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Past Events

Traveling Fountains & Performances

Flux Factory on Governors Island presents Traveling Fountains + Performances, a site-specific installation by Graciela Cassel, and performances by Julia Santoli and Carolina Rivera. This show is curated by Emireth Herrera Valdés. 

Flaunours of Area K: Past, Present and Future

Join in a leisurely evening walk (re)discovering the hidden treasures and future histories of Area K and the UAC. Bring your personal, ecologic, industrial and other cultural knowledge and imaginations to share as we redefine our mental maps and place in time. 

August Flux Saturday

Flux Factory hosts Flux Saturdays, a monthly public program, on the last Saturday each month through October. The exhibition opening of Julio José Austria, open studios with Amelia Marzec and Itala Aguilera, and outdoor performances by Jemila MacEwan, Jack Helfrich, Erica Mancini, Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir, Jevijoe Vitug, and Maureen Catbagan.

Moippen Mama! Screening and PUSH / PULL

Join Flux Factory for a screening of the new film Moippen Mama! by Makoto “Chill” Okubo. The film will be followed PUSH / PULL by Maureen Catbagan, Abdul Dube, Makoto…

Full Harvest Moon ritual

On the occasion of a full moon, Fluxer Gil Lopez will create create a public ritual/ceremony, including a fire. We will mythologize on lunar cycles, astrology and offer a guided meditation. Expect a bonfire, dance party, projections and anything else the space, talent and spirit allows.

Shocking Haircuts at ARoS

Rules for a shocking sesh. We take no requests. You will trust us with the choice of hairstyle. Your openness to your new, deep and profound haircut will arise from…

Pizza Party Picnic at Huggeormen

Huggeormen is hosting a celebration with Flux Factory, Aarhuspanti, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter and BKF Midt. We’ll bake pizza in an outdoor kiln, light the bonfire up proper, consume copious cool beverages, and host karaoke, performances and…

Failure Egg Performance

Join us at Institut for X for a live performance including video, movement, motion capture, and live music by ‘Failure Egg’ collective artists Jack Helfrich, Jemila MacEwan, and Rob Ruth. ‘Failure…

Failure Egg Screening

Join us for an evening of screenings created by ‘Failure Egg’ collective artists Jack Helfrich, Jemila MacEwan, and Rob Ruth. ‘Failure Egg’ is a multi-disciplinary performance collaboration that takes an…

Seeking the Source

Storyteller Sara Domingo Brauner and participatory artist Hey There Kapplow invite you into a conversation and crafting workshop investigating the place of the intuitive arts in the modern world.

Pink Flamingo: Clubs in Flux Closing Party

Join us for our final closing party, featuring DJs muse(o)fire and Anton Lapov in the gallery + karaoke in the chillout room by Jevijoe Vitug. Also last chance to check…

Speed Fortune Telling & Plushy Karaoke

For a festuge edition of Flux’s weekly Wednesdays at Camping Book1, Gil Lopez will lead in making personalized origami fortune tellers and lead a round of speed fortune telling for…

At the Cookout with Ka (Black Sun) & K’la Soul

At the cookout will be an immersive artistic party celebrating American black culture. Black folk often need to see each other, bond, laugh, and embrace. We will explore ritual  with music, food,…

Benefit for Trans Justice Funding Project

Songs from some of the biggest trans music stars in a fundraiser for Trans Justice Funding Project played in the beautiful lawn at Colonels Row House 404A featuring short solo music sets by Erica Dawn Lyle (Bikini Kill, Art in America), Gavilán Rayna Russom (LCD Soundsystem), Erica Freas, Sulynn Hago, Worm Mother, Amelia Jackie, Starly Bri, and Kate Slauter.

Meal8: Open Kitchen with Red Flower Collective

Meal8: Open Kitchen is centered around dishes that can be cooked in the absence of fire. With the limitations of the available kitchen in mind, we explore in this menu propositions for a kitchen without heat: cooking without a stove or oven; operating with limited access to water; and focusing on fermented, cured, macerated, preserved, and pickled ingredients.

Daxophone Workshop

In this workshop, daxophone luthier Daniel Fishkin will guide participants through a range of playing techniques and musical approaches.

Meditation: Divination hosted by gil lopez and Jonathan Sims

Labyrinth available for self-guided walking meditation (6-8 pm), Group activity labyrinth education + instruction by gil lopez (6:45 pm), Durational Fortune Telling with Mirrors by Jonathan Sims (6-8 pm).

Pink Flamingo: Clubs in Flux Grand Opening

Join us for the grand opening of our group show on temporary nightclub spaces, Pink Flamingo: Clubs in Flux! After a talk with the curators, warm up the dancefloor with…

Flux at Sydhavnens Festival

Flux at ARoS Residents are excited to join the annual Sydhavnens Festival. Aarhus’ industrial district in Sydhavnen will have a blowout weekend to showcase the musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, associations, drop-in…

Web World and Co-Operative Computing

Anders Visti (Code&Share Aarhus[]) and Lee Tusman (Flux Factory) will lead this workshop, an introduction for artists and creative practitioners and those new to building websites, or a radical re-introduction…

i would die 2 u

Friends and Lovers, come to Flux Factory’s latest showing of multimedia composition at the ARoS Auditorium. Expect filmic interludes, the sounds of badgers cooing and cawing, a daxophone orchestra, the…

Light as Material with Jonathan Sims

*Receive complimentary museum access via this form* Join Jonathan Sims as he shares his knowledge of how to use light as a material and medium for art. Learn about the history of lumia art,…

Show & Tell & Tell & Tell & Tell

Join Aliya Bonar and Flux Factory Residents for our weekly Flux Wednesday at Book1 as we share and discuss new artworks made during our Residency at the ARoS Museum. All…

Flux Wednesday with Beat2beats

Join Flux Factory for our first event in Code&Share[], Aarhus of the year! Local DJs Beat2beats and Fluxers will DJ, and Book1’s happy hour will be a flowin’. We’ll host…

Flux Thursday with Kosmologym, thetOOth&therOOt and Aliya Bonar

Join Kosmologym & Aliya Bonar for Flux Thursday & Fotomoton by the Ukrainian/French duo thetOOth&therOOt and new works by Aliya Bonar

Freewrite: Web Jam Session

This workshop and jam session follows from our August 4 workshop at ARoS Public but can also be attended standalone. In this session we’ll go into more advanced CSS territory…

Web World and Co-Operative Computing

This workshop is an introduction for artists and creative practitioners and those new to building websites, or a radical re-introduction to those with previous experience.


ASSEMBALL offers players a physical way to explore human organizational structures by precariously binding them together for a game of bondage basketball.


Join Flux & Dirty Time for Dirty Karaoke! Bring your favorite song about dirt, death or climate change and we’ll help each other keep our spirits up even though we know the end of the habitable world is nigh.

July Flux Saturday: Dirty Time on Governors Island

Join Dirty Time for a day full of activities celebrating dirt and dirtyness! We’ll tell stories about Dirt, play Dirtball, and finish with Dirty Karaoke.

Algoclub Workshops

Join us for the following coding workshops from LiveCode.NYC: -Sound as Collage: Mixed Media Zine Making by Sabrina Sims -Intro to Digital Video Synthesis with Hydra by Cameron Alexander -Beatmaking…

Every Nigga Is A Star Trek Club Event

This is the main club event for the Black Bliss Rave Exhibition. **Update – this event is limited capacity and invite only. For the general public, please come by for…

Black Bliss Rave Open Studio Hours

Open Studio Hours with the Black Bliss Rangers. ***We center Black people and Black joy. With this in mind, this space is designated as a BIPOC-folx only social experience.*** This…

Into the Limelight Workshop Hours

During these workshop hours guests are invited to come to the cell to share stories, photographs, and memorabilia from their past experiences in nightclubs. Audio recordings and video or photos…

Into the Limelight Workshop Hours

During these workshop hours guests are invited to come to The Cell to share stories, photographs, and memorabilia from their past experiences in nightclubs. Audio recordings and video or photos…

Into the Limelight Club Event

This club night pays homage to NYC’s Limelight nightclub of the 1990s. Held on the second floor of the cell theatre, it will feature a dancefloor with disco balls, colorful…

Creekworthy: Unfiltered

Find our group at this pin! For the second installment of Flux Factory’s Creekworthy series, which takes place on the water/waterfront near Hunters Point South park, Flux presents artists who…

Algoclub: Light Mode/Dark Mode Club Event

Join LiveCode.NYC for livecode visual and music performances during their main club event. Performers: Visuals Nicole Schwartz (schwaz) Cameron Alexander (emptyflash) Gwen Pasquarello (gwenprime) Sidney San Martín (s4y) Shelly Xiong…

Art During War: Fundraiser for Ukraine

Flux Factory together with BIRUCHIY contemporary art project and SPILKA NGO is hosting a fundraising event in support of the people of Ukraine affected by the full-scale Russian invasion. We…

Remember Last Night? Archiving 50 Years of NYC Club History

Find visiting and accessibility information for Nowadays. Our community has been around for five decades, but little of our history has been preserved. Curator, researcher and NYC-based DJ PlayPlay will…

Solstice Pop-Up Group Exhibition

Exhibition open hours are on Saturdays (June 18 & 25) 12pm-8pm, Sundays (June 19 & 26) 11am-5pm Learn more about Flux Factory’s projects on Governors Island. Solstice is a convening…

Place People at Spectacle Theater

Fluxers filmmakers Patrick Topitschnig and Catalina Alvarez will present a selection of films at Williamsburg’s cooperatively led Spectacle Theater. Purchase tickets at this link. PLACEwherethereisawill, 2005, Video, 2:42, Austria, Patrick…

Parade of the Species

Parade of the Species is an art show and parade celebrating the ecology of Governor’s Island. The parade will proceed in a loop starting and ending at Soisson’s Landing.  Puppeteers,…

Flux Saturday: Aleatoric Audio for an Infinite Island

Aleatoric Audio for an Infinite Island is an experimental sound art event featuring performances and sound installations by artists and musicians from the NYC area working in sound art, generative…

Creekworthy Opening: Films, Puppetry & Tattoos

Rain delay date will be June 11 @ 8:00pm – 11:00 pm Creekworthy is an event series taking place through the warm-weather months of 2022 on the Newtown Creek and…

Virtual Drink + Draw Fundraiser for Astoria Food Pantry

March 15, 7pm-9:30 online

Our newest installment of our Drink and Draw series benefits the Astoria Food Pantry

Celebration of Black Life Cypher

Flux Factory presents the second of edition of the Black Life Cypher. A night of Black joy and artistry hosted by Trasonia Abbott and Natasha Pressley.

For the Public Closing Reception with Rebecca KellyG Performance

February 19, 1:00-pm-3:00pm at Local Project

Part of the group exhibition “For the Public”

Robert Wallace “The Next Event” Performance

February 17, 5:00-7:00pm at Local Project

Part of the group exhibition “For the Public”

Sherese Francis “Natural An/Dems” Workshop and Reading

February 10, 5:00-7:00pm at Local Project

Part of the group exhibition “For the Public”

Zania Cummings’ “Black Bodies” Spoken Word Performance & Workshop

February 3, 5:00-pm-7:00pm at Local Project

Part of the group exhibition “For the Public”

Rethinking Residencies Online Symposium

The Rethinking Residencies Symposium will consider existing scholarship and cultivate new thinking about the history, institutional structures, and conditions of visual art residencies.

Day Job Pop-up Group Exhibition

A group exhibition on Governors Island featuring day job related pieces by 17 artists who daylight as teachers, security guards, construction and retail workers, market researchers and more. Open to…

Sympoietica: A Grounding and Automatic Drawing Experience

Sympoietica, by Maureen Catbagan and Sholeh Asgary, is a participatory performance that creates a space of solace, recuperation, and creative expression through our relationship to the earth and its multi-species…

Jevi From 9 to 11 Preview Screening

A fictionalized short documentary about an artist who works at a museum during the pandemic. Starring Flux Factory artist Jevijoe Vitug and featuring music by Ben Seretan. The short was…

Solar Balloon Workshop with Anika Todd

This weekend @anikatodd will be leading a workshop at flux factory on Governors Island. We will be learning to make balloons that heat up at Sun. They can be sculptures…

Short Films Screening by Patrick Topitschnig

Join us in the ARoS Museum Theater for a screening of selected short films by Patrick Topitschnig. A kind of black humor pervades Patrick Topitschnig’s videos. Like in the horror-movie…

Breathed Poems for the Camera Workshop

November 21, 10am-12pm online

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Finding Poetry Workshop by Will Kaplan

November 20, 3pm-5pm at Culture Lab LIC

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Artist Talk with Joseph Morris, Kim Sandra, Wieteke Heldens, Will Kaplan and Daniel Mantilla

November 20, 5:30-pm-7:30pm at Culture Lab LIC

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Artist Talk with Amy Fung-yi Lee, Keun-Young Park, Sana Musasama, Stacy Bogdonoff, SiSi Chen and Pauline Galiana

November 19, 5:30pm-7:30pm at Culture Lab LIC

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Artist Talk with Esteban Agosin, J. Triangular, Kimberly Lyle, Mark Rice, and Noa Yekutieli

November 14, 5:30pm-7:30pm at Culture Lab LIC

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Artist Talk with Claire Chambless, Matthew Garrison, and Nicki Cherry

November 13, 5:30pm-7:30pm online

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Spatial Politics of Control workshop with Claire Chambless

November 13, 3pm-5pm at Culture Lab LIC

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

Opening Reception for Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety

November 6, 6pm-9pm at Culture Lab LIC

Part of the group exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety”

October Flux Saturday & Halloween Sunday on Governors Island

October 30 11am-5pm ET

Join Flux on the last Saturday of each month during our Fall residency for a picnic potluck, open studios, pop-up exhibitions and art happenings!

