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Bruno Silva

In his practice, he lets himself be surrounded by forms, observed or found according to moments of strolling, personal experiences or random encounters that become the sources of his work.
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Denae (Nae) Howard

Denae is currently working on projects focusing on re-appropriating negative archetypes and stereotypes to reclaim and transcend positive meaning for black and brown people.
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Janine El Khawand

Janine El Khawand is a cultural organizer, illustrator, educator & activist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She is the co-founder of Space27- a feminist artist-run space & collaborative work studio that aims to challenge who gets to have a voice in the art world, working towards a more diverse and inclusive art scene.
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Catalina Jordan Alvarez

Catalina Jordan Alvarez work has screened at over forty festivals, including: Slamdance Film Festival; the Los Angeles Film Festival; the New Orleans Film Festival; Rooftop Films Summer Series: Fantastic Fest (winner Best Picture); Oxford Film Festival (winner Best New Media); and Edinburgh Short Film Festival (winner Best Film) and etc.
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Kalon Hayward

Kalon Hayward regularly collaborates with renowned theatre artist in the New York City area. As an actor, singer, performance artist he has performed throughout the United States, Africa, and Europe.
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Ryan Clayton

Ryan Clayton is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Clayton fashions technology which continuously reshapes and morphs both hisself and the worlds in which he finds himself.  
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