Feminist Self Publishing Zine Workshop for women, non-binary and trans identified artists

Monday, September 25th, 4pm – 6pm
Tuesday, September 26th, 4pm – 6pm

Participation is FREE
Workshop will be taught in both English and Spanish
Please RSVP on Facebook

Zines are an excuse for bringing together people, ideas, experiences and trades. They are a portable, affordable and personal way of creating, exploring self-representation and communicating critical discourses. This form of communication, of “putting in common”, is highly political because creators learn and manage the means of production and make a shift from the personal to the public.

Participants will not only learn concrete ways of producing their own material, but also discover the importance of their voices and stories. This has a positive impact on self-esteem and the way creators see themselves and their backgrounds. By working with the print shop and this feminist self-publishing workshop, the community can create content of their own, without intermediaries. No matter who you are, where you come from or if you an artist, zines are an invitation to play and create.

Workshop leaders:

Cayla Lockwood and MicroEditorial Amistad, which includes Sergio Antonio Soto Maulen, Tarix Devaki Sepúlveda Galleguillos, Camila Alejandra Rayen Gonzalez Simon, Daniela Josefina Sepúlveda Guzmán

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Urban Mushroom Cultivation and Bioremediation Workshop

December 2nd, 1pm – 3pm 
Price $30

For Tickets click HERE

Learn about mushrooms and their amazing range of medicinal, nutritional, and pollution remediation benefits with mycologist Daniel Reyes and soil scientist Nance Klehm.

This workshop is an excellent primer for food growers, environmentalists, citizen scientists, or anyone considering mushrooms to enhance their daily lives. We dive deep into the ecological and cultural importance of fungi and mushrooms in the world, introduce you to their medicinal properties, and explore how fungi can help rebuild our soil and remediate urban pollution.

We will cover theory and basic skills for mushroom cultivation and provide you with the framework to integrate this knowledge into your home, garden, or farm.


Topics covered include:
 Ecology and Medicinal Properties
 Low-Tech Mycelium Expansion Techniques
 Composting with Fungi
 Soil science and bioremediation
 Mushroom Gardening
 Permaculture and Mushrooms
 Growing Mushrooms in a Greenhouse

About the instructors

Daniel Reyes is a fungiculturist, mycoremediator, hydrogeologist, and the founder of Myco Alliance in Austin Texas. He is a scientist with purpose, whose background includes a B.S in Hydrogeology from UT-Austin and experience with the oil and gas industry through environmental consulting. In addition to serving as technical advisor to the Amazon Mycorenewal Project and Tradd Cotter’s Mushroom Mountain, his current work includes mushroom cultivation, citizen science, and mycoremediation research at the Circle Acres Nature Preserve, an educational center located on an EPA-designated brownfield site in Austin.


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Lexy Ho-Tai

Lexy Ho-Tai is an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in the intersection between art making and making the world a better place. She explores social themes through work that is humorous, playful, and interactive. Highly inspired by the minds of children, she takes play very seriously. She is passionate about arts and accessibility, and has most recently been exploring public and participatory art. She is currently developing an interactive, soft-sculpture, creature-filled world, KOOKERVILLE, which is where your inner child goes to when it has been lost.

Aside from making, Lexy also loves art teaching and programming. She conceptualized and co-created Accessible Art, a free adaptive art program for disabled youth in the Bronx. She has taught art and sewing at various schools, camps, and privately. Helping youth express and manifest their creative ideas gives her so much joy!

Lexy has been an artist-in-resident at the Watermill Center and a Van Lier Fellow at the MAD Museum. She has a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School for Design. She is based in New York City, though she spends most of her time up in the clouds…


Stephen McLeod

Stephen McLeod is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Toronto and Newboro Ontario. His work is collaborative, socially engaged and presented in shifting forms of interactive installation, performance and video. In 2009 he completed his B.A. in Studio Art at the University of Guelph – as well as a good 2/3rds of a computer science minor. Often cloaking his work in humor and absurdity McLeod explores topics such as computational poetry, sound sculpture, repetition and labour, embodied consciousness, and learning through failure.

McLeod has exhibited in Canada and internationally, both as a founding member of the collective VSVSVS and individually. Recent and notable shows include, at the same time, Contemporary Calgary, Calgary; to space in, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto; not together, but alongside, Mercer Union, Toronto and The Sky Is Also A Map, Interaccess, Toronto. Performances and temporary works include How Hard is Your Art, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; 1-855-IS IT ART Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche, Toronto; Free School, Supermarket, Stockholm and Sailing Stones, Platforms Project, Athens.

Mcleod has taught seminars on interaction design at Sheridan College, and has presented workshops on topics such as machine learning, and creative coding. In 2016 he shared the honour of being awarded the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Artist Prize as a member of VSVSVS and has received funding from the Toronto Arts Council, and the Ontario Arts Council for his project Vexations Vexations. At Flux Factory, he will develop new work while continuing to perform his multi year video interpretation of Erik Satie’s composition Vexations. His residency is funded through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


7 Common : A Case Studios Project

7 Common: A Case Studios Project in Collaboration with Local Partners


Case Studios, in residence at Flux Factory for November 2017, are examining artistic strategies within food politics, societal culture and commuting along the route of the 7 Train.

