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Shalin Scupham

Shalin is Flux Factory’s Director of Events and is mostly interested in making your most audacious dreams come true.  It’s SHAY-lihn.  He was born and raised in the American South and is half-British, which has resulted in awful teeth and fantastic manners.  He graduated from Hampshire College with a self-designed concentration in fine art history + practice, religion, and entire world studies.  When not convincing friends, acquaintances, and promising strangers to help Flux Factory produce vast clouds of activity, he works as a photographer, independent mover, event producer, performer, and fabrication/printing/DAM technician.  When not doing any of that, he specializes in crafting temporary autonomous zones, thereby creating situations that generate panache, verve, sangfroid, acts of creative commuting, and picnics.  Hobbies include gifting bits of his collection of antique photographs to new acquaintences, drinking espresso, and playing with puppies.  He used to claim that he was open to all tangents, but is no longer so sure that those exist. A piece of reassurance to the wayward:

Solution.  First, realize that all things are rhythmic and therefore, cyclical. Next, realize that there is no such thing as tangents, or lines tangent, in periodic waveforms (until you start doing calculus, but thats a whole other topic for discussion) only the periodic function itself. Now, view it like this. The waveform is composed of an infinite number of varying frequencies composed together in such a way that it forms one massive periodic function. This massive function is life, and all the components are the things that make it up. Realize that you never went on tangent, you just encountered some variable or constant along the way that gave a change of frequency or a phase shift.

Speaking of sudden left turns, Shalin also encourages you to check out the Elsewhere Artists Collaborative, his North Carolina headquarters for orchestrating constant change and dynamic displacement.



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