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Shaping Time . Space


Dance Performance Series

September 23rd
Doors open at 6:30pm
Performances start at 7pm

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Pres-sitting by Javier Aparicio and Fumihiro Kikuchi

Temporal by Jung In Jung, Fumihiro Kikuchi and Valerie Green

Impermanent Landscape by Valerie Green/Dance Entr
opy and Martyn Axe with the site-specific installation 
Ex Territory by Keren Anavy

Jung In Jung is a current Flux artist who has been working with contemporary dancers to create interactive audiovisual dance work. For this one night event she presents her new collaboration with the visual artist / musician Javier Aparicio, and dancer Fumihiro Kikuchi. The dance company, Dance Entropy, will also present Impermanent Landscape, a new collaborative piece between Artistic Director Valerie Green, composer Martyn Axe, and visual artist Keren Anavy.

Pres-sitting + Temporal

These two pieces are further development of Jung and Aparicio’s previous interactive dance workshop presented at Universidad Carlos III Madrid in Spain called UnoChair, where they created sound environments using a chair as an hyperinstrument, vivifying and transforming situations taken from historical paintings such as Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent Van Gogh or The Poet Max Herrmann-Neisse by George Grosz.

In daily life we think about past and future, although we know that we only live in a present, current time. Embodied by Kikuchi, with music by Aparicio, Pres-sitting articulates the conflict between understanding life as an eternal present, while unavoidably weighing the past and future, using a chair as a symbol of an everyday object at the same time that taking distance reviewing visual art overtones.

In Temporal Jung interprets the chair as a place to dream, turning it into a surreal object. Extending the use and metaphor of the chair through technology, Gametrak (hacked game controllers) are connected to the seat and frame. When moved by Green and Kikuchi, the chair triggers a soundscape composed by Jung.

Impermanent Landscape

Valerie Green and Dance Entropy presents Impermanent Landscape, a 40-minute performance in the round inspired by the ideas of cubism, perspective, perception, and impermanence. Breaking the 4th wall and moving choreography outside of the traditional stage and audience formats, Impermanent Landscape features the geometry and architecture of overlapping bodies, creating its own landscape surrounded by the sigh-specific installation Ex Territory by Keren Anavy. Musician Martyn Axe creates a soundscape using sensors triggered by a live video feed.

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