Ben Seretan

Ben Seretan plays the electric guitar, sings, and makes long music – big, sweeping clouds of tones that fill a room.

Tahnee Godt

Tahnee Godt’s work often leads to partly performative, space­-oriented, large scale installations with an interactive character.

Zuzia Juszkiewicz

Zuzia Juszkiewicz is a multidisciplinary visual artist born in Gdansk. Her practice revolves around topics of ‘encounter’ in forms of sound, text, cartography and painting.

Serge Stephan

Paris based artist Serge Stephan is a storyteller in many mediums. Writing, performance, sculpture, painting and music are fields that he infiltrates and plays against each other.

Christopher Stiegler

Art historian and curator, Chris Stiegler is more publicly known through a string of aliases.

Ayden L.M. Grout

Ayden L.M. Grout is an artist, writer and translator working at the intersection of language and image. In addition to her own practice, she is part of the core collaborative team of Odyssey Works, an interdisciplinary performance group that makes durational experiences for an audience of one.

Jimmy Riordan

Jimmy Riordan is an Alaskan multidisciplinary artist and educator. Though technically trained in book-arts and printmaking, Riordan’s work is not bound by any specific media.


Reactor is an art group that assembles new, collective realities in which audiences and Reactor members co‑participate. Reactor projects explore the ways in which cohesion of social groups is maintained through shared belief systems and collective action.

Rivca Burns

Rivca Burns is the Programme Producer at the Islington Mill, a festival curator along with Mark Carlin of Sounds From the Other City festival, and sometimes DJ/visual artist.

Mark Carlin

Mark Carlin is the founder and co-director of Islington Mill Arts Club, the organisation which programmes and manages all public facing events, exhibitions and residencies at Islington Mill. Whilst at Flux Factory, Mark will be researching artist residency models, and the cultural and creative funding landscape within the city, beginning with Flux Factory itself.

Helen Kaplinsky

Helen Kaplinsky is an independent curator and writer based in London.

Alejandro Botubol

Alejandro Botubol (b. 1979, Cádiz, Spain). Graduated From BFA Painting and Design, University of Fine Arts in Seville (2007); followed by MFA Art, Idea and Production, University of Fine Arts, Seville (2012).

Maurice Carlin

Maurice Carlin is a Manchester based artist and co-director of Islington Mill. His work merges performance, place and publishing to produce dialogues between digital and physical experience.

Volkov Commanders

We are the Volkov Commanders, a unified alter ego from a future of our own making who have travelled from the Moon on the Volkov, a large mechanical woolly Mammoth. We entertain and excite, making work centered on characters that celebrate movement, sound and costume.

Rachel Goodyear

Rachel Goodyear creates drawings that present a peculiar world of disjointed narratives – they are sometimes absurd and ridiculous, and at other times full of melancholy and loss; mostly tinted with dark humour.

Orsina Pasargiklian

Orsina Pasargiklian is a London based artist, born in 1987 in Milan, Italy. Her work investigates aspects of urbanization and the coming together of different cultures within cities as a consequence of a globalized world.

Amelie Wedel

Amelie studies Art History and Comparative Literature at Free University Berlin. She is currently conducting research for her final thesis in Art History on the topic of alternative art spaces with a focus on the 1970s.

Sara G. Arjona

Sara G. Arjona has curated numerous exhibitions in different spaces. She started in Spain solidifying her projects in alternative spaces such as restaurants, hotels and art spaces. She has also participated in curating projects in Art Fairs around Europe.

Athena Denos

Athena Denos is a student and artist currently based in Long Island City, NY from Los Angeles, CA, and is Flux Factory’s intern.

Elana Belle Carroll

Elana Belle Carroll writes, produces and performs electronic, experimental, and Americana music, organizes live performances, and writes about commercial and social experiences of music.

