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Socrates Takeover Full Schedule 2019

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October 19th, Noon – 4pm

All events will take place concurrently from noon to 4pm, inside Socrates Sculpture Park. Events with a set duration will have a schedule of start times listed near their location in the park.


Daydreamer’s Manifestation by Abang-guard (Jevijoe Vitug and Maureen Catbagan)

Abang-guard duo Jevijoe Vitug and Maureen Catbagan will be performing Daydreamer’s Manifestation, a guided meditation that touches on themes of immigration, visibility, and empowerment; transforming the role of museum guards from protectors to producers of culture. 

Tips for Staying Strong after 🌈Pride🌈 in the Anthropocene by Abigail Entsminger and Seth Timothy Larson

A Queer comedic physical fitness demo and dance piece. Bethany (played by Entsminger) and Bethony (Larson) demonstrate how physical fitness, queer intimacy and making art with your friends will stave off despair.

We are a pair of installation artists, writers and theater makers from San Antonio, TX. We have directed and designed eight theater productions and performance installations, including We Stole This, The Tulsa Swinton Variety Hour and The Spooky Classroom for Experimental Ethics. In 2017 we curated, designed and built the Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth (E.M.B.C.L.), an interactive exhibition at Flux Factory that featured the artwork of 41 artists within a constantly changing maze.

Human Cat Toy by Amir Badawi

Amir Badawi is a visual artist focusing on exposing vitality in the mundane, sharing useful perspectives, and bargaining with his unconscious. 
Human Cat Toy explores the tendency animals, including humans, have to play with objects that react in certain ways. 

Active Interviews by Catalina Jordan Alvarez

Catalina Jordan Alvarez will film brief interviews with Flux Factory Artists-in-Residents and other park visitors responding to works in the Socrates Annual Exhibition.

Catalina J. Alvarez grew up in rural Tennessee with a Colombian mother and an American father. Her narratives explore the cultural and composed movements of bodies across social and geographical boundaries. Her films have screened at festivals including New Orleans, Los Angeles, Slamdance, Fantastic Fest, Edinburgh Short, Oxford, and Palm Springs. She is a recipient of fellowships and residencies from the Flaherty Seminar, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Flux Factory and the Wexner Center for the Arts. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Arts at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH.

Solar Sounders at Socrates by Daniel Fishkin

A Solar Sounder is a synthesizer played by sunlight. Solar Sounders have no batteries, and no knobs; instead, its speaker output is governed by sunlight, powering an internal synthesizer that is designed to work with ever-fluctuating power source. For the Flux Takeover of Socrates, Daniel Fishkin will choreograph a performance using a subtle movement vocabulary responding to the Solar Sounders.

Daniel Fishkin’s ears are ringing.

Can we get to know each other? by Eleni Zaharopoulos

Can we get to know each other? is a small, fully-functional dance studio intentionally placed in a public setting to offer opportunities of exchange between people through dance. Approaches to public engagement will include soliciting dance moves, requesting favorite dance tracks, re-enacting special occasion dances, and various forms of impromptu dance instruction.

Eleni is an interdisciplinary space creature that was raised in Queens by Greeks.

Flex Factory with Aliya Bonar, Cayla Lockwood and others

Flex Factory is a self-help performance art troupe. We sincerely believe in the importance of being fit and flexible both physically and spiritually. Our mission is to make ourselves laugh so hard we get an ab workout and maybe pee a little bit but still look really good or maybe just fall in love with the most ridiculous part of ourselves. Workout or die.

Flex Factory is a self-help performance art troupe. We sincerely believe in the importance of being fit and flexible both physically and spiritually. Our mission is to make ourselves laugh so hard we get an ab workout and maybe pee a little bit but still look really good or maybe just fall in love with the most ridiculous part of ourselves. Workout or die.

Aliya Bonar is an artist, community organizer and event producer based in New York City. Her art engages individuals – their bodies, their stories, their memories, their human-ness – to explore how we interact and engage inside of an increasingly branded, technological, and orchestrated world

Cayla Lockwood is a Philadelphia-based artist and graphic designer working in a variety of media from gel pens to Doritos® crumbs. Her latest multi-faceted projects involve installation, video, social media, and performances. These works satirize public systems in the United States. Using humor and absurdity, alternative solutions to these often corrupt systems are proposed

Better Late Than Never by Jaime Iglehart

Better Late Than Never is an interactive learning space made from 20 years of my notes on books, media, historical events, etc, taken in the back pages of my journals. Always intending to follow up on these notes but never doing so, I am photocopying the back pages and transforming them into a tent in which to finally conduct my research. Visitors to the tent can join me in drinking refreshing beverages (tea), being read aloud to, reading aloud to me, or adding to/commenting on, discussing, or crossing items off of my 20 year list.

Jaime Iglehart explores dreamscapes and the line between imagination and concrete world-building. Her projects involve socially engaged ‘play,’ dystopian fantasy and highly personal iconography.

An Invocation By Jonathan Sims

Sims’ Invocation will invite participants to interact with abstract form, themselves, and each other within an evolving method of cleromantic divination.

Jonathan Sims is a visual artist in New York City seeking humanity in objects and light.

New Gods, Old America by Tommy Nguyen

New Gods, Old America consists of two large puppets made with pleated paper waste that are twice the size of an average human. They create spontaneous sculpture throughout the park, transforming when viewers are not looking.

From community-focused performative installations to weirdo pop blazed events, Tommy Nguyen hopes for people to find their kink and enjoy that weirdness.

The Collective Critic by Roopa Vasudevan

The Collective Critic is a participatory project inviting visitors to respond to or engage in a dialogue about the works in the exhibition, which extends across both temporal bounds and the bounds of traditional relationship structures. Visitors will be asked to place tags on or adjacent to the works asking questions, responding to others’ tags, or sharing an emotional or intellectual moment that they had in response to the piece. This has the goal of activating a more communal art viewing experience, when traditional art viewing models emphasize an individualistic or insular engagement with work.

Roopa Vasudevan is an american visual artist, computer programmer, and researcher, currently based in philadelphia. Roopa’s work uses data and technology in order to interrogate or subvert social and cultural practices. she is primarily interested in the historical reading of data as a form of collective memory, how surveillance and data collection is altering our notions of what archives are and who is remembered, and coming up with more creative and ethical practices for tech-based art and design.

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