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Islington Mill: Unguided Tour

Date + time: Wednesday, October 30th, 6pm-9pm

A portal has opened at Flux Factory, allowing beings from another world to slip through, to explore and extract all that the city has to offer. For one night only visitors can join a free tour that is simultaneously guided and unguided, experiencing all that is familiar impossibly contorted into a unique perspective. Expect to enter a peculiar new realm, where ritual and initiation opens new dimensions where you may find souls locked in eternal repeats; action collapsing into digital space; an adventure through the multi-sensory guidance of beings from the moon; an uncanny experience with a smattering of silliness.

This unguided tour is a Fluxington Mill presentation, brought to life by members of the Salford-based Islington Mill: Volkov Commanders, Maurice Carlin, Rachel Goodyear and more!

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