Through practice-based research, 7 Common investigates and maps the broad culinary cultures between Main Street, Flushing and Hudson Yards, Manhattan, using the train line as a tool to navigate the shifting landscapes of our time and emphasize our commonalities within the contemporary context in New York.




7 Common Meal and Talk
Thursday 16th November
7pm – 9pm
RSVP on Facebook

In response to ongoing research as part of 7 Common, Case Studios will host a Meal & Talk Event in the Flux Gallery, with presentations from: Gil Lopez (Queens Action Council), Jeff Orlick (Founder of the Momo Crawl), Ethan Frisch (Burlap & Barrel) and more speakers to be confirmed.


7 Common Meal Experience
Saturday 18th November
12pm – 3pm 
Please RSVP on Facebook

As an exploration of taste memories, Case Studios are hosting a shared meal in the Flux Gallery. As part of research project 7 Common, the group have been collecting responses at each stop along the 7 Train, between Flushing Main Street and Vernon BLVD – Jackson Ave asking questions such as ‘How would you describe your neighbourhood using taste?’ and ‘What does your food heritage mean to you?’. This meal experience will be shaped by the collected responses.

If you’d like to attend this event, and you haven’t yet completed a neighbourhood food survey, Case Studios are inviting you to complete the survey online here:
Encuesta en Español
Survey in English 

7 Common Open Studio
Sunday 19th November
12pm – 8pm
Please RSVP on Facebook

On Sunday 19th November Case Studios are inviting local practitioners working with food to use the Flux Gallery as a platform to share their work and their ideas. This sharing of practice can take place in any format, and as an example, Gil Lopez will host a beer brewing workshop from 6pm.

If you’d like to propose taking part, for which Case Studios is offering a small stipend for all collaborators, please email Case Studios via louisedhobson@gmail.com.

Tamal Workshop with Mujeres en Movemiento
Sunday November 26th 12 – 6pm



Free workshop in Spanish and English.

Come spend time in the Flux Factory kitchen creating delicious Tamales!


Case Studios is a collective of: Josefin Vargö (Sweden), Sam Perry (UK), Will Owen (USA) and Louise Hobson (UK) in collaboration with local partners. For more information about the project, please go to www.casestudios.org and follow #7common on social media.

7 Common is generously supported by Konstnärsnämnden -The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Wales Arts International.

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Only One You: Solo Exhibition by Teng Teng

Open Exhibition:
November 10th – 12th,  10 am – 7pm daily

Order Bubbletea by RSVPing on Eventbrite, while admission is free to the public

Teng Teng is a New York based painting artist from China. She launched Microcosm Painting Program in 2016 when arriving in NYC. Microcosm Painting was inspired by ancient Chinese hand scrolls, a portable form of art originating in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The specialized miniature frame (1.1×1 inch) made of alloy, silver or 18k gold were originally designed by Teng Teng for containing small paints, and later transformed into a pendants to fit different accessories such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and brooches.

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Flux Thursday: QUAC & Case Studios

An evening in collaboration between QUAC and Case Studios

Thursday, November 9th, 7:30 – 9:30pm
Potluck meal* from 7:30 – 8:30pm 
Discussion from 8:30 – 9:30

*7 Train Potluck Experience!
A a part of 7 Common, Case Studios will gather food and ingredients to share at the potluck dinner from stations along the 7 line. Starting at the Flushing station, Case Studio members will pick something up from the neighborhood surrounding each station until arriving at Queensboro Plaza.
Presentations by QUAC ( Queens Action Council) and Case Studios ( Flux Residents: Sam Perry (UK), Josefin Vargö (SE), Louise Hobson (UK), Will Owen(US) 
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Día de Muertos: Ofrenda by/por Martha Naranjo Sandoval

Noviembre / November  1st – 5th

Celebración de Apertura / Opening Celebration
Jueves / Thursday, Nov 2 | 6 PM

Visita / On View 
Nov 1 |  2  6 PM
Nov 3 – 5 |  12 – 5 PM

RSVP on Facebook




Desiñadora de Exhibición / Exhibition Designer: Helena Moreno Brown

Para este Día de Muertos, Martha Naranjo Sandoval usará la galería de Flux Factory para presentar una ofrenda. Las ofrendas de Día de Muertos son altares en los cuales los Mexicanos recuerdan a sus seres queridos que han fallecido.

Esta ofrenda será diferente a las ofrendas tradicionales, ya que será interpretada a través del hacer artístico de Martha Naranjo Sandoval, nacida en la Cuidad de México, quien va a ofrecer la oportunidad a nuestra comunidad de conmemorar a nuestros seres amados que nos han dejado y así celebrar sus vidas.


For this year’s Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Martha Naranjo Sandoval will be taking over FluxFactory’s gallery to build and present an ofrenda. Ofrendas are altars in which Mexicans remember our deceased loved ones. This ofrenda will be different from the traditional form, as it will be interpreted through Martha Naranjo Sandoval’s art practice. Martha offers the members of her extended community an opportunity to commemorate their loved ones who passed. We will be honoring over 60 beloved dead.

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