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MAX MSP to the MAX x Arduino


MAX MSP to the MAX x Arduino
Learn and play with Arduino at Flux Factory!

Sunday July 27th 2-4pm

Entrance Fee: $5

Register Here

Limited to 6 RSVPs per workshopThis workshop is designed for Intermediate level MAX MSP users who are new to Arduino, especially for those interested in making noise! If your Arduino has been sleeping in your drawer since you bought it, this is a great time to try out Arduino with an instructor.

In this workshop, Flux Artist-in-Residence Jung In Jung will introduce Arduino as an interface to use other electronics as inputs and outputs. Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) and LED lights will be used to demonstrate how to get data from analogue inputs and outputs of Arduino.

MAX MSP will be used as a programming tool, so participants don’t need to learn a new way of coding, though they do need a solid understanding of MAX MSP.

The same class will be taught at each workshop, so sign up for one!

What you need to BRING!!!!
1. Arduino (Arduino UNO is the most up-to-date version but if you have older ones, they are also fine)
2. Breadboard
 MAX MSP (already installed in your computer)

What Flux will have FOR YOU!!!!
1. LDR + LED
2. Plus: SNACKS!!

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