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阿三 Chan Sai-lok

As an artist and writer, Sai-lok Chan阿三 glides across fields of art and literary practice, education, art criticism and gender studies. He has always taken text and literature as points of departure in his artistic endeavor, through which he contemplates the intimate relationship between painting and literariness. There is a certain queerness in his paintings, as his aesthetics and use of material often convey a sense of ambiguity, while the positioning in form between oriental or western rejects simple categorization.

Chan graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and completed a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong subsequently. His recent solo exhibitions include Everyday Practice (2019), Land of Longing and Exile (2019), A Flower like Us (2018), Alongside Poetry in an Alley (2016-17), and Somewhere (2016).

Chan is now a freelance artist, part-time lecturer in universities, and co-founder of an art critic group Art Appraisal Club. He has published exhibition catalogues One Way Ticket, Future, at Variance with Memories, Writing Painting, and The Countenance of Text.

Chan’s residency is generously supported by the UOB Art in Ink Award

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