Video Jam: Paul Evans, Sarah Hill, Sam Hughes & Shereen Perera

Video Jam‘s curators are Paul Evans, Sarah Hill, Sam Hughes & Shereen Perera. They are based out of Manchester, UK. Their live event series seeks to explore the relationship between moving image and sound using short silent films and a broad collection of musicians and sound artist from the genre spectrum. Every programme features a variety of short film and video with a particular emphasis on experimental and independent work. For each, a different musical act or sound artist is selected to compose an original score of their own interpretation to be performed as a live accompaniment.

Sarah is a visual artist who works with moving image and film and is currently studiying for an MA in Fine art. Shereen is a curator and creative producer with organisations such as In Place of War, Asia Trienniel & Colombo Art Bienniel. Sam works in various roles for the BBC such as researcher & production assistant and Paul is a musician.


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