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Gina Siepel: CACOPHONY, A Series of Listening Trips

Cacophony is a series of early morning boat expeditions led by Gina Siepel in the Bronx River and the Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The trips are a meditation on the entanglement of nature and the city through the medium of sound. Participants will join the artist for a silent canoe excursion to experience and record the surprising and sometimes disconcerting mixture of sounds on the waterways: birds, trains, cars, radios, airplanes, waterfalls, and many others. We will travel through rich bird habitats in both locations and will document species that we see, to make a survey of all the trips. Sound recordings and the bird species list compiled from each excursion will be posted online. Perspectives on the city will be reoriented and refreshed through this new experience of familiar urban geography.

Note: there’s only room in the boat for one participant on each Cacophony trip!

Tickets are all sold out.

Bronx River Excursions
Dates and Times:

Saturday, July 9, 6 am
Sunday, July 10, 6 am
Thursday, July 28, 6 am
Friday, July 29, 6 am




Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Excursions
Dates and Times:

Thursday, July 7, 9 am
Friday, July 8, 9 am
Saturday, July 30, 9 am
Sunday, July 31, 9 am




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