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April Flux Thursday

Thursday April 14th, 2016
Dinner at 8:00 pm. Presentations begin at 9:15 pm.
The event is free, but please do bring something (edible) to share!


Presentations from Elisabeth Wieser, Joelle Fleurantin, Yatta Zoker and Robert Pounding. Dinner crafted by Sarah Greenbaum and Elisabeth Wieser.
Elisabeth Wieser is a German artist who creates site-specific sculptures and architectural interventions, complemented by film, drawings and collage. She is interested in illusionary materials, ‘non-spaces- and stage-like structures.
Joelle Fleurantin is an artist and design researcher in a committed relationship with her computer. Her work explores this sometimes functional, sometimes dysfunctional relationship.
Yatta Zoker is a sierra leonean-american digipoet and performer. she uses shamanic sounds, jazz vocals, text, and technology (spiritual & otherwise) to remember where she came from, and to envision where she is going.
Robert Pounding makes sounds and sometimes records them. He is interested in experimenting with different recording mediums, and using non-musical elements in musical compositions.

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