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Meditation: Divination hosted by gil lopez and Jonathan Sims

August 25, 2022 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm UTC+2

Aros Allé 2, Aarhus, Denmark

6-8 pm: Labyrinth available for self-guided walking meditation
6:45 pm: Group activity labyrinth education + instruction by gil lopez
6-8 pm: Durational Fortune Telling with Mirrors by Jonathan Sims

Please join Flux Factory artists gil lopez and Jonathan Sims for an evening of education and action with two ancient meditative and reflective practices: walking labyrinths and divination mirrors.

Enter the Labyrinth, with gil lopez
An ephemeral walking labyrinth will be created on the ARoS lawn for individual participants to walk through.

At 6:45 pm Flux Factory teaching artist gil lopez will offer a group workshop with a group activity and guided instructions for walking and meditating with and within the labyrinth entity. Labyrinths have been used by ancient cultures around the world as a metaphorical tool for personal development and spiritual growth. The labyrinthine path offers one way in, leading to the center and then back out, creating a three-part journey.

Join this workshop to learn some histories of these ancient labyrinths, seed patterns to help draw or even build a labyrinth at home, and some suggestions for using labyrinths in your walking, meditative or reflective practice. Please bring a notebook or journal. 

Enoptromancy, an Invocation, with Jonathan Sims

The use of mirrors as a divination tool is known as enoptromancy. Jonathan Sims has spent the last two years exploring the capacity of mirrors to reflect light, the universe, and ourselves.

Participants are asked to bring a question of personal relevance and, if possible, a mirror from home.

We will then engage the mirrors as divination devices and emotional fortune tellers to search for answers together.

gil lopez was born on the Louisiana bayou to a Los Angelino chicano and a working class southern belle, gil lopez is steeped in Southern hospitality and culturally entangled through summers with his family in the barrios of LA. Formally educated in landscape architecture and philosophy, gil currently creates & recreates in Lenapehoking (so called Queens, NYC) as a community organizer, environmental educator and water protector.  Through integration of topics spanning from culinary arts, gardening and fermentation to primitive skills and mysticism, and through the reciprocity between soil, plants and humans/animals, gil creates opportunities to reclaim the commons cultivating  inter-species community through experiential learning, participatory activism, civic eco-ritual and the potential legacies their events have on our shared future(s).

Jonathan Sims is a New York City based visual artist. Born in Austin, Texas, he began his practice with painting, but has since moved into sculpture, projection installations, print and curation. His visual arts practice is characterized by geometric abstractions and light. A consistent premise underlying his work is that a modern human’s relationship with the very ancient past is mirrored in their relationship with the distant future.

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