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Flux Thursday : Interdependence Day BYOBBQ Potluck

July 14, 8-10pm

Dinner at 8pm, activities start at 8:30  / RSVP-ppplease


Curated by Christina Freeman, current artist-in-residence

Bring your own grillables for our vegetarian grill (veggie burgers, tofurky dogs, eggplants, corn on the cob). Bring a side dish to share (carnivorous dishes welcome just not on the grill). We love potato salad, coleslaw, watermelons, fruit salad, caprese salad, hummus and more. . .  and dancing shoes are suggested.

Our July Flux Thursday potluck will be a play on the American Independence Day BBQ.

This is a reverse July 4th party. We will be celebrating collaboration, cooperation, cross-pollination, relation & alliance building, and the recognition of the impossibility of autonomy. We will be talking about interdependence, not only in terms of societal systems & structures, but also the interdependent relationship of art & politics with the following queries:

How do art & politics feed one another?

Why do people have the urge to separate them? Is there any benefit to separating them?

How do you negotiate their relationship in your life & practice?

Featured guest collaborators:

Fpoafm: Nomadic Studios  Ceramics Collective                               

Chris Schlottmann discussing his forthcoming textbook on food ethics

The Mayday Collective Community Space, Bar & Cafe in Bushwick

Maya Jefferies Video/Performance artist

Maya Jeffereis invites participants to engage in a thought experiment about ethics, morality, identity politics, and nation-building. Fallout Shelter stages a US Navy “moral values” training exercise found by the artist at an abandoned naval station in Puerto Rico. The exercise outlines a post-apocalyptic survival scenario in which ten people, known only from basic information about age, race, gender, sexuality, intelligence, profession, and worldview, occupy a fallout shelter. Participants must decide which four are to be excluded from the group in order that the remaining six may live to rebuild society. In small groups, participants must argue in favor of and against each of the occupants until the group reaches a full consensus.
Maya Jeffereis is a New York based artist working in video, performance, and installation. Her work has been shown most recently at NARS Foundation, New Britain Museum of American Art, and New Art Dealers Alliance. She holds a MFA from Hunter College and a BFA and BA from the University of Washington.

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Double Bill:

Past Flux  Artist-in-Residence Sarah Greenbaum will have an exhibition opening in the gallery downstairs from 6-8pm, with a performance at 7:30pm

Sarah Greenbaum and Bob Pounding are interested in waste around Newtown Creek. They will be doing a piece with sound, images, recordings, painting and other non-musical elements.

Sarah Greenbaum is a painter from East Hampton, NY. Her work ranges from traditional to abstract drawings, paintings and collage. Sarah explores waste and the effects that inorganic pollutants have on the landscape and environment.

Bob Pounding is a musician from Portland OR. He makes sounds and sometimes records them. He is interested in experimenting with different recording mediums, and using non-musical elements in musical compositions.

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