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Open Calls: Fall 2021

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

Monday, August 2, 11:59 (CLOSED)

Curated by Cameron Granger
A Rhizome Project Exhibition
In Partnership with The Chocolate Factory Theater.

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Let’s think about the shared history of Black Folks in the same way poet Hanif Abdurraqib describes the Soul Train Line: A narrow writhing seemingly endless tunnel of Black Folks smiling and clapping. Where, in the center, partners are brought together – sometimes by intention, many times by fate. And together, using what knowledge they have of themselves and their bodies, they must make their way out – to the other side – urged on by the blooming claps around them.

These shared stories become less visible as we move through the present and into the future. Our histories are often confined to the margins (a tunnel of its own) and redacted to a distorted past tense. In their place, a violent vernacular has been built, creating an imaging that finds Black Folks – to quote sociologist and scholar Ruha Benjamin: “trapped between regimes of invisibility and hypervisibility”

For the exhibition Put your hands where my eyes can see, we are looking for work made by Black artists with lenses, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculptural techniques, or performance practices, that like Ms. Toni Morrison said, moves to “carve away at the accretions of deceit, ignorance, and sheer malevolence” embedded in the images & language of the powerful, so that new ways of imaging, and thus new futures are “not only available, but inevitable.”

All artists will receive a $250 honorarium. The Exhibition will take place at the Chocolate Factory Theater.

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Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety – DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUGUST 12

Monday, August 12, 11:59

Curated by Jeju Island

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Collaborative team “Jeju Island” and Flux Factory are excited to announce an open call for the exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”. 

This exhibition takes as its premise the state of ultra-anxiety our culture is functioning within due to the pandemic and worldwide social and economic upheaval. It questions whether our endlessly competitive society, which rewards selfish behavior over altruism, has given us the tools needed to survive or whether artists are needed to lead us away from the brink of extinction.

This group exhibition proposes physical, emotional and psychological survival through the adoption of tactics, methods and tools central to artistic creation but commonly marginalized by societies focused on expediency and short -term financial profit. Through tactics, gadgets, gizmos, interactive machinery, and video narratives a course forward will be explored that values and utilizes unfettered imagination, rampant invention, irrational systems, dream logic, humor and the impossible. This exhibition depends upon and makes the case for a world built on the notion that things are not fixed in their identities but are mutable and can be changed into other things.

We invite artists to submit their work in any medium in 2-D, 3-D, time-based, web-based, performance, and more.

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