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Past Fluxers

Remi Dalton

Remi Dalton’s work investigates how internet culture has blurred the boundaries between art and life, aesthetics and ethics.

Christina Helena Romirer

Christina Helena Romirer is based in Vienna / Austria is an artist and scenographer. She works in the fields of fine art, theatre and film.

Layo Bright

Layo Bright works in sculpture and installation to build visual compositions that address African narratives.

Anthony Janas

Anthony Janas. Retired Magician. Boat Captain. Sound Artist with a focus on advanced modular synthesizer techniques and digitally processed field recordings.

Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Nine Yamamoto-Masson is a French-Japanese artist, theorist, writer, community organiser, activist, and translator.

Marjan Verstappen

Marjan Verstappen makes photographic fiction, objects for the anthropocene, and art for the unforeseeable future.

Anna Sorokovaya

Anna Sorokovaya is a Ukrainian visual artist and curator working in interdisciplinary projects. She also works towards the preservation of Soshenko 33, an art space in Kyiv.

DaShaun Hightower

DaShaun Hightower’s work utilizes textile art, sound, and drawing. His artwork centers around narratives of the black experience in America.

Nicolas Lossen

Nicolas Lossen, is a Guitar player, Vocalist, Composer and Producer from Martinique, French West Indies. He is currently working on 3 projects weaving styles and content.

Mimi K Tohill

Mimi K Tohill (she/her) is a “cultural organizer” in residence. She dreams of being a policy-maker, but for now will settle for finding the sweet joy in doing things “for the sake of the future.”


Somali independent filmmaker Hana Mire studied at the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi. She is directing and producing her first feature length documentary,

Ev Zverev

Ev Zverev is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on the duality of profound and profane.

Hunter Creel

Hunter Creel is an artist whose practice revolves around his unique access to the multi-verse in attempt to discover, collect, observe new forms of technology, information, energy, and resources.

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy is a filmmaker, composer, and writer. She holds an MFA in visual arts from the University of California, San Diego.

Tse Fei

Tse Fei is a conceptual artist and a secondary school Visual Arts teacher. Tse believes that the possibility of a man and his art should be unlimited.

Cameron Granger

Cameron Granger grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, inheriting both a love of soul music, and a tendency for apologizing too much. His work explores his place in, and role as a product of American media.

Tzu-an Ko

Tzu-an Ko is Concerned about popular culture and the conflict between personal identities and social values. She invites audiences to contemplate with different perspectives, to think about the relationships between people and the robots of existential labor.

Marta Masternak

Masternak´s work oscillates mostly between sculpture and drawing and it is presented in site-specific arrangements, that intend to evoke a mood rather than telling a story.

Lizzy De Vita

Flux Factory’s Accessibility Fellow, Lizzy De Vita’s work occupies a constellation of mediums, including performance, text, sound, drawing, installation, video and sculpture.

Deloris “Dew” Igworia

Deloris Igworia is a first generation American poet, writer, musician, designer etc built by two Nigerian immigrants and all the truths that come along with this

Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe

Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe is a conceptual artist and curator who focuses on themes of intimacy, queer identity, digital labor and surveillance in the post-smartphone age.

Nova Scott-James

Nova Scott-James is a filmmaker, artist and creative coach from Harlem, NYC. Her work honors improvisation, altered states of consciousness, ritual and collaboration.

Sholeh Asgary

Sholeh Asgary is an Iranian-American multidisciplinary artist, educator and organizer who references lens-based media through sculpture, painting, installation, and sound.

Daniel Fishkin

Daniel Fishkin’s ears are ringing. Composer, sound artist, and instrument builder, Daniel’s lifework investigating the aesthetics of hearing damage has received international press.

Bruno Silva

In his practice, he lets himself be surrounded by forms, observed or found according to moments of strolling, personal experiences or random encounters that become the sources of his work.

阿三 Chan Sai-lok

As an artist and writer based in Hong Kong, 阿三 Chan Sai-lok glides across fields of art and literary practice, education, art criticism and gender studies.


The performative works of Yuriy Kruchak and Iuliia Kosterieva transform the audience into the actors, creating a community consisting of the artist and the viewer.

Anton Lapov

Based in the Ukraine, Anton Lapov is an artist, musician, independent curator and museologist.

Denae (Nae) Howard

Denae is currently working on projects focusing on re-appropriating negative archetypes and stereotypes to reclaim and transcend positive meaning for black and brown people.

Janine El Khawand

Janine El Khawand is a cultural organizer, illustrator, educator and activist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She is the co-founder of a feminist artist-run space, working towards a more diverse and inclusive art scene. 

Amia Megumi Yokoyama

Amia Megumi Yokoyama is a multi-media artist who works with experimental animation, video, sculpture, performance, and installation.

Catalina Jordan Alvarez

Catalina Jordan Alvarez work has screened at over forty festivals, including: Slamdance Film Festival; the Los Angeles Film Festival; the New Orleans Film Festival; Rooftop Films Summer Series: Fantastic Fest (winner Best Picture); Oxford Film Festival (winner Best New Media); and Edinburgh Short Film Festival (winner Best Film) and etc.

Kalon Hayward

Kalon Hayward regularly collaborates with renowned theatre artist in the New York City area. As an actor, singer, performance artist he has performed throughout the United States, Africa, and Europe.

Ryan Clayton

Ryan Clayton is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Clayton fashions technology which continuously reshapes and morphs both hisself and the worlds in which he finds himself.  

Wieteke Heldens

Wieteke Heldens is based in The Hague and New York. She makes obsessive drawings and paintings that employ mathematical formulas as the starting point but channel feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Pallavi Sen

Pallavi Sen works with installation, printmaking, textiles, Instagram, and intuitive movement. Current interests include inner lives of birds and animals, South Asian costumes, cooking deliberately and . . .

Amir Badawi

Amir Badawi works primarily in sculpture, drawing, and painting.  His artwork centers on themes of tension, play, and the spaces of uncertainty that pervade the personal, social, and metaphysical realms.

Claudine Zia

Claudine Zia holds a MA in Art History. She is a freelance writer and curator who works both independently and collaboratively.

Jess Dilday (aka PlayPlay)

PlayPlay is a DJ, producer, party organizer, professor, and all around music nerd from North Carolina.

Lexy Ho-Tai

Lexy Ho-Tai is an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in the intersection between art making and making the world a better place.

Stephen McLeod

Stephen McLeod is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Toronto and Newboro Ontario. His work is collaborative, socially engaged and presented in shifting forms of interactive installation, performance and video.

