s past work and different modes of production. They will reveal aspects of their approach to developing Log!c ?stem that might otherwise go unnoticed. Former Flux resident Meng-Hsuan Wu will screen documentation of the creation of Moment to Moment, a collective project made on the Flux premises, in which a school of goldfish tickle participants’ subconsciouses. Flux resident Adrian Owen will perform with his crew Any Size Mirror is a Dictator, a process-based dance-opera that problematizes reflective methodologies for researching “culture” by using them to research themselves. Any Size Mirror is a Dictator manifests as an installation and 12-15 evolving performances which force frenetically moving and singing bodies, live music, sculptural props, and spectators into experiential paradoxes surrounding relationality and subjectivity, materiality and immateriality, and meaning-interpretation vs. meaning-making. Matthew Gantt will present some compositions he’s been working on for hardware samplers and electronics, and giving a short talk on the sampler as instrument, formal structure in modern electronic composition, and how to expand these pieces for larger ensembles.

Image courtesy Sunita Prasad.

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Cyclists: Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

ta workshop 2
Date + time: November 7th, 7:00pm
Location: Flux Factory, 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City

Is it ever okay to cautiously ride through a red light on your two wheels of steel? Are cyclist ticket blitzes a real thing in NYC? Is the new Bike-Share program a boon or a burden for the reputation of cyclists here?

Transportation Alternatives and Flux Factory collaborate on Cyclists: Know Your Rights & Responsibilities, a panel discussion about staying safe while NYC figures out its bike culture. We’ll discuss everything you should know about riding your bike, including what to do in case of a crash, insurance options, the anatomy of a ticket…and we’ll even delve into the inner-workings of a cop’s mind.

Flux Factory is a bike-friendly arts non-profit organization in Long Island City, Queens. Transportation Alternatives is New York City’s leading transportation advocacy organization, with a citywide network of tens of thousands of supporters committed to better bicycling, walking and public transit in the five boroughs.

Steve Scofield (Moderator) is a longtime and daily cyclist in NYC, a 10-year former bicycle messenger, a Transportation Alternatives volunteer activist and the co-chair of the TA Queens Activist Committee, and a transportation planner at MTA NYC Transit.

Peter Beadle (Panelist) is a litigation attorney and long time resident of Rego Park, Queens. He is also a member of Transportation Alternatives Queens Activist Committee, where he advocates for a redesign of Queens Boulevard, and of Friends of the QueensWay, Queens Community Board 6, including its Transportation Committee. He is also Conductor of NYC Biketrain’s Central Queens route to Midtown.

Donald Aridas (Panelist) has served as a police officer with the NYPD for the past 8 years, where he is qualified for bike patrol. Previously Donald was a consulting transportation planner for 7 years in the private sector where he specialized in public transportation and bicycle projects. He is pleased to be a Transportation Alternatives member and volunteer, daily recreational and commuting cyclist, and a life-long Queens resident.

Steve Vaccaro (Panelist) is a daily cyclist in NYC; a volunteer activist for Transportation Alternatives as well as for StreetsPAC, a political action committee representing cyclists and the livable streets movement; and a lawyer specializing in representing cyclists.

This workshop is supported, in part, by National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.
Logos Strip shows_FINAL2013

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Reactor: Log!c ?stem

Dates: November 2 – 24, 2013
Hours: weekends in November, 1-6pm

EXHIBIT Open November 23rd & 24th, 1 – 6pm, or by appointment.

Visiting collective Reactor set out to gather, assemble, perform and exhibit a new work over four weekends at Flux Factory to develop Log!c ?stem.

‘Exhibit’ is the concluding phase of activity, and marks Reactor’s deliberate physical absence in the gallery space – having been resident and increasingly active in the space throughout the ‘Gather’, ‘Assemble’ and ‘Perform’ phases. The messy remains of the ‘Perform’ event have been compounded and congregated to create a more casual assemblage, akin to others encountered in the earlier phases of the project. Accompanying these objects is a video excerpt taken from a camera worn by Reactor during the ‘Perform’ event, which offers a partial history of sounds, atmosphere and spatial elements that made up earlier incarnations of the project. These remnants occupy the gallery allowing the new visitors to piece together what went before, and for those following each phase of the project the possibility to trace the assemblages, actions and anecdotes to their exhibited resting place.