Whispering Archipelago Outdoor Experimental Concert

October 23, 4-5pm, at Governors Island Colonel’s Row House 404A

Whispering Archipelago features performances from Anthony Janas, Amanda Gutiérrez, Jenn Grossman and Brendan Landis

Amphora’s Amorpha with Sally Beauty Twin

Amphora’s Amorpha (Dance, Music, Puppetry, Theater, Art) will be a multi-media festival Oct 2, Oct 9 and Oct 16 featuring more than 16 artists on Governors Island at Flux Factory’s…

Pizza Party Picnic at Huggeormen

Huggeormen is hosting a celebration with Flux Factory, Aarhuspanti, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter and BKF Midt. We’ll bake pizza in an outdoor kiln, light the bonfire up proper, consume copious cool beverages,…

2021 Fluxataros Gala

In Flux’s last week at ARoS Public, we’re throwing a gala to rival the Met. Joining performances by Flux artists in Residence will be a pop-up exhibition of paintings from…

The Making of The Museum of Natural Non-History with Kaktus

We invite you to blur the lines between the micro and macro cosmos. Let’s be giants among germs and at the same time germs among giants. Bodies break down and…

Closing & Zine Release: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

October 22, 4-7pm at the Chocolate Factory Theater

WORK/PLAY will celebrate the launch of their zine at the exhibition closing reception

Black Femme Brunch presents The Dream Salon: Destroy this World with Desire: A Black Femme World-Wielding Salon

October 16 2-3:30pm (online on Zoom)

In this workshop, Black Femme Brunch will guide participants in leaving behind the present and pursue the possibility of a future world. This event is part of the Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See group exhibition.

Curator talk with Dario Mohr & Cameron Granger: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

October 9, 4-5pm at the Chocolate Factory Theater

Join us for a curators’ talk with Cameron Granger as he and Dario Mohr discuss the artists and the work in Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.

Opening Reception for Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See Group Exhibition

October 8, 7-10pm at the Chocolate Factory Theater

Let’s think about the shared history of Black Folks in the same way poet Hanif Abdurraqib describes the Soul Train Line: A narrow writhing seemingly endless tunnel of Black Folks smiling and clapping.

100 Song Karaoke Challenge

Join Flux Factory at Book1 Design Hostel on Thursday, Sept 16 as we sing 100 Karaoke Songs to celebrate our time in Aarhus. Starting at 17:00 with an Open Bar…

Sydhavnen X Flux Factory mixer

Join Sarah Jarsbo, Flux Factory and artists from Sydhavnen for a tour of the harbor’s art spaces and an open bar and supper mixer. Flux Factory is a NYC Artist…

Flux Intentional Listening Lab with Ben Seretan

Two workshops took place on August 30 and September 10. Students received a lecture in contemporary music from musician Ben Seretan and went through various listening exercises to deepen their…

Express Yourself Movement workshop with Kalon Hayward

This workshop is a movement based class. Kalon Hayward will help the class express themselves using West African inspired movement and music. we will unlock creativity in our bodies by…

Pillow Life Lounge: A Showcase/Spectacle of Softness

September 25, 2-4pm at Flux’s house on Governors Island (Colonels Row House 404A)

Join us in relaxing in a field of softness, resting in the face of pressure to do more. This interactive exhibition invites you to pause, take your shoes off, touch, hold tight, loosen your grip, lay down, breathe deep — and see what shows up from there.

Flex Factory with Georgia Muenster

Flex Factory is back and getting SWOLE. After a brief hiatus, we’re back and lighting up the ARoS museum space with a series of very Fluxy games! Expect rooftop rainbow…

Comics Club with Noah Phillips

During Comics Club, participants will enjoy a series of guided and timed drawing exercises that will invoke unpredictable comic characters, scenes, and strips. With both group and individual activities, attendees…

Jimmy Sommer popup exhibit & screenings by Carlos David TC and Shubhdeep Singh Parwana

Join us for two screenings with Q&As from each director as well as a one-night-only pop-up exhibition. 17:30 -18:20: Untitled* “Pop-Up Exhibition” by Jimmy Sommer @arospublic18:30- 19:10: Soulitate a film by Shubhdeep…

Screening: “The Wake” and “Nova: A New Spelling of My Name” with Jemila MacEwan and Nova Scott-James

Join us in the ARoS Public theater for a screening of two new films by Flux Artists-in-Residence. The Wake In this program MacEwan will walk audiences through strategies for responding…

Mini Painting Workshop with Teng Teng at Flux Saturday

September 25, 2-4pm at Flux’s house on Governors Island (Colonels Row House 404A)

Teng Teng will give you hands-on instruction on how to paint using the tiniest paint brush you’ve ever seen.

Love Spell with Kalon Hayward

A concert & musical theater experience that will include original music and movement. Kalon explores spirituality and sexuality in his search for love. He will collaborate with local artists from…

Flux Factory at at Juxtapose Art Fair

Flux Factory artists Sholeh Asgary, Heather Kapplow and Jonathan Sims presented at the Juxtapose Art Fair 2021, which featured 25 artist groups for 3 days at Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark.…

[Mobilise / Demobilise] with Eva Ursprung

Mobilise/Demobilise is an artistic response to a world of increasing conflict, crisis and emergency. Human mobility and the impact of mobile technologies are explored through a series of networked performances,…

A Train to Utopia with Tzu-Huan Lin

In this ARoS special edition of A Train To Utopia, participants will be required to play roles and games that generate vocabulary that becomes a guide instruction for individuals to…

Live Zones with Ben Seretan

Slowly unfurling clouds of tones, swirling drones, and other lovely sounds conjured up right before your eyes – a live set of music you could lie on the floor for…

Fluctuations with Georgia Muenster

Fluctuations is an evening of video art featuring works by current Fluxers-in-Residence at the ARoS atelier. Fluctuations, beyond the Flux pun embedded in the title, is themed on change and…

September Flux Saturday on Governors Island

September 25 11am-5pm ET

Join Flux on the last Saturday of each month during our Fall residency for a picnic potluck, open studios, pop-up exhibitions and art happenings!

Trivial Pursuits Dinner Party: Island Edition

September 19, 1-4pm, seating at 12:30pm at Flux’s house on Governors Island (Colonels Row House 404A)

Trivial Pursuits Dinner Party: Island Edition is a food-based performance and interactive dinner party.

Drink + Draw: LIVE from Governors Island Edition

September 12, 4pm-6pm at Flux’s house on Governors Island (Colonels Row House 404A)

This experimental Drink + Draw will feature masks, costumes and props created by multi-disciplinary artist Lexy Ho-Tai, and modeled by fellow artists

Cicada Waves Screening with Ben Seretan

Cicada Waves (NNA Tapes, 2021) is a startling record in that, throughout its 47 minutes, we never hear anything else besides some footsteps, a piano quietly ringing out, and the…

Sound Program w/ Catalina and Victoria Keddie, Daniel Fishkin and Alex Nathanson

An evening of live experimental audio-visual performances including the duo of Catalina Alvarez and Victoria Keddie, Daniel Fishkin and Alex Nathanson Victoria Keddie and Catalina Alvarez will present 56.1629° N,…

Clay workshop with Mette Skriver

Join Flux and Huggeormen’s Mette Skriver for a workshop on creating and firing clay. Participants will be guided to make their own sculptures to take home. The workshop will take…

Solar Powered Art Book Launch and Artist Round Table with Alex Nathanson

This event is in celebration of the launch of the book A History of Solar Power Art and Design by Alex Nathanson (published by Routledge on July 30, 2021). Alex…

Intro To Video Feedback Workshop by Jon Sims and Carlos David TC

Jon Sims will be leading an Intro To Video Feedback Workshop where he will go over the basic techniques to create Video Feedback. Video feedback is the process of pointing…

Solar Sounders Workshop with Daniel Fishkin

Please RSVP on Eventbrite In this workshop, we will build musical circuits with circuit boards, soldering irons, wires, solar panels, and wood. A Solar Sounder is a synthesizer played by…

AFK Party with Sholeh Asgary and Heather Kapplow

Inspired by a collaboration via Zoom through 2020-21 where we developed a series of audience-participatory explorations that used text prompts and immersion in sense and process within the context of…

Creative tools for art-making, community building and publishing with Lee Tusman

Produced by Lee Tusman in collaboration with Code&Share[  ] Community and Cantina Imagine if all illustrators were required to use the same brand and design of #2 pencils or if all…

FLUX + FOOD with Arnar Ómarsson + Will Owen and Flux Artists

What is an international point of connection? FOOD! Flux +  Food is an intentional meet and greet between Aarhus and Flux Factory through projects about food. We will also be hosting the 2nd Silver Croissant…

Doing Nothing Together & The Other Question

Join Kosmologym (Walker Tufts, Jo Bech Dalsgaard, Maria Teilgård) and Heather Kapplow for an evening of Doing Nothing Together and an experimental group version of The Other Question. Doing Nothing…

Governors Island Open Studios

September 8-12, 11am-5pm daily at Flux’s house on Governors Island (Colonels Row House 404A)

Flux Factory will participate in an Governors Island-wide open studios program

Book Release: History of Solar Power Art

September 4, 2pm-3:30 at Flux’s house on Governors Island (Colonels Row House 404A)

Alex Nathanson will be celebrating the release of his new book A History of Solar Power Art and Design. He will be joined by NYC-based artists and designers working with solar power whose work is featured in the book, including Ted Victoria and Benedetta Piantella.

Din Din: Recalling Bitterness Tasting Menu and Film Screening

Saturday, June 26

7 – 9pm: The “Recalling Bitterness Tasting Menu” by Siri Lee and “Breakaway” by Heather Kapplow
9 – 10pm – Short film and video art program

Din Din: Missing Luncheon

Sunday, June 20, 1pm & 4pm Seatings

Who or what did you lose in this last year? Karen Krolak invites you to gather in the garden where laughter, tears, and awkward pauses are welcome to flow.

Din Din: Fungal Symbiote Dinner & Musings with Gil Lopez

Thursday, June 10, 7 – 10pm

Participants will join the hosts for an evening discussing the fungal world at the intersection of human health and ingenuity.

Flux Digital Drink + Draw

August 24, 7pm ET
Monthly Digital Event

Bring your own drawing materials and a beverage of your choice. Everybody is welcome!

¡Bienvenidxs! A Week-long Open Embroidery Workshop

June 23 – 30, 1 – 5pm

Bienvenidxs, will be an installation of an embroidery workshop open to the public hosted by Lulu Varona.

Din Din: 29th Street Block Party

Memorial Day, May 31, 2 – 6pm

This Block Party is the opening event for Din Din, a series of free, socially-distanced outdoor public events which use food and art to build community.

Cada Cabesa Es un Mundo: Solo Exhibition by Diego Espaillat

May 15 – 23 || Opening Reception May 15

Join Flux Factory Artist-in-Residence Diego Espaillat for the culminating exhibition of his Residency. 

To Hold Water: Solo Exhibition by Anika Todd

May 28 – 31 | Closing Event May 31 2 – 6pm

To Hold Water investigate the implications of the human impulse to survey, to organize, and to control.

Din Din: A Stitch in Time: Trans Family Archives with Eli Brown

RSVP’s Are now Closed

A free dinner and conversation series for trans and non-binary people to co-create intentionally multigenerational space.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Come Here: Solo Exhibition by Natalie Tsui

Gallery Dates: June 4- 6 | Opening Friday, June 4, 6 – 10pm

An examination of the complexities of personal memory using filmed recreations, personal video archives and documentary.

Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers: Solo Exhibition by Dario Mohr

May 6th, 5-7 PM Opening Reception // May 7th, 5 PM Artist Talk

Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers is an assembled work that is inspired by the loss of a cherished object.

A Divergent from the Magnetism of Whiteness: Dealing with the Hungry Ghost

Opening April 30, 6-8pm | Open Hours May 1 & 2, 1-6pm

Investigating divergent evolution and the collective subconscious of black artists.

Din Din: Quick Slice by Lily Baldwin

May 31 – June 26 | Every Night at Dusk

Lily Baldwin’s film installation “Quick Slice” will screen every night in Flux Factory’s front window with free slices every Friday in June (limited pizza! First come, first serve).

Haa Guumoben Waaliga (May You Never Be Disgraced): Dual Exhibition by Hana Mire and Samia Osman

June 11 – 20 | Gallery Hours Thursday – Sunday
This is a love letter to Mogadishu and its people.

OnlyPods: New Works by Remi Dalton & Jevijoe Vitug

April 1 – 27 | Gallery Opening April 15

Like and subscribe to new channels of work that employ the translational essence of the meme.

There Is Something Here: Solo Exhibition by Carlos David TC

March 16 – March 31

A solo show by Carlos David TC looking at filmmaking through the lens of the artist’s process.


April 10: Exhibition 1 – 5pm // Poetry 5 – 7pm // Video 7 – 8pm

Flux Factory is happy to be hosting THREADS, a movement towards to an interconnected future and an opportunity to stand in solidarity with our Asian family during this time of violence.

Flux Thursday Remote Edition

Next Flux Thursday Remote Edition: TBD

Flux Thursdays are Flux Factory’s longest-running program, and during ordinary times, take place on the second Thursday of each month. For now, let’s meet together online!

The Universe is Expanding: Emergent Performance by Nova Scott-James

March 11, 5pm EST – Via Zoom

Filmmaker and innovation doula Nova Scott-James will share media and process documentation from three performances.

Weekly Phone Banking

Flux Factory Phone Bank – Every Wednesday, 2pm EST

Each Wednesday, a group of Fluxers meet on Zoom to phone our representatives and speak about the issues that we care about!

Rhizome Voice: Speakers Series for Black History Month

Feb 12, 7pm EST | Feb 19, 7pm | Feb 26, 7pm

On February 26, join curator Trasonia Abbott and guests for a night of rejoicing in Black resilience and artistry.

Transforming America In Real Time! Building Community Through A Pandemic…

December 5 – 20 || Artist Talk Dec 17, 7pm EST

Featuring photographs from events organized by Lashawn “Suga Ray” Marston.

The Gift in the Wound

January 29 – February 7
Jan 29, 7pm EST: Artist Talk and virtual exhibition 

Highlighting work by artists who have confronted their fears, traumas, and shadows, and emerged on the other side.

