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Flux Thursday: January 12, 2012

January 12th, 8pm+
Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon, is back! Please join us for dinner, which starts at 8 in the kitchen, and then around 9:30 we’ll head to the gallery for artist presentations.

Drew Hamilton will show Ergonomic Sculptures, a project blending interactive processes, photography, and sculpture. Flux/Residency Unlimited artist-in-residence Anastasios Logothetis will perform Seacaustics, a piece that will propel the viewers into his larger body of work through performance. Friend of Flux Matthew Silver will perform an absurd study of a mental breakdown. Arthur Brum will discuss his latest curatorial endeavor, Status! Status! Status!, a recent group exhibition that explored artist visas and how “the gloom of administrative and quotidian preoccupations can make the life of artists brash and tiresome.”

Bring drinks or something delicious to share!



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