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Flux Factory Flexes – March 5, 2010

LIC / Long Island City Queens / March 5, 2010.

At long last I made a connection with the Flux Factory. They’d been on my radar for about two years, during which time I had made several feeble attempts to contact them via email and telephone. Over the course of those two years, I remotely watched them wrangle through ‘life threatening’ issues like finding a new space, as their former ‘factory’ had been committed to another purpose, and for a while they ran a ‘virtual factory’.

The Flux Factory is an amalgam of artists that seems to operate as a sort of socialistic whole. Yeah, I’m not sure exactly what that means either, but intuitively I think it’s an apt description. Click here to read the full story about the Flux Factory in the LIC / Long Island City neighborhood of Queens.

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