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Current Fluxers

Christina Helena Romirer

Christina Helena Romirer is based in Vienna / Austria is an artist and scenographer. She works in the fields of fine art, theatre and film.

Kamari Carter

Kamari Carter is a producer, performer, sound designer, and installation artist primarily working with sound and found objects.

Layo Bright

Layo Bright works in sculpture and installation to build visual compositions that address African narratives.

Anthony Janas

Anthony Janas. Retired Magician. Boat Captain. Sound Artist with a focus on advanced modular synthesizer techniques and digitally processed field recordings.

Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Nine Yamamoto-Masson is a French-Japanese artist, theorist, writer, community organiser, activist, and translator.

Carlos David Trujillo

Carlos David TC is a Miami based multidisciplinary artist interested in exploring identity in the digital space.

DaShaun Hightower

DaShaun Hightower’s work utilizes textile art, sound, and drawing. His artwork centers around narratives of the black experience in America.

Mimi K Tohill

Mimi K Tohill (she/her) is a “cultural organizer” in residence. She dreams of being a policy-maker, but for now will settle for finding the sweet joy in doing things “for the sake of the future.”

Cameron Granger

Cameron Granger grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, inheriting both a love of soul music, and a tendency for apologizing too much. His work explores his place in, and role as a product of American media.

Amir Badawi

Amir Badawi works primarily in sculpture, drawing, and painting.  His artwork centers on themes of tension, play, and the spaces of uncertainty that pervade the personal, social, and metaphysical realms.

Jess Dilday (aka PlayPlay)

PlayPlay is a DJ, producer, party organizer, professor, and all around music nerd from North Carolina.

Jaime “Idea” Iglehart

Jaime Iglehart explores dreamscapes and the line between imagination and concrete world-building. Her projects involve socially engaged ‘play,’ dystopian fantasy and highly personal iconography.

Cayla Lockwood

Cayla Lockwood is a Philadelphia-based artist and graphic designer working in a variety of media from gel pens to Doritos® crumbs.

Jonathan Sims

Jonathan Sims is a New York City based visual artist who originally hails from Texas. His visual arts practice is characterized by brightly colored geometric abstractions and simple, minimalist symbology that evokes language and universal, ancient design.

Jevijoe Vitug

a Philippine born artist living and working in New York City whose work ranges from painting, performance and community-based projects

Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger is interested in the complexities of social experiences, cultural idiosyncrasies and collective vices. Her work often pulls from specific venues that offer entertainment, distraction and escape in an effort to contemplate the relationship between moments of extraordinary circumstance and the inevitable return to day-to-day routine.

Danny Crump

Danny Crump is a visual artist working primarily in sculpture, and a musician seeking to turn common melodies into unique visual experiences.

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