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Flux Workshops

In addition to private studios available through our periodic calls for Artists-in-Residence, Flux Factory provides workshops to artists on a rolling basis including music practice studios, a print shop and woodworking shop. To inquire further, email Program Director Christina Chan (

Music Practice Studios

Thanks to support from NYSCA, Flux Factory is pleased to offer extremely low cost music practice space. Applications are rolling and Flux can accommodate up to 10 regularly practicing musicians/groups at a time. All applicants must go through a building & equipment orientation, after which they may reserve studios in a booking system, with up to 12 practice hours per week. These time limits are to allow a large group of musicians to have access to the studios.

Fee: Studios cost $10/hr, with a rental fee for some equipment. For very low income musicians, equity studio slots are available for a $10 booking fee for each session and no hourly fee.

The Studios are 150-230 square feet and include a window, AC and heater. Studios and bathrooms are fully ADA accessible. Limited storage of bulky musical equipment may be permitted as space allows. Equipment can be reserved including a PA system; microphones and cables; guitar and bass amplifiers; drum set; DJ turntables and mixer; and tables and chairs.

To make a booking, email Program Director Christina Chan at

Print Shop

Flux Factory’s print shop support silkscreening with equipment including a light box, screens, pressing machinery and miscellaneous chemicals and storage. Screens and emulsion are available for a small fee, but you must provide your own ink. Limited technical training is available for a fee.

Wood Shop

Flux Factory’s woodshop contains a variety of 75+ construction tools, predominately for working with wood. Key tools include a table-saw, chop saw, standing bandsaw, welder, and a wide variety of drills, vices, worktables and handtools. An initial safety training is mandatory for a small fee, with technical training available for a small fee.

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