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About Residency

Deadline December 14, 2020

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Flux Factory invites cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for 3 to 6 month residencies.


Since 1994, Flux Factory has offered an informal, artist-run, and collective residency program comprised of a changing community of creative collaborators, including (but not limited to) artists, community organizers, urban agriculturalists, educators, curators, builders, game designers and musicians. As a community, we value communication, co-creation, accountability, experimentation, and safe space.

We offer short & long-term residencies, work facilities, as well as direct exhibition and programmatic opportunities. There are typically 16 – 20 cultural creators in residence at Flux Factory at any given time. Since introducing our formal residency program in 2009, hundreds of cultural producers from all over the United States, South Africa, Myanmar, Turkey, Italy, Germany, China, France, Mexico, Denmark, Russia, Chile, Lebanon, South Korea, Taiwan, Peru, the Ukraine and more! Flux’s history as a DIY family is deep in our DNA. Residents collaborate and learn from one another to realize new works, propose and produce our public programming, and have equal input in the overall direction of the organization.

Our open call for Fluxers is posted twice a year. Residency duration varies between three, six, nine, and twelve months, depending on availability and what works for the individual resident.

Fluxers are the originators of Flux Factory’s programming, including most of Flux Factory exhibitions and public programs. All residents are given an allotted amount of days in the gallery to have a solo show, curate a group show, host a panel or forum or use it as extra studio space. Flux Factory provides a stipend to each Resident for their public presentation, or to research or produce new work. Each year we have four month-long exhibitions curated by Residents and other Fluxers, as well as an annual Artists-In-Residence exhibition.

Flux Factory residents are free to use all facilities and resources, as well as access to other city programs such as Materials for the Arts (two blocks away!). The building is equipped with a wood shop, silk screen studio, co-working office, library, kitchen, large deck, expansive gallery space, and audio visual equipment.

As a part of a community-run center for artists, Flux Factory residents are asked to take part in the creation and maintenance of its facilities and programming. On Monday nights, all Flux Factory residents and administrators attend a weekly meeting (which also includes a gigantic dinner!) so that we may foster a sense of community and discuss the evolving needs of the program.

Residents are asked to put in volunteer hours toward maintaining the space and a weekly chore. A constantly changing physical and social environment, Flux is always a work-in-progress, and there are many opportunities to leave one’s mark.

The Flux Factory residency is tailored to American and international cultural producers of all stripes, social activists, academics, and anyone who’s creative, adventurous, and willing to come to New York City to create new bodies of work that are informed by their experience here. We are especially keen to have artists who have a socially collaborative art practice, and have experience working collectively.

Residents are selected through our Open Call application process. Applications are reviewed by Flux Factory administrators and current residents. Prospective residents with standout applications will undergo an interview via Zoom or in-person at Flux Factory, if within a reasonable travel distance.

There is currently no individual financial support for a studio, monthly fees for studios range from $700 to $1030 a month, in addition to utilities. Flux Factory will write letters of invitation for grants and other funding opportunities, and share opportunities for additional resources if available.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We are pursuing relationships with funding organizations interested in sponsoring individual artists to partake in Flux Factory’s Artists in Residence program.  If you are a supporting organization interested in hosting artists at Flux Factory, please contact us.


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