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June 5th – 11th, 2004 – Nikolay Petkov

Chamber Exhibition, by Bulgarian artist, Nikolay Petkov

Every day the contemporary man encounters tens, even hundreds of designed images produced by the advertising, entertainment, politics, sports, and media industries. To accomplish their task of selling specific products or behavior these images must have an intensity that produces a fast, almost immediate impact on the not-so-innocent gaze of the spectator. As an artist concerned with the creation of stable and lasting image-objects, I decided to survey the reverse relation between an image’s intensity and its possible exposure time. The works in this exhibition are based on the assumption that reducing an image’s intensity increases its resistance. Thus pictures as reduced intensity images are more able to bear and attract a viewer’s multifaceted approach and recurring interest, allowing them to function as works of art today.

Includes Series Strokes A/G €“ 7 sheets, 50x65cm each, 2003
Series Observations A/F €“ 6 sheets, 50x65cm each, 2003
Generic/Genetic€“ 50x65cm
Series Squares A/D €“ 4 sheets, 50x60cm each, 2004

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