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Non Solo: A Touring Arts Exhibition at Flux Factory

February 3 – 9, 2011
Opening: Thursday, February 3, 6-9
Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12-6; Monday through Friday, 3-7

Non Solo is pleased and excited to announce the opening of our show and zine release party at Flux Factory on Thursday, February 3rd, from 6-9. As a collaborative group, we are committed to an ongoing dialogue with one another while creating new site specific work and touring the show, d.i.y. band style, across America. In early May we will load up our van and and leave New York to exhibit in a range of spaces, from traditional contemporary galleries to garages to theater lobbies. The show is constantly changing in relation to the limitations of space, time, and the group psychology. This may or may not motivate us to jump medium and experiment, collaborate with one another in any ways inspired, pursue creation of work stemming from a sincere and post-ironic perspective, and challenge ourselves and the viewers in the process. A self-produced zine and “merch table” will be included at every exhibition.

We will be hosting a potluck Sunday brunch on Sunday, February 6 from 2-4. Bring champagne for mimosas or your favorite brunch dish!

Tuesday, Feb 8th from 7-9: No Se Cabaret. Time Based experimental work? Yes. A bunch of artists presenting? Yes. Who knows what might happen… $3-7 suggested donation.

The artists involved are Margaret Coleman, Stephen Eakin, Heather Elizabeth Garland, Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Yasamin Keshtkar, Bonnie Kaye Whitfield, Kevin Loecke, Solange Roberdeau, and Anna Marie Shogren.

More information can be found here.

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