Message to Our Community in a Time of Uprising

For George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Sean Reed and Ahmaud Arbery We are collectively in a moment of trauma, but the deeper trauma has been and is experienced by the…

#indigenizemememoji.2020 – New Works by Jevijoe Vitug

New Works by Jevijoe Vitug

Flux Factory is pleased to present #indigenizemememoji.2020, a virtual solo exhibition of paintings by Jevijoe Vitug

Thank You! With Flowers – An installation by Celeste Wilson

January 14 – 26 || Opening Thursday, January 14th, 6 – 8pm 

An installation made using the floral imagery found on generic plastic bags

Karaoke Quotes by Jevijoe Vitug

June 18- July 9, 8pm to 11 pm
Viewable from the sidewalk

Jevijoe Vitug has compiled screenshots of karaoke songs online that are mostly revolutionary and popularized by Black artists.

Purchase A Gift Card for The Flux Factory Fundraising Exhibition

Taking place January 12—February 14, our Fundraising Exhibition is the best opportunity to support all that Flux Factory does for emerging artists AND acquire breathtaking artworks.

A Familiarity That WARMS: New Work by Layo Bright and Kamari Carter

November 6 – 18 | Opening: Friday November 6, 6 – 9pm
Flux Factory Gallery, 39-31 29th street, LIC, NY*

By Appointment Only from Friday – Monday 

Nobody’s Fashion Week Films and Performances Open Call

OPEN CALL: Fashion Films and Live Performances
Deadline, August 25, 11:59PM EST

Nobody’s Fashion Week is seeking experimental and alternative short Fashion Films and Live Performances!

Flux Factory Major Exhibition: where will I be buried*?

July 17th – August 22nd 

Featuring work from 12 QTBIPOC* artists, centering marginalized communities in our mourning and healing.

Nobody’s Fashion Week Virtual Town Hall

Nobody’s Fashion Week Virtual Town Hall
Wednesday, July 8, 5-7pm, Via Zoom

Join us for a Virtual Town Hall to kick off Nobody’s Fashion Week!

A Song For Sickness by Jonathan Sims

May 8 – June 14, 2020
Flux Factory Gallery Windows

A light installation by Jonathan Sims for the Center of Holographic Arts Light Windows festival

Open Call: Nobody’s Fashion Week Reporter in Residence

Apply to be Nobody’s Fashion Week Reporter in Residence!

The Reporter in Residence is responsible for documenting their experience of one or more events at Nobody’s Fashion Week. Reporting is entirely subjective and open to interpretation!

2021 Flux Factory Virtual Gala

February 10th @ 7PM EST

Flux Factory invites you to join us for the Virtual Gala to celebrate our amazing community and to mark the completion of our Fundraising Exhibition.

Major Exhibition: Nobody’s Fashion Week

September 1 – October 15 

Fashion is all around us. Fashion is body politics, representation, sustainability, systems. Fashion is Powerful. 

2021 Flux Factory Fundraising Exhibition

January 12 – February 14

You can now support Flux Factory by buying one of over 40 artworks!!

Created Jobs – Exhibition by Cayla Lockwood

Exhibition October 23 – 31
Work Day – Oct 23, 9am – 5pm // Happy Hour – Oct 29, 7pm

Created Jobs is an exhibition and boutique temp agency that examines the current labor economy.

Artist-in-Residence 2021 Open Call

Open Call for Artists-in-Residence EXTENDED
Deadline: December 14, 2020, 11:59 EST

We are inviting artists for 3 – 6 month Residencies in 2021. Application link and guidelines here

人柱の物語 (hitobashira no monogatari): solo exhibition by Nine Yamamoto-Masson

This exhibition has been cancelled in response to heightened concerns relating to the spread of COVID-19

Nine Yamamoto-Masson presents new works that reflect on the private dimensions of war and US imperialism in Asia.

Flux Thursday in Hell

March 12
7pm – midnight

Join us for the opening night of HOLY HELL: Flux Thursday in Hell hosted by Springboard Collective.

Springboard Collective presents: HOLY HELL

This event has been cancelled in response to heightened concerns relating to the spread of COVID-19

Our hell on earth features 3 stages of sinful performances, gluttony, and divine comedy that even Dante would be proud of.

Sensory Mastication: A multi-sensorial dinner experience

March 1, 6pm – 9pm

Inspired by the surrealist dinner parties of the past, Sensory Mastication invites guest to sit down, participate and have every sense activated and agitated.

An Evening of Quadraphonic Sounds

February 28, 7pm

A experimental sound performance in four channel speakers that will envelope the audience with evolving and sonorous motion, curated by Anthony Janas, visuals by Jonathan Sims.

Pêdra Costa Artist Talk: Decolonization is a Verb Inscribed in Bodies, Tongues, and Orifices as Portals

February 26th, 7:30pm

Join us for an evening with artist and scholar Pêdra Costa in conversation with Nine Yamamoto-Masson

After You: Carlos David TC + Cameron A Granger

February 19 – 23
Special event: Heartflux Hotel: Feb 14, 9pm – 1am 

“After You is dedicated to the wonderful gift of being loved by the ones we love, and the life that gift can bring” CAG&CDTC

Heartflux Hotel

February 14th, 9pm

Flux Factory invites you to check in for a one night get away where together we’ll dance out all the things that have been building up in your bleedin’ heart.

Flux Thursday: Monthly

February 13, 7 – 10pm

Presentations, conversation and community, join us for Flux Factory’s longest running public event. Please bring food or drink to share

Flux Thursday: Valentine Card Making

February 13
7 – 10pm

Join us for an evening of Valentine Card making, sappy movies, sweet treats and some karaoke ballads.

Good Morning, India!

Saturday, January 25, 11am – 6pm
Workshop and Artist talk by Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

The spirit of resistance is alive in India. Join us for a workshop and talk where we will listen, view, read, and participate.

Call for Artists: Pink Flamingo – Clubs in Flux

In order to respond to the unfolding COVID19 crisis, this exhibition has been postponed until mid 2021. Exact dates are yet to be determined. If you are currently submitting or have already submitted, we are still accepting applications through April 27th.

Know The Ways: Solo Exhibition by Marjan Verstappen

Thursday January 16 – Sunday January 19
Opening reception: January 16, 7 – 11pm
Open Hours: Saturday&Sunday, 1 – 6pm

A solo exhibition by Flux resident Marjan Verstappen.

Flux Thursday: Great Lengths

January 9th
7 – 10pm

Join us for another amazing Flux Thursday! This month’s edition will be about great lengths and extraordinary measures.

2020 Exhibition Season Open Call

2020 Exhibition Season Open Call – Deadline February 17

Flux Factory is seeking artists and creators to participate in our 2020 exhibition Season. Each year, Flux Factory hosts four group exhibitions in our 1300 square foot gallery in LIC, Queens.

Solstice: An Exhibition of Works in Light

December 21 – January 1
Opening: Saturday December 21, 7pm-1am

Solstice is ten artists working in the medium of light, convening on the night of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.

RUB – Screening, “Two Women”

December 13
7 – 9pm

“Two Women” by Juanita Imran and Pharah Diaz, preceded by a series of short films.

RUB – Flux Thursday

December 12
6pm – midnight

RUB Catalog launch, DIY Publishing panel and Karaoke Night!!
Please bring something to eat or drink to share. 

RUB – GaraParty

December 7, 10pm – 1am
Suggested Donation $5

GARAPARTY is created by DEX FERNANDEZ with DJ Dekdestroy from Manila. Dance and be free.

RUB – Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid Training
December 1, 10am – 6pm

FREE 8-HOUR certification program in Mental Health First Aid, offered by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Artist-in-Residence Open Call

Deadline: Monday February 3rd, 11:59pm

We are currently looking for cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for 3 to 9 month residencies. Residencies will begin as soon as April, through the Fall of 2020.

Artist Talk by Anna Sorokovaya

Tuesday, November 26

Anna Sorokovaya will be discussing her work as an artist and curator, and Soshenko 33, a historic artists’ facility Kyiv.

RUB – Now Wave and Graphic Activism

November 23rd – December 15th
Open Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm

RUB is an independent publication, an exhibition at Flux Factory, an invitation to collaborate, learn and build community.

Flux Thursday: San Francisco Supper

Flux Thursday: San Francisco Supper
November 14, 7pm – 1am

Join us this Flux Thursday for San Francisco Supper. Doors to the Golden City open at 7pm with an esoteric dinner experience at 8pm.

Flux Takeover of Socrates Sculpture Park

Saturday, October 19th, noon – 4pm

Flux Factory, takes over the Park for an adventurous afternoon of performance, engagement, and installation

Must They Also Be Gods: Flux Factory Major Exhibition

October 11 – November 3
Open Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm

A Major Exhibition featuring works by over 15 emerging and mid-career Black artists, each with an insistent focus on beauty and spirituality.

Flux Factory Annual Art Auction

Thursday, November 21st, 6-9PM
At EFA Project Space

Come party at our biggest event of the year with an open bar, delicious catered food by Muse Dodd, game by Walker Tufts, and much more!

Flux Thursday: A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness

Flux Thursday, October 11
7 – 10pm

Join us for a very special screening of A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness, presented by Filmmaker, Nova Scott-James.

Amir Badawi and Maria Lulu Varona: Works in Thread

September 27th to October 6th, Thursday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm
Opening Reception: September 27th, 7 – 10pm

An exhibition of works by Amir Badawi and Lulu Varona, two Artists who use embroidery thread to arrive at radically different ends.

Party Dress Party by Dew Igworia

Friday, September 20th
Open Studios, 2 – 7pm // Party Dress Party 9pm – 12am

Dew Igworia creates a series of party dresses that honor cherished garments that were lost. Join the party and wear a party dress!

At the Twelfth Hour: Confessions of a Hongkonger by Tse Fei

September 12th, 7pm – 10pm // September 13th – 15th, 10am – 6pm

“at the eleventh hour” describes something happening in the final moment; the title of Fei Tsu’s solo exhibition At the Twelfth Hour means it is too late.

Flux Thursday: At the Twelfth Hour, Confessions of a Hong Konger

September 12th
7pm – 10pm

Flux Thursday is a monthly potluck and artists salon. September’s Flux Thursday will be in tandem with Tse Fei’s Residency Exhibition.

Rebuilding Work: Open Studio and Artist Talk with Hunter Creel

September 8th
Open Studios, noon – 8pm // Artist Talk, 6pm

Please Join Hunter Creel for an artist talk and discussion about his current project, Gate to the Multi-Verse.

Diving Into The Surface: Solo Exhibition by Marta Masternak

August 23th – 26th
Gallery Hours: 1pm – 6pm
Opening Reception: August 23th – 7pm

On the edge where the outside ends and the interior begins.

Jargon: Solo Exhibition by Catalina J. Alvarez

August 9th – 11th
Friday to Sunday 1-6pm
Salon (with coffee) 1-4pm Saturday August 10th

Filmmaker Catalina exhibits her word drawings.

Everyday Practice – Dual Solo Exhibition by Sai-lok Chan and Tzu-an Ko

Everyday Practice – Dual Solo Exhibitions by Sai-lok Chan and Tzu-an Ko
July 18 – 29, 2019

Two Asian artists meet in NYC at the height of the summer

WORKSHOP: Cross-Stitch with María Lulú Varona

Sunday, July 14th
1pm – 4pm

Participants will learn the basics of cross-stitch and other basic embroidery techniques

Julian Louis Phillips Performing “1518” and Post-Performance Dialogue

Saturday June 29th, 4:30 – 5:30pm

“1518” explores the struggle that the first of a demographic must endure when they break social barriers.


Deadline: Friday, September 27th, 11:59pm EST

Calling for: Drawings, Collages, Paintings, Photography, Poems, Quotes, Lists, Printed materials, Stories, Performances and Video, Sounds, New Media and more

Drinking Beer at the End of the World: A Booze Cruise in the Anthroposcene

July 12th, 3:00pm-5:30pm

Meet at Smith & 9th street Brooklyn G stop.
Look for Death, our guide.

Flux Thursday: Wicket Leeks Potluck & Artist Salon

July 11
7:30 pm Potluck
8:30 – 9:30 pm Salon Style Presentations in the Flux Factory Gallery
Join us for Flux Factory’s longest running public events, Flux Thursday. Please bring food or drink to share

Wrestling as Ancient and Contemporary Decentralized Sport History

June 29th, 2019
3 – 4:30pm

A presentation and wrestling demonstration by Dr. Joshua D. Phillips. Part of the Wicket Leeks Exhibition.

Specially Processed American Me: SPAM, War, and Cuisine Workshop

Saturday June 29th, 1 – 3pm

Over a communal meal, artist and playwright Jaime Sunwoo will discuss the history of SPAM, the canned meat, in the Asia-Pacific and its connection to war, class, imperialism, and nostalgia.

Wicket Leeks আড্ডা / Adda & Collaborative Beer Making Workshop

Thursday June 27th

Wicket Leeks আড্ডা/Adda with Jess Rolls and Zaid Islam
Including a beer making workshop with Gil Lopez and Jon Sims

A View From Above: The Pre-Game Meal by Nathaniel Sullivan

Tuesday June 25th

NOTE: This event is free, but has a maximum capacity of 12 people, the same as a basketball team, please RSVP

OPEN CALL: Must They Also Be Gods

Major Exhibition Open Call: Must They Also Be Gods
Deadline: August 12th, 11:59pm

Must They Also Be Gods looks to highlight the power of black community and movement.

25th Anniversary Banquet

Friday, June 14th
doors at 6pm Dinner served promptly at 7pm

Please join us on Friday June 14th for a five-course meal of delectable artist-designed dishes

Artists & Creatives Money Skills

Tuesday July 9th, 7p – 9pm

This two-hour class (with handouts + practical exercises + Q&A!) is created to give you a basic, crucial grounding in the financial aspects of being “in business” as a creative, artist, and cultural worker.