To find out more about the earlier stages of the project visit the blog and get involved online.

This is an amended version of the text and images used to describe Log!c ?stem, that represents Reactor’s current thoughts on this project; they have been written in such a way as to accommodate further correction and revision. This information will be updated as the Log!c ?stem develops.


About the collective: Reactor is an art collective based in the UK. Recent projects include: Dummy Button – KW Institute of Contemporary Art (Berlin, Germany – 2013); MoMAMonarch – MoMA (New York, USA – 2013); The Green Man & Regular Fellows – Trade Gallery (Nottingham, UK – 2011); Double Take Triple Give – MoBY (Bat Yam, Israel – 2011); Big Lizards Big Idea – Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt, Germany – 2010); The Munkanon Centre – The Model (Sligo, Ireland – 2010).

Log!c ?stem is presented at Flux Factory during our 2013 exhibition season, as part of Curatorial Carte Blanche, a blank slate for one visiting collective to present a project in line with Flux’s ethos of cultural enrichment through community building and supporting the creation of experimental collaborative work. Log!c ?stem is supported, in part, by National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. Additional support provided by Arts Council England and the British Council.

If you’d like to help support this project, please go to our Donate page.

Logos Strip shows_FINAL2013

Islington Mill: Unguided Tour

Date + time: Wednesday, October 30th, 6pm-9pm

A portal has opened at Flux Factory, allowing beings from another world to slip through, to explore and extract all that the city has to offer. For one night only visitors can join a free tour that is simultaneously guided and unguided, experiencing all that is familiar impossibly contorted into a unique perspective. Expect to enter a peculiar new realm, where ritual and initiation opens new dimensions where you may find souls locked in eternal repeats; action collapsing into digital space; an adventure through the multi-sensory guidance of beings from the moon; an uncanny experience with a smattering of silliness.

This unguided tour is a Fluxington Mill presentation, brought to life by members of the Salford-based Islington Mill: Volkov Commanders, Maurice Carlin, Rachel Goodyear and more!

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2013 DIYBA Tournament

Date + time: Sunday, October 27th, noon – until we win
Location: Cooper Park, Maspeth Ave & Morgan Ave, Brooklyn
Free! All ages!

Last year Flux Factory buried seven self-proclaimed D.I.Y. collectives/venues in a basketball tournament. It was a hot sweaty mess that day, and even though we shed some blood and tears, we proved victorious.

This year we defend our honor.

Happy Halloween 2013 DIYBA basketball tournament, featuring D.I.Y teams 285 Kent, Body Actualized, Death by Audio, Fitness / Red Light District, Roulette, The Silent Barn, Le Wallet, and returning champions, Flux Factory.

____________¶¶¶__FLUX _____¶¶¶

*~also featuring~* THE CHEERLEADERS and their haunting halftime show with Nathan Whipple!

Brandon Perry as the referee, Miles Pflanz & Brian Blomerth as the announcers, with a speech from NYC Mayoral Candidate Ari Spool!

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Summit Dinner Conversation at Flux


Flux Factory is excited to host a Summit Dinner Conversation with Creative Time in our communal kitchen on October 25th, 2013! We are pairing up with presenters Ana Maria Millan (Helena Producciones) and Ivet Curlin (What, How, and For Whom) to continue the conversations that start on the main stage at the Summit. The best “breakout groups” happen outside the conference site, especially when they involve dinner and drinks!

The dinner at Flux is open only to Summit attendees. Please see the Creative Time Summit Dinner Conversation site for more info.

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The Flux Priority

“The Flux Priority” – written, shot, and edited collaboratively by Flux Factory – follows a preposterous gang of bandits on a “reverse heist” shot (somewhat) surreptitiously throughout Museum of the Moving Image, exploiting the museum’s exhibitions, installations, and architecture as sets; its objects as props; and its staff and visitors as actors and extras. It was created for Aram Bartholl’s DVD Dead Drop, an off-line file sharing network embedded in the exterior of the Museum, where visitors could insert a blank DVD and burn a copy of the film at any time, day or night.

The Flux Priority from Flux Factory on Vimeo.