Jaime “Idea” Iglehart

Jaime Iglehart explores dreamscapes and the line between imagination and concrete world-building. Her projects involve socially engaged ‘play,’ dystopian fantasy and highly personal iconography.

Martha Naranjo Sandoval

Martha Naranjo Sandoval is a New York-based filmmaker and visual artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses in the materiality of image; in the difference between how time is portrayed in moving and still image; and in how images gain significance culturally. 

Jack Hogan

Jack Hogan is an artist and lapsed architect from Waterford, Ireland. He is based in New York and New Jersey. His work is about the everyday sadism and masochism that…

Kyung-jin Kim 

Kyung-jin Kim (b. South Korea) inducts a sense of what cannot be known through sculpture and models, video projections, and interactive sound installations.

Monique Muse Dodd

Monique Muse Dodd is a Maryland born, NYC based filmmaker and photographer. Her focus lies in both the shared and diverse experiences of people within the African Diaspora.

thetOOth&therOOt: Camille and Nikita Kravtsov

The Tooth&The Root, Nikita Kravtsov and Camille Kravtsov Sagnes have been making audio and video work together since 2015, using painting, embroidery drawings and collage to create animations of social commentary and absurdity. 

Chen An-An

Chen An-An is a sculptor and installation artist based in Taiwan. Through making art, she explores ways of expressing loss and reconsiders how gender/sexual discrimination in Taiwanese society is rendered invisible.

Video Jam: Eliyana Evans, Sarah Hill, Shereen Perera & filmmaker Scout Stuart

Video Jam is based out of Manchester, UK. Their live event series seeks to explore the relationship between moving image and sound.

Danielle Freakley

Danielle Freakley is an Australian born artist based in Perth/Melbourne. Her performances change daily social communication and relationships, exposing historical and lurking private projections and subtexts.

Carla “KiKi” Freiha

Carla “Kiki” Freiha is Executive Director at aec USA, a nonprofit organization serving marginalized communities in Lebanon, a passionate permaculturalist and now taking lead on Flux’s edible greenhouse project.

Oksana Mironova

Oksana Mironova was born in the former Soviet Union and grew up in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Flux Factory is excited to have Oksana working here as a Cultural Equity & Organizational Sustainability Fellow, under the Column Shifting program.

Gezi Cao

Gezi Cao is a writer and artist based in NYC. Her work spans a broad array of media—text, animation, water color, oil painting, and ceramic—that focuses on one central theme: the different ways that people experience loneliness.

Richard (DJ Vinyl Richie) Nathaniel

Bronx native Richard (DJ Vinyl Richie) Nathaniel got his taste for music at a young age listening to records in the house and around the parties in his neighborhood. When…

Ashley Yang-Thompson

Ashley Yang-Thompson gave up baking, mopping, and hula-hooping for pictures and bad poetry.

Razan AlSalah

Razan AlSalah is a Lebanese-Palestinian media artist and cinematographer living and working between Beirut, Philadelphia and New York. She is a Fulbright scholar and MFA candidate at Temple University.

Kai-chun Chiang (江凯群)

Chiang Kai-chun is a photographer and experimental film maker who combines anime and painting in his work. Based between Taiwan and France the artist explores the relationship between identity and travel.

Macon Reed

Macon Reed works in sculpture, installation, video, radio documentary, and participatory projects to explore notions of belonging, the limits of optimism, and play as ritual transcendence from frameworks of evolving queer and feminist discourses.

Firoz Mahmud

Firoz Mahmud (b. Khulna) was based in Tokyo and now in New York. He was at the Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten, did MFA from Tama Art University, PhD on Fine Arts from the University of the Arts in Tokyo, Japan. He works on installation, photography, painting and mixed media.

J Triangular

A Videoartist, Curator and Promoter From Bogotá – Valparaiso, everything began when I found an old super8 camera and started to make rituals with the spiritual guidance of Aleister Crowley, caos magick, and a tarot class that I took with Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Eva Ursprung

lives and works in Graz/ Austria. She studied psychology and linguistics. Since 1986 free lancing artist and curator: installations, performances, art in the public, electronic and social space. Works with video, conceptual photography and sound.

Janus Høm

Janus Høm (b. 1985), studied at The Royal Danish Art Academy, Akademie für Bildende Künste Wien, and Universität der Künste Berlin.

Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos

Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos is an interdisciplinary space creature that was raised in Queens by Greeks. She finds meaning in the supernatural and is often guided/derailed by magical thinking, shaky faith, and a deck of playing cards.

Wook Seo

Wook Seo is a craft based artist working in New York and Seoul. His sculptural objects deconstruct general perceptions of familiar objects by re-constructing meanings and undermining archetypes.

Zeelie Brown

Zeelie Brown transforms art spaces into utopic, black, transfeminine, post-internet refuges called “soulscapes” merging cello performance, electronic music, and installation art to overturn landscapes of capital intent on the economic genocide of queer black people.

Lane Speidel

Offered an opportunity to explain things . . .

Amela Parcic

Amela Parcic is an interdisciplinary artist who uses video installations, paintings,collages, and photography to explore memory and the sense of dislocation that urbanization has on individuals.

Yi Zhou

Born and raised in Beijing, Yi Zhou is an artist and independent designer. She takes inspiration from social issues through observation and categorization, transferring those insights and analysis into playful artistic manifestations.

Tingwei Li

Tingwei Li is a Chinese born artist based in Berlin, having recently worked in Shanghai. She arranges information associated with objects of all kinds and engages in inter-disciplinary based research.

Jung In Jung

Jung In Jung is an audiovisual artist who has been collaborating with contemporary dancers, and considers how to present audiovisual composition with interactivity and physical movement. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Music Technology at University of Huddersfield in Manchester.

Joelle Fleurantin

Joelle Fleurantin is an artist and researcher in a committed relationship with her computer. Her work explores this often functional, sometimes dysfunctional union. Joelle received a Master’s from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and and studied art history and film at Yale University and Brooklyn College respectively.

Christina Freeman

Christina Freeman is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work takes on various forms including photography, video, artists’ books, multimedia installation, collaborative performance, and curatorial projects.

Emireth Herrera

Emireth Herrera is a visual arts researcher and curator. She works as a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. In order to foster academic research she has organized expositions and international artistic events that involve sustainability and site-specific actions.

Niki Passath

In his artistic creations, Niki Passath searches for answers to the mystery of life, people, their emotions, social behavior, their behavior compared to machines and to the surrounding nature.

Bastian Hoffman

Bastian Hoffmann is a German artist who creates sculptures, installations and videos. He is interested in conceptual analysis of common objects and everyday situations. Issues such as the cosmos, natural phenomena and the familiar, the traditional object are guided by him ad absurdum.

Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger is interested in the complexities of social experiences, cultural idiosyncrasies and collective vices. Her work often pulls from specific venues that offer entertainment, distraction and escape in an effort to contemplate the relationship between moments of extraordinary circumstance and the inevitable return to day-to-day routine.

Olesya Shchukina

Olesya Shchukina is a Russian animation filmmaker and illustrator based in France. She mixes drama and comedy and uses animation as a medium to bring her ideas to life.

Barbara Vergara

Bárbara Vergara is an artist from Santiago, Chile, currently living in México City. Beginning from what occurs in the everyday, specifically in public streets, she focuses on the ways that public space is practiced and inhabited, as a process of revealing the political, social and economic structures present.

Cait Davis

The most common themes in the work of Cait Davis are nature, dichotomy and questions about existence. Cait explores these themes through varying techniques, including live-action cinema, animation, sculpture and printmaking, setting her subjects in a range of landscapes, from the darkly ominous to the candy colored.

Ro Garrido

Ro Garrido is an artist from Queens, New York, born in Lima, Peru. Ro’s work grapples with themes of memory, intimacy and loss, as related to migration, history, and trauma, in an attempt to build intimate, emotional linkages as a point of entry into personal and political forms of engagement.

Yatta Zoker

yatta zoker is a sierra-leonean american digipoet & performer who remixes shamanic sounds with her jazz vocals to create music to lie down in.

Hadi Nasiri

Hadi Nasiri is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist / designer and activist. Much of his work deals with topics that question today’s political, social, cultural and human rights.

Rony Efrat

Rony Efrat is a translator, linguist, language teacher and the artistic director of a platform of artistic collaboration. She has lived and studied in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Venice and Paris, and teaches and learns Hebrew, English, French, Italian, and German.

Jason Eppink

Jason Eppink engages in public space magic, open source scheming, moving image mischief, photon reappropriation, and linguistic subterfuge.

His doings have been seen worldwide because they’re all on the internet. Also they’ve been seen worldwide in galleries.

Tali Petschek & Marin Watts

Tali and Marin’s work is performative, most often existing as video in the shape of documentation of a private performance. These performances broadly explore intimacy and identity, as well as examines how queer bodies and identities exist in a society that polices and asserts what is socially acceptable.

Tommy Nguyensmith

From community-focused performative installations to weirdo pop blazed events, Tommy Nguyen hopes for people to find their kink and enjoy that weirdness.

Louise Hobson

Louise Hobson is an independent creative practitioner, working across the roles of curator, producer and artist. Louise’s curatorial practice draws on architectural influences, using a cross-disciplinary approach to create propositions for new patterns of exchange.

Elisabeth Wieser

Elisabeth Wieser is a German artist who creates site-specific sculptures and architectural interventions, complemented by drawings, collages and film.

Sarah Greenbaum

Sarah Greenbaum’s work ranges from traditional drawing and paintings to abstract watercolors and collage. Currently she is illustrating a DIY comic book about how to build a ukulele.


TOK is curatorial collective based in St Petersburg and founded by Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits in 2010 as a platform for conducting interdisciplinary projects in the fields of contemporary art and design and social sciences.

Abigail Entsminger

Abigail Entsminger is a performance artist, writer, and set designer from San Antonio, TX. Her collaborative performance work focuses on a wide range of subjects varying from the examination of Futurist texts to community art fabrication under the guidance of fictional internationally renowned Artists.

Fatima Rodrigo

Fatima Rodrigo’s work features modern tropical and geometric images, filled with nostalgia from Latin American pop culture of the past.

Eleanor Scholz

Eleanor Scholz is a visual artist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and the SF Bay Area. Her current work focuses on pyrography (wood burning), pattern building, the obsessive mark, and sacred artworks.

Molly Haslund

Molly Haslund incorporates musical compositions and sculptural objects into interdisciplinary performances, often in close interaction with the audience, architecture and urban space. Her work explores how ideas, identities and social hierarchies are intimately connected and negotiated through bodily gestures, rituals and arrangements of our physical surroundings.

Seth Larson

Seth Larson is a writer, performance artist and theater director from San Antonio, TX. His work focuses on the collaborative creation of performances, with an emphasis on Futurist and Surrealist themes.

Kara Jefts

Kara Jefts is a curator, art historian, and artist. Her work centers around themes of ero guro nansensu (erotic grotesque nonsense) and the activity of an artist group associated under the name Mavo (active 1923-1926).

Maya Quattropani

Maya Quattropani is a visual artist & art teacher based in Turin, Italy, working with performance, analog photography, video, sound and textual/narrative installations. Her work is an archive-in-progress of daily rituals developed in participatory actions/games/workshops/excursions involving people to cooperate in the construction of a new (artistic) community.

Dylan Neely

Dylan Neely is a composer and improviser whose work includes electroacoustic violin performance, opera, sound installation, and various multimedia collaborations.

Bonella Holloway

Bonella Holloway explores the structures of everyday life, focusing on its humour and musicality through video, writing, sound and performance. Rhythms of transport, meals, speech, emotional patterns, sexuality, editing processes of cinema, and experimental music become tropes, used and deformed to construct her own visual universe.

Ariel Abrahams

Ariel Abrahams writes poetry in email, inky pen drawings, .zip files, audio, sleepovers, long walks, and Shabbat dinners.

Lyoudmila Milanova

Lyoudmila Milanova is a media artist based in Cologne, Germany, who works across the boundaries of video, installation and performance. She is fascinated by the nature of the process, the gradual change, by those tiny, almost invisible moments of transitions when the standstill turns to movement, the static to the kinetic, or vice versa.

Caroline Partamian

Caroline Partamian is an independent curator, artist, and chef. Her exhibitions focus on kinetic memory and somatics in relation to dance and performance.

Maddie Hewitt

Maddie Hewitt is a visual artist and curator from Philadelphia, PA. In her artistic practice, Hewitt uses familiar objects to alter the viewer’s conception of time and its natural rhythm.

Tzu-Huan Lin

Tzu-Huan Lin creates work with situations in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural function

Jemila MacEwan

Jemila MacEwan’s work is characterized by an otherworldly re-imagining of the body through processes of play.

Lee Tusman

Lee Tusman presents projects that straddle the intersection of ideas that are socially-based, urban in nature and that combine unconventional practices with contemporary visual arts and internet media.

Antje Rieck

Antje Rieck’s work examines ideas of transformation, transcendance and metamorphosis, positioning the human body as a porous receptacle in dialogue with its environment.

Paul Kuniholm Pauper

Paul Kuniholm Pauper is a public artist who creates art embodying sculptural objects, often using a human as exhibition system, art using digital material, video and various time-based artwork.

