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The Aesthetics of Health Care Technology

Pump Skin series, #1. Pig and human skin, Animas Ping insulin pump, 2010.

January 14 – 21

Special Preview Thursday, January 13, 8 pm +
Opening Friday, January 14, 8 pm

The Aesthetics of Health Care Technology is a mix of science, aesthetic research and Sara Krugman’s personal exploration of the relationship between human and machine. Krugman’s practice as an artist and designer has merged with her experience of living with type I diabetes. Her work explores how the physicality and aesthetics of health care technology affect the emotional and psychological connection to intimate machines, and further, how that connection effects our ability to use the highly developed functions of these machines as well as practice self care. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois’ brutal use of the body’s form, Sherry Turkle’s understanding and research of the human-machine relationship and Ray Kurzweil’s work towards humans’ successful integration with technology, Krugman’s work is geared towards inciting change in health care technology. It is the artist’s hope that this work illuminates the importance of the physical and emotional relationship between humans and the technology we use to assist our own bodies.  Contact: skrugman at  Open Saturday and Sunday 12am-6pm, Wednesday 12am-5pm, Friday 12am-4pm, and by appointment.

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