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An evening of performances, meditations, and tea service

Sunday March 30, doors at 6:30pm, show begins at 7pm. A suggested four dollar donation. RSVP suggested.


Satellite Installation by Taylor Sakarett

Songs by Dear Suzy (Zuzia Juszkiewicz)

Environment and Performance by Michael DiPietro & Lena Hawkins

And a performance of “Three Sisters Music” in its entirety by Ben Seretan:

Sudden, velvety darkness on an empty beach. The wind sweeps around your ankles and in the hair on your arms while color returns to the world. The colors and the clouds – they’re talking to you. No, wait – they’re singing. In the key of Bb. You’re reminded of the touch of a lover kissing your neck as ravens take the to sky and the ocean crashes against the mountains.

So begins the psychotropic tone zone hallucination that is “Three Sisters Music,” a 90+ minute continuous song cycle for stereo electric guitar, electronics, and voice. Written at the base of a mountain range on a small island on the coast of Alaska, the piece ungulates, drones, and wobbles through songs of swimming, heartbreak, friendship, waterfalls, and horses. Never before officially, fully performed for a public audience! There will be no intermission.



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