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Flux DIY Permaculture Workshops

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Spring is here and Flux is planting a garden for the summer! Flux’s Community Organizer-in-Residence and experienced landscape builder Gil Lopez is leading up a series of Friday educational workshops. Come learn some hands-on experience in DIY gardening while simultaneously building out a sustainable, contained growing area on Flux’s roof!

Workshop #1: Friday, May 9th,  7-8:30pm
Nomadic Gardens
This hands-on workshop will teach participants the process of creating a mobile rooftop garden. We’ll explore all the different inexpensive and variable options — from milk crates to sub-irrigated 5-gallon buckets and beyond — that will allow you to start planting this season no matter what kind (or lack of!) space you have available. Gil’s excited to share his experience and insights for this evening of fun and collaborative learning.

Workshop #2: Friday, May 23,  7pm-9pm
Hydroponics on the Edge

Let’s build a Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic system to grow herbs and leafy greens for our community. This hands-on workshop will start with a brief talk about “Urban Ecotones” and how this project will expand the edges of the urban ecology within Long Island City. Participants will also receive a shopping list to creating a similar system in their own communities and apartments, expanding their own urban edge.

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