Fatima Rodrigo

Fatima Rodrigo’s work features modern tropical and geometric images, filled with nostalgia from Latin American pop culture of the past.

Eleanor Scholz

Eleanor Scholz is a visual artist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and the SF Bay Area. Her current work focuses on pyrography (wood burning), pattern building, the obsessive mark, and sacred artworks.

Molly Haslund

Molly Haslund incorporates musical compositions and sculptural objects into interdisciplinary performances, often in close interaction with the audience, architecture and urban space. Her work explores how ideas, identities and social hierarchies are intimately connected and negotiated through bodily gestures, rituals and arrangements of our physical surroundings.

Kara Jefts

Kara Jefts is a curator, art historian, and artist. Her work centers around themes of ero guro nansensu (erotic grotesque nonsense) and the activity of an artist group associated under the name Mavo (active 1923-1926).

Maya Quattropani

Maya Quattropani is a visual artist & art teacher based in Turin, Italy, working with performance, analog photography, video, sound and textual/narrative installations. Her work is an archive-in-progress of daily rituals developed in participatory actions/games/workshops/excursions involving people to cooperate in the construction of a new (artistic) community.

Dylan Neely

Dylan Neely is a composer and improviser whose work includes electroacoustic violin performance, opera, sound installation, and various multimedia collaborations.

Bonella Holloway

Bonella Holloway explores the structures of everyday life, focusing on its humour and musicality through video, writing, sound and performance. Rhythms of transport, meals, speech, emotional patterns, sexuality, editing processes of cinema, and experimental music become tropes, used and deformed to construct her own visual universe.

Ariel Abrahams

Ariel Abrahams writes poetry in email, inky pen drawings, .zip files, audio, sleepovers, long walks, and Shabbat dinners.

Lyoudmila Milanova

Lyoudmila Milanova is a media artist based in Cologne, Germany, who works across the boundaries of video, installation and performance. She is fascinated by the nature of the process, the gradual change, by those tiny, almost invisible moments of transitions when the standstill turns to movement, the static to the kinetic, or vice versa.

Caroline Partamian

Caroline Partamian is an independent curator, artist, and chef. Her exhibitions focus on kinetic memory and somatics in relation to dance and performance.

Maddie Hewitt

Maddie Hewitt is a visual artist and curator from Philadelphia, PA. In her artistic practice, Hewitt uses familiar objects to alter the viewer’s conception of time and its natural rhythm.

Tzu-Huan Lin

Tzu-Huan Lin creates work with situations in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural function

Jemila MacEwan

Jemila MacEwan’s work is characterized by an otherworldly re-imagining of the body through processes of play.

Lee Tusman

Lee Tusman presents projects that straddle the intersection of ideas that are socially-based, urban in nature and that combine unconventional practices with contemporary visual arts and internet media.

Antje Rieck

Antje Rieck’s work examines ideas of transformation, transcendance and metamorphosis, positioning the human body as a porous receptacle in dialogue with its environment.

Paul Kuniholm Pauper

Paul Kuniholm Pauper is a public artist who creates art embodying sculptural objects, often using a human as exhibition system, art using digital material, video and various time-based artwork.

Stephanie Griffin

Stephanie is an organizer, curator and facilitator of people, music, vintage clothing and various desert plants, and is Flux Factory’s Administrator & PR Director.

Kathryn Sclavi

Kathryn Sclavi creates socially-engaged projects such as colorful forts, art parades, social gatherings, and workshops designed to encourage communication, celebrate spaces, and create new dimensions of shared experiences.

Robert Levy

Robert Levy’s present work encompasses electromechanical sculpture, installation, and photography, and draws inspiration from nonlinear dynamics and systems neuroscience. He is especially interested in oscillatory models of mental illness and social dysfunction, and in the investigation of boundary states where scientific practice coexists with magic and folklore.

Donald Daedalus

Donald Daedalus is an artist interested in architecture and urban design; critical and expanded cinema; epistemology and scientific method.

Valentina Medda

Valentina Medda is concerned by one’s relationship with the urban environment, the possibility of feeling part of it, grasping its borders and reshaping it an way that reflects one’s desires and needs.

Julia Carrillo Escalera

Julia Carrillo Escalera’s practice utilizes mathematics and physics in order to build an approach to natural phenomena, such as the transformation of space, the motion of light, and the forces that condition life on Earth.

Amber Hickey

Amber is a cultural researcher and educator currently working on a project about non-human climate activism.

Rodrigo Ímaz

Through poetical analogies of nature and anthropogenic events, Rodrigo Ímaz’s practice emphasizes the inadequacies of instrumental reason, while critiquing contemporary society by exploring the violent nature of the relationship between life and cycles of nature.


SofieRex is a queer-feminist political activist from Copenhagen-Denmark with loads of experience working with political community building, collective organizing and political events/protests, employing ideas of Utopia centered around non-hierarchical collective living and collective political organizing.

Seth Larson

Seth Larson is a performance artist and director focusing on Futurist and Surrealist theater.

Lavinia Raccanello

Lavinia Raccanello’s work focuses on the relationship between human beings, society and social justice, with a particular emphasis on the power of dialectic and participatory practice, and the conflict between state power and personal autonomy and responsibility.

Stephen Polk

Stephen Polk is an educator, researcher, and community organizer. He’s been involved in numerous movements and projects, including anti-war organizing, 10 years of collective living, Occupy Denver, food justice and gardening.

Walker Tufts

Walker Tufts uses writing, art, and dialogue to explore collaboration, institutional forms, pedagogy, and landscape.

Matthias Borello

Matthias Borello is a Danish critic and independent curator focused on art practices, exhibition formats and curatorial strategies within social practices.

Allison Halter

Allison Halter is a conceptual artist interested in systems of power, in the acquisition and abdication of control.

Javier Sanchez

Javier Sánchez is a New York-based independent art critic and curator. He recently completed his studies at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.

Roopa Vasudevan

Roopa Vasudevan is an artist, developer and researcher. Her practice involves creating visual, usually physical representations of data that have a great and often subconscious influence on the way that we treat one another.

Colin Brant

Filmmaker Colin Brant’s work deals primarily with solitary adventure or personal perspectives on collective happenings.

Alisha Monypenny

Alisha Monypenny is interested in the motivating forces behind memoir, the negotiation between an artist’s willingness to reveal a thing and the audience’s desire to consume it.

Misha Rabinovich

Misha Rabinovich is investigating the idea of Waste as a cultural construct, and is interested in making ecology legible through multi-player gaming.

Caitlin Foley

Caitlin Foley is interested in creating spaces conducive to experiencing time slowly.

Matt Green

Matt is a pedestrian. He’s walked across the USA, from New York to Oregon, and is now walking every block of all five boroughs of NYC. Long story short, he walks around and looks at stuff.

Tina Kohlmann

Tina Kohlmann questions the metaphysical, the hallucinatory, the organic and inorganic. Her work is found at the crossing of a road, the loud concert area, in haunting lab experiments and psychokinesis.

Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden started making comics while in residence at Flux Factory in 2006. They weren’t the best comics, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.