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Yana Dimitrova and Angela Washko: Cheap Paradise of Familiar Tasks and Places

Opening reception: August 19th, 6:30 pm on
Exhibition dates: August 20 & 21, noon – 5 pm

Consider escaping your common, everyday tasks and places without using your common, everyday devices. Through installation, painting, drawing, and video, Yana Dimitrova and Angela Washko portray the mundane patterns and structures of everyday experience and consider models of living that exist outside of our “to-buy-is-to-gratify” mentality. Stripping fast food architecture and smart phone technology of it’s branding and context, Washko and Dimitrova present what remains – hollow monuments to consumer culture.

The Greatest Achievements, an installation by Dimitrova, is a much larger than life checklist that borrows symbols from a smart phone organizational tool. The piece represents the cyclical process of writing a task, creating a box, achieving the task, checking the box, and adding new tasks. Bright check boxes suggest urgency, and darker tones define more common day-to-day tasks. Also on display are her landscape paintings, which counter the capitalist dream of monetary gain and opportunity for all. Highway billboards are whitewashed and massive malls are discomforting in their emptiness.

Washko’s Church’s Kentucky Fried McDonald’s Hut removes the context of fast food chain restaurants from California to Maine to Texas to Kansas to Pennsylvania in an effort to reveal their homogeneity, the effectiveness of corporate branding, and the dominance of their existence within the built landscape. Set in the remote village of Laugarvatn in Iceland, the artist’s latest video work takes a satirical approach to the concept of unequal exchange in the history of merchant culture and New York City as a brand throughout the world.

Yana Dimitrova graduated from the School of Fine Arts “Acd. Iliya Petrov” in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2002 and received a BFA (2006) and MFA (2008) from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Her most recent exhibitions took place in Berlin, Budelsdorff (Germany), Bath, Manchester (UK), New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta (USA), and Sofia (Bulgaria). Dimitrova currently lives and works in New York, NY. She has exhibited most recently at
Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects in Chelsea.

Angela Washko is a current artist-in-residence at Flux Factory and has recently completed residencies at Gullkistan in Iceland, The Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside in Troy, NY, and The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. She holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including most recently The Rotterdam International Film Festival, LUMEN in New York City,The Athens Video Art Festival, Carnival of e-Creativity in New Dehli, Videopolis in Barcelona, The New Media Festival in Cologne, The Self Destructing Art Show at Flux Factory, and The Budapest Short Film Festival.

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