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Alita Edgar

participating in:

JUNE 2 – JULY 14, 2007

Alita Edgar is a recent graduate of the Historic Preservation program in the Graduate Center for Urban Planning and the Environment at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She is also a member of Ars Subterranea, a creative preservation group, and has a special interest in shrinking cities and the fate of New Orleans.

and as ex-fluxer:

She was found at a very young age clutching a pinwheel underneath the Log Flume at the South Carolina State Fair. Since then she has become a magician’s assistant at the Coney Island Sideshows, a trapeze apprentice and roustabout for the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, a connectrix /media pundit, and a resident of the Flux Factory, where she does a lot of decorating, arguing and event planning. She also lends her various talents (editing, costume-designing, press-releasing, accomplicing) to worthy institutions such as the New York Press, the Madagascar Institute, the Daredevil Opera Company, and Dark Passage.

She is mostly interested in finding and cultivating allies, and fostering collaboration among artists, performers, creators, inventors & the many fascinating people she often finds or spies on from afar.

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