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June 2-July 14
an artistic collaboration between Flux Factory and an entire city.

*PLEASE NOTE: Schedules may be subject to change. Most tours, unless otherwise indicated, are walking tours. Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk.

Town Hall Meetings
Discuss the project with the design team. This is open to the general public€”Patersonians and New Yorkers alike. Make your voice heard!
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Dates: Every Thursday evening from June 7-July 12
Time: 7:00pm

Opening Party
Reception and introduction to the project
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Saturday, June 2
Time: 4:00pm

Paterson reading group with Joe Milutis
The Paterson Reading Group will be an informal discussion of William Carlos Williams’ epic poem Paterson, meeting on throughout June, and featuring tours and special guests. Participants will be expected to furnish their own copy of €˜Paterson’; we’ll be using the revised edition with annotations by Christopher MacGowan.

To register for the reading group and receive updates, please email
Where to meet: Ivanhoe Wheelhouse, Spruce Street between Market St. and McBride Ave, next to Burger King

Monday, June 11; 7pm
Discussion of Book I of Paterson.

Monday, June 25; 7pm
Discussion of Book II of Paterson;
walk on Garrett Mountain

Monday, July 2; 7pm
Discussion of Book III of Paterson;
visit to Paterson Public Library

This Monday’s discussion group will meet early at 5:30 at Lambert Castle, Paterson, NJ for a quick walk on the mountain. Then, for those of you who will just be coming to the reading group, convene at 7 (regular time) at the Ivanhoe for our “cool of books.”

A recording of some of last week’s discussion is on the latest entry of New Jersey as An Impossible Object.
Monday, July 9; 7pm
Discussion of Books IV and V of Paterson

Stadium Reverberator Tour with artist duo eteam
On June 9th, 2007 we’ll test the reverberant effect of the deserted Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ.

Looking at the stadium from above, it reminds of a huge loudspeaker. Unfortunately this loudspeaker hasn’t been used in a long time. On Saturday we will try to use this dormant possibility and trigger a composition, which will be created through knocking, jumping, scratching and clapping on the outside walls of the stadium. These sounds and movements will be captured on video and later on edited into a musical composition. Once this process is completed, options for screening the music video are: inside the Hinchliffe Stadium, the Paterson Museum, Ivanhoe artists mosaic and other venues in the NYC metropolitan area. Refreshments and snacks will be available.
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Saturday, June 9
Time: 1:00pm

The Expert’s Historic Tour
Tour the magnificent Falls area with Paterson Museum Director Giacomo De Stefano
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Dates: Sunday, June 10
Time: 2:00pm

The Pilgrimage Tour
Native New Jersians tell us it can’t be done.
Be there to prove them wrong or perish trying.
We will walk from Grand Central Station to Paterson.
A modern day pilgrimage that will be talked about for generations!!!!
Jean Barberis takes you on a stroll that starts in Grand Central Station and leads you all the way to the Great Falls in Paterson. Actually, it’s only 20 miles, so don’t be shy! Beverages are on us.
Where to meet: Grand Central Station, NYC
Date: Saturday, June 16
Time: 10:00am

The Paterson Art Scene-War Stories from Those Who Know
Artists Joe Ruffilo and Don Kommit give you the lowdown on Paterson’s rich artistic and literary history, from personal stories of Kerouac and Ginsburg to the present.
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Saturday, June 23
Time: 2:00pm

The Religious Institutions of Paterson: Their Architecture and Influence on the Community
The city of Paterson has nearly 140 places of worship. This tour will focus on the design of a few of the institutions and their effects on the growth and development of the community. Led by Leonora Retsas.
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Sunday, June 24
Time: 2:00pm

Wednesdays at the Ivanhoe
Visit the one and only Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic, a nonprofit arts organization, meeting house, and gallery in Paterson, for their monthly “Open Mike” with the opening reception for “Love Affair with Paterson” a tribute to all there is to love about the world’s first planned industrial city. See website for details and directions to all events,
Where to meet: Ivanhoe Wheelhouse, Spruce Street between Market St. and McBride Ave, next to Burger King
Date: Wednesday, June 27
Time: 8:00pm

Industrial Archaeology Tour
Tour the city’s unbelievable old mill buildings and industrial architecture.
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Saturday, June 30
Time: 1:00pm

Cinematic Visions of Paterson
Films about Paterson, films by Patersonians, and unexpected films€¦
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Sunday, July 1
Time: 3:00pm

A Re-Tour Of The Monuments Of The Passaic
Re-create, re-walk, and re-photograph Robert Smithson’s experience of monumental discovery through Passaic, New Jersey. What are today’s New Monuments? Lets find out.
Where to meet: Port Authority NYC. Meet at the 190 bus gate going to Paterson. Roundtrip tickets between NYC and Paterson are $9.00 and can be purchased at the bus station.

Date: Saturday, July 7
Time: 10:45am

The Paterson Mystery Tour
Stefany Anne Golberg and Morgan Meis take you on a tour of Paterson full of special discoveries and hidden places€¦To be followed by drinks and more at The Ivanhoe.
Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Sunday, July 8
Time: 2:00pm

Closing Party
The day has arrived! Join us for a thrilling PowerPoint presentation of the initial designs for the Paterson Monument. Curious what all the hullabaloo has been about? Can’t stand the suspense? Come to the Paterson Museum this Saturday and find out… What IS the monument to Paterson?
Free falafel and drinks will be served.

Where to meet: Paterson Museum
Date: Saturday, July 14
Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm

There are a number of great festivals happening in Paterson this summer! Check them out:

African American Heritage Parade
June 16, 2007, beginning at 10:00am
Parade starts at the Masonic Temple on Broadway

Puerto Rican Parade and Festival
The festival will happen on Marshall Street from August 24-16

The parade will be on Main Street on August 26

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