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Flux at Arts & Labor Alternatives Fair

Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2:45pm – 3:45pm
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W 21st Street, NYC

Flux Factory is pleased to announce its participation in the Alternatives Fair at Eyebeam, organized by the Arts & Labor working group from OWS. The Alternatives Fair aims to connect and make visible groups and projects that provide alternative economic models for sustaining the livelihood of artists, art workers, and other populations based on mutual aid, cooperation, and other non-exploitative and non-oppressive practices. It is the first step in answering the question, What Do We Do Now?

In the Main Space at the Alternatives Fair Flux Factory will present “The Bridge,” a participatory workshop in which facilitators and audience members physically and symbolically face each other, our differences and similarities. “The Bridge” has simple rules: participants gather on one ‘line’. A facilitator asks a question, those who answer “yes” stay there while those who answer “no” cross the line and turn to face each other. Anyone can pose a follow up question, and participants continue to move to corresponding “yes” or “no” sides.

During this process decisions get made, both individually and collectively, regarding where to stand. In the end, we will discuss our varying experiences, discomfort with any questions, and surprises. Which questions were the most difficult to answer? Why? Were there moments you chose to stand in the middle?

For this workshop, Flux Factory is represented by Sara Arjona, Alejandro Botubol, Dylana Dillon, Kerry Downey, Douglas Paulson, and Christina Vassallo. We are a mix of artists, teachers, curators, arts administrators, hang gliders, bikers, tour guides, and …. While at the Alternatives Fair, the questions we’ll pose will focus on issues around: community, participation, economies, shared resources, and shared power.

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Galactic Drive-In

empire drivein
Date + Time: Thursday, October 17th, 7 pm
Location: New York Hall of Science
47-01 111th Street, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

Flux Factory presents Galactic Drive-In, as part of Empire Drive-In, a month-long series of programming within a full-scale theater made out of wrecked cars as audience seating and a 40-foot screen constructed from salvaged wood.

During Galactic Drive-In, blast into low Earth orbit for a celebration of campy sci-fi, anyone-can-do-it filmmaking, and weapons of mass destruction. Flux Factory’s experienced space flight attendants will guide you through take-off procedures in preparation for the night’s features: Ed Wood’s classic “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, hailed by many as the “worst film in the history of cinema”, and “Hollywood Burn”, Soda_Jerk’s sci-fi copyleft epic more than 10-years in the making. Additionally, Flux Factory will premiere new work using props, costumes, and sets made entirely from reclaimed materials. Prior spaceflight experience not required.

Tickets are $15, $10 for NYSCI members, and can be purchased here.

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2014 Not-So-Silent Open Call

Deadline for proposals: November 11th, 2013

We are excited to announce an OPEN CALL for our annual benefit! Flux Factory’s Not-So-Silent Auction has become one of the best art parties of the year, and we’re looking forward to making this one even more thrilling than the last. Check out photos from our previous auctions in 2012, 2011, and 2010.

We’re seeking a range of activities and experiments that will unfold on the evening of January 15th, 2014, at 79 Walker Street, NYC. Specifically we’d like to incorporate these elements into the festivities:

Last year LuLu LoLo welcomed our guests as The Mayor, Bean Gildsdorf gave aesthetic palm readings to help guests decide on which artwork to purchase, and the Rainbroz made a mesmerizing interactive light installation. What would you like to do during this year’s Not-So-Silent Auction?

We are looking for an extroverted individual who will activate the crowd by encouraging bidding via silent auction, introduce speakers during our Scrappy Awards ceremony, and addsome extra special sauce to this spirited event. Let us know why you would be perfect for this job.

Contribute your skills by creating a slideshow of compelling images, an absorbing video, an interactive installation, or some other kind of project that describes the important work Flux does or gets people in the bidding mood.

We’re looking for portable and/or participatory projects that guests can interact with and bring home with them, including GIF portraits, artsy manicures, food sculptures, decadent photo booths, etc.

Fitting with Flux’s mission, we’re always looking for ways to create and collaborate, so let us know if you’ve got an idea that doesn’t fit into the categories described above.

Send an email to christina@fluxfactory.org with “Auction Open Call” in the subject line, and include the following:

-One paragraph proposal explaining what you’d like to do or create for the event, what your motivation for participation is, and installation requirements (if any).
-5 images of relevant work or a sketch of the proposed project.

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