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#FluxatARoS: Flux Factory in Residence at the ARoS Museum

Flux Factory has been invited to be in Residence at the ARoS Museum, in Aarhus, Denmark for three years and counting. In 2018 and 2019 over 30 International Artists-in-Residence and Alumni, gathered in staggered cohorts over the months of August and September – and we’re returning this year!!

In the “ARoS Public” atelier –an open-studio environment within the Museum– Fluxers will partner with local artists to cooperatively create new works and produce dozens of performances, installations, screenings, workshops, dance parties and more.

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To see what Fluxers got up to in previous years, visit #FluxAtARoS20 and #FluxAtARoS2019, and follow the hashtag #FluxAtARoS on Instagram to keep up to date with our future activities.

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