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FluxatARoS 2022: Residency in Denmark’s ARoS Museum

Throughout August and September 2022, 30 Flux artists will gather in Aarhus, Denmark for our fourth annual partnership with ARoS Public to produce over 20 public events throughout Aarhus with local art spaces. We will open our doors daily in the ARoS Public Atelier, and produced events you can see in the calendar below.

Follow the hashtag #FluxAtARoS on Instagram to keep up to date with events and informal happenings about town.

Based in the “ARoS Public” atelier – an open-studio environment within the ARoS Museum – Fluxers partner with local artists to cooperatively create new works and produce over 20 performances, installations, screenings, workshops, dance parties and more.

Flux Wednesdays and Flux Thursdays

Join Flux every Wednesday at 6pm at Book1 and every Thursday at 6pm at ARoS for presentations and events from Fluxers.

2022 Participants Include

Aðalheiður Eysteinsdóttir, Abdul Dube, Adarra Davis, Aliya Bonar, Anders Visti, Beatriz Gonzalez, Brák Jónsdóttir, Camille Sagnes-Kravtsova, Catalina Jordan Alvarez, Chill Okubo, Daniel Fishkin, Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, Emireth Herrera Valdes, Gil Lopez, Jemila MacEwan, John Helfrich, Jonathan Sims, Heather Kapplow, Kiana Lecounte, Lee Tusman,  Maureen Catbagan, Nat Roe, Nikita Kravtsov, Nova Scott-James, Robert Ruth, Kalon Hayward, Walker Tufts and Will Owen, Wren Noble, and more to be announced!

Upcoming Events in Aarhus

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Alchemical Rituals For Decolonial Repair

AC present a public event from their currently artist in residency Nova Scott-James - a presentation and workshop where participants will explore the alchemical process and create ways to transform energy that is holding them back into energy that fuels their heart's truest desires being fulfilled.

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Institut for (X), Skovgaardsgade 5C
Aarhus C, Denmark
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Pizza Party Picnic at Huggeormen

Huggeormen is hosting a celebration with Flux Factory, Aarhuspanti, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter and BKF Midt. We’ll bake pizza in an outdoor kiln, light the bonfire up proper, consume copious cool beverages, and host karaoke, performances and…

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Huggeormen, Thomas Koppels Gade 19
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Seeking the Source

Storyteller Sara Domingo Brauner and participatory artist Hey There Kapplow invite you into a conversation and crafting workshop investigating the place of the intuitive arts in the modern world.

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ARoS Public, Aros Allé 2, Aarhus, Denmark
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Ongoing: Doing Nothing Together with Hey There Kapplow

September 16th-30th at ARoS Public Atelier or by appointment

Do you do too much? Are you tired of doing things? Would you just like to rest for a little bit but feel like you need an excuse to do it? For two weeks only, you are invited to schedule time to sit in a comfortable chair and do nothing with an artist who has gained great expertise at this activity. Pop into the ARoS Public Atelier or use the link here to schedule an appointment to meet anywhere in or within walking distance of the museum to do nothing together for 20-60 minutes. Not sure what doing nothing together involves? Check out this video of Heather Kapplow and Katrina Neumann doing nothing together at Flux Factory in NYC in 2013. It should give you a pretty clear sense of how it all works. Photo by Catalina Alvarez.

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