Eco-communities in Dialogue: NY responds to Europe

June 30th, 5pm – 7pm

Jan Blažek will speak on European Eco-communities followed by a panel discussion with representatives from local communes Cotyledon, Ganas, and Arc 38

Wicket Leeks

June 22nd – July 13th
Flux Thursday: July 11th

Using the lenses of food and sports, artists investigate the unsavory histories of colonialism.


June 7th – 9th
Together’s CEO is Cayla Lockwood

Together helps your small business or art collective save time by holding meetings while you sleep.

Disability Nightlife Dance Party

TALK BACK Convening
Saturday, June 1st, 8-11pm

Celebrate the closing of TALK BACK with a party featuring DJ WHO GIRL (Kevin Gotkin) and a performance by YO-YO LIN!

Crip Care Work

TALK BACK Convening
Sunday, June 2nd, 12 – 9:30pm

This series of panels, presentations and performances center disabled artist and organizers from around the world.

Dreaming Disability Social Justice

TALK BACK Convening
Saturday, June 1st, 12 – 6pm

This series of Artists Talks center disabled artists exploring gender, identity and these intersecting expressions of bodies.

Talk Back Closing Party

Saturday, June 1st, 8pm-11pm

Celebrate the closing of TALK BACK
with a party featuring:
DJ WHO GIRL (Kevin Gotkin) and a performance by YO-YO LIN!

Talk Back Convening – Opening Reception

TALK BACK Convening
Friday, May 31, 7 – 10pm

This series of Artists Talks center disabled artists using play, parties and joy, bringing connection and community to the front of their practice.

Convening for Disabled Artists, Organizers and Organizations

Friday, May 31st, 7pm – 10pm
Saturday, June 1st, 12-6pm + 8pm-11pm
Sunday, June 2nd, 12pm-5pm + 7pm-9pm

Convene with disabled artists, organizers, activists and allies.

People For An Accessible Mars: TALK BACK Workshop

Saturday, May 25th, 3pm-5pm

Through a series of workshops, surveys, and focus groups; we intend to advise NASA and all mars exploration initiatives on how to build an accessible future.

Character Strengths: TALK BACK Workshop

Thursday, May 23
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Join the artists of YAI for the one-night-only event: Character Strengths! A pop-up exhibition featuring artworks that flex vigor and nerve.

Breaking Down: A TALK BACK Panel Discussion on Art And Mental Illness

Sunday, May 19, 3-5pm

The tale of the emotionally distraught artist lives strong through the lens of Hollywood’s biopics of Van Gogh and Sylvia Plath, but what of that is real?

Alt-Text As Poetry Workshop

Saturday, May 11, 3-5pm

How can we instead approach alt-text thoughtfully and creatively? In this workshop, we will reframe alt-text as a type of poetry and practice writing it together.


Saturday, May 18
4pm – 6:00pm

The Resilience Journal is an analog tracking tool dedicated to visualizing the overlooked, soft data in our lives.

Talk Back

Flux Factory’s first Major Exhibition of 2019
May 9th – June 2nd

TALK BACK centers the lives of disabled artists and organizers, seeking to make room for every body and illuminate non-binary futures.

Flux Presents: Edible Editions Book Launch

Thursday, May 2nd, 7pm

Flux Factory is pleased to host Canadian artists Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed for an artist talk and gum chew in celebration of the launch of their new book Multiple Elementary.

The Great Flux Bake-Off

April 28th, 12pm-6pm
This event is in conjunction with Sunday Painter

Discuss/confirm details together, but the general idea is that we will have an all-day roof picnic and bake-off/TV show filming in the kitchen.

Flux on the Floor: Sunday Painter edition

Thursday, April 25, 8pm – 1am

Our fourth installment Flux On The Floor (FOTF) celebrates the ingenuity and collaboration of Flux Factory, in tandem with our Artist-in-Residence Group Show, Sunday Painter.

Sunday Painter

April 19-27
Opening of Sunday Painter: April 19, 7 – 10 PM

“Sunday Painter” is an exhibition that examines atypical mediums, outside the scope of an artist’s conventional practice.

Certifying Reality

April 11th-15th
Friday, April 12th, opening of certifying Reality 7-10pm

Certifying Reality is an exhibition of six artists contemplating the blurred line between our physical and constructed worlds.

Flux Thursday

April 11th 7pm-10pm

Flux Thursday is of our longest running Flux Factory program, and is an event that includes eating together. This event is in conjunction with Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe exhibit Certifying Reality.

Flux on the Floor: Trans-Form-Nation edition

March 21, 7:30pm- 1am

This month Flux on the Floor is being held in conjunction with Kalon Howard’s show Trans-Form-Nation. Flux on the Floor is a monthly dance party open to the public.

Trans-Form-Nation: Residency Exhibition by Kalon Hayward

Opening Reception, Thursday March 21, 7pm – 1am
March 21-24

Exploring sexuality and spirituality using music, African dance, and poetry. Drum meditation, Tai Chi, and sound healing.

You’re Welcome: [Not a rebuttal but conscious thoughts from us/pre-recorder sistory]

Opening Reception March 15th 7pm-10pm, March 14th-18th

The focus of the show is black women artists and their art. The work doesn’t have to be atypical to our identity as black women.

March Flux Thursday: Organizing Against Artwashing in Queens

March 14th: Dinner at 7pm, Presentations at 8pm

How can artists work against the grain of Artwashing and ally themselves alongside neighborhood organizations fighting against displacement?

OPEN CALL: Wicket Leeks

Exhibition: June 18th- July 16th, 2019

Using the lenses of food and sports, we invite projects that investigate the histories of nationalist, religious, and corporate colonialism.

WORKSHOP: Embroidery with María Lulú Varona

Sunday, March 3rd, 1pm – 3pm

Participants will learn the basics of embroidery, such threading a needle, making a knot and drawing in fabric with thread.

PARTY: Flux on the Floor

February 28th, Doors 8pm // Music 9pm – 1am Suggested Donation: $5-10

Flux on the Floor is a monthly dance party open to the public and featuring artists-in-residence PlayPlay and Vinyl Richie.


Wednesday, February 13th, 7:30pm

The first ever Skate-In Movie Screening at Flux Factory: featuring the Sci-Fi Rollerskating Dystopian Deathsport Movie: ROLLERBALL.

Anahita, the water’s revenge: Solo Exhibition by Sholeh Asgary

February 22-24 1pm-6pm

Anahita makes her return, her known and forgotten qualities imagined as an installation of media, sculpture and light.

Rinkworm February 16th

Roll with us and get cruisin’ to the tunes of Ben Seretan, live at Rinkworm on Saturday night.

Rinkworm February 15th

Don’t miss Friday night at Rinkworm featuring performances by MOM, Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Entsminger, and Joseph Keckler followed by a late-night roller disco with PlayPlay and Sponsored Lynx.

Music Production For Everyone with PlayPlay

Saturday, February 4th, 2pm – 4pm

PlayPlay will teach attendees how to make rhythms using just a laptop and a free web-based music making program, Soundtrap.

A statement from the Flux Factory Collective

Regarding the announcement that Amazon will be moving it’s HQ2 to our beloved neighborhood in Long Island City.

Flux Factory Artists and staff

Flux Thursday: Our Bloody Valentine

February 14th <3 <3 <3 7pm aphrodisiac potluck // 9pm couples skate Please join us on Valentines Day for Flux Factory’s monthly community potluck with Springboard Collective presenting Rinkworm.

Workshop: Visual Storytelling with Jaime Iglehart

January 26th & 27th, noon – 6pm

In this 2 day workshop we will focus on the language of cinema by exploring shot choices and composition from throughout film history.

Radio Shack: Performance with Cal Fish and others

Saturday, January 26th

This concert is played alongside the Installation Radio Shack, a new sound installation by Daniel Fiskin

Radio Shack: Performance Vinyl Quartet and more

Sunday, January 27th

This concert is played alongside the Installation Radio Shack, a new sound installation by Daniel Fiskin


FLUX FACTORY is thrilled to announce TALK BACK, Flux Factory’s first open call and exhibition specifically for artists and organizers with disabilities.



February 11th – 17th

Not sure what to do around Valentine’s Day? Roll over to Flux Factory for Rinkworm, a pop-up skating rink produced by Springboard Collective.

Flux on the Floor: 90s Dance Edition

January 31st, Doors 8pm // Music 9pm – 1am
Suggested Donation: $5-10

Flux on the Floor is a monthly dance party open to the public and featuring artists-in-residence PlayPlay and Vinyl Richie.

Radio Shack: a new sound installation by Daniel Fishkin

January 25th – 27th
gallery hours: January 25th – 27th, 1pm – 6pm

A cabin in the woods, emanating electronic music. Installation and performances.

Auto-Pilot: Solo exhibition by Paddy O’Dwyer

January 18th – 20th

Please join us for Flux Factory’s Gallery Management Intern, Paddy O’Dwyer’s first solo exhibition.

Flux Thursday: Act Up. Sound Out.

Thursday, January 10th
7pm meal // 8pm presentations

Roundtable? Join us on the Sofreh, a traditional Iranian backdrop that holds a feast, a gathering, a place to come together.

Queens Semantic Ghosts & lap0fvw: Exhibition by Anton Lapov

Radio Walk – December 15th, 12 pm – 3 pm
Flushing Meadows–Corona Park

Artist Talk – December 17th, 7pm – 10 pm
Flux Factory Gallery

Anton Lapov presents lap0fvw

Anton Lapov presents lap0fvw
Artist talk and audiovisual performance
December 17th 7 pm – 10 pm
Flux Factory Gallery

Sniff Out: Residency Exhibition by Bruno Silva

December 13-16th
Opening Reception & Flux Thursday: December 13th, 7pm – 10pm

Sniff Out is an exhibition from Bruno Silva, inviting the visitor to stroll around Flux Factory.

Flux Thursday: Opening for Sniff Out by Bruno Silva

December 13th
Opening Reception for SNIFF OUT by Bruno Silva
Dinner at 7pm – Exhibition ongoing

The event is free, but please do bring food or drink to share!

World Puzzle: Performance by Jaime Iglehart

World Puzzle
November 29th, 7–10 pm

World Puzzle is an interactive performance which gathers people together in a place of calm after storms both internal and external.

Migration in Transition: Residency Exhibition by Open Place

November 15 – 20th // Opening Reception, November 15, 6 – 9PM
Closing Reception, Nov 20, 6 – 9PM

The exhibition Migration in Transition presents two volumes of research by the Ukrainian collaborative duo Open Place.

Mark for Redaction: The Ride, Performance by Ramy El-Etreby

Saturday, November 10th @ 8pm 

The Ride is a live solo theatre performance, written and performed by Ramy El-Etreby and directed by Zahra Noorbakhsh.

Flux Iron Chef 2018 (Flux Thursday)

Flux Thursday, November 8th // Competition starts at 8pm

Join us for Flux Factory’s annual Iron Chef competition! Chef’s face off against one another to prepare spectacular dishes for an esteemed panel of judges in front of a live audience.

Mark For Redaction Film and Workshop

November 4, 3pm-8:30pm
74 (The Reconstitution of a Struggle) and Workshop

A political docu-fiction work about the occupation of AUB in 74 seen from the modern lens of current Arab uprisings.

Maktuv*: An Afternoon of Islamic and Jewish Calligraphy

Sunday, November 4
3pm – 5pm // Free

Join us for an interactive calligraphy workshop led by experiential educator, community organizer, and artist Ruben Shimonov.

Mark for Redaction performance: NAXÖ

October 28, 6:30pm, Musical performance by NAXÖ
Following the screening of deseos / رغبة  at 5pm

NAXÖ, is a queer Egyptian musician and singer, who’s work conjures a magical concoction of beats, folklore and eastern classical music.

Mark For Redaction Film (deseos)

Film Screenings
October 28th, 5pm

Film by Carlos Motta
followed by a discussionwith Maya Mikdashi

Mark For Redaction Film (Salam and Eccomi … Eccoti)

November 3, 5pm, & 7pm
Select works by Raed Rafei
Tripoli Stonewall (work in progress) 

Followed by a discussion with Raed Rafei

Mark For Redaction

October 11 – November 11 // Opening Reception, Oct 12, 6pm
Open Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 1 pm – 6pm or by appointment

Contemporary art from self-identified Kweer (queer) people with ties to the al-‘ālam al-‘arabī (S.W. Asia and N. Africa (SWANA)) and the diaspora.

Workshop: Between the Vulnerable Territory and the Utopia

Saturday, October 27th, noon – 3pm
Workshop is Free

Guests will participate in a mapping workshop which envisions vulnerable territories and transform them into safe and inspiring space.

Mark For Redaction Film (Shorts)

Sunday, October 21st 5pm- 9pm

Shorts Program
A screening of selected short films and videos
Followed by a conversation by Lily Hook

El3aza [al-azaa] by Noura Ballout

October 13, 8pm
El3aza [al-azaa] by Noura Ballout

El3aza is a funeral, we morn the people and things we have lost. Noura Ballout is a Detroit based Artist, Curator, and Entrepreneur

Flux Thursday: hosted by Tarab NYC

October 11, 7pm meal // 8pm workshop begins
(National Coming Out Day)

Tarab NYC investigates the concept of “coming out” with Curator Hilal Khalil.

Flux in Residence at ARoS Public

August 1st – September 30th, 2018

Over 30 Flux Factory artists from around the world will be Flux-in-Residence at ARoS Public in Aarhus, Denmark for all of August and September. Join us or follow our adventure online!

pasaré:la pasarela me lleva pa’lla – O V A H

September 16, 6pm

ray’s walkshop aims to create an adjacent speculative space where bodies activate the site through their engagement with the space while disrupting the normative gaze by moving between spectator and actor.


September 15th, 11:30 am

The Perambulator walk invites stroller users to walk together en masse around the Long Island City neighborhood, collectively surveying its challenges.

The Invisible Wind 8

September 15th, 7:30 – September 16th, 1am

The Invisible Wind 8 is an ongoing series of suburban night walks. Strap on your hiking boots, bring water, snacks toshare, warm clothes, stamina, and an open heart.