Stephanie Griffin

Stephanie is an organizer, curator and facilitator of people, music, vintage clothing and various desert plants, and is Flux Factory’s Administrator & PR Director.

Kathryn Sclavi

Kathryn Sclavi creates socially-engaged projects such as colorful forts, art parades, social gatherings, and workshops designed to encourage communication, celebrate spaces, and create new dimensions of shared experiences.

Robert Levy

Robert Levy’s present work encompasses electromechanical sculpture, installation, and photography, and draws inspiration from nonlinear dynamics and systems neuroscience. He is especially interested in oscillatory models of mental illness and social dysfunction, and in the investigation of boundary states where scientific practice coexists with magic and folklore.

Donald Daedalus

Donald Daedalus is an artist interested in architecture and urban design; critical and expanded cinema; epistemology and scientific method.

Valentina Medda

Valentina Medda is concerned by one’s relationship with the urban environment, the possibility of feeling part of it, grasping its borders and reshaping it an way that reflects one’s desires and needs.

Julia Carrillo Escalera

Julia Carrillo Escalera’s practice utilizes mathematics and physics in order to build an approach to natural phenomena, such as the transformation of space, the motion of light, and the forces that condition life on Earth.

Amber Hickey

Amber is a cultural researcher and educator currently working on a project about non-human climate activism.

Rodrigo Ímaz

Through poetical analogies of nature and anthropogenic events, Rodrigo Ímaz’s practice emphasizes the inadequacies of instrumental reason, while critiquing contemporary society by exploring the violent nature of the relationship between life and cycles of nature.


SofieRex is a queer-feminist political activist from Copenhagen-Denmark with loads of experience working with political community building, collective organizing and political events/protests, employing ideas of Utopia centered around non-hierarchical collective living and collective political organizing.

Lavinia Raccanello

Lavinia Raccanello’s work focuses on the relationship between human beings, society and social justice, with a particular emphasis on the power of dialectic and participatory practice, and the conflict between state power and personal autonomy and responsibility.

Stephen Polk

Stephen Polk is an educator, researcher, and community organizer. He’s been involved in numerous movements and projects, including anti-war organizing, 10 years of collective living, Occupy Denver, food justice and gardening.

Matthias Borello

Matthias Borello is a Danish critic and independent curator focused on art practices, exhibition formats and curatorial strategies within social practices.

Allison Halter

Allison Halter is a conceptual artist interested in systems of power, in the acquisition and abdication of control.

Javier Sanchez

Javier Sánchez is a New York-based independent art critic and curator. He recently completed his studies at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.

Roopa Vasudevan

Roopa Vasudevan is an artist, developer and researcher. Her practice involves creating visual, usually physical representations of data that have a great and often subconscious influence on the way that we treat one another.

Colin Brant

Filmmaker Colin Brant’s work deals primarily with solitary adventure or personal perspectives on collective happenings.

Alisha Monypenny

Alisha Monypenny is interested in the motivating forces behind memoir, the negotiation between an artist’s willingness to reveal a thing and the audience’s desire to consume it.

Misha Rabinovich

Misha Rabinovich is investigating the idea of Waste as a cultural construct, and is interested in making ecology legible through multi-player gaming.

Caitlin Foley

Caitlin Foley is interested in creating spaces conducive to experiencing time slowly.

Danny Crump

Danny Crump is a visual artist working primarily in sculpture, and a musician seeking to turn common melodies into unique visual experiences.

Will Owen

Will Owen is an artist working primarily with design, interactive media, sound, and food. He’s interested in the social intersections of the organic & synthetic, memory & perceived reality, and Fozzie Bear & Miss Piggy.

Matt Green

Matt is a pedestrian. He’s walked across the USA, from New York to Oregon, and is now walking every block of all five boroughs of NYC. Long story short, he walks around and looks at stuff.

Tina Kohlmann

Tina Kohlmann questions the metaphysical, the hallucinatory, the organic and inorganic. Her work is found at the crossing of a road, the loud concert area, in haunting lab experiments and psychokinesis.

Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden started making comics while in residence at Flux Factory in 2006. They weren’t the best comics, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Gil Lopez

Gil Lopez is an urban farmer, eco-educator, landscape designer/installer and direct action crafter.

Ben Seretan

Ben Seretan plays the electric guitar, sings, and makes long music – big, sweeping clouds of tones that fill a room.

Tahnee Godt

Tahnee Godt’s work often leads to partly performative, space­-oriented, large scale installations with an interactive character.

Zuzia Juszkiewicz

Zuzia Juszkiewicz is a multidisciplinary visual artist born in Gdansk. Her practice revolves around topics of ‘encounter’ in forms of sound, text, cartography and painting.

Serge Stephan

Paris based artist Serge Stephan is a storyteller in many mediums. Writing, performance, sculpture, painting and music are fields that he infiltrates and plays against each other.

Christopher Stiegler

Art historian and curator, Chris Stiegler is more publicly known through a string of aliases.

Ayden L.M. Grout

Ayden L.M. Grout is an artist, writer and translator working at the intersection of language and image. In addition to her own practice, she is part of the core collaborative team of Odyssey Works, an interdisciplinary performance group that makes durational experiences for an audience of one.

Jimmy Riordan

Jimmy Riordan is an Alaskan multidisciplinary artist and educator. Though technically trained in book-arts and printmaking, Riordan’s work is not bound by any specific media.


Reactor is an art group that assembles new, collective realities in which audiences and Reactor members co‑participate. Reactor projects explore the ways in which cohesion of social groups is maintained through shared belief systems and collective action.

Rivca Burns

Rivca Burns is the Programme Producer at the Islington Mill, a festival curator along with Mark Carlin of Sounds From the Other City festival, and sometimes DJ/visual artist.

Mark Carlin

Mark Carlin is the founder and co-director of Islington Mill Arts Club, the organisation which programmes and manages all public facing events, exhibitions and residencies at Islington Mill. Whilst at Flux Factory, Mark will be researching artist residency models, and the cultural and creative funding landscape within the city, beginning with Flux Factory itself.

Helen Kaplinsky

Helen Kaplinsky is an independent curator and writer based in London.

Alejandro Botubol

Alejandro Botubol (b. 1979, Cádiz, Spain). Graduated From BFA Painting and Design, University of Fine Arts in Seville (2007); followed by MFA Art, Idea and Production, University of Fine Arts, Seville (2012).

Maurice Carlin

Maurice Carlin is a Manchester based artist and co-director of Islington Mill. His work merges performance, place and publishing to produce dialogues between digital and physical experience.

