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S.T.E.P Schedule!

Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P…. ) is a walking based art show embracing the many ways and bodies we walk. While asking how walking as a creative act, can challenge notions and open conversations around visibility, gender, labor, exploration, counter mapping, colonialism, feminism, motherhood, contesting borders, community building, calling out gentrification, street harassment, (dis)ability, carbon debt, who sets the pace and measurement of the world, to the power of dreams and our entanglements between all of these and one another.

Opening & Curators’ tour

Date: September 6, from 6-9pm
Location: Flux Factory

Flux Factory is please to announce its next 2018 Major Exhibition, Saunter Trek Escort Parade (S.T.E.P.), Curated by Christina Freeman, Emireth Herrera and Moira Williams! Join us for the curators introduction of the Art Works!

Dutch Kills Dérive
Gil Lopez 

Date: Saturday September 8, walk departs 9:30am
Location: Flux Factory
Walk Length: approximately 3 hours; 9:30 – 12:30pm
Walk Level: Moderate – mostly on sidewalks but involved some stairs, rocky and steep off road terrain.
Walk capacity: 30
Parking: Park near 25-30 Skillman Ave.LIC 11101 to be close to your car at the end of the walk.
Please wear comfortable clothing, closed toe shoes and bring a water bottle.

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Water is life, Until we shit in it…
Drowning in our own muck and mire, contemporary society must transmute its existence into that of an allegorical baptism in order to emerge a society of water protectors. Historical facts about how urban living has transformed Dutch Kills waterway into a sewershed, will act as both a numbing analgesic and a point of illumination. Explicit historic content may be demoralizing, but the past is exactly how our colonization cleanse will move us to a higher collective consciousness. Join us for a morning dérive that begins inside Flux Factory’s plumbing and ends at Newton Creek center of hydro-geologic power. Where, we will enliven Dutch Kills waterway with direct actions, rituals  and blessings as a way to understand Newton Creek’s prefigured toxic legacy and expand our respect for sacred water cycles.

Of Statues & Markers
Tom Bogaert

Date: Saturday September 8
Workshop beings at 5pm, Depart at 7:30pm!
Location: Flux Factory
Walk Length: 2 ½ hours
Walk Capacity: 10
Walk Level: Easy – sticks, wheels and walkers welcome!
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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Of Statues and Markers is a night time stop, flash and walk, where we as a group, use DIY modified night vision cameras in an attempt to capture New York City’s monuments by night. Of Statues and Markers infrared flash photography walk is meant as a way to evaluate tendencies that celebrate some histories while at the same time erases other histories. The walk will result in a collective perceptive and in turn a collaborative monument that will be installed in the Flux Factory gallery for the remainder of S.T.E.P…

Of Statues and Markers also includes a night vision infrared camera hacking worship! Cameras will then be used on the walk.

Flux Thursday: S.T.E.P
Date: September 13, from 7-10pm 
Location: Flux Factory
Walk Length: approx. 3 hours
Walk Capacity: 150
Walk Level: Fluxy Fun – sticks, wheels, and walkers welcome

Who Set the pace and measurement of the world, the power of dreams and our entanglements between each of these and one another?

Please join us for our monthly community potluck and art salon:
Drop a dream into Claire Hind and Gery Winters’ Head
Walking Score Slam: Conceptual walks that can be rolled, wheeled and walked!
Walking artist talk with: Walis Johnson, Clare Qualmann
Walk it out with Rude Mechanical Band!

The event is free, but please do bring food or drink to share!

Dream Yards 
Gary Winters & Claire Hind

Dream Collection: September 13, during Flux Thursday Come alone and drop a dream into our heads 7-9pm !
Date: September 14, Depart at 7;30pm!
Location: Flux Factory
Walk Length: approx. 1 hour
Walk Level: Easy – sticks, wheels and walkers welcome!
Walk Capacity: 30
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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Dream Yards is a playful outdoor walking performance to specific locations around Long Island City; where the audience might find themselves in (old medieval) York! Dreams are collected from public donations, woven into a script and performed on the walk by the character Kong Lear (Claire Hind) and her fool (Gary Winters), who then guides the audience through the 5 stages of sleep.

For an all too brief hour I lived and walked through a waking dream. Transported to Lear’s Blasted Heath at the same time as I tramped the streets of medieval York and in the company of Roy Orbison, this became a timeless, dislocated landscape of other people’s dreams, someone else’s story and my mess (audience feedback, York UK).

The Invisible Wind
Ariel Abrahams & Tal Gluck

Date: Saturday September 15, Depart at 7;30pm!
We will meet at the corner of Hanson Place and Flatbush Ave. in front of the terminal!
Walk Length: approx. 6 hours 7:30 pm – 2am
Walk Level: Moderate due to length and terrain. Apologies, this walk is not accessible for all.
Walk Capacity: 10
Please wear comfortable clothing, shoes and bring a flashlight.

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The Invisible Wind 8 is an ongoing series of suburban night walks. Strap on your hiking boots, bring water, snacks to share, warm clothes, stamina, and an open heart. We will walk from the Laurelton, NY railroad station to the Lawrence, NY railroad station along Rockaway Turnpike, parallel to JFK airport. Be prepared to witness the monstrosity of takeoffs and landings – humans observing machines and mechanized systems of transportation. We will make one planned stop at the Sherwood Diner, and unplanned stops along the way as needed. Be prepared for guest performances and a few burning questions.

Clare Qualmann

Walk Time and Date; Sunday September 15, Depart at 11:30am!
Location: Flux Factory
Walk Length: approx. 2 hours
Walk Level: Moderate – pushing stroller in a group
Walk Capacity: 20
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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Perambulator walk, invites local stroller users to walk together en masse around the Long Island City neighborhood. Questions at the core of Perambulator walk – no matter the location of the stroller walk – are about the obstacles, interruptions, and challenges that the materiality of the street presents to the stroller user. When walked alone stroller impediments are an annoyance, and often unnoticed. Walking en masse with strollers heightens the visibility of walkway impediments; the absurdity of multiple strollers negotiating each obstacle in their path, enables a collective, creative and aesthetic reclamation of mobility challenges with a stroller.

Pasaré:la pasarela me lleva pa’lla – O V A H
Ray Ferreira

Date: Sunday September 16, walk departs at 6pm
Location: Flux Factory
Walk Length: 2 hours
Walk Capacity: 10
Walk Level: Easy – sticks, wheels and walkers welcome!
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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pasaré:la pasarela me lleva pa’lla – O V A H draws its walk from the practice of runway as appropriated by the ballroom scene. The workshop and walk aims to create an adjacent speculative space where bodies activate the site through their engagement with the space while disrupting the normative gaze by moving between spectator and actor. The workshop uses modified Boalian techniques, writing, and sculpting to examine embodiment as an interaction between multiple spaces.

A Device to Say Goodbye 
Hillerbrand + Magsamen’s 

Date:  Sunday September 29, departs at 9pm
Flux Factory
Walk Length:  45mins
Walk Capacity: Unlimited 
Walk Level: Easy – Sticks, wheels and walkers welcomed!

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For our S.T.E.P closing event, come along and create devices to say goodbye! We will walk through the exhibition with one another and our devices. Then we will exit Flux Factory together, walk to a post box where we will mail our devices and say our goodbyes. 

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