Emi Nishiwaki

Emi Nishiwaki cuts short clips of live performances that cannot be recreated (singular characteristics) using video and photography as a means to capture and reproduce them (producible characteristics). She then transforms these images into an installation, so that the audience can experience the ‘singular characteristics’ at that specific place and time.

Meng-Hsuan Wu

Meng-Hsuan Wu’s art is not only a way to record her insights into life but also a means for her to observe other people’s perspectives about being. How can changing a person’s life condition influence one’s sense of existence, both physically and spiritually?

Heather Kapplow

Heather Kapplow’s work at Flux Factory is part of an ongoing series of projects focused on the nature of vocation. Over the course of almost ten friggin’ years now, Heather has been investigating different career paths in deep, unorthodox ways by providing alternate interpretations of job titles and work experiences.

Dylana Dillon

Dylana Dillon – one of Flux’s Community Organizers in Residence – is an activist, artist and educator hailing from the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. Dylana’s work can be viewed primarily through the lenses of environmental justice and cross cultural exploration.

Jacobus Capone

Jacobus Capone is a Perth based emerging artist working within durational performance, installation, painting and video. His work continually has an emotional and humanistic sensitivity, and centers around the desire and constant effort to integrate all action into the wholeness of one lived experience.

Piero Passacantando

Piero Passacantando, CEO of MyNerva, a collaborative center for artistic research, dialogue and production exploring corporate structures.

Loney Abrams

Loney Abrams is an artist, curator, and critical writer living and working in New York. Her practice locates the internet as an exhibition space and an alternative to institutionalized or market-driven curatorial praxis.

Rob O’Connor

Rob O’Connor’s work is primarily painting based, but touches on all manner medium and contexts, both traditional and experimental all of which expand upon and feed into each other. Pivotal to his practice is the processing of excessive cultural stimuli and historical memory.

Eirini Oraiopoulou

Eirini Oraiopoulou works within the fields of urbanism, social, and cultural studies, with a focus on the local-global dialectic and the contemporary city.

Philip Emde

In his body of work, Philip Emde investigates the question of how to “cope with everyday life,” and creates cyclical series of work using screen printing and etching techniques.

Anastasios Logothetis

Anastasios Logothetis (1979) is a spontaneously re-occuring guest at Flux Factory and multidisciplinary artist who shares his time between Stockholm and New York.

Sarah Witt

Sarah Witt is a skeptically serious and professional interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of performance and non-performance.

Stéphane Pauvret

Stéphane Pauvret is an artist, documentary video-maker, and film programmer. He overturns the conventions of our standard spaces of representation, in order to open up new fields of investigation while maintaining a critical approach to ‘the spectacle’ and the mark it has made on our way of life.

Filippos Oraipoulos

Filippos Oraipoulos is an architect, theoretician, and historian, who has studied mathematic logic and the philosophy of knowledge. He has spent the last fifteen years focused on poetical theory in architecture and art.

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

Each of Theodoros Zafeiropoulos’s projects is the result of modifying a material from its prior use, with refined intentions and specific handling. Through continuous transformation, the primary material becomes a tool and carrier of diverse human and natural characteristics.

Constantin Hartenstein

Constantin Hartenstein is an installation and video artist living and working in Herzberg, Berlin and New York.

Christine Laquet

Christine Laquet’s anthropological research takes the form of sculptures, photographs, films and paintings, in which the natural world and wildlife meet the artifice at the crossroads of mythological and natural history.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan

Born in Korea, Anne Duk Hee Jordan currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She received her art training at the Institut für Raum Experimente, UDK, Berlin, where she attained her Meisterschülerin in 2011-2012, supervised by Olafur Eliasson.

Mille Højerslev Nielsen

Mille Højerslev Nielsen (born 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a freelance writer, curator and a hard core aesthete.

Maria Pecchioli

Maria Pecchioli (1977, Florence) – graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 2002, her artistic research deals with painting, photography techniques and video. In February 2009 she graduated in Visual Art and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan