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Know Your Rights Workshop

Postponed to February 8, 7 pm

Stopped By the Police? What do you do? What are these “rights” that you have and how do you use them? The Street Law Team is coming to Flux Factory!

The NYC National Lawyers Guild Street Law Team is group of law students from various New York City Law Schools who help people feel empowered despite the imbalance in power in street interactions with police. The workshop gives participants an opportunity to talk about the role of police in their communities and focuses on Fourth Amendment rights in relation to searches and seizures. The Street Law Team does role plays! They also provide practical advice for getting through a police encounter safely and mitigating the potential harm. They explain what constitutional rights are and why they are important and answer tough questions like, “If they are going to search you anyways, why bother saying you don’t consent?”

The workshop will be facilitated by Kate Watson and Paula Z. Segal, NLG NYC Street Law Team Members.

Check out this write-up in Time Out NY!

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