Closing Reception & a Device to Say Goodbye

Saturday, September 29th
6pm – 9pm S.T.E.P Closing Party // 9pm A Device to Say Goodbye

For the closing event, we will walk through the exhibition and exit Flux Factory and walk to a post box where we will mail our devices.

Gallivanting! A walking tour of Little Manila, NYC

Saturday, September 22 / Gallivant begins 2 – 4pm
Event is FREE

Gallivanting! A walking tour of Little Manila, NYC. Please wear comfortable clothing, shoes, bottled water and bring your MetroCard.

Of Statues and Markers

Saturday September 8, 5:00pm

Of Statues and Markers walkshop begins 5pm then departs 7:30 pm. Of Statues and Markers also includes a night vision infrared camera hacking walkshop! Cameras will then be used on the walk.

Dutch Kills Dérive

Septmeber 8 from 9:30AM – 12:30PM

Water is life… Until we shit in it… Join us for a morning dérive that begins inside Flux Factory’s plumbing and ends at Newton Creek center of hydro-geologic power.

Open Call: Flux Factory Accessibility Fellowship

Flux Factory Art and Accessibility Open Call
Deadline, Monday, December 17th, 11:59

Flux Factory and the DCLA Create NYC Disability Forward Fund are offering an inaugural Flux Factory Accessibility Fellowship

Dream Yards

Friday, September 14th, 7:30pm

Dream Yards is a playful outdoor walking performance to specific locations around Long Island City; where the audience might find themselves in (old medieval) York!

Flux Thursday, S.T.E.P…

September 13th  7 – 10 pm

Please join us for our monthly community potluck! We invite you to meet walking artists, and ask: Who sets the pace of the world, what is the power of dreams and other questions.

Flux Factory Annual Auction: December 4, 2018

Tuesday, December 4th
VIP Hour 6pm – 7pm
General Admission 7pm – 10pm
LICA Gallery, 5-25 46th Avenue in Long Island City
Buy your tickets now!!

Saunter Trek Escort Parade (S.T.E.P….)

September 6 – 30th

Curated by Christina Freeman, Emireth Herrera & moira williams, S.T.E.P…. seeks to be an overlapping convergence & entanglement of walking, walk-based works & programming, mobilizing throughout New York.


Join us on Friday 24​th​ of August ​for a night of performances and dancing!
Doors open at 7:30, performances start at 8pm

“Albi Ay! Ay!” is a party! (I mean immersive participatory multimedia installation)

Butter on the Jam Knife & Cherry’s First Solo: Works by Ryan Clayton and Wallis Cheung

August 16th – 19th – Reception, August 18th, 7pm – 9pm

Flux Artists Ryan Clayton and Wallis Cheung present their most recent bodies of work in the Flux Gallery.

WORKSHOP: If all we had was a mug we could make the whole world – An Introduction to 3D modeling.

August 11th, 2pm – 5pm

This Introductory 3D Modeling workshop is for individuals with little or no experience using 3D modeling software

PASSAGES: Readings and Screenings

Apologies, this event had to be cancelled. Please join us for next week’s Major Exhibition opening for S.T.E.P!

A series of readings and screenings, curated y Deloris O and Amia Yokoyama

WORKSHOP: Visual Storytelling

July 28th and 29th
Noon – 6pm
A free 2 day workshop focussing on the language of cinema. Participants will develop their directorial and cinematographer skills, and learn to see in new ways.

WORKSHOP: Music Production For Everyone with PlayPlay

July 25th
7pm – 9pm

PlayPlay will teach attendees how to make rhythms using just a laptop and a free web-based music making program, Soundtrap.

Flux Thursday: July 2018

Flux Thursday, July 12
7pm – 10pm

Fluxers Catalina Jordan Alvarez and Wallis Cheung have invited artists Samuel Lang Budin and Colin Klockner to speak to us about their work.

Pintados: Portraits of Immigrants as Ancestors, by Jevijoe Vitug

July 5th – 9th
Opening, July 5th, 5pm 

This exhibition presents a new body of work by Philippine-born, New York based artist Jevijoe Vitug.

Going Sour: Flux Thursday, August

Thursday, August 9 at 7pm – Presentations at 8pm

Join us for a round table conversation and open mic addressing the metaphor of sour. We will talk about our friends and lovers whose relationships have gone sour or how to avoid them going sour.

The New Non: New narratives in Non-Representational Art and Abstraction

June 29 – July 1 // Opening Reception: June 29, 7-10pm

Artists defining the contemporary paradigm of abstraction, using non-representational art to engage with complex concepts, themes, or narratives.

One Spa on a Time produced by Springboard Collective

June 22, 12:00 pm – June 24, 11:59 pm, 2018

Flux Factory is pleased to present an immersive 60-hour spa resort produced by Springboard Collective. Visit One Spa on a Time, and live happily ever after.

Artist-in-Residence Open Call

Deadline: Monday June 3rd, 11:59pm

We are currently looking for cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month residencies starting in the Winter of 2019 and Spring of 2020.

Air Rights: a series of artist-made flags

Flag flying from July 5 – August 16th
In connection with Pintados: Portraits of Immigrants as Ancestors, Solo Exhibition by Jevijoe Vitug

This flag embodies solidarity with immigrants and the working class.

Wilder LIC: Artist Talks & Closing Reception

June 17th, 6pm-8pm
This is the closing ceremony of the Wilder LIC Exhibition!
Food served by Flux Iron Chefs!

Presentations by Moira Williams, Ethan Crenson, Nat Roe and Katya Khan.

“ ”(quote, unquote) with Wieteke Heldens

June 13th – 17th

Wieteke Heldens will use the gallery of Flux Factory to do work on her current project : “ ” (quote, unquote). Visitors are invited to put graffiti on the gallery walls.

Amirtha Kidambi and Jessica Pavone (solo and duo sets)

May 27th, Doors: 4 pm – This event is free!
at the Windmill Community Garden, 39-22 29th St, Long Island City

As part of the Wilder LIC Exhibition, Flux Factory hosts music by Amirtha Kidambi and Jessica Pavone

Wilder LIC Group Exhibition Opening Reception

Join us Saturday, May 5th for a celebration of untamed New York with Wilder LIC, the very first group exhibition at the Windmill Community Garden. This outdoor exhibition features thirteen…

Mark for Redaction – Open Call

Deadline//تاريخ: July 31st

Open call for Kweer, queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or gender non-conforming people who have ties to al-‘ālam al-‘arabī also known as South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA)

WFLX: Flux Factory Radio

Ongoing – click here for radio link

WFLX is an ongoing Flux Factory project, organized by DJ Vinyl Richie with love. WFLX broadcasts interviews with artists, play lists by Fluxers, and hype for Flux projects from our humble home in Long Island City

Weedy Nomad: A Walking Tour of LIC’s Forgotten Landscapes

Weedy Nomad: A Walking Tour of LIC’s Forgotten Landscapes May 27, 2 – 3pm Part of the Wilder LIC Group Exhibition Tour commences at the Windmill Community Garden, 39-22 29th…

Weedy Nomad: A Performative Field Study

May 26, 2 – 3pm
Part of the Wilder LIC Group Exhibition, May 5 – June 6

Tour Commences at the Windmill Community Garden, 39-22 29th Street, Long Island City

Jazz at Flux

Sunday, March 25
7pm – 9:30pm

The music will be performed within the exhibition “avoid romanticizing the landscape” by illesha Khandelwal

KOOKERVILLE: Solo exhibition by Lexy Ho-Tai

Saturday, April 14, 1pm-10pm* // Opening reception 7pm – 10pm.
Sunday, April 15, 1pm-6pm

Creator, Lexy Ho-Tai, invites you to experience and create Kookerville. Tap into your inner child! Workshops throughout the weekend.

April Flux Thursday: Roots

Thursday April 12th
Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8 pm

The event is free, but please do bring something to share! The presenters will be looking back at their roots, while we eat root vegetables.

Flux on the Floor

Friday May 25th

Flux Factory will host a long-overdue dance party benefitting their upcoming group residency at ARoS Public (Denmark).

Resilience: A Sonic Tribute to the Queer History of Club Music

A soundscape project exploring the queer history of electronic club music.

Opening, 7pm, May 24th // Dance Party, 9pm May 25th // Open Studio, 2pm – 8pm, May 26th // Artist Talk, 2pm May 27th

Richard Garet and Andrea Haenggi performances

June 3, Doors: 4 pm
At the Windmill Community Garden, 39-22 29th St, Long Island City

++ food provided throughout by Flux Iron Chefs!
Only 15 may participate in Andrea’s piece, RSVP is a must

Impulse: Solo Exhibition by Amir Badawi

June 1st – 5th
Opening: Friday, June 1st, 7-10 pm // Gallery Hours: 12-4 pm

Does anything in the universe have meaning?  Maybe!  Either way there will be beer.  

The Art of DJ’ing w PlayPlay and Vinyl Richie

April 11th: 7pm – 9pm 

In this introduction to DJ’ing, Jess Dilday (PlayPlay) & Richie Nathanial (Vinyl Richie) will go over various techniques DJs use both to create a seamless musical journey and to provide a fresh performance.

June Flux Thursday: “ ”(quote, unquote) with Wieteke Heldens

Welcome to this month’s Flux Thursday
June 14th – Potluck dinner at 7pm

Followed by Artist presentations from: Jonathan Sims, Tracy May Fuad, Rich Ann and Wieteke Heldens

Undecidable Night Club at Flux Factory

Saturday, August 4
Open Doors 7;30pm – Show Starts At 8pm

A millennium sleek- liquid invitation for a night of performance, music, and dancing.

Beauty Beer Spa

Saturday, April 7th, 4-7pm – FREE

Join Flux Factory for a brew day & beauty spa event. Gil Lopez will teach you the art of beer brewing, while Cayla Lockwood treats us to boozy beauty treatments and aromatherapy.

Roundtable: Diversity work | notes on body politics & space invaders

Roundtable: Diversity work | notes on body politics & space invaders
March 25 | 2-4 pm

“Diversity work” is a round table discussion that responds to current
perspectives in feminist art.

avoid romanticizing the landscape

opening reception: friday, march 23rd , 7-9pm
open gallery: saturday & sunday, 24th – 25th march noon-6pm

You will be pulled into a murky remembrance; some dusty flashback of a lover long gone, or a lingering dream of your bare feet sunk in sand.

Introduction to programming for people who don’t necessarily like computers

March 20th, 7:00pm

This workshop will introduce participants to fundamentals of programming as well as provide resources for further study.

Otherworldly™: Solo exhibition by Cayla Lockwood

April 6th and 7th
Grand Opening Reception: Friday, April 6th, 7-9pm 

At Otherworldly™, we believe you can transcend space and time through our unique and luxurious product line.

An Obscure Silhouette: Solo Exhibition by Po-Yen Wang

Opening reception: Friday, May 18, 7pm – 10pm
Gallery Open Hours: May 19 – 20, noon – 4 pm or by appointment

An Obscure Silhouette brings together work exploring the multi-layered identity within a person, incorporating video, installation and sculpture.

Open Engagement turn up with Party Noire, Xhoir and DJ Latham

May 13, 2018 // 7:00  –  Midnight
Free with OE Pass // General Admission begins at 9pm and is $5

As a closing event for the Social Justice conference Open Engagement (OE), Party Noire will carry’s us into the future with vibes galore.

Wilder LIC: Good Vibrations Acoustic Cartography Tours

All tours occur Saturday, May 12
Tours: 1pm, 2:30 & 4pm

Using his custom Mobile Listening Kits, Wilder LIC artist Johann Diedrick will be leading three Acoustic Cartography Tours. RSVP is a must!

May Flux Thursday: Eat the Weeds

May 10th, 7pm Dinner // 8pm Artist Talks

Please join us for Eat the Weeds, a very special edition of Flux Thursdays, hosted in conjunction with Wilder LIC, a group exhibition in the Windmill Garden.

Wilder LIC Group Exhibition

May 10, 7p – Flux Thursday potluck and artist talks
May 12, 1p-5p – “Good Vibrations Acoustic Cartography Tour”
May 26 & 27 – “Weedy Nomad” tours
May 27, 4p-7p – Amirtha Kidambi and Jessica Pavone
June 3, 4p-7p – Richard Garet and Andrea Haenggi

Anything! | Group exhibition by Flux Factory

April 21st-28th 11am – 5pm
Opening: April 20 6pm – 10pm

The annual group show at Flux Factory presents sculptural installations, photography, text and video by current and former fluxers.

Kickstarter Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon 2018

March 4th, 11am – 5:30pm
Kickstarter – 58 Kent Street, Brooklyn

An all-day updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to art and feminism.


Visit for full information and tickets!
Join us for our annual Madcap Art Parade and Dance Party.

4pm: Parade leaves Flux Factory 29-31 29th street, Long Island City
5pm: After party at the Plaxall Gallery 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City

Flux City 6: Flux Thursday

Thursday, March 8 – 7:30pm 
Please bring food or drink to share.
Join the curators of Flux City 6 (Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Entsminger) for a potluck meal.

Pop Gym Pop Up: Free Self-Defense Workshop

Come by this FREE Pop Up workshop to learn some introductory skills that will keep you feeling safe.

Mardi Gras Co-op Mixer

Interested in cooperative urban living? This is a meet-up for you

Flux Thursday: Meatloaf Party

Please bring your favorite loaf / meatloaf-adjacent dish / classic side / perfect beverage pairing / any dessert and your hungry self / and your hungry friends

The Art of DJ’ing 101 w/ DJ PlayPlay (Jess Dilday)

In this introduction to DJ’ing, PlayPlay will go over various techniques DJs use to create a seamless musical journey and to keep the dance floor going.

