Flux Factory is delighted to have been chosen to be a STAR participant in WNYC’s excellent program to support small non-profit cultural organizations.
We have been annointed, and we shall do our best to live up to the hopes and dreams of the entire WNYC listening community (and if we fail, please know that it was […]

Queens Chronicle on Repeat after Me, 2006

Ruminations On Replication: ‘Repeat After Me’ Opens At Flux Factory
by Jennifer Manley, Assistant Editor

Imagine for a moment molecular nanotechnology gone horribly awry: Through an accidental mutation or malicious act, the infinitesimally tiny machines (built to cure human disease, enable space travel and eliminate pollution) learn to self-replicate, systematically consuming all carbon matter and blanketing […]

London Sunday Times, Fall 2005

Queens Tribune 2005, “An Avant Garde Afternoon”

Ins & Outs Magazine, Summer 2005

By Justina Williams
Flux Factory’s warren of rooms unwinds like a Dr. Seuss landscape made manifest. Numerous small studio spaces spin off of common areas such as a library, darkroom, office, silkscreen area, well appointed shop, and a large exhibit/performance area.
Flux Factory began in 1994 in Williamsburg when a group […]

Architectural Record Extended article: July 2005

If you build it, they will write.

This past May, the Flux Factory, an art collective based in Long Island City, New York, was transformed into a writing laboratory. In the 2,500-square-foot gallery space, three novelists settled into small live/work units custom designed and built by artists and architects chosen through a competition. The installation, aptly […]

SepiaMutiny Blog: June 6th, 2005

A not-so-novel writing method

Writer Ranbir Sidhu just finished a novel while locked in an architect-designed habitat for 30 days, 22 ½ hours each day. The publicity stunt by Queens artist collective Flux Factory resembles another mentally focusing experience known as ‘poverty’ …

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New Yorker – Talk of the Town May 2005

Issue of 2005-05-23
Posted 2005-05-16
A room of one’s own, in which to write: it’s an old and chronically romanticized idea – the solitary space, with an ashtray, an Olivetti, the morning light just so. Each writer has his own preferences and fetishes, of course. For Proust, it was walls insulated with cork, […]

Gawker: 17 May 2005

The New Yorker Unlocks Secret to Blogging
The New Yorker s always enterprising Ben McGrath made the harrowing, God-awful trek to Queens last week to visit Flux Factory, an alleged artists collective…
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The Gothamist: May 14th 2005

Young novelists in love!
We were glad to see that we weren’t the only ones amused by the Times’s editorial about Flux Factory’s “Novel” installation. One almost wonders whether this bit of preaching is an editorial joke on readers, since it is hard to imagine such a complete lack of playfulness. The project sounds intriguing, and […]

Queens Tribune: May 12 2005

Flux Takes ‘Novel’ Approach To Art
“Novel” makes writers and their lives part of a new exhibit at Flux Factory.
By Molly Langmuir
For the past three months, Ian Montgomery has been rummaging through dumpsters, collecting wood. “It’s all found wood,” he said as he walked through the small living space he was constructing in Flux Factory’s gallery. […]

Gawker: 10 May 2005

Times Teaches, Can’t Do

The New York Times editorial page never shirks the Big Questions, and today it pronounces on a Long Island City reality-art thingamee at the Flux Factory called Novel: A Living Installation. The deal is a trio of aspiring fiction hands get locked into isolated cells for 25 days until they emerge with […]

NY Times Editorial – Tuesday May 10th 2005

Writing Inside the Box
Published: May 10, 2005
Over at the Flux Factory, an artists’ collective in Long Island City, three fiction writers have agreed to isolate themselves in small writing cells for a project called “Novel: A Living Installation.” Each has promised to finish a novel by June 4. That is 25 days away. Odds are […]

NY TIMES, May 9, 2005

Would You, Could You in a Box? (Write, That Is.)
Published: May 9, 2005, NY Times, Art Section
The novelist Laurie Stone understood that her desire to go into the box was a symptom of something, she just didn’t know of what. Ms. Stone, 58, will have a month to consider her decision from the […]

NY Post – Monday May 9th 2005

WRITERS often do their best work behind bars.
Cervantes penned most of “Don Quixote” in the pen. Dostoevsky found inspiration in incarceration.
In the tradition of those literary inmates, three novelists locked themselves in a Queens art gallery Saturday, with a self-imposed sentence of 30 days and 75,000 words – give or take […]

Kudos on the great work, May 2003

From: “Meis, Elaine”
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 17:05:25 -0700
To: “MORGAN J. Meis” , info@fluxfactory.org
Cc: lilan@aol.com
Subject: Kudos on the great work
Dear Fluxers,
I’ve been remiss but just spent the greater part of the afternoon catching
up on your news and projects. It was enthralling — almost as great as my
last visit in November. Seb, Jason, everyone –don’t […]

Queens Tribune Vol. 33 #16 April 17-23 2003

“This non-profit artists collective, which relocated to Long Island City from Brooklyn just over a year ago, supports some of the finest experimental music-oriented happenings in the entire City. Their upcoming Soundscrape events offer a hybrid of visual and audio art from artist that slip through the cracks of more conventional music venues, and offers […]

Astoria Times, April 14th 2003

‘Miracle’ comes to Astoria for Flux Factory walk tour
There is no reason to be interested in 43rd Street between Northern Boulevard and the BQE in Queens, but some people are interested in it and they’re also interested in a miracle.
“Miracle on 43rd Street,” the latest project by the Flux Factory collective, will take place on […]

Queens Chronicle – Feb 2003

Flux Factory Takes Its Art To The Streets
by Paul Menchaca,
February 27, 2003

The Long Island City art collective known as Flux Factory is pushing boundaries in pursuit of public art.
For a group of artists who once took over a wing of the Queens Museum of Art, taking over a New York City street is the next […]

VERY NEW YORK – December 2002

NYC Art guide, published in Japan. Dec 2002

Feedback on Magical Wonderful Land of Ice, Dec 15th 2002

Dear FluxFolks —
Land of Ice was outstanding! The energy and innovation y’all put into
this production MUCH appreciated !
Short-list of my personal favorites:
1. The Theme Song
2. the endlessly patient and generous purple-arts-&-crafts-lady
Costumes were wonderful [special mention to duct-tape-nose-guy’s
coat] — Blizzard was brilliant — stump-forest mural and

Queens International exhibition catalog, Nov 2002


Whitestone Times Sept. 2002

New exhibit at QMA celebrates boro’s diversity
By Arlene McKanic 09/26/2002
“Queens International,” at the Queens Museum through Nov. 3, is huge, noisy, splashy, and exhausting. And that’s just the installation by The Flux Factory. The exhibit showcases more than 40 artists born all around the world who now call Queens home and have created art to […]

New York Times Magazine, March 7, 1999

Sharing Space in Brooklyn;
15 People, One Loft
By Colin Moynihan

In August 1993, Beth Rollins, Morgan Meis and five friends rented part of the second floor of a former factory warehouse next to the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 1,800-square-foot space with 14-foot ceilings, for which they paid $1,000 per month, had no dividing […]