Marco Castro

Trained as an interactive designer at NYU Tisch, Castro is an artist and designer looking to combine his background in art, technology and design to imagine playful experiments that explore healthier and sustainable lifestyles.

Harold Guérin

Harold Guérin’s work questions the relationship between architecture and internal changes that occur in the surrounding landscape. His interest lies in challenging the foundations of urban planning that are in collision with the Earth’s rhythm and its unpredictable structural mutations.

Stephanie Avery

Artist, art director, adventurer. Based in Toronto, in the great white north, Stephanie’s art involves finding beauty in the grotesque, from installations made entirely of human teeth, to photographing abandoned buildings, to re-appropriating left-overs for time-based sculptures, and always with a dash of humour.

Vlad Smolkin

Vlad Smolkin’s work is generally concerned with the changing identities of objects across time. For Smolkin, the implications of a given material have to do not only with its physical properties or even its practical use in the world, but also with its historical provenance and exchange value.

Risa Tsunegi

Risa’s work explores the relation between 2D and 3D, along with her concerns in materials – surface, colors and the tactility. She is fascinated by the aspects of duality in architecture, such as structural engineering that should be obvious from the building itself, but at the same time seems invisible due to lack of information and knowledge.

Irene Lee

Irene Lee is an educator through the arts. She is inspired by empowerment and teaching through story, and succeeding oral, written, or aesthetic interpretations.

Cecilia Enberg

Cecilia Enberg is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a B.Sc in Multimedia and is a member of KKV Nacka; an artist run workshop in Stockholm. Cecilia is interested in the junction between new technology and traditional craftsmanship, and she works in various media, such as printmaking, needlework, and photography. Another format close […]

David Spriggs

The work of David Spriggs lies in a space between the 2 and 3 dimensions. He explores the representation and strategies of power, the symbolic meanings of colour, movement, and the thresholds of form and perception.

Sam Perry

Sam Perry is an Artist and Curator from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Sam came to New York to work with Flux in Nov 2011 and has returned as curatorial resident, working towards a group show for the fall of 2012.

Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez

Carina is an arts worker, curator, chef, and is Flux Factory’s Residency Director.

Shona Masarin

Shona is an Australian filmmaker, arts worker, graphic designer, and Flux Factory’s Interim Director. Her films involve the physical, alchemic, and sculptural manipulation of original and found images to create abstract animations.

Corinna Kirsch

Corinna Kirsch is a curator and critic, and Flux’s Development Assistant. When she’s not working on grants for Flux, she’s working on the annual benefit and silent auction. Every week, she blogs for Art Fag City and The L Magazine’s blog The Measure.

Rory O’Connor

Rory O’Connor makes work that attempts to break some illusion or tease the perception of an object or spatial composition.

Phuc Le

Focusing on social structures, mainly human connections and relationships that exist in his multi-faceted consciousness, Le makes chromogenic prints through a performative approach towards portraiture—utilizing a combination of analog and digital photography.


Soda_Jerk is an Australian two-person art collective that works with found material to trouble existing formulations of cultural history. By strategically reimagining historical trajectories, the artists are concerned with producing counter-mythologies of the past that open new possibilities for the present.

Theodoros Stamatogiannis

Theodoros is researching how architecture can create sculptural objects questioning the boundaries between architecture and sculpture, interior and exterior space, private and public.

Katrine Malinovsky

The works by collaborative duo Randi & Katrine are a result of their common interest in combining architecture, objects and narration, and a fascination with monumental scale installations in which a dynamic exchange between the viewer and a specific space are emphasized.

Aliya Bonar

Aliya Bonar is an artist, community organizer and event producer using fashion, costume, interview and installation to break down the divide between Professional and Playful.

Nick Cregor

Nick Cregor makes performances, videos, music, and other things. His work hopes to sometimes be or achieve being felt in the internal organs of the body.

Tuguldur Yondonjamts

Tuguldur Yondonjamts was born in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) in 1977. He tackles issues surrounding the changes affecting Mongolia’s society and economic development.

Elisa Harkins

Elisa “Pooper” Harkins is a Native American composer and artist originally hailing from Miami, Oklahoma. Her music, animation, paintings and paper mache sculptures investigate Native American stories, rituals, and spirituality through a the lens of someone raised on pop culture and computer games.

Ioanna Gouma

Ioanna Gouma’s work is influenced by microcosm and macrocosm. A starting point is often the observation of the natural environment – rhythms and routes that she discovers in the landscape.