Volkov Commanders

We are the Volkov Commanders, a unified alter ego from a future of our own making who have travelled from the Moon on the Volkov, a large mechanical woolly Mammoth. We entertain and excite, making work centered on characters that celebrate movement, sound and costume.

Rachel Goodyear

Rachel Goodyear creates drawings that present a peculiar world of disjointed narratives – they are sometimes absurd and ridiculous, and at other times full of melancholy and loss; mostly tinted with dark humour.

Orsina Pasargiklian

Orsina Pasargiklian is a London based artist, born in 1987 in Milan, Italy. Her work investigates aspects of urbanization and the coming together of different cultures within cities as a consequence of a globalized world.

Amelie Wedel

Amelie studies Art History and Comparative Literature at Free University Berlin. She is currently conducting research for her final thesis in Art History on the topic of alternative art spaces with a focus on the 1970s.

Sara G. Arjona

Sara G. Arjona has curated numerous exhibitions in different spaces. She started in Spain solidifying her projects in alternative spaces such as restaurants, hotels and art spaces. She has also participated in curating projects in Art Fairs around Europe.

Athena Denos

Athena Denos is a student and artist currently based in Long Island City, NY from Los Angeles, CA, and is Flux Factory’s intern.

Elana Belle Carroll

Elana Belle Carroll writes, produces and performs electronic, experimental, and Americana music, organizes live performances, and writes about commercial and social experiences of music.

Emi Nishiwaki

Emi Nishiwaki cuts short clips of live performances that cannot be recreated (singular characteristics) using video and photography as a means to capture and reproduce them (producible characteristics). She then transforms these images into an installation, so that the audience can experience the ‘singular characteristics’ at that specific place and time.

Meng-Hsuan Wu

Meng-Hsuan Wu’s art is not only a way to record her insights into life but also a means for her to observe other people’s perspectives about being. How can changing a person’s life condition influence one’s sense of existence, both physically and spiritually?

Heather Kapplow

Heather Kapplow’s work at Flux Factory is part of an ongoing series of projects focused on the nature of vocation. Over the course of almost ten friggin’ years now, Heather has been investigating different career paths in deep, unorthodox ways by providing alternate interpretations of job titles and work experiences.

Dylana Dillon

Dylana Dillon – one of Flux’s Community Organizers in Residence – is an activist, artist and educator hailing from the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. Dylana’s work can be viewed primarily through the lenses of environmental justice and cross cultural exploration.

Jacobus Capone

Jacobus Capone is a Perth based emerging artist working within durational performance, installation, painting and video. His work continually has an emotional and humanistic sensitivity, and centers around the desire and constant effort to integrate all action into the wholeness of one lived experience.

Piero Passacantando

Piero Passacantando, CEO of MyNerva, a collaborative center for artistic research, dialogue and production exploring corporate structures.

Loney Abrams

Loney Abrams is an artist, curator, and critical writer living and working in New York. Her practice locates the internet as an exhibition space and an alternative to institutionalized or market-driven curatorial praxis.

Rob O’Connor

Rob O’Connor’s work is primarily painting based, but touches on all manner medium and contexts, both traditional and experimental all of which expand upon and feed into each other. Pivotal to his practice is the processing of excessive cultural stimuli and historical memory.

Eirini Oraiopoulou

Eirini Oraiopoulou works within the fields of urbanism, social, and cultural studies, with a focus on the local-global dialectic and the contemporary city.

Philip Emde

In his body of work, Philip Emde investigates the question of how to “cope with everyday life,” and creates cyclical series of work using screen printing and etching techniques.

Anastasios Logothetis

Anastasios Logothetis (1979) is a spontaneously re-occuring guest at Flux Factory and multidisciplinary artist who shares his time between Stockholm and New York.

Sarah Witt

Sarah Witt is a skeptically serious and professional interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of performance and non-performance.

Stéphane Pauvret

Stéphane Pauvret is an artist, documentary video-maker, and film programmer. He overturns the conventions of our standard spaces of representation, in order to open up new fields of investigation while maintaining a critical approach to ‘the spectacle’ and the mark it has made on our way of life.

Filippos Oraipoulos

Filippos Oraipoulos is an architect, theoretician, and historian, who has studied mathematic logic and the philosophy of knowledge. He has spent the last fifteen years focused on poetical theory in architecture and art.

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

Each of Theodoros Zafeiropoulos’s projects is the result of modifying a material from its prior use, with refined intentions and specific handling. Through continuous transformation, the primary material becomes a tool and carrier of diverse human and natural characteristics.

Constantin Hartenstein

Constantin Hartenstein is an installation and video artist living and working in Herzberg, Berlin and New York.

Christine Laquet

Christine Laquet’s anthropological research takes the form of sculptures, photographs, films and paintings, in which the natural world and wildlife meet the artifice at the crossroads of mythological and natural history.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan

Born in Korea, Anne Duk Hee Jordan currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She received her art training at the Institut für Raum Experimente, UDK, Berlin, where she attained her Meisterschülerin in 2011-2012, supervised by Olafur Eliasson.

Mille Højerslev Nielsen

Mille Højerslev Nielsen (born 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a freelance writer, curator and a hard core aesthete.

Maria Pecchioli

Maria Pecchioli (1977, Florence) – graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 2002, her artistic research deals with painting, photography techniques and video. In February 2009 she graduated in Visual Art and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan

Marco Castro

Trained as an interactive designer at NYU Tisch, Castro is an artist and designer looking to combine his background in art, technology and design to imagine playful experiments that explore healthier and sustainable lifestyles.

Harold Guérin

Harold Guérin’s work questions the relationship between architecture and internal changes that occur in the surrounding landscape. His interest lies in challenging the foundations of urban planning that are in collision with the Earth’s rhythm and its unpredictable structural mutations.

Stephanie Avery

Artist, art director, adventurer. Based in Toronto, in the great white north, Stephanie’s art involves finding beauty in the grotesque, from installations made entirely of human teeth, to photographing abandoned buildings, to re-appropriating left-overs for time-based sculptures, and always with a dash of humour.

Vlad Smolkin

Vlad Smolkin’s work is generally concerned with the changing identities of objects across time. For Smolkin, the implications of a given material have to do not only with its physical properties or even its practical use in the world, but also with its historical provenance and exchange value.

Risa Tsunegi

Risa’s work explores the relation between 2D and 3D, along with her concerns in materials – surface, colors and the tactility. She is fascinated by the aspects of duality in architecture, such as structural engineering that should be obvious from the building itself, but at the same time seems invisible due to lack of information and knowledge.

