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Angela Washko Presents: Expert Oddities!

Ever wanted to learn a turn-of-the-century fad dance like the Cake-Walk, the Grizzly Bear, or the Charleston? Have you met the founder of “The Museum of Interesting Things?” Angela Washko has curated this evening of presentations and will act as your host for Expert Oddities, a night of performative lectures by experts on bizarre specific topics and collectors of odd things, taking place at Flux Factory on the evening of Wednesday, January 5th, at 7 pm.

New Yorkers have confessed to being experts on such topics as “How to Land on Reality TV,” “Science and Vision in Relation to Philosophical Ideas of Light,” “Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks,” and nine other peculiar topics in between. Presenters will have nine minutes to astonish us, supported by Powerpoint and other visual aids. Show and Tell meets performance. Free (donation only). Contact: angela.washko (at) GET YOUR LEARN ON!

Curated by Angela Washko with technical support by Chris Gang.

Participating presenters include: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Phil Buehler, Denny Daniel, Lea Donnan, Peter Edwards, Sarah Hamilton, Ann Hirsch, Bernard Klevickas, Michelle Levy, Nathaniel Sullivan, Kate Sweater, and Alex Young.

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