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Feedback on Magical Wonderful Land of Ice, Dec 15th 2002

Dear FluxFolks —

Land of Ice was outstanding! The energy and innovation y’all put into
this production MUCH appreciated !

Short-list of my personal favorites:
1. The Theme Song
2. the endlessly patient and generous purple-arts-&-crafts-lady
Costumes were wonderful [special mention to duct-tape-nose-guy’s
coat] — Blizzard was brilliant — stump-forest mural and
ice-mountain-dog-eyes deeply disquieting. Bravo.

Thanks for a welcome antidote to our cheesy-disney lives… hope
you’ve got the strength to do it again next year!

With all best nondenominational holiday wishes,

Rick Stark,

p.s.: My son had a really nice time, too

Dear Fluxers

I wanted to thank you all again for a fantastic and wonderfull event, the
winter/snow fest extravaganza was a great time. You did an excellent job of
attracting and entertaining the community, and I thought it was pretty
wonderfull to behold a group of artists and associates who invest so much
time into their neighbors- young and old. I had a great time participating
as the dark haired elf man of the snow cave.

Devon Ludlow

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