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Mardi Gras Co-op Mixer

The Cotyledon House and Flux Factory are hosting a mixer! It will be a fun night of drinks (BYOB!)and mingling for all those currently engaged in or 

interested in cooperative urban living.

Come if you fit the following categories…

☞ Currently living cooperatively and seeking new housemate(s)
☞ Currently living cooperatively and want to mingle
☞ Interested in joining a coop house

☞ Interested in forming a NEW coop house
☞ Interested in learning more about cooperative living and meeting people who are doing it
☞ Interested in or involved with other radical collective groups and want to live those values at home
☞ You like supporting rad spaces like Flux Factory

WHERE: Flux Factory (39-31 29th Street Long Island City, Queens 11101
DATE: Tuesday, February 13th (Mardi Gras!)

TIME: 6:30 – 9:00
WHY: Because we want to build our movement in NYC

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We understand there have been a few new houses started since we attended the Coop Mixer in April 2017, we hope to highlight these new spaces on the 13th and encourage even more! There has been a serious supply/demand differential in the cooperative scene in NYC for years. When a room becomes available in a coop, there are dozens of people lining up. This process becomes stressful for both parties (the house + the individuals applying), and exclusivity becomes the ultimate byproduct as most people applying are left behind. But…. lot’s of people are interested in this lifestyle! And that’s amazing!
So what we need is more supply. More houses. More spaces where people can live comfortably with others, practicing clear communication and group decision-making on a daily basis.
Learning important skills to make themselves and the world a better place. Learning and practicing a community lifestyle that the consumer-driven individualism of the US has largely stripped away from us. As cooperative models thrive and we create more tangible examples of alternatives to normalized hierarchy and capitalism, we are truly challenging/changing culture in a profound way. We are creating something strange, something beautiful; something that anyone exposed to will be impacted by. When a new coop takes form, we are together taking one more step towards a more communicative, compassionate, and revolutionary culture. Please join us!

February 13, is Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, so we will have a bead/name-tag making activity that will act as an icebreaker to help identify what type community you represent or are want to connect with. 
***NOTE: Flux Factory is an artist Collective, not a Collective house. Flux is offering space for this mixing of ideas and people to occur. 
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