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DEC 13th & 14th 2003 – Winter Screenings

presenting a collaboration with:

– A December film/video show hosted collectively
by the Flux Factory, and the Sunnyside Film Festival.

Sat 13th & Sun 14th
6:30pm at Flux Factory
– Free Admission

A collaborative experience between two Sunnyside-based organizations. Films will be a blend of work brought in by The Sunnyside Film Festival, an activity of the Humanist Center of Cultures, and Flux Factory, a not-for-profit arts organization/collective supporting innovation in things through diverse mediums.


from Flux Factory:

Miracle Mischief 23:00 min Flux Factory
Kick Ass 1:00 min – Jean Barberis
Hello Titty 5:00 – Anne-Lisa Breuning
Double Workout – 45 sec Flux Factory
Jollyship the Whizbang – Episode 1 9:00 min Nick Jones
Walk in the Park – 4 mins Flux Factory
Kick Ass 1:00 min – Jean Barberis
Queen of the Beach 3:00 min – Anne-Lisa Breuning
Tour de QMA – 45 sec – Flux Factory
and possible surprise!..

from SunnySide Film Festival:

Except My Soul by Catalina Santamaria
Rage Master – America Maldonado
The Heir by Lorenzo Colcado
Cracking the Shell by Shinichi Murato
Drain by Santiago Caicedo
A Big Misunderstanding by Carmel Balfe
and a film by – Carolina Caycedo

Free Advice by Sherry Gamlin
Happiness by William Zapata
Sin Ti by Leslie Casillas
7 Train Movie by Josh Crockett
Solo by Wilson Burbano
GI JOE – Paloma Campo
Int. apt. Night – Robert Hamilton
Rolling – Mig$

Sunnyside Film Festival is a community-based Film&Video Show, free and open to anyone. Sunnyside Film Festival aims to build bridges between cultures by celebrating diversity of our neighborhood and connect our neighbors through artistic experience. Humanist Center of Cultures- Sunnyside has been building multicultural community in Sunnyside since 1999. Our mission is to “Humanize Sunnyside,” means we promote integration of our neighbors. Since Sunnyside is a very diverse community, our volunteers are from many different cultural backgrounds, and we learn a lot from each other by organizing activities together. In a big cities like New York City, we would like to work towards people with openness to different values and norms. We invite you to participate in our mission!


The SunnySide Film Festival is soliciting films/videos
from around the neighborhood, and beyond the East River and Atlantic Ocean.

for more info please contact:
45-18 40th ST (1R)
Sunnyside, NY


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