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Only the Hurt Can Heal, or, What’s Been on My Heart: a ritual meditation by Joshua Moton

onlythehurtcanheal-1Only The Hurt Can Heal: a ritual mediation by Artist-in-Residence Joshua Moton
Friday, December 16, 8:15 PM

herbs, the rolling thunder, a political shift, danger, madness, plunging into the deep, freedom, African ritual kept alive in exile, teardrops welling mothers’ hearts ever waiting to exhale from the worries of a world in constant war. 

Only the Hurt Can Heal or, What’s Been on My Heart is a ritual meditation on the crossroads between the heart and technology.  This installation and performance is based in the language of rootwork, Santería, conjure and vodun.  It layers sound, sculpture, cuisine, scent and action to create a transcendent space to of Afro-Atlantic refutation, overcoming, healing, togetherness, and understanding.

The spheres of human relation – the social, relationships, sexuality, ideology, aesthetics – now must traverse technology to stay current.  What is this doing to us?  How are we to remember love when our lives are embodied through tools of war?  How do we call our ancestors?

Step by step.

Step by mighty step.

The artist is selling hand-dyed t-shirts for $20 to raise funds for show materials.  Contact for more details.

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