Irene Lee

Irene Lee is an educator through the arts. She is inspired by empowerment and teaching through story, and succeeding oral, written, or aesthetic interpretations.

Cecilia Enberg

Cecilia Enberg is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a B.Sc in Multimedia and is a member of KKV Nacka; an artist run workshop in Stockholm. Cecilia is…

David Spriggs

The work of David Spriggs lies in a space between the 2 and 3 dimensions. He explores the representation and strategies of power, the symbolic meanings of colour, movement, and the thresholds of form and perception.

Sam Perry

Sam Perry is an Artist and Curator from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Sam came to New York to work with Flux in Nov 2011 and has returned as curatorial resident, working towards a group show for the fall of 2012.

Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez

Carina is an arts worker, curator, chef, and is Flux Factory’s Managing Director.

Shona Masarin

Shona is an Australian filmmaker, arts worker, graphic designer, and Flux Factory’s Interim Director. Her films involve the physical, alchemic, and sculptural manipulation of original and found images to create abstract animations.

Corinna Kirsch

Corinna Kirsch is a curator and critic, and Flux’s Development Assistant. When she’s not working on grants for Flux, she’s working on the annual benefit and silent auction. Every week, she blogs for Art Fag City and The L Magazine’s blog The Measure.

Rory O’Connor

Rory O’Connor makes work that attempts to break some illusion or tease the perception of an object or spatial composition.

Phuc Le

Focusing on social structures, mainly human connections and relationships that exist in his multi-faceted consciousness, Le makes chromogenic prints through a performative approach towards portraiture—utilizing a combination of analog and digital photography.


Soda_Jerk is an Australian two-person art collective that works with found material to trouble existing formulations of cultural history. By strategically reimagining historical trajectories, the artists are concerned with producing counter-mythologies of the past that open new possibilities for the present.

Theodoros Stamatogiannis

Theodoros is researching how architecture can create sculptural objects questioning the boundaries between architecture and sculpture, interior and exterior space, private and public.

Katrine Malinovsky

The works by collaborative duo Randi & Katrine are a result of their common interest in combining architecture, objects and narration, and a fascination with monumental scale installations in which a dynamic exchange between the viewer and a specific space are emphasized.

Aliya Bonar

Aliya Bonar is an artist, community organizer and event producer using fashion, costume, interview and installation to break down the divide between Professional and Playful.

Nick Cregor

Nick Cregor makes performances, videos, music, and other things. His work hopes to sometimes be or achieve being felt in the internal organs of the body.

Tuguldur Yondonjamts

Tuguldur Yondonjamts was born in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) in 1977. He tackles issues surrounding the changes affecting Mongolia’s society and economic development.

Elisa Harkins

Elisa “Pooper” Harkins is a Native American composer and artist originally hailing from Miami, Oklahoma. Her music, animation, paintings and paper mache sculptures investigate Native American stories, rituals, and spirituality through a the lens of someone raised on pop culture and computer games.

Ioanna Gouma

Ioanna Gouma’s work is influenced by microcosm and macrocosm. A starting point is often the observation of the natural environment – rhythms and routes that she discovers in the landscape.

Ye Taik

Ye Taik is a performing artist / avant-garde dancer, born in Rangoon, Burma. He dedicates most of his time to his practice as a collaborative choreographer, performer, curator, experimental theater artist and playwright; to discovering and developing cultural interactions through art and performance.

Alison Nguyen

Alison Nguyen is a New York-based artist working in film, video, photography, and installation. She uses these forms to raise questions about the circulation of images and the cultural surrounding.

Lena Hawkins

Lena Hawkins creates image-based works that re-enact rare and other non-circulating materials. She practices analog techniques including producing prints, films, and microfilms in an effort to preserve and re-construct fabricated entities. Her favorite topics of conversation are unsolved mysteries, recreational vehicles, and products that are out of production.

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (from Denmark, b. 1977. ) uses various mediums such as video, installation and collaborations. She is invested in deconstructing the intersections of the subjective and the objective perspectives, in order to pose alternative narratives and forms of representation of what we consider reality.

Lehna Huie

Lehna Huie is an artist, and storyteller who archives and records life, and memory through expression. Her belief in the power of “multi-vocal” art gives voice to living culture: critique, celebration, and transformation. She explores the various elements of identity, liberation, “home”, time travel and migration through an organic ritual of painting, art making

Astrid Nobel

Astrid Nobel is a multi-media artist from The Netherlands. She graduated from Minerva Academy of Fine Art Groningen in 2007 after which she attended the postgraduate program DNA in The Hague, where she still lives and works.

Christina Vassallo

Christina Vassallo has been involved with Flux Factory since 2010 and was appointed Executive Director in June 2011. She also has organized projects for a variety of non-profit and for-profit venues through her curatorial platform Random Number.

Joe Shaw

Joe is a training architect and writer from Manchester. His writing about his own city has been published by the tourist board in several languages and his zine ‘Belle Vue’ dishes out small printed nuggets of urban topophilia to proud Mancunians everywhere.

Sanaz Mazinani

Sanaz Mazinani is an artist whose practice intersects conceptual and formal boundaries of the two dimensional image in response to site, sight and sound. Born in Tehran, Iran, she holds her undergraduate degree from Ontario College of Art & Design University and her MFA from Stanford University.

Karol Radziszewski

Karol Radziszewski lives and works in Warsaw, Poland where he received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. A multimedia artist, painter, author of installations, photographs, videos…

Meg Keys

Meg Keys is not only the former Managing Director at Flux Factory but is also our in-house pinata maker.  She is the founder of Llaves Designs, a full service pinata…

Jesper Aabille

Jesper Aabille (from Denmark) works in a variety of artistic strategies: urban interventions, sculptures, drawings, and text-oriented pieces. The common thread is the focus on social life, whether it is…

Alex Wolkowicz

Alex Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist resident in Liverpool/UK. Her work explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and other living things. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories.

Miatta Kawinzi

Miatta Kawinzi is an inter-disciplinary artist whose practice includes painting, film/video, photography, poetry, and installation. She is interested in raw materials, abstract expressionism, and aesthetics that reflect the chaotic and…

Ivan Argote

Our lives are constantly influenced by the forces of history, economy and politics. These forces saturate the environments we all live in. My works are questions about how we experience…

Pauline Bastard

Pauline Bastard is a French artist born in 1982. Her practice includes film, video, video installation and sculpture. Through videos and objects she explores the poetic potential of established order…

Lawman Lynch

Lawman Lynch is from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica and is currently living in the United States. He has been playing musical instruments since age seven (7), and is now…

Gretta Louw

Gretta Louw is a performance, video and installation artist whose practice seeks to explore the potential of art as a means of investigating individual, cultural and universal psychological phenomena. Often…

Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly…

Alex Young

Alex Young is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and curator whose research based practice employs critical and experimental historiography in exploring the motivating factors and end results—and the subsequent potential for…

Marin Tockman

Marin Tockman is an independent filmmaker, curator, and archivist. Most recently, she has completed a 12 part series for the Travel Channel overseeing all the historical content for the series…

Tom Watson

Hailing from the UK, my practice encompasses setting up conditions for reconstituting the materials that comprise an object, in order to tease out one other permutation of use, and, I also follow my interest in certain social and economic systems in order to produce interventionalist outcomes.