Thursday Program

(All day)   Experimental Barter Deli

11:00am – 2:00pm   What We Need is Beautiful and Free

1:00pm – 3:00pm   Sketching Our Dream Space

3:00pm – 5:00pm   Disinheriting Capitalism

5:00pm – 7:00pm   Transparency Tools Primer

7:00pm – 10:00pm   ACE EVENING: A Sexual Series – screening, performance & 

City #4

10AM – 7AM Art Trash City by Francine K Affourtit

7PM – 9PM The Sanitization Jonathan Sims

10PM – 12PM The Company Soundsystem performance

Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop

Poet Ariel Yelen will provide readings, conversation, and generative writing prompts for ekphrastic writing amid Kyung-jin Kim’s solo exhibition, Nothing Personal.

City #3

10AM – 8PM City with a Diamond Heart by Hui-Ying Tsai

8PM – 10PM Experimental performances and music curated by Patricio Jijón

City #2

10AM -9PM The Central Nervous City by Cait Davis

9PM-12AM The Destruction of Civilization by Larissa Hayden

City #1

10AM – 9PM FORT CITY, by Cayla Lockwood and Sarah Dahlinger

9PM-12AM Immigrant Ball by Katya Grokhovsky

Flux City 6

City 2- Saturday, March 3rd: 10 AM -12 AM
CITY 3- Saturday, March 10th: 10 AM – 10PM
CITY 4 –  Saturday, March 17th: 10AM – 12AM

Click for full details!!!

DEADLINE: Exhibition Open Call – S.T.E.P

… (S.T.E.P…. ) embraces the many ways and bodies we walk while asking how walking as a creative act can open conversations about visibility, perception, time, labor, economics, exploration, mapping, colonialism, migration, the environment, health and the connections between all of these.

Flux Thursday –  (Re) mnants

Thursday, January 11th
doors open 7pm, dinner 7:30pm

OPENING – Nothing Personal

Opening reception
February 1st 7pm – 10pm

Gallery Open Hours
Friday, February 2nd, Noon – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday, February 3rd – 4th, noon – 4pm
Monday, February 4th, Noon – 6pm

OPENING: Possession

Doors 7PM
Performance 7:30PM

Possession – – Solo Exhibition by Jack Hogan

Opening reception: Saturday, January 20, Doors 7PM // Performance 7:30PM

Gallery hours: Sunday, January 21st – Tuesday, January 23rd, Noon–6PM

Possession” is about the everyday sadism and masochism, the barely perceptible codes and aggressions, that turn boys into adolescents for life.

(Re) mnants: Family Matters

January 14th, Sunday
Gallery hours 12pm -3pm
Artist talk moderated by Atlanta based curator Martina Dodd & closing party 6pm

OPENING: (Re) mnants

January 12th Friday
Opening & Film Screening
7pm – 9pm

(Re) mnants – Solo exhibition by Muse Dodd

Schedule of Events
January 11th, Flux Thursday, 7pm – 10pm
January 12th Opening & Film Screening, 7pm – 9pm
January 13th, Gallery hours 1pm-6pm
January 14th, Gallery hours 12pm -3pm
6pm – Artist talk moderated by Atlanta based curator Martina Dodd & closing party

Open Call for new works: Wilder LIC at Windmill Community Garden

Wilder LIC is a May 2018 multimedia group exhibition produced by Flux Factory taking place at the Windmill Community Garden.  This open call, with a February 11 deadline, invites proposals for artworks which address some or all of the exhibition’s themes investigating how multimedia art can promote local community building and urban agriculture.

Utopia School

Utopia School is an ongoing project that shares information about both failed and successful utopian projects and work towards new ones.
Click for Full Schedule

Nothing Personal – Solo Exhibition by Kyung-jin Kim 

Opening reception
February 1st, 7pm – 10pm

Gallery Open Hours
February 2nd, Noon – 6pm
February 3rd – 4th, noon – 4pm
February 5th, Noon – 6pm

‘Nothing Personal’ is an interactive installation where the voice and position matters. In this built environment, every component influences its surroundings.

For The Public Group Exhibition

Hosted at Local Project, 11-27 44th Rd, Long Island City, New York Works on View from January 19 – February 19 2022Gallery Hours: Saturdays between 12:30 and 4:30pm, Thursdays between…

MTABG Performance Night

This event is part of the program for Must They Also Be Gods, a Flux Factory Exhibition that runs until November 2nd. Night of PerformanceOctober 25, 7pmIn the Flux Factory Gallery…

Socrates Takeover Full Schedule 2019

click here to return to the main Takeover page October 19th, Noon – 4pm All events will take place concurrently from noon to 4pm, inside Socrates Sculpture Park. Events with…

Flux Thursday: August 2019

Thursday, August 8thDinner 7pmPresentations 8pmFree and open to the public Let us know you’ll be coming on FB and invite your friends! This event is free but please do bring…

Kickstarter Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon 2018

Flux is happy to once again partner with other arts organizations and Kickstarter for an all-day communal updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to art and feminism.

Flux Artist-In-Residence 2018 Open Call

We are currently looking for cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month residencies starting in the Summer or Fall 2018

Air Rights: a series of artist-made flags

Air Rights: a series of artist-made flags curated by artist and Fluxer, Christina Freeman.
The first flag is Revised U.S. Flag #4 (Francisco Franklin), designed by Francisco Franklin, in collaboration with artist Maya Grace Misra, combines elements from the United States flag and the flag of his home country, Panamá.

The Art of DJ’ing 101 w/ DJ PlayPlay (Jess Dilday)

In this introduction to DJ’ing, PlayPlay will go over various techniques DJs use to create a seamless musical journey and to keep the dance floor going.

Mardi Gras Co-op Mixer

Interested in cooperative urban living? This is a meet-up for you

Pop Gym Pop Up: Free Self-Defense Workshop

Come by this FREE Pop Up workshop to learn some introductory skills that will keep you feeling safe.

Flux Thursday: Meatloaf Party

Please bring your favorite loaf / meatloaf-adjacent dish / classic side / perfect beverage pairing / any dessert and your hungry self / and your hungry friends

Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop

Poet Ariel Yelen will provide readings, conversation, and generative writing prompts for ekphrastic writing amid Flux artist-in-residence Kyung-jin Kim‘s solo exhibition, Nothing Personal. 

Nothing Personal 

‘Nothing Personal’ is an interactive installation where the voice and position matters. In this built environment, every component influences its surroundings.

Utopia School

Utopia School is hosting a 5 day pop-up school from January 25th – 29th focused on the practical aspects of opening a new community space in New York City and/or the northeast USA.

Open Call: Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P…. )

S.T.E.P… welcomes proposals that approach walking from all perspectives and people: walking as protest, to take up space, to be visible, walking as choreography, walking as marching band, as Hip Hop, as Carnival, intervention, parade, pilgrimage, funerary, liberation, labor, humor.


“Possession”, an exhibition and performance by Jack Hogan, is about the everyday sadism and masochism, the barely perceptible codes and aggressions, that turn boys into adolescents for life.

(Re) mnants – Solo exhibition by Muse Dodd

(Re) mnants is an interactive digital media installation, chronicling visual artist and filmmaker Monique Muse Dodd’s journey into her ancestral and spiritual heritage.

Flux Thursday – (Re) mnants: (Re) inscribing Memory

This Flux Thursday will be hosted by Monique Muse Dodd, in connection with her exhibition  (Re) mnants.

Play this motif 840 times in succession

Stephen McLeod is working on an ambitious project to play Erik Satie’s composition, “Vexations” on 840 different pianos.  It will probably take him many years to complete.  In the meantime he is making (silly) experiments using the Vexations score as a starting point — considering the problems of instruction art and the limitations of language in conveying any sort of truth.

Forgiveness: Resisting Racism by the B3W Performance Group

B3W Performance Group presents a performance and conversation of seeds for the second installment of the Forgiveness Project “Forgiveness: Resisting Racism.”

Flux Thursday: Karaoke Choir

Sing or listen as you feel comfortable, but certainly eat as this is a yummy potluck, as usual for flux thursday. Please bring something to share and enjoy an evening of song.  

Feminist Self Publishing Zine Workshop for women, non-binary and trans identified artists

Participants will not only learn concrete ways of producing their own material, but also discover the importance of their voices and stories.

Urban Mushroom Cultivation and Bioremediation Workshop

Learn about mushrooms and their amazing range of medicinal, nutritional, and pollution remediation benefits with mycologist Daniel Reyes and soil scientist Nance Klehm.

7 Common : A Case Studios Project

Beginning the project with an exploration of taste memories, Case Studios will invite local residents to share food stories in exchange for attending meal experiences.

Only One You: Solo Exhibition by Teng Teng

Teng Teng is a New York based painting artist from China; view her miniature paintings and jewelry.

Flux Thursday: QUAC & Case Studios

*7 Train Potluck Experience and discussion with QUAC and Case Studios.

Día de Muertos: Ofrenda by/por Martha Naranjo Sandoval

For this year’s Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Martha Naranjo Sandoval take over FluxFactory’s gallery to build and present an ofrenda, an altar to remember our deceased loved ones.

Halloween Screening of in the Windmill Community Garden

Join us and our community in the Windmill Community Garden across from Flux Factory, for a Halloween screening of “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

Flux Thursday : Self Storage and Building Stories

Flux Factory and More Art team up to present a Flux Thursday addressing housing, space and community, in tandem with our parallel exhibitions Self Storage and Building Stories.

Building Stories: More Art Exhibition

Flux Factory’s partner organization More Art presents: Building Stories, an exhibition of recent works addressing housing justice.

Self Storage

Self Storage NYC is a site-specific exhibition-event taking place in select self storage facilities in Long Island City and Flux Factory’s gallery. The project is a major Flux Factory show occurring throughout October, organized by a team of international curators.

Immense Bewildered Light: a Reading

Please join us for a reading of poetry and prose.

Home Brew Workshop

Join us for introduction to the fermentation process that produces . . . mmm… Beer. Will Fluxer Gill Lopez.

Smörgåsbord // Flux Thursday: Humorgous Smorgasbord

Join us on Thursday, September 14th for an old-fashioned Smörgåsbord potluck and artist presentations, with donations from Zabar’s, TomCat Bakery, and Lagunitas Brewing Company. 

Flux Major Exhibition: Humorgous Smorgasbord

Flux Factory is pleased to present Humorgous Smorgasbord, a group exhibition of artworks that utilize incongruity through live performance, video,sculpture and writing. Most of you probably won’t make it out to see the show. You’ll likely have other plans during the Friday night opening and performances on September 8th. Or let’s guess, can’t make it to an old-fashioned smörgåsbord dinner with artist presentations on Thursday, September 14th. So, what’s funny?

Space and Light Workshop – drawing Space of Invisible Elements

A workshop with artist Eunhyea Choi. Participants will work to make a formative poem with elements such as plexiglass, paper, colored pencil and light.

thetOOth&therOOt present Armageddon

Through painting, collage, drawing and textiles, thetOOth&therOOt muse on the slip towards Armageddon and present a vision of Paradise.

Delicate Failure: Open Studio hours with Chen An An and friends

Artists An-An Chen, Lulu Meng and Tzu-An Wu will be collectively working on an ongoing installation, that includes video and sculpture in the Flux gallery space. Come meet them to talk about their work and see their process.

Flux Thursday: Art Basel Thrift Store (and Gallery) Strictly Business Martini Auction

Please join the artists of Going Once, Going Twice for a once in a lifetime experience as they auction off 7 signature martinis in celebration of the Grand Opening of Art Basel Thrift Store (and Gallery). 


This new business will truly be an ultra-thrift store and gallery, offering shoppers 1500 square feet of high-quality, make-an-offer retail and art. People are already buzzing that this might be the only thrift store and gallery of its kind.

Video Jam at Knockdown Center

Video Jam, a U.K. based experimental film/music collective comes to Knockdown Center! This event pairs musicians with film-makers to explore the dynamic between live sound and moving image, responding to the musical, cultural and artistic influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Flux Thursday: Tongue Tide

This Flux Thursday is in connection with a Flux Factory 2017 Major Exhibition, Tongue Tide.

One view from July 6 – July 30.

Inspired by Flux Factory’s location in Queens, NY — the most language-dense area in the world– Tongue Tide explores the multitude of ways in which artists engage with language, addressing both its tide-like ebb and flow as well as its curated by Flux Artist-in-Residence Christina Freeman and Curator-in-Residence Emireth Herrera Valdes.

Flux Major Exhibition: Tongue Tide

IFlux Factory is pleased to announce its next 2017 Major Exhibition, Tongue Tide. Inspired by Flux Factory’s location in Queens, NY — the most language-dense area in the world– Tongue Tide explores the multitude of ways in which artists engage with language, addressing both its tide-like ebb and flow as well as its limitations.

Waste Machine

The Aesthetic of Waste Collective will occupy the Flux Factory gallery, and transform it into a burnt-out Midtown lobby, where participants will assemble an abomination of performance.

Windmill Community Garden Block Party

The Windmill Community Garden is a brand new green space for Long Island City built by Greenthumb and maintained by the community with co-founders the Dutch Kills Civic Association, Growing Up Green Charter School and Flux Factory.


Flux Factory is pleased to present LIMO CULT, a collaborative installation including a luxurious 70 foot limousine, immersive sculptural and video installations with performances,The Culinary Equalizer, and interactive sacrificial deep frying at The Main Concessions. Produced by Springboard Collective, this is a one day event not to miss!

Flux-a-Thon Flux Thursday

Are you on a Flux-a-Thon team? Do you want to be? If you want to join a team, or just come by and hang out to help teams build their floats for…

An Invocation at a Moment of Cataclysm

An Invocation at a Moment of Cataclysm, an installation of painting, projection and print by Flux Artist in Residence Jonathan Sims, is a confrontation with past and future human rituals that follow a period of uncertainty and upheaval.


DJ Vinyl Richie and the Flux Formula

UpStander Training and Basic Self Defense

Upstander workshops are designed to equip those facing hate and violence with de-escalation skills and basic self-defense techniques.

Sanctuaries: 3 Mental Wellness Workshops for Queer and Trans* People of Color

Herbs: April 11th, 7-9 pm at Silent Barn
Aromatherapy: May 9th, 7-9 pm at Flux Factory
Boudoir: May 27th, 7-9 pm at Flux Factory

Flux Thursday : Silicon Flux

Food and conversation about AI and VR with artists Stephanie Dinkins, Nettrice Gaskins, and LaJuné McMillian.

