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Blind Ambition with Virginia Mallon and Anne Murray

Workshop as part of Artificial Retirement
September 4th, 2-3pm
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Anne Murray CloudComposed of a roundtable discussion with contemporary and emerging artists: Virginia Mallon, Anne Murray, Seren Morey, Katarina Rasic, Sylvia Arthur and Joshua Dylan Rubin on the crucial needs of artists that arise from adversity along with the intentional cultivation of a blind eye. Artist Virginia Mallon will facilitate the conversation.



Blind Ambition entails a conversation about what drives work, ambition, and how failure can be transformed into thematic and emotional success. Each artist answers a set of questions based on the theme of Imperfection and Failure, and then poses questions to each other on the significance of their work and how they have handled adverse reactions to process and theme.

These questions, answered on a virtual platform, are then discussed in a themed workshop offered in New York and virtually with other contemporary artists facing similar challenges.

The conversation will include dialogue:
On Rejection….
How do you as an artist define your work in terms of success and failure, and what methods have you used to deal with rejection?

On Staying the Course….
How does your series relate to the Artificial Retirement theme? How has your own “blind” eye helped keep you on course when facing adversity?

On the Artistic Experience….
As an artist, what are some of the challenges you face on a day-to- day basis?

On Capitalizing on Errors, Malfunctions, Imperfections and Destruction….
Has the use or misuse of traditional forms and mediums added value to your artwork and how has this malfunction driven the poetic aspects of the project with unintended beauty added as the result of errors?

If you have any questions related to the workshop, please contact

Blind Ambition is a part of Flux Factory’s major exhibition, Artificial Retirement, co-curated by Jung In Jung and JoelleFleurantin.

Please RSVP here

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