Ye Taik

Ye Taik is a performing artist / avant-garde dancer, born in Rangoon, Burma. He dedicates most of his time to his practice as a collaborative choreographer, performer, curator, experimental theater artist and playwright; to discovering and developing cultural interactions through art and performance.

Alison Nguyen

Alison Nguyen is a New York-based artist working in film, video, photography, and installation. She uses these forms to raise questions about the circulation of images and the cultural surrounding.

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (from Denmark, b. 1977. ) uses various mediums such as video, installation and collaborations. She is invested in deconstructing the intersections of the subjective and the objective perspectives, in order to pose alternative narratives and forms of representation of what we consider reality.

Lehna Huie

Lehna Huie is an artist, and storyteller who archives and records life, and memory through expression. Her belief in the power of “multi-vocal” art gives voice to living culture: critique, celebration, and transformation. She explores the various elements of identity, liberation, “home”, time travel and migration through an organic ritual of painting, art making

Astrid Nobel

Astrid Nobel is a multi-media artist from The Netherlands. She graduated from Minerva Academy of Fine Art Groningen in 2007 after which she attended the postgraduate program DNA in The Hague, where she still lives and works.

Christina Vassallo

Christina Vassallo has been involved with Flux Factory since 2010 and was appointed Executive Director in June 2011. She also has organized projects for a variety of non-profit and for-profit venues through her curatorial platform Random Number.

Joe Shaw

Joe is a training architect and writer from Manchester. His writing about his own city has been published by the tourist board in several languages and his zine ‘Belle Vue’ dishes out small printed nuggets of urban topophilia to proud Mancunians everywhere.

Sanaz Mazinani

Sanaz Mazinani is an artist whose practice intersects conceptual and formal boundaries of the two dimensional image in response to site, sight and sound. Born in Tehran, Iran, she holds her undergraduate degree from Ontario College of Art & Design University and her MFA from Stanford University.

Karol Radziszewski

Karol Radziszewski lives and works in Warsaw, Poland where he received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. A multimedia artist, painter, author of installations, photographs, videos and interdisciplinary projects. Publisher and editor-in-chief of “DIK Fagazine”. In his work, he questions the neo-avant-garde tradition and the stereotypes present in contemporary culture.
Radziszewski has […]

Meg Keys

Meg Keys is not only the Managing Director at Flux Factory but is also our in-house pinata maker.  She is the founder of Llaves Designs, a full service pinata making company and has a diverse background in development for both non-profits and corporations alike working as a grant writer to event coordinator to marketing professional.

Jesper Aabille

Jesper Aabille (from Denmark) works in a variety of artistic strategies: urban interventions, sculptures, drawings, and text-oriented pieces. The common thread is the focus on social life, whether it is creating solutions to mundane problems by making bridges to avoid stepping in a water pit or cooking a fried egg on self-destructive wooden kitchen sculptures.
The […]

Alex Wolkowicz

Alex Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist resident in Liverpool/UK. Her work explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and other living things. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories.

Miatta Kawinzi

Miatta Kawinzi is an inter-disciplinary artist whose practice includes painting, film/video, photography, poetry, and installation. She is interested in raw materials, abstract expressionism, and aesthetics that reflect the chaotic and layered nature of the ideas she engages in her work around cultural hybridity, gender deconstruction, technology, and self-fashioning. She draws on theories of Afro-futurism and […]

Ivan Argote

Our lives are constantly influenced by the forces of history, economy and politics. These forces saturate the environments we all live in. My works are questions about how we experience those forces, and what our position in regards to them is. I often create interventions and performances in the public space creating video pieces that […]

Pauline Bastard

Pauline Bastard is a French artist born in 1982. Her practice includes film, video, video installation and sculpture. Through videos and objects she explores the poetic potential of established order of things and image uses.
She graduted from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and La Sorbonne where she also taught. She has been showing […]

Lawman Lynch

Lawman Lynch is from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica and is currently living in the United States. He has been playing musical instruments since age seven (7), and is now a Principal Cornet player in New York. Lawman is also a trained vocalist, and has been a part of various chorales for over 10 years.
Lawman […]

Gretta Louw

Gretta Louw is a performance, video and installation artist whose practice seeks to explore the potential of art as a means of investigating individual, cultural and universal psychological phenomena. Often drawing on current and historical theories of psychological functioning, the artist seeks to test the boundaries and peculiarities of the human psyche and particularly its […]

Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly under the same name. Edwards received a BFA in sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. Since then he has taught himself […]