Inter/Exist: two years in Jackson Heights

NYC are small islands of people exiled by their homeland into a dirty, loud, free, and uninhibited simulacrum of their homeland. Artist-in-Residence Gezi Cao is throwing questions at the foreigners who chose this foreign land.

Film Screening, “My Brooklyn” with the Real Estate Investment Cooperative

Join us for the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative’s screening of Kelly Anderson’s 2012 documentary, “My Brooklyn.”

Flux Thursday : Mother’s Day card making workshop

Join us for this month’s Flux Thursday for a Mother’s Day card making party and opportunity to welcome the Spring, with artists Ashley Yang-Thompson and Eleni Zaharopoulos.

Major Exhibition : We Have Always Lived in the Future

An exhibition and series of artist-led discussions called, Silicon Flux, centering marginalized groups who are ignored or erased from Silicon Valley’s visions of future technologies. We seek to engage the ways that ableism, white supremacy, misogyny, colonialism and other modes of discrimination operate within the supposed impartiality of this industry, culture, and lifestyle.

Tutti Frutti : Exhibition by Will Owen

Tutti Frutti is a solo exhibition of works by multidisciplinary artist, composer, and curator Will Owen.

Art + Feminism Wikipedia Editathon

The Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon is a collaborative campaign to help improve coverage of women and the arts on Wikipedia.

SAVE THE DATE : Flux-a-Thon June 10th

Part walk-a-thon, part parade, part mobile art project competition, and part dinner dance party.

Major Exhibition : The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth

The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth is an interactive sculptural installation taking over Flux Factory’s gallery. Sculpture, video, sound and performance will inhabit a serpentine maze of track-mounted rolling walls, a kaleidoscopic reimagining of rolling library stacks.

Bringing the Content Back : Solo show by Wieteke Heldens

Wieteke Heldens is pleased to present Bringing the Content Back. It’s her fourth solo-exhibition with the Flux Factory. In this exhibition she will show her Content drawings in the gallery, but also at the places where they are from. She is bringing the content back.

Quality Programming : for Against Competition / Towards Mutual Aid

6:00 – 7:00 Site-Specific Projection @ Dutch Kill Greens created by current Flux Artist, Razan AlSalah

7:00 – 8:00 Feminist Cocktail Party @ Flux Factory

8:30 – 10:30 PARADISO: a subversive party, curated by Cosmic artist J Triangular

Flux Thursday : Artist as Ally

Flux Factory and ABC No Rio present the panel “Artist as Ally.” Please join us for a potluck and discussion, as four artists will share how they engage the arts in ways that address social issues.

Open Call : We Have Always Lived in the Future

This exhibition examines the presence of marginalized groups within the global Silicon Valley and its prevailing visions of future technologies. We are looking for works that address these representations——or lack thereof——in areas including but not limited to: accessibility, virtual reality, surveillance, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Flux Thursday : Exposure

Please join us at Flux Factory for our January Flux Thursday Potluck dinner with presentations by Filipina artist and activist collective GABRIELA with paintings by JeviJoe Vitug.

Firoz Mahmud : ‘Gust of hot spice and mystique fable’

Bangladeshi born artist, Firoz Mahmud, will present his new film/video ‘Blurred Reading’, photographs, blood painting, mixed media works and drawing on paper.

Cosmic Unity : Occult Art and Music in Latin America

Cosmic Unity includes works by 22 artist-healers from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil and US in the search for a new spirituality.

Only the Hurt Can Heal, or, What’s Been on My Heart: a ritual meditation by Joshua Moton

An installation and performance based in the language of rootwork, Santería, conjure and vodun. It layers sound, sculpture, cuisine, scent and action to create a transcendent space to of Afro-Atlantic refutation, overcoming, healing, togetherness, and understanding.

Flux Thursday : Artists-In-Resistance

Bring something delicious to share this Flux Thursday as we gather activists and movement organizers to discuss how folx in the wider Flux community can support the call for social justice and human rights at the dawn of this political era.

Introduction to Transparency Tools

An interactive workshop were we will explore simple conversational tools that can be used in groups of coworkers, flatmates, friend circles, congregations and community groups.

Flux Factory’s Tenth Annual Auction

Make 2017 Fluxy by joining our biggest event of the year

Rethinking Residencies: Publics and Counterpublics at Triangle Arts

Rethinking Residencies: Publics and Counterpublics reflects on artist residency programs, what communities they serve, and the responsibilities each has to one another in a moment of marked cultural upheaval.

Flux Greeting Cards Line Inc. – Screen Printing Workshop

Flux resident Sarah Dahlinger will lead screen printing demos and show participants how to print their very own selection of Flux greeting cards.

Same not same : video and sound installation by Eva Ursprung

During her stay at Flux Factory, Eva Ursprung is collecting similarities between Graz and the areas surrounding Flux Factory in Queens. In her video- and sound environment, she will highlight the similar/different faces of post- and co-industrial lifeworlds in Graz and Queens.

Declare Queens as a Hate Free Zone

December 2nd, 5:30
Diversity Plaza, 74th street and 37th road, Jackson Heights

12 : Cassette Release Party for Ivaylo Gueorgiev & Eric Pitra

Opening Reception / Cassette Release Party for Ivaylo Gueorgiev & Eric Pitra’s audio work 12, and celebrating it’s addition to the Flux Factory doorbell created by artist, John Roach.

Screening and conversation with Chiang Kai-chun

A series of experimental films by artist Chiang Kai-chun

OPEN CALL : The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth

The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth will be an interactive sculptural installation taking over Flux Factory’s gallery February-March 2017.

A Precipice, Abandon, A Dotted Line

A labyrinthine video installation, inviting the viewer to experience darkness as a space for embracing the uncertain.

CryptoParty at Flux Factory

Flux Factory will be hosting the first CryptoParty in Queens this month, featuring a series of informative discussions on privacy, surveillance and some hands-on training with digital privacy and encryption technology.

Halloween Costume Fluxtravaganza

Make your own Halloween Costume, with help from a Flux Artist-in-Residence, buy an artist-made-mask or order a custom costume!

Flux Thursday : The Turn of the Q & The Red Spread

Please join us at Flux Factory for our October Flux Thursday Pot Luck dinner! The Red Spread refers to a 13 course all red tasting menu that will be a part of the evening.

Flux Thursday: Column Shifting

Please join us at Flux Factory for our November Flux Thursday Potluck dinner!

The evening is focused on the issues relating to Flux’s upcoming project Column Shifting, which explores the relationship between financial stability and cultural equity in small art spaces in NYC.

Shaping Time . Space

Jung In Jung is a current Flux artist who has been working with contemporary dancers to create interactive audiovisual dance work. With “Shaping Time . Space” Jung presents a series of short dances in collaboration with dancers, musicians and visual artists.

Flux Thursday : Artificial Retirement

Please bring food and drink to share! Please join us on September 8th for our monthly community potluck and art salon: an informal time to catch up with old friends, eat something delicious prepared by our artist-chefs, and learn more about projects by Fluxers old and new.

Blind Ambition with Virginia Mallon and Anne Murray

A roundtable discussion with contemporary and emerging artists: Virginia Mallon, Anne Murray, Seren Morey, Katarina Rasic, and Joshua Dylan Rubin on the crucial needs of artists that arise from adversity along with the intentional cultivation of a blind eye.

IN HONOR OF IMPERFECTION: Cultivating mindfulness through creative practice

In Japanese Zen Buddhism, the term wabi sabi represents the practice of finding beauty in life’s inherent imperfections. Guided by this philosophy, the workshop will present an array of creative tools for integrating mindfulness and meditation into one’s artistic practice, and greater scope of life.

Artists’ Books Workshop

A short history of the artists’ book, participants will have an opportunity to create their own book works. Bringing your own materials is encouraged, but not required.

Artificial Retirement

Artificial Retirement specifically addresses the question, What is failure in this technologically aided era? The show presents artworks and performances by artists working with ideas of ‘Failure, Imperfection, and Destruction.’


This month, Flux Thursday is part of the group show 3459, which connects artists in both London and New York City via livestream, two cities 3459 miles apart. Come for connections made via high and low technology.

Thinking Like a Machine

Participants will create a robot from scratch. These robots will act together to become an amalgamated body to performance during the opening reception. The reception and exhibition will feature the robots made during the workshop.

Introduction to Solar Power

This class is designed to be a quick introduction to off grid solar power, covering basic electronic knowledge, hardware requirements, basic off grid solar circuit design, and how to determine your power needs.

Flux Thursday : Interdependence Day BYOBBQ Potluck

Our July Flux Thursday potluck will be a play on the American Independence Day BBQ.

A reverse July 4th party, we will celebrate collaboration, cooperation, cross-pollination, relation & alliance building, and the recognition of the impossibility of autonomy. Bring your own grillables for our vegetarian grill or a side dish to share. Dancing shoes are suggested.

Sweet Creek

Sarah Greenbaum presents a three part series of paintings and drawings about waste and the pollution in and around the Newtown Creek Waste Water Treatment center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and how human activity has been the dominant influence on the environment.

The Tulsa Swinton Variety Hour

A play created in collaboration with the Aesthetic of Waste and several Flux artists. The installation transforms Flux’s white box gallery into a colorful, unpredictable, and disposable theater-labyrinth.

One night show of works by Chloé Devanne Langlais

French artist Chloé Devanne Langlais, who has been working with Flux as an intern over the past two months, will present her most recent works for one day in our gallery.

Debt Positive

For three weeks in June, Debt Positive invites you to bring interest to bear on indebtedness that is shared openly and not exclusively. Debt might be the fundamental basis of human relations, but today it is also tricky business. Individuals shun it, but organizations welcome it as a means to grow. Debt seems to drive the economy yet appears abstracted to absurdity.

Domestication en Flux

All workshops will happen on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm upstairs in our communal kitchen, and there is no cost to attend.

June 1 • Grow Mushrooms
June 8 • Make Yogurt
June 22 • Brew Beer
June 29 • Cooking Insects

Spring 2016 Fluxers-in-Residence Group Show

  On View: Wednesday, May 18th – Sunday, May 22nd, 12-4 pm Potluck, Artist Talks & Dance Party: Saturday, May 21st, 8pm – 12 am *FREE* This exhibition celebrates the…

Frame Ajar

May 13th-15th, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, May 13th, 7 pm
On View: May 14th-15th, 3-6 pm

Flux-A-Thon Afterparty! Join Us for a Garden Party & BBQ at Smiling Hogshead Ranch!

Come to Smiling Hogshead Ranch at 5 pm on May 7th and cheer the Flux-a-thon to the finish line!

do you: open source

DO YOU! arose from a mutual desire to create a space for experimentation––a space for queer, trans, & gender non-conforming folx of color to workshop their ideas, feel out their feelings, and meet new collaborators.

April Flux Thursday

Our monthly potluck and art salon!

Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux by Kathryn Sclavi is an interactive fabric fort installation and watercolor painting series dedicated to the phases of love, metaphorically interpreted by light emitted by the sun and absorbed by the moon.

March Flux Thursday

Thursday March 10th
Dinner at 7:30 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!

Breakfast Club

Saturday, February 20th
11 am – 1 pm
This iteration of Breakfast Club will center around a conversation on production and the actions that lead to the making of things; things being art, exhibitions, events, etc.


Saturday, February 13th
8 pm til everything’s popped

The Big Crazy Specius Balloonus Animalus Long Island City Parade Battle Royale Float Happeninging Thinging Thingy with Balloons

February Flux Thursday

Thursday February 11th
Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!


Spotlightness is a pop-up group show organized by Sébastien Maloberti at Flux Factory.

Once Upon a Line

One Day Pop-Up Reception: Sunday, February 28th,  4-8 pm (with music by DJ Vinyl Richie) Wieteke Heldens is pleased to invite you to Once Upon a Line, her third solo-show. She will…


January 22-26, 2015

Opening Reception:
January 23rd, 7 pm

Propaganda News Machine: Constructing Multiple Realities in the Media

On View February 17th-25th

Open Hours: 12-6 pm Tuesday – Sunday

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, February 17th, 7-9 pm with a curatorial tour through the exhibition

January Flux Thursday

Thursday January 14th
Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:15 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!


Sundays in January 2016, 5-7 pm
1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31

TOK Kitchen Talk #2

Wednesday, January 13th
7 pm


January 9th-14th, 2016
Open Hours: 12 – 6 pm (Mon – Sun)

Opening Reception:
Saturday January 9th, 6 pm

TOK Hosts a Conversation on Russian-American Media and Ideology

Wednesday, December 9th 7-9 pm To commence a three month residency at Flux Factory, TOK curators Maria Veits and Anna Bitkina will host a roundtable discussion in Flux Factory’s kitchen.  All…

Alchemical Projections

Alchemical Projections is an evening event at Flux Factory showing short experimental films. Join us in at 7 PM in the Gallery at Flux Factory  to see projections from Kyle Parsons, Elisabeth Wieser, Jason Eppink, among others. The night…

Fung Wah Biennial Open Call

All submissions due January 1st, 2016

December Flux Thursday

Thursday December 10th
Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!

Test Patterns

December 5th -18th, 2015

Closing Reception:
December 18th, 6-10 pm

Gallery Open Hours:
December 9th-11th & 16th-18th
12-5 pm


November 20-27, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday November 20th, 6-9pm. Artist presentations at 7pm.

QuAC Fall Food Justice Potluck

Wednesday, November 4th
6:30pm @ Flux Factory

November Flux Thursday

Thursday November 12th
Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something edible to share!

October Flux Thursday

Thursday October 8th

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something edible to share!

Flux A.I.R. Show Closing Dance Party & Benefit

Friday, November 13th, 9pm
Exhibition open all afternoon

September Flux Thursday!

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.

The Yellow Snake Is Waiting

Opening Reception Friday August 21st 6-9pm
On View August 21st- August 27th

August Flux Thursday

Thursday August 13th

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.


