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Far Away Neighbor

Opening reception: Thursday, August 25th, 6 pm – 9 pm
With a special screening and live musical accompaniment at 8 pm
Dates: Friday, August 26th, 10 am – 6 pm

Las Hermanas Iglesias present Faraway Neighbor, an exhibition of sculpture, painting, performance and video by 5 Tasmanian and 5 New York based artists. This exhibition is part of a larger exchange project that started in 2008. After a recent visit to Tasmania, Las Hermanas invited 5 artists living in the capital city of Hobart to exhibit in New York. They then sought out 5 artists within their local community whose work resonated with their Australian neighbors.

As the exhibition title suggests, while oceans apart, the studio practice of these two groups is strongly connected. Threads that weave between the performative, sculptural and two dimensional works include utilitarian and architectural references, deft craftsmanship with unlikely materials, and a nod to absurd visions through the lens of sincerity in order to comprehend our participation within changing environments.  The exhibition features work by Trudi Brinckman, Lee Lee Chan, Adam Frezza, Jeff Kurosaki & Tara Pelletier (The Friendly Falcons and Their Friend the Snake), Colin Langridge, Esperanza Mayorbe, Mish Meijers, Tom O’Hern, Tricky Walsh and Amanda ValdezFaraway Neighbor will serve as a platform for introducing and connecting these artists and their work to each other and the New York City community.

Faraway Neighbor is a one-night only event on Thursday, August 25th, 6pm-9pm. At 8 pm the Friendly Falcons will screen their latest video project, “Oh, river” with live musical accompaniment. A free limited edition, two-sided newspaper poster with an exhibition essay by Jeremy Mikolajczak (Director and Chief Curator, University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art & Design, Warrensburg, MO) will be available.

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