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Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez

Carina is an arts worker, chef, curator, and Flux Factory’s former Managing Director. She was first introduced to the arts nonprofit world at Omi International Arts Center, where she grew up teaching visual arts in the Children’s Education Program. Carina has worked with several artist residencies and education programs, including Art Omi International Artists Residency, I-Park Foundation, Le Point Éphémère, and MoreArt.

Past projects include Nightlight, an interactive light-based outdoor installation that investigates public and private land use after dark in NYC community gardens, Hotel Wars, a collaborative competition centered on the relationship between LIC residents, small businesses, and hotel developers, and the exhibition ACT: Activism in Contemporary Artist Collectives, Corporations and Cooperatives. 

Her mission is to create environments, events and exhibitions where anything is possible and everyone is welcomed, provided they make others feel the same. Carina is a chef at Diner, and graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Art History and Cultural Studies.

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