July 9th-12th
Opening Reception: July 9th, 6-9pm


July 24th – July 28th

Opening Reception July 24th 6-10pm

Test Patterns Open Call

  December 2015 Test patterns are geometric charts used to calibrate video display and print quality. In television they are often accompanied by reference tones, which are audio files for…

If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood…

film screening and Q&A with artist Keg de Souza

Caroline Partamian

Caroline Partamian is an independent curator, artist, and chef. Her exhibitions focus on kinetic memory and somatics in relation to dance and performance.

June Flux Thursday

Thursday June 11th
Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8:30 pm.


STROBE Network is a temporary broadcast network that will air via a digital streaming platform, featuring artworks that make use of broadcast as an artistic medium.

Apocalypse Chow

For three Tuesdays in July, Flux Factory and the New York Restoration Project are organizing a series of solar cooked meals paired with performances that focus on bringing interactive and community-oriented arts outdoors.

July Flux Thursday

Thursday July 9th
Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8 pm.

May Flux Thursday

Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8 pm.

The Menu for Mars Kitchen

Opening Reception May 29th at Pierogi Gallery
On view May 29th- June 20th
Open hours Thursday-Sunday, 12-6 pm or by appointment.

Holonomic: New Holograms by Eric Leiser

Opening Reception Friday May 1st, 6 – 9 pm
On view through May 11th

More Art: Art Walks

More Art’s Art Walk is coming to Flux Factory!

April Flux Thursday

Thursday April 9th: Dinner at 7 pm. Presentations begin at 8 pm.

Counterfeiting for Cash Closing Reception

March 21 – An Evening of Fakes, and a Real Closing Reception 7– 9 pm.


Opening Reception Friday May 15th
On view May 15-17

March Flux Thursday

Thursday March 12th: Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:30 pm.

Open Call: 2015 Exhibition Season

We’re announcing details and deadlines for our suite of major thematic group exhibitions in 2015. Send us your proposal and collaborate with us!

February Flux Thursday

Thursday February 12th: Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:30 pm.

Counterfeiting for Cash

February 27 – March 22
Open Hours: Saturdays and Sundays Noon-6PM
Monday-Friday viewable by appointment only.
Closing reception March 21st

2015 Not-So-Silent Auction Open Call

We are excited to announce an OPEN CALL for our annual benefit! Flux Factory’s Not-So-Silent Auction has become one of the best art parties of the year, and we’re looking forward to making this one even more thrilling than the last. Tell us what you’re interested in doing!

Kitchens & Capitalism

Opening Reception: December 11. Doors at 6-11 pm.

Flux Hospital

Opening Reception: November 27.
Doors at 5pm, Thanksgiving potluck 7-10pm

Deep Water Deep Water

Opening Reception: November 15.

Doors at 7pm, performance at 8:30pm

Contemporary Criticism

November 9, 2014
3 to 7 p.m.

Menu For Mars Supper Club (M4MSC)

There is nothing to eat on Mars, unless you eat rock. To augment government and private space programs, The Menu for Mars Supper Club will research and taste-test a menu for dinner tables en route to, and on, the Red Planet.

Utopia School

Open Wednesday – Sundays, 12pm-10pm throughout October

Over four weeks in October, Utopia School participants will present a public series of theoretical and practical workshops, field trips, screenings, talks and games.

The Rhythm That Laughs You

September 14 – 21, 2014

Exhibition hours: 3-6 PM, September 19 – 21 and by appointment: (347) 455-2323

September Flux Thursday

Thursday September 11: Dinner at 8pm, Presentations begin at 9:30pm

Thermospheric Station

Friday, September 5th

Doors at 7pm, Performance at 8:30pm

Reverie of Ginger City – A Dialogue between Two Cities

Using only analog photography, several rolls of film have been doubly exposed in both cities over this past month with the assistance of a collaborator in Santiago.

Opening: Wednesday, Aug 27, 7 pm
Special performance by Dylan Neely: Thursday, Aug 28, 7pm


Saturday, August 23rd, 8pm. $5 suggested donation for the filmmakers

Organized by Alex Nathanson

August Flux Thursday – August 14

Thursday August 14: potluck dinner at 8pm, presentations begin at 9:30pm


Grand Opening: Friday August 1, 2014
Grand Banquet: Saturday August 2, 2014.

Open A.I.R. Artist Services Program and Flux Factory Present: Ultra-red URXX Twenty-years of Militant Sound Research

Founded in 1994 by two AIDS activists, Ultra-red is an international sound art collective with twelve members based in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and multiple locations in the UK.…

MAX MSP to the MAX x Arduino

Sunday July 27th 2-4pm
Entrance Fee: $5

A Sun With Sunglasses On

All night performance: sunset, Friday July 11th through sunrise, July 12th

Exquisite Contraption 100% Success Celebration

Friday July 11, 8pm +
Exquisite Contraption continues to run flawlessly after 5 months! It has definitely never failed at all. We’ll run the machine several times an hour to celebrate its enduring success, and it will be perfect every time because it’s always perfect. Why would you expect anything different?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love My Bike, 2

Sunday, June 8th & Sunday, June 29th,

Two different workshops, two different rides, and one awesome storytelling event!

Pillow Book: Solo Show by Ayden L. M. Grout

Opening party, Friday, June 27th, 7 p.m

On view daily June 27-July 5, 3-6 p.m

June Flux Thursday: June 12!

Thursday June 12, 8 pm +
FREE! But please bring something delicious to share!
NOT AT FLUX — at LIC Community Garden, 49th Ave btwn Vernon Blvd and 5th St


Nightlight Reception: June 28, 2014, 8-10 pm

Nightlight experiments with the power of light and electronic art in transforming how we engage with public land in the city after dark.

Join us on the 28th for an interactive performance by Merche Blasco at 9:00 pm!

Flux DIY Permaculture Workshops

Workshop #1: Friday, May 9th, 7-8:30pm Nomadic Gardens: create a mobile rooftop garden!

Workshop #2: Friday, May 23, 7pm-9pm Hydroponics on the Edge: build a Hydroponic system to grow herbs and leafy greens!

May Flux Thursday

Thursday May 8, 8pm onwards

Our monthly Art Salon and Community Potluck — please join us!

You Made It: Flux Artist in Residence Show

Open Receptions: May 3 & May 16

This show is about the bodies and practices that fill Flux Factory; it is as much about proxemics as it is about personalities and artwork.

Sunrise Series, Vol. II

April 25 – 27th; Doors open at 5:00am,
Shows begin between 5:30am and 6:00am (depending on light)

April Flux Thursday: April 10

A Boisterous Toast to Collectivism


Sunday March 30: doors at 6:30pm, show begins at 7pm.

Featuring performances and installation by Taylor Sakarett, Dear Suzy, Michael DiPietro, Lena Hawkins, and Ben Seretan

Flux Thursday: March 13, 2014

March 13th, 8pm+ FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share. Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon, organized this month by Flux Artist-in-Residence, Ayden…

Flux Thursday: February 13, 2014

February 13th, 8pm+
FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share.

This month’s Flux Thursday is organized by Flux Artists-in-Residence, Chris Stiegler, Serge Stephan, Zuzia Juszkiewicz, Ben Seretan, and Jimmy Riordan. It will be an night of curated experiences including poetry, movement and experimental food pairings.

Flux Factory’s 2014 Benefit

Bring a date and bid on some art to support NYC’s hardest working art collective. We will honor Harriet Taub of Materials for the Arts, and Swoon, for the enormous impact their work has had on Flux Factory and the greater cultural sphere.

Flux Death Match: ‘Ennial Spectacle

Date + time: Saturday, December 14th, 7pm – 9pm
Location: Queens Museum, New York City Building, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

Ben Davis, Natalie Jeremijenko, and Tom Finkelpearl will duke it out over the complex role of perennial art events in a globalized society and how they influence artistic production, consumption, and the construction of contemporary art history. This fifth Flux Death Match, ‘Ennial Spectacle, is Flux Factory’s contribution to Queens Museum’s Queens International 2013.

Flux Thursday: December 12, 2013

December 12th, 8pm+
FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share.

This month’s Flux Thursday is organized by Flux Artist-in-Residence, Alex Young.

Flux Thursday: November 14th, 2013

Thursday, November 14th, 8pm+

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck and art salon! Dinner starts at 8pm, with presentations and screenings to follow at 9:30.

Cyclists: Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

Date + time: November 7th, 7:00pm
Location: Flux Factory, 39-31 29th Street, LIC

Transportation Alternatives and Flux Factory collaborate on Cyclists: Know Your Rights & Responsibilities, a panel discussion about staying safe while NYC figures out its bike culture. Totally free!

Islington Mill: Unguided Tour

Date + time: Wednesday, October 30th, 6pm-9pm
A portal has opened at Flux Factory, allowing beings from another world to slip through, to explore and extract all that the city has to offer. Join us for this one-night event!

2013 DIYBA Tournament

Date + time: Sunday, October 27th, noon – until we win
Location: Cooper Park, Maspeth Ave & Morgan Ave, Brooklyn
Free! All ages!

Happy Halloween 2013 DIYBA basketball tournament, featuring D.I.Y teams, including 285 Kent, Body Actualized, Death by Audio, Fitness / Red Light District, Roulette, The Silent Barn, Le Wallet, and returning champions, Flux Factory.

Flux at Arts & Labor Alternatives Fair

Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2:45pm – 3:45pm
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W 21st Street, NYC

Flux Factory is pleased to announce its participation in the Alternatives Fair at Eyebeam, organized by the Arts & Labor working group from OWS.

Galactic Drive-In

Date + Time: Thursday, October 17, 7 p.m.
Location: New York Hall of Science, 47-01 111th Street, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

Flux Factory presents Galactic Drive-In, as part of Empire Drive-In, a month-long series of programming within a full-scale theater made out of wrecked cars as audience seating and a 40-foot screen constructed from salvaged wood.

Flux Thursday: October 10, 2013

October 10th, 7pm+
This month’s Flux Thursday, organized by our very own Community Organizer resident Dylana Dillon, will bring together local community members, growers, and organizations to connect and engage around Food Justice initiatives in LIC. Our potluck dinner will feature food from local farmers and beer from local brewers but please bring a dish to share!


Date: Sunday, September 1st, 22nd, and 29th
Location: TBD
RSVP: by August 25th

Flux Artist-in-Residence Sarah Witt’s Bridges to Beaches is a bicycle tour that investigates the expansive portfolio and social impact of Robert Moses, the so-called “master builder” and urban planner of New York in the 20th century.

Flux Thursday: September 12th, 2013

September 12th, 8pm+
FREE!, but please bring something delicious to share

Please join us Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon. This month’s Flux Thursday is an extension of the group exhibition, Untitled (As of Yet), which explores disruption to routine as a fruitful phenomena. With performances and presentations by Christopher Ulivo, Ander Mikalson and Alex Hayden, and Douglas Paulson & Christopher Robbins.

Meet Halfway Again

Date: Thursday, September 12th, noon
Location: TBD

With an atlas and a ruler, Christopher & Douglas will determine the halfway point between participants. They are beginning with a team of 5 and each participant’s location will alter the meeting point. Other adventurers may inquire about meeting them halfway, but have to specify what they can contribute to the expedition.

The Long Walks Goodbye

Date + time: September 6th, 6pm – on
Location: Flux Factory, 39-31 29th Street, LIC

You’ve gotten yourself into this art opening, but how are you going to get yourself out? The Long Walks Goodbye provides a framework by which to decisively exit: with someone you don’t know.


<3 is a collaboration between Ed Doty, Fryd Frydendahl, and Flux Artist-in-Residence, Alex Nathanson, with additional contributions by Megumi Tomomitsu.

Traffic Disruption Village: Open Design Charrette

Date: August 3rd, 3 – 6 PM
Location: Flux Factory, 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, NY

Traffic Disruption Village asks us to consider what we would need to survive under the conditions of a mass stalled auto disaster. In 2010, China experienced a 9 day, 100 km long traffic jam that turned the road into “a collection of rooms”: a temporary village born of disaster. Traffic Disruption Village will serve as a drill for New Yorkers to prepare for a similar potential disaster phenomenon before it occurs.


Date: Saturday, August 24th, 2013
Time: noon – 9pm

The most famous publishing house in Cologne, Germany presents art zines and artist books. The TBOOKS COLOGNE Pop Up Shop at Flux Factory will feature new publications + new drawings by Flux Artists-in-Residence Philip Emde and (Tim).

Bangers and Thrash

Saturday, August 17, 2013

High Tea and Crunk Crumpets: 9pm
Metalleg: 10pm
Vernous DJ set: 11pm+

$5 at the door

Bangers! Crumpets! Who could ask for anything more?

Flux Thursday: July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11th, 8pm+

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck and art salon, birthday-style! Dinner starts at 8pm, with presentations and screenings to follow at 9:30.

Make It ‘Til You Break It: Electronic Art

June 28th thru July 20th
We’ll explore the tools & techniques involved in the creation of hybrid audio and visual artworks with emphasis on tactile interaction and the experimental use (or mis-use) of common technology and re-purposed equipment.

Flux Thursday: June 13, 2013

Thursday, June 13th, 8pm+

This month Flux Thursday turns its attention to artists and creators, from across the globe, who are working outside of their home country. Borderless, organized by Flux Artist-in-Residence Marco Castro, will take over the Flux kitchen and roof to create a multi-course and multi-sensory feast.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Bike

First Session
Sunday May 26th, 6 – 9pm
Second Session + Bike Tour
Sunday, June 2nd, 1 – 6pm

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Bike is part of Flux Factory’s 2013 educational initiative, Make It Til You Break It, a series of hands-on workshops that teach practical skills and culminate in a group activity among participants.

Flux Factory at Noguchi Museum

Date + time: Sunday, May 19th, 11am – 6pm
Location: Noguchi Museum, 9-01 33rd Road, Long Island City

Two Flux-Artists-in-Residence will host a discussion about different artworks in the Noguchi Museum, as part of Community Day May 2013.