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Habitable Spaces Halloween Bash

Date: Saturday, October 29
Time: 6 pm – 10 pm

Come on down to support the Habitable Spaces project. The evening will feature a colorful mix of bands, djs, performance artists, and of course – tacos and tasty cocktails.  A silent art auction will be held throughout the night.

The Habitable Spaces project is a series of visionary structures that will be built in rural Texas. It will stretch the notion of sculpture, livable space, and “home” by incorporating a self-sustaining approach to every aspect of living, building, and creating.

The combination of art and self-sustainability will merge together as the artists live off the land and experience how everyday life affects artistic practice. Harvesting and producing food will spill into collaborative ideas within each artist’s habitable space creating a larger dynamic installation piece that changes and flows with its inhabitants and community throughout the seasons.

The Habitable Space project is organized by current Flux Artists-in-Residence Alison Ward and Shane Heinemeier.

Visit the Facebook event.


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