Özlem Günyol and Mustafa Kunt

Hullabaloo, 2009 Multimedia-Sound installation 32 channels, 266 loudspeakers, 1 subwoofer, 1 computer black lack paint on wood 255 x 235 x 60 cm Photo: © Cem Yücetas Özlem Günyol (1977…

Sean Metelerkamp

Sean Metelerkamp, from SOUTH AFRICA, was born in 1984. Sean’s short film for ‘Die Antwoord – Zef Side’ was recently exhibited at the Guggenheim Museums in New York, Bilboa, Venice,…

Matthew-Robin Nye

Canadian artist Matthew-Robin Nye utilizes the intersections of architecture, mythology and sexuality to define new structures of decentralized power, understanding and identity. By applying the principles of otherness and inversion…

Johanna Bruckner

After my initial artistic engagement with constructions of gender and identity within society, as well as discussing urban space as social architecture, I recently examine “Art practice as Research“ and…

Shane Heinemeier

Shane Heinemeier’s  work is an abstraction of the idea of landscape, and the method of landscape painting.  He uses handmade tools and brushes to create works that while mechanical, still…

Hannah Heilmann

Hannah Heilmann pursues imagery in which cultural coding stands out clearly, while revealing it’s random joints at the same time, so that the construct may rebuild itself anew without prejudice.…

Anna Lundh

Anna Lundh was born in Sweden and is based in Stockholm and New York. She graduated in 2008 with an MFA from Konstfack University of Art and has also studied…

Kristoffer Ørum

Kristoffer Ørum has worked collaboratively with Anders Bojen since 2001 on a variety of projects ranging from internet projects to outdoor video, sculpture and performance projects. The diversity of Anders…

Carolina Redondo

Carolina Redondo was born in Santiago de Chile and studied fine arts at the Universidad Católica de Chile. She has lived in Germany since 2006 and in the last two…

Ben Dierckx

Ben Dierckx

Janne Höltermann

Janne Höltermann explores empty spaces and architectural structures with the photo and video camera. Her work is inspired by considerations about spatial experiences. Space is a point of equilibrium in…

Rebecca Ann Tess

Rebecca Ann Tess (*1980 in Annweiler am Trifels, Germany) studied fine arts at the University of fine arts Berlin, at Chelsea College of Art and Design London and at Städelschule…

Alison Ward

Alison Ward’s performances, videos and sculptures create a world populated by a masked and costumed cast that re-interpret her own image in the form of popular cultural icons. Her characters…

Angela Washko

Angela Washko is an artist and facilitator devoted to mobilizing communities and creating new forums for discussions of feminism where they do not exist.

Sarah Tosques

Sarah Tosques is a curious girl interested in every little thing the world has to offer. She uses various media, including performance, video, collage, (and any other thing she can…

Kate Shaw

Kate Shaw creates collages of poured paint to explore notions of transformation and re-invention within the context of the natural environment and the language of painting. During the residency at…

Santo Tolone

Santo Tolone (1979, Como) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, and his educational training was largely shaped by his long term involvment with Isola Art…

Astrid Bussink

Jay Braun

Jay Braun is a founding member of Flux and a multi-indisciplinarian living in Brooklyn.

Chess Venis

Chess Venis arrived on the Flux Factory scene in September 2009. She is a Stage Manager / Technical Director for various theatre companies and performance groups in New York, and…

Man Bartlett

Man draws circles, lines, and dots. Lots of them. He combines that practice with post-minimalist installation and duration-based performance art that often incorporates social media. :: ::

Elizabeth Larison

Elizabeth Larison is an interdisciplinary artist and sometimes-curator exploring overlaps of aesthetic and public engagement. Related interests include: political access and political facade; cross-sections of technology and humanity; practices of identity and recognition; and epistemological interrogations. She is based in Long Island City, NY.

Katrina Neumann

Katrina Neumann was born 1985 in Fullerton, California and grew up in Ashburn, Virginia. Neumann received her BFA from SUNY Purchase College and her  MFA from The School of the…

Heather Jones

Anna So Young Han

K. Olive McKeon

Olive makes dances and writes/reads on radical aesthetics, spectatorship, theories of space, marxism, anarchism, social movements, and contemporary dance. She is primarily concerned with the relation of dance to the left. She…

Pak-Kei Mak

Pak-Kei is a designer interested in architectural spaces and user experiences. Born in Hong Kong, British Empire, Pak-Kei had since stationarily moved to Hong Kong, China and subsequently Providence, RI…

Stefan Brandstifter

Born 1968 in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatine, Germany. The Head of  Mainzer Kunstverein Walpodenstraße 21 is an interdisciplinary Artist and Networker, tranforming his Visual- and Performance Art, Sound and Music as…

Kathryn Hamilton

Julius Schmiedel

Julius Schmiedel is an artist exploring how light and color change perception of interior space. His installations involve appropriating electronic products as well as designing and building lights and circuitry.

Martina Mrongovius Martina has been a satellite to Flux Factory since 2004, causing both adventures & installations that play with the way that experience (un)weaves into holographic images and architectural space.…

Shalin Scupham

Shalin is Flux Factory’s Director of Events and is mostly interested in making your most audacious dreams come true.  It’s SHAY-lihn.  He was born and raised in the American South…

Douglas Paulson

Douglas Paulson is an artist, arts worker, and teacher who sees each of these as pillars of his practice. He chooses to work collaboratively, intervening in public, social, and cultural spaces. Sometimes he asks: What kind of art are you for?

Georgia Muenster

Georgia is a curator, administrator, and artist, and she is also Flux Factory’s Press & Curatorial Fellow. Her work includes but is by no means limited to urban exploration and remapping, psychogeography, gender, tiny things, religious architecture, and “inventive baking.”

Mitchell D. Sickon

Mitchell D. Sickon enjoys writing and reading.  He can be close-mouthed, however.

