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At the Cookout with Ka (Black Sun) & K’la Soul

Institut for (X) Skovgaardsgade 5C, Aarhus C

At the cookout will be an immersive artistic party celebrating American black culture. Black folk often need to see each other, bond, laugh, and embrace. We will explore ritual  with music, food, and  live performances. The cookout is a joyous event that celebrates our advancements, kinship, and growth.

Full Harvest Moon ritual

Institut for (X) Skovgaardsgade 5C, Aarhus C

On the occasion of a full moon, Fluxer Gil Lopez will create create a public ritual/ceremony, including a fire. We will mythologize on lunar cycles, astrology and offer a guided meditation. Expect a bonfire, dance party, projections and anything else the space, talent and spirit allows.

Failure Egg Performance

Institut for (X) Skovgaardsgade 5C, Aarhus C

Join us at Institut for X for a live performance including video, movement, motion capture, and live music by ‘Failure Egg’ collective artists Jack Helfrich, Jemila MacEwan, and Rob Ruth. ‘Failure Egg’ is a multi-disciplinary performance collaboration that takes an improvisational approach to creative resistance and survival within a traumatized ecosystem. This project embraces open-ended improvisation…

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