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February Flux Thursday

Thursday February 12th
Dinner at 8 pm. Presentations begin at 9:30 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something to share!

Wieteke Heldens “I am trying to make a point” 2013, marker on canvas, 50x150cm

Join us for the next Februray Flux Thursday with presentations by Wieteke HeldensKayti Didriksen, Duo Clakula, and the keepers of the Exquisite Contraption here at Flux. Artist Wieteke Heldens will speak about her upcoming show, “Painting, Painthing, and Paintthing” and how it has changed in the last few years since her last show at Flux in 2011. Artist Kayti Didriksen will present a talk on the practice of blind contour her work and process. Ashley Bell Clark and Matej Vakula will speak about their collaborative practice, Duo Clakula, an organization committed to the advancement of innovative and alternative positions in the arts and public sphere, involving DIY, science and politics. Finally, Jason Eppink, Alex Nathanson, and Adrian Owen, keepers of Flux Factory’s Exquisite Contraption, will deliver a hopefully not too premature postmortem on the building-wide Rube Goldberg machine and monument dedicated to, among other things, the glory of failure.

Dinner designed by Alisha Monypenny

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