Sylbee Kim

born in seoul, lives in berlin, is now visiting new york doesn’t know how to talk, also when she can speak six languages works with video, installation, performance and drawing…

Annie Reichert

Annie Reichert works primarily in the popular mediums of photography, food, fabric, and gold with the common themes of friendship, sweetness, memory, and gold. She is from both coasts and…

François Leloup-Collet

François Leloup-Collet works most often in film. The New York’s transplant’s seen both sides of the camera lens, from organizing festivals to acting in the music video for Psychic TV’s…

Mikey Barringer

Mikey Barringer studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany. Currently he acts, makes his own films, and works with Blind Id…

Ruby Kwon

Ruby Kwon is a serious painter.

David Felix Sutcliffe

1. Wants you to know about Adama Bah ( 2. Is interested in asking you a few questions for his new project (contact him at

Jackie Lay

Jackie Lay is a retired resident of Flux Factory and was featured in the Opolis show of August 2006. She is currently working in web design in Los Angeles ,…

Elisa Torres

Elisa was born to a Communist father from El Salvador who wouldn’t let her say the Pledge of Allegiance and a Westchester school teacher who admonished her for putting her…

Jason Smalls

6 years ago, Jason Smalls skedaddled from the infamous Los Angeles to join up with the Flux circus, and hasn’t looked back. As young schoolchums, Jason and Flux founder Morgan…

Meghan Scanlon

Born in 1974, Meghan Scanlon was raised in Connecticut and received her BA from Eugene Lang College (NYC, NY) in 1996. An award-winning visual artist, Meghan began exhibiting her work…


  In addition to gallery exhibitions, MYU’s work has been shown in bars, cafes, and salons around the world. Her most recent projects combine sight and sound through paintings that…

Jason Little

Brooklyn-based cartoonist Jason Little is the author of “Bee”, the weekly “bubblegum noir” cartoon strip. In addition to suspense cartoons, he is also pursuing a series of experimental cartoons utilizing…

Alexis Lautier

Alexis is the architect of the crew, his input towards the mutation of the new Flux space is undisputbly essemtial. He is the more recent arrival of french talent, working…

Nick Jones

Nick Jones grew up in Alaska, went to Bard College, and came to live in New York and be a stage director. For all practical purposes, he became a puppeteer.…

Andrea Huelse

Andrea is a San Francisco native and Flux Factory family member, arriving in New York City for graduate school after receiving her BA at University of California at Santa Cruz.…

Alice Mary Higgins

There can only be one Alice-Mary, and everybody loves her for it.. everybody.

Austin Grossman

Austin Grossman born in Concord, Massachusetts in 1969, and grew up in the suburbs near Boston. He attended Harvard University, where he first became interested in writing fiction and drama,…

Dana Gramp

A North Jersey native, Dana Gramp sought a higher education at Caldwell College, the University of Massachusetts, and finally at Smith College where she received a BA in Feminist Studies…

Myla Goldberg

Myla Goldberg grew up in Maryland, escaping the suburbs as soon as possible to attend Oberlin College. After graduating in 1993 with an English degree, she spent a year in…

Alita Edgar

participating in: PATERSON JUNE 2 – JULY 14, 2007 Alita Edgar is a recent graduate of the Historic Preservation program in the Graduate Center for Urban Planning and the Environment…

Michael Chenevert

Michael Chenevert is an actor and film and theatre artist who was a Flux Factory Artist-in-Residence from 2007 – 2009. Michael grew up in the fervent city of Detroit Michigan.…

Helen Stevens

Helen is totally awesome and cool. From birth to the dawn of Adulthood the vast prairies, of Southern Alberta Canada, were her home. From this sparcely populated and artistically lacking…

Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria

Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria aka “Seb,” was an active Fluxer from 2001-2006. He designed the Flux Factory logo, built the Flux website, and played a key role in establishing Flux’s current artist residency program.

Anthony Rhoads Complaining!

Nick Normal

Born-n-bred in St. Louis, Missouri, Nick Normal pursued his undergraduate degree overseas at Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design (London, UK) where he graduated with ‘honours’ in Fine…

Dan Mulcare

Dan Mulcare currently enjoys being a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the New School for Social Research. As is his wont, he is finishing up his dissertation which examines…

Ian Montgomery

Ian Montgomery received a B.A. in Studio Arts at Bard College in 2003 and was an Artist-in-Residence at the Lacoste School of the Arts in 2002. Trained as a Carpenter…

Morgan Meis

              Morgan Meis is a smallish man who is almost constantly moving. A founding member of the Flux Factory he is the only original occupant who has lived and…

Brian Matthews

Flux Factory’s resident mad scientist, Brian Matthews assembles out of metal, rubber, and electricity what his imagination designs or his mind instantly recognizes as the most absurd solution. He has…

Yunmee Kyong

Yunmee draws and makes human, birds, gods and many other things around her. she eats lot of things around her too. She was raised in Korea and ventured out to…

Ellen Kleckner

Ellen Kleckner, a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona in Anthropology, has been developing a new method of research called the Scare Tactic. Don’t worry, she won’t bite….much. Her hobbies…

Stefany Anne Golberg

Stefany Anne Golberg was reared in a Science-fearing, overlarge house in Las Vegas, NV. She received a BA in Philosophy from Eugene Lang College at the New School for Social…

Chen Tamir

chen tamir is an independent curator and arts writer based in New York, Toronto, and Tel-Aviv. She is also the Executive Director of Flux Factory. Chen holds an M.A. in Curatorial Studies from…

Kerry Downey Being from sunny South Florida, Kerry has the disposition of a tender, curmudgeonly, cardigan-sporting geriatric patient. She lives as if each day was her last, reveling in the sunshine…

Sara Clarke

Sara Clarke was born in New Orleans and raised in the swamps of rural southeast Louisiana. Branded a girl genius at the age of 4, she spent most of her…

Tubby Bastard

(Heartbreaker Extrodinaire): In the proud tradition of Flux Factory, Tubby graduated from Bard College with a degree in studio art. After graduation he had his brief brush with the sex…

Jason David Brown

A.K.A “Phunquey”, lost 5 pounds during the later stages of summer 2002.

Jean Barberis

Jean Barberis, a native of France, came to New York in 2000 to learn a few things and has never left. He is a well-travelled young man and a jack of all trades. Barberis is co-founder of Flux Factory’s gallery space and arts collective.

Adrian Owen

A musician, artist, and builder. “My first time at the Flux Factory was when White Limo, my heavy metal band, played at their prom in 2005. We broke their new stage on the first chord of our first song. Shortly thereafter, I found myself working on the Flux show: NOVEL: a living installation. It turned out I would become a frequent collaborator, and at times a muse.

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