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Tina Kohlmann

Tina Kohlmann questions the metaphysical, the hallucinatory, the organic and inorganic. Her work is found at the crossing of a road, the loud concert area, in haunting lab experiments and psychokinesis.


Gil Lopez

Gil Lopez is an urban farmer, eco-educator, landscape designer/installer and direct action crafter.


Ben Seretan

Ben Seretan plays the electric guitar, sings, and makes long music – big, sweeping clouds of tones that fill a room.


Tahnee Godt

Tahnee Godt’s work often leads to partly performative, space­-oriented, large scale installations with an interactive character.


Zuzia Juszkiewicz

Zuzia Juszkiewicz is a multidisciplinary visual artist born in Gdansk. Her practice revolves around topics of ‘encounter’ in forms of sound, text, cartography and painting.


Christopher Stiegler

Art historian and curator, Chris Stiegler is more publicly known through a string of aliases.


Ayden L.M. Grout

Ayden L.M. Grout is an artist, writer and translator working at the intersection of language and image. In addition to her own practice, she is part of the core collaborative team of Odyssey Works, an interdisciplinary performance group that makes durational experiences for an audience of one.


Jung In Jung

Jung In Jung is a sound artist/designer from South Korea who has been primarily UK-based for the past 7 years. She thinks about how to ‘present’ sound in interesting ways with interactivity. For the past three years, she has collaborated with contemporary dancers using motion tracking technology to create improvisational dance-sound works.


Alex Nathanson

Alex Nathanson is an artist working with video, computer programing, installation, and performance. His work has been presented internationally at both DIY art spaces and established venues. He performs live video work, occasionally under the moniker Grey Matter, in collaboration with Man Forever, Vernous, and Dylan Neely.

Sam Perry

Sam Perry

Sam Perry is an Artist and Curator from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Sam came to New York to work with Flux in Nov 2011 and has returned as curatorial resident, working towards a group show for the fall of 2012.

Carina Kaufman bio pic

Carina Kaufman

Carina is an arts worker, educator, chef, and is Flux Factory’s Residency Manager.


Shona Masarin

Shona is an Australian filmmaker, arts worker, graphic designer, and Flux Factory’s Interim Director. Her films involve the physical, alchemic, and sculptural manipulation of original and found images to create abstract animations.


Phuc Le

Focusing on social structures, mainly human connections and relationships that exist in his multi-faceted consciousness, Le makes chromogenic prints through a performative approach towards portraiture—utilizing a combination of analog and digital photography.

aliya bonar

Aliya Bonar

Aliya Bonar makes installations, sculptures, costumes, and events that connect people through providing a playful and purposeful place to explore.


Lena Hawkins

Lena Hawkins creates image-based works that re-enact rare and other non-circulating materials. She practices analog techniques including producing prints, films, and microfilms in an effort to preserve and re-construct fabricated entities. Her favorite topics of conversation are unsolved mysteries, recreational vehicles, and products that are out of production.


Jason Eppink

Jason Eppink engages in public space magic, open source scheming, moving image mischief, photon reappropriation, and linguistic subterfuge.

His doings have been seen worldwide because they’re all on the internet. Also they’ve been seen worldwide in galleries.

mr. paulson

Douglas Paulson

Douglas Paulson is an artist, arts worker, and teacher who sees each of these as pillars of his practice. He chooses to work collaboratively, intervening in public, social, and cultural spaces. He is part of the international three-person group Parfyme, a member of New York City’s open collective Flux Factory, where he runs the residency program.


Adrian Owen

A musician, artist, and builder. “My first time at the Flux Factory was when White Limo, my heavy metal band, played at their prom in 2005. We broke their new stage on the first chord of our first song. Shortly thereafter, I found myself working on the Flux show: NOVEL: a living installation. It turned out I would become a frequent collaborator, and at times a muse.